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You can discuss here about theΒ best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Cliff Richard really king of music lmao , cheating big style just watch the votes pile up every minute lol

  2. Of course, the cheating robot is now racking up votes for boy loving cliff richards. The creepy British perv is just like Wacky Jackson.

    • Remember the Wacko supporting administrators did the same cheating robot thing for Hump-A-Ding last year.

      This site is a joke, but ELVIS will always be the KING.

  3. Please scream for justice and do the right thing. Vote for KING Michael and help crush the white devil, pelvis priestly. We Michaelholics are united in strength, honor and victory to pound those vicious old clowns in the ground where they belong. We are the world, we are the children. Let us make a better life for all the suffering little children. Justice will prevail for sweet Michael Jackson while pelvis burns!

  4. All hail the KING of the MILLENNIUM, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!!

    Winning by legit votes and record breaking sales, the real KING destroys the wicked pelvis with one fierce kick to the groin. You old cowards make my stomach turn with your nasty lies. Justice has come for sweet Michael Jackson. Record sales are reported for Michael’s new #1 masterpiece, “Scream.” Now get on your aging knees, you old clowns. We’ve crushed your paper idol with stomping feet !!!

    • That is your perception but as we all know perception and reality are two entirely separate things.

  5. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award
    RELEASED 06/10/17
    Elvis Presley
    Christmas With Elvis And The and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Certified 22 December 2017
    Gold Album over 100.000 copies

  6. We’ve most certainly noticed that jackson fanatics have gone silent and still haven’t provided links to where “Scream” went #1 in 55 countries. It is just as well. We all know that jackson fans are known to inflate their claims to the obvious point of outright lying. Of course, they ignore Elvis’s great success with his amazing posthumous comeback. It was brought to my attention that mchael jackson’s “Scream” barely sold anything, worldwide. Those crazy fans of his are most definitely delusional. As we head into the middle of the first month of 2018, the name michael jackson is still tarnished with the filth of his disgusting lust for tiny bodies in his soiled bed at the wicked Neverland estates. There will be no redemption for that creepy dead toad. Karma bites and it bites hard.

    • There’s are a good reason why Jackoff’s ten or twenty remaining fans can’t provide links. There aren’t any because the album flopped all over the world.

  7. The top 5 of MJ s image !
    1. Abuse Kids and Animals .
    2. His own child … over the balkony in Germany .
    3. He payed his guild by the parends off for his crime by kids .
    4. Face transformer , and nose .
    4. No hits more after Thriller … poor boy
    5. Lisa is run away from MJ … hurray for Lisa !

    • That disgusting animal did horrific things to innocent victims and was arrested for molestation. That guilty clown sat in court and refused to testify on his own behalf. Most intelligent people know that Michael’s lawyer manipulated justice.

  8. MJ the laire laire woodpecker copyed the earlyer perfomers ; You Tube : “” Orgins of the Moonwalk “” Seen the proof !
    MJ Stoled the moves from Elvis Jaillhouse Rock moves !
    MJ Stoled the James Browns moves to , MJ haved no one moves danced from himselfs , Its the same what the ballerinas did learn danced on school !
    MJ is an silly autistic person in an bad way , he was better of as an clown in a circus !
    MJ is for us an big joke .

  9. You jealous pelvis punks better shut your traps. All the cheating lies will never take KING Michael Jackson off his well deserved go;den throne. He has your white idol our fat idol’s crown forever. The obesely pelvis shook his beefy hip at the fat farm. The devil lived in Disgraceland with his ugly mail order bride, priszilla. The real KING married Liza Maria Priestly and ripped that little b*tch up and she came back for more. You stupid old pigs make me hurl with your lying on Mike. Get off his back, you white hogs. The world has changed since you last made love, granny and grumps. The real polls only have Michael Jackson as the clear winner.

    100% KING Michael in 2018 !!!

    • Why was Michado Claxson falling in love for Lisa Marie ??? And why was MJ an fan of Elvis then ???
      DING DONG ? Go to dr Murray and take an painkiller of drugs !

