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  1. May LOVE finally find their way to pelvis fans empty and bitter hearts. Michael Jackson has justice and truth on his side. He is so kind, gentle and a perfect idol to admire. LOVE is the key to happiness. Let the children free. Let them find Michael Jackson’s beautiful spirit of charity. Sweet Michael gave much more than any other human being to save the crippled, the hungry and the poor. To all you vicious haterz, may GOD have mercy on your tortured souls. Michael Jackson was awarded KING. We adore you, sweet man, friend and brother.

    • Michael Jackson Is LOVE

      Love is a bridge that crosses into Utopian skies
      Sweet sunshine and roses for KING Michael Jackson
      He changed the world forever with his magical songs
      The dark days of Helvis, thankfully a thing of the past
      People of color cried as the white man robbed their hard earned work
      Join Michael on a ride full of hope, joy, pain and LOVE
      Hear the children clap their little hands to the beat of perfection
      We dance in the street in joyous celebration
      Justice and truth shall live forever in our hearts
      An innocent man judged cruelly by white tabloid media
      Unholy wickedness, evil lies in disgraceland
      Michael Jackson screams for all injustice to disappear
      Hold a child’s hand and shield their eyes from the hatred of Helvis
      Beaten wives, cheated on by filth
      The men of a distant past lurking in the shadows
      God, forgive them….
      They only know hatred for the most beloved entertainer and genius
      Jealousy is the root of all evil
      Truth shall prevail, sweet son, brother, father and friend
      Long live KING Michael Joseph Jackson until the end…..

      • No, piss breath, GOD is love

        Love is in the hearts of the kind and compassionate
        Michael Jackson was a jealous, lying, hateful, evil individual
        Elvis changed the world forever, not Jackoff
        The evil of Jackoff is over while Elvis will always reign
        Jackoff’s fans don’t speak for all people of color, Jackoff stole the moonwalk and other dance moves
        Jackoff even stole most of the songs he did that were hits while people of all colors mourned
        All people will rejoice in heaven with Elvis while those that side with the evil Jackoff will burn in hell for eternity
        Children will reject Jackoff’s evil lies and join in revelry singing and dancing with Elvis
        Truth and justice will prevail finally that Jackoff is destroyed
        Jackoff and the tabloids were in cahoots with one another
        Jackoff planted stories in the tabloids and he encouraged it as long as it worked for him
        Evil has finally left the former Neverland and is now Sycamore Valley Ranch once more
        Elvis is smiling down knowing that the evil Michael Jackoff is no longer able to spread his evil to innocent people
        No longer is Jackoff able to manipulate others in his quest to hurt innocent children
        Jackoff lied to Lisa and then lied to what’s her face
        They both left Jackoff and are better off for it
        The Thrill is Gone as the great B.B. King once sang
        Actually, there never was a thrill with Jackoff, it was a total lie
        God will annihilate them all, the evil Jackoff supporters
        Elvis’ genius will conqueror Jackoff’s evil plan and leave Jackoff in the pits of Hell forevermore

  2. Congrats to the real, true and honest KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. You’ve beaten the soiled Helvis with ease. According to Forbes, Michael is #1, while your disgraceful old fossil singer dropped to #4 on the list. 40 years in the grave, almost 60 years dead.

    “Elvis died when he went in the army.”
    —-John Lennon.

    Bow, you aging fools. Michael Jackson is waiting for your apologies. We luv you, our mighty KING !!!!

    • Don’t worry about Elvis’ never ending legacy, d* breath. He will still be talked about years from now when your pathetic hero, Jackoff, is long forgotten. You can quote John Lennon all you like but even he knew he was in a loosing battle against the one true king, Elvis.

  3. The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug and sex craved predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend his child victims to his will. Disgusting Michael Jackson.

  4. An another totaly story here ?
    Who believed that Elvis was not real died 40 years ago ?
    There are so many sites that will clamed that Elvis is alive today ?
    Why ? Who will to discusions about this case ?
    I am not so sure that EP Bob Joyce is ???

  5. Hey MJ fans MJ stoled the title King of pop from an journalist that say in the 70 s this on the radio ELVIS THE KING OF POPULAIR MUSIC !!!!! Again MJ stole the title king , MJ was to stoned from his propofol , his brains was more dead grass !

  6. Number one album Scream.
    Number one on Forbes.
    Number one Las Vegas attraction.
    Number one fashion icon.
    Most Number one albums.
    Most Number one songs.
    Most gifted dancer.
    Most romantic lover.
    Best looking, sexiest celebrity.
    Wealthiest legend.
    Number one male solo artist.

    You lose, pelvis pretenders. The real KING is Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. He tore apart pelvis’s daughter Lisa Marie Jackson and she came back for more. Michael Jackson is 100% man !!!!

