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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Ive looked thru a lot of archives in the last week, listened to a bunch of Ytube music videos, and put a lot to time and thought into this. Here’s my conclusion. Elvis is King. There. Im glad I could clear this up. Have a nice day everyone.

    • Actually, Elvis has a lot of under rated songs that are worth another listen. For example, fairly unknown songs like “Anyone” “I Met Her Today” “I Need Somebody To Lean On” or “Please Don’t Stop Loving Me” are hidden gems. You can go back to a song that you haven’t heard in quite some time, and find something fresh in them. Elvis was brilliant, definitely the king.

        • At least he never sang a love song to a filthy rat or rocked little Robin on the tree top going tweet, tweet, tweet. Of course, Michael Jackson was hung like a scarecrow in the box office turkey, “The Wiz.” It’s soundtrack was so bad, it was never released. Quincy Jones claims that Wack0 stole songs from other artists as well as the moon walk from dancer, Bill Baily. What a thief that butchered clown was. lol.

  2. On the Michael Jackson News Forum, the #1 topic of discussion is about Wacky’s involvement in a secret sex ring that catered to the star to find child victims. Neverland is back on the market after having the asking price slashed to just $33 million from a top price of $100 million. Things are not looking good for that dead clown. lol.

    • thanks for keeping Michael alive on this forum
      still million of people have a michael jackson obsession like u have woith little kids u pervert
      dont wanna check your internet history – u f.cking

      • A Michael Jackson fanatic calling someone else a pervert is like Woody Allen winning father of the year. The reason Wack0 gets criticized is that he shared his bed with unrelated children. In fact, he is on camera admitting to having boys in his room. Like Michael Jackson, Cliff Richards was also shy around women and was accused of improper conduct with various male victims. Pointing out fact does not make the bringer of bad news a perv.

  3. Elvis will always be the king. As for pretenders to the imaginary throne, all we have to is laugh. Don’t be silly. There is only one king.

      • You never can changed the orginal Birth certificate !
        And i read , Elvis Aron Presley , born 8 jan. 1935.

        And in mine gountry is it an fraud if you changed youre name with more letters .

  4. The administrator’s multiplying robot for Cliff Richard, calling him the “king” of music. Cheat, lie and steal. There is no shame.

  5. Everybody wants to be liked Elvis , all artist of the 50s 60s 70s and to today wants to be liked as Elvis !!!
    Everybody copyed the same singing style and title from ELVIS !!
    And MJ fans do you know that MJ more populair from his dirty image was than from his music image ?
    MJ s music is so fake and copyed from the earlyer artist …. James Brown is much better than MJ !
    There 1 captian on this ship ! “” ELVIS is the KING FOREVER !!!””

  6. Pay the KING his due. It is time to hand over pelvis’s fading crown to Michael Jackson !!!

  7. Hmmmmmm…..misspellings galore. As Hairy Houdini, trying to get out of a milk can in a straight jacket, while tumbling down the Niagara Falls is what I do. Michael Jackson fans are definitely not known for their intelligence. Of course, there will be no reparations for Michael Jackson. That would require much more than MAGIC. Lol.

  8. Question here > Who was the best match for ELVIS as woman ?
    1. Ann- Magrett
    2. Nancy Sinatra
    3. Karen Karpenter
    4. The Sweet Inspiration ,ladys

    I think that 1 woman was the real best match for oure ELVIS ‘;
    Her name = “” Myrna Smith “”

    • Nancy Sinatra and Elvis would have made a lovely couple had Elvis just let himself go to her loving arms. Nancy would have loved to have Elvis’s baby. The child would have been 50 if he or she was born in 1968.

  9. Of course, Michael Jackson fanatics wish to censor comments about Michael Jackson, while they freely trash Elvis. Sorry, but real life does not work that way. They love dishing out lies, misinformation to discredit Elvis, but actually expect Michael Jackson not to be criticized. To me, that is rather rude and obnoxious. The truth on Jackson is old news. He was first caught with his trousers down way back in 1993. That was 25 years ago. It will never disappear like they would want. it to.

    2 Bad. Lol.

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