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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Today i was seen the “” JAILLHOUSE ROCK “” Movie !!!!
    Thats the best music video ever made !!!
    “”Thank you all and haved an good old end days folks “”

    # Everybody must seen the Jaillhouse movie #

  2. Hey fans of bootlegs ! Haved you that same feeling that the best Bootlegs aria over is ?
    Today of all the Bootlegs likes , do an another picture on the front with the same songs of the FTD and they haved an new Bootleg cd ? What is that for bussines ? Yes an Quick grap buy saled , all junk ! ! ! I stop with the Bootlegs !
    I buy now onley the FTD cd s and the most i haved all !!!

  3. Elvis is Bob Joyce in an new comeback as his favorite Gospel music !!!
    Elvis loves the his favorite book of all time the Bible !!!
    Bob Joyce sings Elvis Gospel and more Gospel songs ! Its the Spirit of Elvis !!!
    Merry Christmas and an Happy 2018 !

  4. The KING regains his crown for another year. Long live the KING of ROCK, Elvis Presley. Congrats to all Elvis fans.

  5. I listen to the Kissin Cousins songs and on YouTube the same time Bob Joyce cd songs , i dont cant buy it in my country .
    And my conculsion is i am stunned ? Is that the best Elvis voice a like i ever hear , Bob Joyce is better than Orion Jimmy Ellis sings ! Elvis and Bob has the same song tone and in the same line , axcetly the same .. Unbelieveble ?
    Why did Bob Joyce not to do international on tv singing for the whole media world and he is the famoused Pastoor ever !
    If Pastor Bob Joyce to sing for TV specials and real CD s for everyone than he is a millionair in 1 week i think !
    Haved no one hear him singing here ?
    Listen to his song of “” He Hideth My Soul “” and “” An American Trilogy , with his son Matt Joyce and he has woring an Elvis jumpsuit his son ] Listen and you are the Judge .

  6. Merry Christmas, especially to ELVIS in Heaven with the LORD. Do not forget to pick up the beautiful new Christmas RPO CD, the stunning deluxe version, friends. May you and yours have a blessed holiday and a fine New Year. Long live the KING, Elvis Presley.

  7. You better watch out
    You better cry
    Guilty or not, he’s one creepy guy
    Parents and teachers keep the children inside
    Michael Jackson is coming to town
    He’s making a list
    He’s checking it twice
    Who wants to sleep in his bedroom tonight?
    Michael Jackson is coming to town
    He spoons you when you’re sleeping
    He spoons you when you’re awake
    Even if you do not consent….
    You’ll never know if was bad or good,
    Or where his other glove went
    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    Guilty or not, he’s one creepy guy
    Michael Jackson is coming to town
    He’s coming for you
    You better stay away from his probing hands
    And you better not drink the Jesus juice
    Michael Jackson is coming to town
    Michael Jackson is coming to town
    Michael Jackson is coming to town

  8. With great pleasure, with proud acknowledgement, Michael Jackson has reached a new milestone in the science and arts of excellence in the music industry. Congrats to KING Michael and to all his forever loving fans around the world. After the worldwide sales of the top selling Michael Jackson smash, Scream, the RIAA has certified the new album with a record breaking 40 million in total units sold. Michael Jackson has beaten the unholy Elvis Presley to regain his crown as the biggest selling male solo artist of the 21st century. The jealousy of Elvis fans is so small and petty, we must feel sorry for those bitter, angry people. But do not allow them to spread hate with their acid smelling comments. The Michael Jackson army fights with powerful strength and justice for truth. We are the children Michael kept close to his loving, giving heart. With his grace and courage, he would have wanted us to pray for their redemption. The pain of tabloid lies shattered Michael’s wondrtful spirit and he was threatened. You nasty Elvis fans are especially heartless with your vile fantasies of your disgraceful dishonor of the deserving KING of music and dance.

    • Actually, I just checked, and I cant find that the album Scream has been certified anything by the RIAA. In fact, its hasnt done very well at all on the charts at all. Where would you suggest that I check to see your view. Let me know and Ill check it out. Thanx

    • Er no cheating involved, just the fans voting every 24 hrs the only cheating is Michael Jackson named King of November when Cliff had over 15,800 votes!

      • Yes al the Cliff Richard fans are voting. He is the living King of Music. The real King.
        Not dead. Trough drugs or drank.

  9. You nasty old fossils cheat and deny KING Michael Joseph Jackson his rightful place on top of this poll. You pigs are reported to the royal Jackson estate and investigated for gross fraud. The true KING shall soon regain his standing as the best selling male solo artist in music history. Down with the disgraceful white devil that stole the lifeblood of so many African American musicians that worked with blood, sweat and tears to get their copyrights for their songs!

    You fools repeat your vicious lies on the sweetest, kindest man to ever walk the earth, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson out of intense jealous and spite of Michael’s wonderful gift of love. As the world continues to mourn the passing of the real KING, we are reminded of the hurtful things that are said about our baby, Michael. Only MJ changed the world of entertainment and did it without cheating people of color out of their hard earned money. You greedy fossils need to sit down on the bench and reflect on all the great music Michael has given us to enjoy for the rest of our lives. Quality matters when mastering divine works of priceless art. The world luvs only one KING of POP. Hooray for justice, hooray for undying faith in the fruits of perfection and LOVE.

    The world demands JUSTICE for Michael Joseph Jackson for the hatred, evil wickedness of EP fans!

  10. STILL WRONG .!!!!! Cliff Richard votes 25,812 [1st Dec] and 9,940 [1st Nov] I make that 15,872 votes for King of November so HOW is Michael Jackson King with 13,054 votes???

    • This site is a load of crap! Let’s start our own poll. I guarantee Elvis will win by a huge land slide then.

      • With out Elvis we wouldn’t have had Cliff , Elvis was [and is] Cliff’s hero and inspiration something Cliff takes time to acknowledge at his concerts.

        Hate the inaccuracy stating Michael Jackson king of November as he wasn’t , it was Cliff

  11. Elvis took on the establishment,, in a non political way,, and changed the world of entertainment. All others after him walked thru the doors that were already kicked open. Elvis rules.

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