    • The only crown Jackoff deserves is the one he rightfully earned, one of obscurity and irrelevance. Now that his estate sold Jackoff’s stolen half of the Sony/ATV catalog he will never make money off of other artists ever again. Too bad, dummies.

  10. Please provide a legit source of information for Michael Jackson’s incredible comeback. Thank you in advance.

  11. Hey under me that evil fan is the same as MJ s * and more
    So fan So idol . MJ makes e* music , full Crime e* blood and he sing for g* , d* , p*, w* knifes in his d* clips he hates womans , he was the most d* artist ever , shame you for that p* nose singer . And pray for oure * , he will saved you . MJ did not pray for him , mj prays for * , he made bad music onley for bad crime people .
    Fan * , stop and moved on here Move on !

  12. You white devils will pay for your stupid mouths trashing the KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Get on your shattered knees to the alter of gifted brilliance of the sweetest, most humble man. You fools cheat on these polls to deny our savior his rightful golden crown. On every child’s bedroom wall is a stunning poster of the one and only KING of POP, Mr Michael Jackson. His divine music and dances rule in every country in the world. Children flock to Michael Jackson’s grave to pay their respects. You old fossils need to STFU immediately.

    We demand justice for the most honored artist in popular history, SAY IT LOUD, say it PROUD, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!!!

    • β€οΈπŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŒžβ€οΈ πŸ’ž ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

      • Uhh??? Broken heart hand on fire sun , haert bleading , 3 noses i read . = MJ is an dead clown !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^
      We laugh at sore losers like tiny michael jackson fans that can not accept that is it over for their tarnished idol. You can demand justice all you want, but that dead clown will still be just a bad memory. Lol.

    • Yes we said it LOUD …. Michael Claxson is an dead clown of music !!! Hurray for dr. Murray !!!!!!!

    • Michael Jackson’s legacy is finished. He was caught with his pants down in front of dozens of victims. Sorry, your demands are flatly denied. Michael Jackson was a fraud.

  13. KING ELVIS’s Updated PLATINUM and GOLD sales, January, 2018.

    1. Elvis Forever (2015) limited edition stamp CD peak #11 US
    2. If I Can Dream (2015) peak #1 UK
    3. The Wonder Of You (2016) peak #1 UK
    4. 50 Greatest Hits (2017) peak #2 UK
    5. Christmas With Elvis & The RPO (2017) peak #1 US, peak #6 UK

    michael jackson

    1. xscape (2014) peak #2 US……SALES BELOW 500,000 gold

    Sorry folks, KING ELVIS wins AGAIN. lol.

  14. Hmmm….Elvis had a smashing year with several hit albums in the top 10 around the world, including yet another #1 and some people think Elvis fans have to cheat to win him KING in a poll. Of course, that is just sour grapes. Too bad, huh?

    Elvis remains the undisputed KING of the Billboard Charts, worldwide. More gold and platinum certification awarded for our man.

    • Billboard is only a chart in USA. Not worldwide. I have to say first that I find that your erroneous information you have provided here can not be credible. Yeah, surely you can convince me and others if you provide the real source of information. What are the charts you refer to? Name them and give some links.

      • The clowns know the sources but want us to work for them, so they can only ignore the information anyway. Michael Jackson’s latest release “Scream” bombed worldwide. Lol.

      • Jackson fans claim that Jackson’s “Scream” hit #1 in 55 countries and sold 55 million copies. Yet they do not believe Elvis’s stats are credible. Why don’t you provide some links on Jackson’s earth shattering sales for “Scream” in 2017?

        We would love to see where you get your figures from because it is our understanding that “Scream” sold very little and dropped off the world charts in record time. Please provide links saying otherwise.

        Thank you.

  15. The polls as results are a fraud full of some cheaters, especially for Elvis. It is the truly truth!
    The polls are a game . so sorry bc you know that is true.

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