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  1. Realy shit , Why do you think why MJ michael not climbed in his Christmas Tree?
    1. The Christmas tree- nails are to sharp for his new nose !
    2. And it was to sharp for his ass ? Yes Libarace was there …lol
    3. No Chrismas tree for Michael , it was to painfull for his image .
    4. The only Tree for his own was made of shit !
    Merry Shit Michael Jackoff !

  2. The caring eyes of a sweet man
    Misty tears of pain of the Judas
    Lying accusers with no proof
    Butterflies and smiles
    Threatened by lying tabloid media
    The evils that men do to destroy such a good man
    The kindness of our king
    Taken advantage
    We stand tall through the sands of time
    Michael betrayed by parents that wanted money
    The truth of love shall always prevail
    Won’t you come into Michael’s heart?
    Hold the suffering child as it dies in your arms
    Sweet Michael’s gift to the world is his fabulous music
    His strong arm holds the swords of victory and promise
    The world has changed for all men, women and children
    They have the right to love whom they choose
    Love is the key the holds the truth behind every closed door
    Triumph in the skies the trumpets sing
    Dancing the dream with the moonwalkers of paradise
    Footsteps in the darkness
    You gave so much to the world to cherish
    You did not die in vain, my savior
    Justice has come for you within the years of united research
    You were murdered by evil, used as a media scapegoat by pelvis pretenders
    They can not take the golden crown and give it a undeserving white devil
    May the holy grail rise to the bells of harmony, the superiority of Mr Michael Joseph Jacksom
    Please come back, my sweet KING
    You shall walk beyond the gates and into our joyous hearts
    You shall look into the mist and gaze into the thunderous bliss of Heaven
    Celebration day is near, sweet Michael
    The clouds part and you rise on from your golden throne

    • That is your perception but as we all know perception and reality are two entirely separate things.

    • Lovely poems about our precious, cherished and honored KING, Michael Jackson. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words. Michael Jackson fans are the most loyal in the whole world. Unlike the disgraceful rude Elvis fans, we do not have to defend Michael. He lived an honorable life and refused to beat his wives and children. God has blessed him with a given talent that is celebrated by many cultures around the globe. Indeed, Michael Jackson towers on the golden throne on every nation worldwide. “Scream” is a record breaking smash and has been included in the Guinness Book Of Records for the fastest seller of all time. Those sorry Elvis fans need to sit down and be silent. Their jealous lies do not work. Their idol was a disgrace. Women suffered as Elvis treated them badly. Michael told Lisa Marie that a real man never hurts a woman. Shame filled her eyes as she told Michael she witnessed her mother, Prizilla being beaten for disobeying the mean Elvis. She cried as he slapped her bruised face and locked her inside a closet. Nice guy, NOT !!!!

      Michael Jackson is the real KING.

    • Michael deserves much better. Thank you for your powerful message of courage. All hail to the mighty Jacksons !!!

  3. Hi ha Ho what a shit under my tinny shoes [ poowalk ] . See my fake nose and my skin was so white as milk under the shit .
    Also i do the copy poo dance on stage with playback , as shit in my red mouth …Poooo whoooo hoooo i scream as an crow that shit in hair if i was singing in my shit tree on shitneverlan hi ha ho ! What an shit here in my Never-shit-land ?

  4. Shit is seen on MJ s smile , he is so shit if he was laughing aaaaahhhhh what sweet ?
    But MJ have fans with the same shit smile hahaha
    Oh so sweet ….. Its shit happened

  5. Hey f* , MJ fan listen you haved no idea who ELVIS was !!!!
    S* of a b* , you are the racist for the white people ! And MJs face was more white than the face of The KING ELVIS !!!!!!

