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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

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  1. The mighty roar of Michael Jackson has spoken through his outstanding beats of perfection. Michael’s message of love is his gift of music for billions and billions in Michael Jackson’s Army of Michaelholics to fight with one voice. Justice must prevail.

    You filthy clowns stop with your blatant lies.

    We are the world, we are the children. Let Michael into your heart and let him show you what the little children see. Michael Jackson is pure innocence, unlike the pervy pelvis, who beat his three wives with his swinging fist. The suffering children cry for Michael to return from the gates of heaven. Will you be there to let him into your life?

    Get on your knees and pray for forgiveness. You terrible people will pay for your loose tongues and hateful lies on dear Michael.

  2. Actually, Clifford’s latest albums were recorded using computer technology and Autotune to manipulate his aging singing voice. That means his latest work was not even recorded in a proper recording studio. Next, he will recording a duet with a Muppet. He is a well known sex offender in Britain, but still has never been with a woman. Of course, this site is a joke. You fools are too much. lol.

  3. Like Michael Jackson, Clifford is queer for boy. One pansy king meets another pansy king, two flaming fairies in love. lol.

  4. Hi Cliff Richard fans !!! [ King Richard ] lol
    You speak the truth , on Wikypidea they wrothe that Cliff behind Elvis The Beatles is as the best selling artist of singles is !
    Cliff Richard is the nr 3 best selling artist ever !!!
    Elvis is the nr 1 !!!

  5. Michael Jackson is the living KING of MUSIC, you old fools. Justice will prevail in 2018 for Sweet Michael Jackson. We love you, KING.

    55X PLATINUM awarded for the #1 album of 2017, Michael Jackson’s “SCREAM.” Congrats to KING Jackson fans worldwide. All hail to the mighty Michael Jackson Army. We are 3 billion strong. Hooray, hooray…..never stop fighting for justice !!!

    • Uhhh MJ is dead 10 years ago and mabey 5 platinum , [ not 55 ] and Scream was an big flop of the 2017 s.
      No nr 1 album in the last 10 years ? 3 billion ??? Mabey 3 people s or 3000 fans , thats it .
      Are you taking LSD mabey ????

  6. SIR Cliff Richard – King of November and December 🙂 And in great company too. Sir Cliff would be the first to tell you how much he loved and admired Elvis

  7. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award

    RELEASED 17/11/2004
    Elvis Presley
    Burning Love
    Certified 22 December 2017
    Silver Singel (over 200.000 copies sold since 17/11/2004 (streams plus digital downloads plus physical sales)

  8. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award

    RELEASED 17/11/2004
    Elvis Presley
    Burning Love
    Certified 22 December 2017

    Silver Singel (over 200.000 copies sold since 17/11/2004 (streams plus digital downloads plus physical sales)

  9. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award

    RELEASED 06/10/17
    Elvis Presley
    Christmas With Elvis And The and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Certified 22 December 2017

    Gold Album over 100.000 copies

  10. You pathetic pelvis pretenders will loose in 2018, when the true KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson regains his rightful crown from your white devil. Justice is here for Michael. You pigs will pay for your cheating lies. The world worships one man, Michael Jackson !!!!

    • Ahahhaahahahh cryyy moreee cryyyy you loser idiot fangirl. Mr jasoph? Mr? Ahahhahahahahahhhshhshshsh Your comment made me laugh. What a loser life. Little kid. Don’t be nervous. Elvis is undisputed king, that’s all.

      • You filthy mouthed pelvis pretenders are all words, no action. Justice is here for the true KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. The white devil has been defeated and his old music forgotten. There is a new KING on the throne for 2018. Eyes of youth’s ambition with Michael’s superior moonwalk and lyrics continue to dominate as your aging idol gets crushed by the power of the sexiest man on the planet. Billions have joined the fierce Michael Jackson Army of proud soldiers, moonwalking to the fabulous beats of perfection. Michael’ s latest million seller, “Scream” has just reached an incredible 55x PLATINUM since its release in October, 2017. The year 2018 belongs to Sweet Michael Jackson. You jealous old fools better shut your yappers., the real KING has reached a milestone that pelvis will never go. Great news, Michaelholics !!!

        We kind, forgiving, thoughtful fans bow to the rightful KING on the throne. All hail to KING Jackson !!

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