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  1. U.K.

    01 December 2017
    Elvis Presley
    In The Ghetto
    Silver (200.000 copies sold since 17/11/2004 (streams plus digital downloads plus physical sales)

  2. Some are jealous of ELVIS, but EP fans have the last laugh. ELVIS keeps charting like a KING that is still alive. The greatest artist in the world. ELVIS is the music that continues to live. We will never see another one like him. ELVIS fans stay UNITED for KING ELVIS. The best never die. Long live the KING of the worldwide charts, ELVIS PRESLEY.

  3. The amazing comeback of the king is still in motion. These are the current peaks for the red cover deluxe version of “Christmas With Elvis And The RPO.” It has rebounded quite well from the earlier shortened release. Congrats to all Elvis fans for making this Elvis’s third straight #1 on the US Classical Album charts. The new peaks are listed below:

    New Zealand
    Peak position

    Peak position

    Peak position

    Peak position

    US Classical
    Peak Position
    #1, current position #4

    In addition, Elvis has the greatest gainer on the Top US Country Album charts with “It’s Christmas Time.”

    The King Is Coming To Town with massive sales this holiday season. Long live Elvis Presley. Thanks for your undying support, friends.

    • ELVIS has put 13 posthumous top 10 albums on the UK charts in the past 25 years. Wow, ELVIS reigns KING. Congrats to all ELVIS fans. KING ELVIS can not be defeated.

  4. Elvis directly has proven without a doubt, he is the king of the worldwide charts. Over 40 years gone and his records continue selling like wildfire. No one comes close to topping KING ELVIS PRESLEY. He wins hands down. Congrats ELVIS fans. Elvis is back in the top ten for the second time this year in the UK. Unbelievable.

  5. Trying to understand what is going on with voting, no matter how many are voting for Elvis his total is not moving in fact it has dropped. Is something wrong with the tally that it’s not taking any of the votes being taken for Elvis. Please look into this. Thank you.????????

  6. Elvis is rising to the top with the complete RPO Christmas album. Long live KING ELVIS.

  7. Is there more than twenty-four hours that I do not vote and is disqualified blocked? What happens?

  8. In a stunning reversal of fortune, Elvis Presley’s “Christmas With Elvis & The RPO” re enters the UK Album charts at #4, making his 53rd top ten release in November, 2017. Congrats to ELVIS PRESLEY fans around the world. The red deluxe album was indeed what everyone was waiting for and the album has zoomed up the charts. Thank you, friends. ELVIS is still the KING in 2017. Happy Birthday, ELVIS. Early Christmas and birthday presents with more record breaking chart action for THE KING.

    • Incredible reign. ELVIS is the KING of the Billboard Charts. Way to go, ELVIS fans. Another smash album in 2017 !!!!

  9. Hello everybody here !
    Do you not evend haved to think , that before ELVIS time an musican was called as an King of music ???

    NO Onley in 1956 was an human crowned as The King for music …..

    His named was ELVIS PRESLEY !!!! THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL !!!!
    ROCK and ROLL is the best music ever made !!!!
    Made and created by ELVIS PRESLEY !!!!

  10. The real Soldier was Elvis , he was for 2 and a half years in the service army .
    Elvis the real soldier !!!!

    • Unholy soldier, Helvis Piggley. You liars are a waste of breath. Mr Michael Joseph Jackson fights with swords of steel, while your disgraceful idol stole from the blood, sweat and tears of African American musicians. Michael Jackson’s fantastic new album, “Scream” has topped the international album charts in 55 countries to become the fastest selling record of all time. Congrats to many dear, loyal and true Michael Jackson fans. We’ve done it in 2017. The crushing defeat of Helvis is the joy of the world of dancing heroes. You old fossils better count your blessings while you still can. King Michael has returned to do battle with the white devil. Rise and walk tall, brothers and sisters….the real KING is back, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!

      • “Scream” is a worldwide failure for Wacky Jackson. You dead clown supporters are blatant liars. ELVIS will always be KING. Live with it, Wacko clowns. Jackson has lost his touch on the worldwide charts. His latest posthumous release is the biggest flop of 2017. You Wacky soldiers have lost the battle AND the war.

        LOL !!!

  11. Michael Claxson is indeed an lonely soldier in neverland with diapers on his pee ass .
    The soldier of his own dolls , an soldier plays with dolls ? hahaha … lord haved mercy .
    The tinny soldier danced as an girly with red lipstick on ?
    The USA Army was in a deep shock ! Hahaaha or in a deep laugh ! hahahaha

  12. Bow in the tribunal MJ fans for what MJ did to his crime ! And walk in the same pajamas what MJ woring , and dont forget the same umbrella ….. and danced as an psychotic maniac on a car ?
    We will jusitic all the fans of MJ the c* in the tribunal and we said proud … Locked him up in the holle of his grave !!!

  13. We bow to one KING of the world of musical giants. As Michael commands, we fight with honor and dignity. Justice will prevail for our savior, our noble knight, our leader of song and dance, Mr Michael Jackson. We are the soldiers of his massive army. We shall crush the wickedly evil Helvis with all our mighty power of the sword. You pitiful Helvis fans have been warned. You shall pay the ultimate price for your filthy lies and derogatory remarks about KING Michael Joseph Jackson. Be gone fools !!!!

  14. The red deluxe version of Christmas With Elvis And The RPO is finally released today. It is definitely worth the extra bonus tracks, which are beautiful. It makes the playing time at least 14 minutes longer. Question is: will it be enough for a jumps start in sales?

    Sadly, I think RCA missed its opportunity. Who buys new Christmas releases on early October?

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