  6. Love the children of the shining moon
    Gather beneath the towering cross
    Dare to open your eyes within the slumber of touch
    They crossed several seas to be with Michael Jackson
    By boat, train and flying plane
    Make them understand love
    Make them know that love is universal
    Justice is a right of every man, woman and child
    Michael’s kind and gentle eyes
    His thoughtful praise
    His soft spoken words like honey dew in sunshine
    Dear Michael
    You are the sunflower of our lives
    We grow with your music in our hearts
    You were too good for this rotten world
    They turned on you like Judas !!!!
    Those selfish backstabbers tried to ruin your loving spirit
    They broke your heart to pieces
    They laughed as you suffered the emotional pain of lies
    A knife in your back as you handed them your sweet kisses
    Money hungry parents, looking for an easy payout
    They told the tabloids their dirt for enormous profits
    Anything for money !!!
    Those liars will pay
    Michael’s gift, young at heart gave hope to LOVE
    Shattered trust, betrayal and hurtful comments
    Sweet, sweet Michael…..please forgive those heartless people
    For they do not know goodness, charity and undying devotion
    Those animals tear apart the KING with their vicious words
    He was murdered by devils…..may God have mercy on your souls !!!!

    • You haved an serios problem ?
      You haved an Psygose and Dr . Phill is the onley one he can help you ,
      but in my opinion i said ….. its to late for you !!! They most locked you up in
      the dark barre Jaill !!!

    • That is your perception but as we all know perception and reality are two entirely separate things.

    • Wonderful words on Michael Jackson. Words that ring true. Michael Jackson was a kind man that put himself below that of others in need. Elvis Presley only cared about what you could do for him. What a disgrace. We adore you, Michael.

  7. Get on your crooked knees, pelvis pretenders. Helvis was outed as a wiggly piglet with pink skin of raw pork. It was Mr Michael Joseph Jackson that broke the racial barrier for all good people of color to become the true KING of popular music and dance. How dare you old fools disrespect the talents that Michael Jackson freely shared to the world, making the world better for all people, not just white devils who stole the hard work of African American artists in the 1950’s and 60’s. It is time to lower your aging heads in shame as the world screams for justice. Michael Jackson has earned the golden crown. It was not handed to him because he was a white man like Helvis !!!!

    Let all the world scream with one voice. “JUSTICE” will soon prevail for sweet Michael Jackson. You lost souls can count on a fight of worldwide victory. Michael Jackson was and always will be the true KING to billions of people who believe in LOVE, not HATRED !!!

  8. ELVIS is THE KING. Plain, flat and simple. Congrats to all ELVIS fans in advance for Elvis’s next million seller. ELVIS is 4 Ever.

  9. MJ the weak Mickey Jackson fans are so weak as an spongabons hahahaha without a chicken head !
    Mickey Claxson , did more the Chicky chick moves without his brains on stage .. Chick Chicky Chick chick hahahaha Oh what an chicken . Mickey Jackson sings with his mouth as an honk honk dead drunk klaxon Honk !!!!!

  10. Justice is sweet and karma is even sweeter. Michael has reached heavenly bliss of sainthood. Fans rejoice in love that KING Michael has taken the golden crown in his own kingdom in the sky. You selfish, evil Helvis fans need to sit down and be quiet. Your reign is over and a new KING has entered on his towering throne. Michael Jackson has taken over music. Billions of people have joined the mighty Michael Jackson Army. We will fight this battle with the swords of promise and valor. You old fools have been quickly defeated as you hold on for your precious lives. But you disgusting fossils will lose all power. We are strong. We are proud. We are free. All hail the unbeatable force of Michael Jackson, KING of the world !!!!

  11. The Last Movies cd was great done by the FTD label !!!!
    We hopes for more outtakes ? Onley the “” Almost in Love “” outtakes ?
    FTD we want more !!!

  12. Michael Hellson is a crook , he mislead c* for his d* hobbys .
    Hey mj scam fan , is that normal that mj put c* in his bed ????
    The interviewer was in deep shock ! The world was in shock !!! What an idiot is that Horror-clown…..

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