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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Ive got a friend who’s name is Cliff or Clifford. He likes to be called either of them. So I decided to check on Cliff Richard and see if maybe his birth name is Clifford. Nope, its Harry. The King of Music,, Harry?

    • With any luck, Cliff will make like a rabbit in a hat and disappear. As for being investigated in merry ole England for improper conduct, that seems to be why he is famous. Like Michael Jackson before him, Cliff has male victims.

        • According to Priscilla’s book, Elvis was a cheater that slept with Ann Margret and other movie starlets. Definitely not 7 to 12 year old boys like michael jackson and cliff ric HARD.

          You dumb Wack0 fanatics are precious. lol.

            • “Elvis And Me” was rated G. (book and television movie)

              Michael Jackson hired gay porno producer to film his videos. He was shot nude with LMP for the”You Are NOT Alone” clip.

              His ball sack hanging out. Lol.

  2. Some people write anonymously and still have not understood that Cliff Richard is not called Clifford or Richardssss … that the music does not stop in the United States. Cliff continues 77 years old to make albums, singles, give concerts around the world. There is no question of saying bad things about Elvis, who remains the biggest. Last year, the first song of the album “Blue S. Shoes” was an Elvis + Cliff duet, but here too many anonymous are ignorant of the musical news.

  3. You foolish people with your hallucinations of pervy pelvis’s imaginary reign. KING Michael is ALIVE and burning up the worldwide charts with his newest masterpiece, Scream. You old fossils better get on your hands and knees. There is only one KING of the charts today. Sweet Michael holds the golden key for justice and truth. Michael is LOVE.

    Say it loud, say it proud, say it without a single doubt. All hail to KING Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!

  4. Don’t understand why people are being so nasty on here. The idea of this poll is to vote for your favourite singer. The singer with the most votes every month is King. Elvis has been King for the year for three years running.
    This poll is not about record sales or if there still alive or still touring its about your favourite.
    So just vote for your favourite

    • Actually this poll is about Choosing who must hold the title of “The King”.
      About that there is no doubt – The King has reigned for more than 60 years, regardless this poll!

      • Yeah, Jack0 freaks make a lot of sense, especially when they outright lie and can not show proof of their bogus claims. If you are annoyed, it is because you sore losers can not give ELVIS credit for staying KING for all eternity. Long live THE KING of ROCK N ROLL.

          • Really?

            It is obvious that you are ignorant about Elvis then, because he still did a lot of rock in the sixties, like “I Feel So Bad” “Little Sister” “Mess Of Blues” “Little Egypt” “Guitar Man” “A Little Less Conversation” “Rubberneckin” and his seventies shows featured quite a variety of styles, including plenty of rock numbers such as “Suspicious Minds” “Burning Love” “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” “Steamroller Blues” “CC Rider” “I Got A Woman” “Reconsider Baby” “Polk Salad Annie” “Proud Mary” and many more.

            You are just another foul mouthed Jack0 troll.

            Cliff Richards definitely is just a manufactured hack, nothing more….

    • At last someone with sense that knows we are voting for who we want as KING OF THE MONTH. It’s getting silly posting horrible things. I’ve even posted under the next person but meant it to be posted here. So PLEASE just vote for who you want. The winner of each month wil be the one with most votes. There are to many awful things in this world without being nasty about the person that wins Good Luck

  5. Did you hear that Michael Jackson was spotted shopping at Boys R US, just yesterday?

    He was seen at the dolly section, picking his nose. lol.

  6. Mick Jagger might still be alive with The Rolling Stones, plus as a band, they have just won another Grammy for “Blue And Lonesome.” Mick and the boys sell out stadiums and still sell millions of albums. Sorry Michael Jackson fanatics. You have the wrong MJ.

    Mick Jagger is the KING.

  7. Cliff is alive and touring unlke Elvis and Michael Jackson.
    A King should be alive and selling out stadiums

  8. Since Elvis has gone #1 and has been awarded several new platinum albums in recent years, he safely remains THE KING, despite cheating multiplying robots. This is just silly and is really just another game pulled by the Michael Jackson loving administrators to discredit Elvis. Jackson has not had a platinum selling album in many years. Elvis has had 5 official #1 albums and #2 hits collection chart since 2015.

    Long live THE KING of the worldwide charts, Elvis Presley.

    Sore losers are sore losers. Stop the games. It is not working.

  9. I am quite sure this site was not set up for people to be so horrible – no denying Elvis was great – other countries have their favourite singing stars , so please – support your favourite and leave others to do the same. Personally I am a Cliff Richard fan and have been since 1958 and still have the pleasure of going to his concerts, along with thousands of others.

    • Sure you are. Clifford Richards has a lot of fans. (rolls eyes) You Wacko freaks do not fool us one bit. This site was sabotaged and a cheating multiplying robot was used to rack up votes for Clifford Richard. Do really believe your little plan works to your advantage?

      You Jackson fans are sore losers at all times.

  10. Most Elvis fans left this ridiculous humbug poll long ago!
    Elvis won this poll with more than 350000 votes the first year, he has stil got the biggest fan base of any artist ever, and there is no doubt who is considered as “The King”!
    Most sales – greatest impact – even more than 40 years after his death.
    The King lives on. . .

    • Engelbert @the age of 81 is still touring to sold-out venues as well! It’s all personal taste. I say Elvis is No. 1 (all things considered), but Engelbert is a very close second! I adore him!

  11. I noticed that Clifford doesnt have a song to vote on in the song of the ages category. Seems the king of music should have at least ONE well known song that could make the list of songs to vote on.

    • They should call other boy lovers kings like Gary Glitter. Clifford Richards only well known hit was the Devil’s Woman, the same broad who is torturing Michael Jackson in the fires down below. Wacky Jackson’s “Scream” failed to go #1. His loser fans are simply irate. They can not handle the truth, so they play games.

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