    Congrats to KING Michael and all Michaelholics. Drop dead pelvis freaks. Your idol has been surpassed by KING Michael Jackson.

    • Uhh , are you takes Propofol ? More please , MJ saw fairytail and thinks he was Peter Pan ? hahahaha
      No dumbase, he was P* the ripper .

      • Shut your pie hole, Helvis dolt. Michael Jackson has taken over and wears the crown proudly. Get over yourselvis, freak. We are the world, we are the children. The Messiah has opened the door to our hearts.

        • Mick Joker ? The devil has opened the door to you”r heart.
          You have fire in your soul it is to doom
          To late

    • Biggest selling artist.
      Biggest box office draw.
      Most number one albums.
      Most number one singles.
      Most fan clubs worldwide.
      Biggest concert draw.
      Longest reign on the charts.
      Number one Forbes.
      Number one male solo artist.
      Best dad.
      Most generous celebrity.
      Wealthiest legend.
      Most awarded artist.
      Most talented celebrity.
      Best looking male singer.
      Best dancer.
      Most requested artist.
      Biggest Billboard seller (over seven billion sold and counting)
      Most desirable lover/most romantic.
      Number one Las Vegas attraction.
      Number one fashion icon.
      Kindest entertainer.
      Most gifted celebrity.
      Sexiest idol.
      Biggest poll winner.
      Biggest song writer.
      Best actor.
      Best producer.
      Best reputation.
      Beloved by billions of fans of all ages, worldwide.

      Congrats KING Michael and to all his adoring fans. Thank you for putting Michael Jackson on top again this year, 2017.

  7. MJ stoled everything from ELVIS his moves
    MJ stoled The Moves of James Brown .
    MJ stoled the Moonwalk from Fred Astaire , Bill Bailey , Buck and Bubbles , Cap Calloway ,Clark , Sammy Davies .
    Seen on YouTube ”Origins of the Moonwalk ] And if seen the name Bubbles !!! Its proofs that MJ used that name for his Chimpanzee Bubbles thats proofs he stoled the Moonwalk and names for his pet !!!!
    MJ stoled the clothing styles , see Elvis movie “” The Trouble with Girls “” outfits !!!
    MJ stoled the face of Diana Ross , He used big names for his ego and fame , He used Paul Mc. Cartney in his clips enz….
    MJ stoled * and used * in a horrible crimes .
    MJ is a g* for Libarace s boyfriend Scot .
    MJ hurt and hit animal s in a bloody way .
    MJ is seen in the TV media as an P* , the same image as Jack The Ripper ….. MJ the P* Ripper .
    And more bad songs , he cant sing , onley dance as an copy ballerina , the real girls Ballerinas dance better than MJ ofcourse . MJ the Copy Clown is very BAD !!! Who s BAD , Yes Michael HelJackson is BAD !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Justice has come to our sweet Michael. LOVE shall overcome hatred. God, let the children speak as they gather around KING Michael. You terrible people will never be able to hide the truth of Michael Jackson’d innocence. The vicious Helvis Piggley was the guilty one as he stole from musicians, artists and songwriters of color to take credit for their hard work. After robbing Little Richard and Chuck Berry blind, Helvis laughed in their faces when they requested royalties for their songs. Help spread the gift of LOVE that every human being is created equal. Sweet Michael says all are welcome inside Neverland. The hideous Helvis kept black people out and made them shine his blue suede shoes. KING Michael changed the world for the better and was the first black artist played on MTV. The world honors and loves only one KING of popular music and dance. God bless, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson, a victim of the white devil tabloid media !!!!

  9. The ignorant pelvis freaks are so gullible with their silly manipulation and lies. Michael Jackson is on top of the world with #1’s and sold out Las Vegas “One” shows. According to the very reliable Forbes, Michael Jackson has grossed 775 million in 2017. Eat your dead hearts out, old farts. There is a new messiah ruling the music charts. All hail to the one and only KING of pop, rock, r&b, funk, soul and dance. Congrats to all dear Michael Jackson fans. The world loves you all. We’ve defeated the wicked pelvis !!!!

    Hooray, hooray….three cheers to the reigning KING of entertainment, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!!

    • Messias ???? Hahahahaha John Lennon is much bigger than MJ the Micro Virus of Music !
      What an Joke for today hahahahaha

      • John Lemon?

        Leaves a sour taste in our mouths. Sweet Michael is the man for justice, truth and LOVE. Find your way, joker. The world luvs that KING Michael heals the world. Make the change to give children HOPE !!!!

    • That’s your perception but as we all know perception and reality are two entirely separate things.

  10. Sorry pelvis fans…..according to Forbes, Michael Jackson is KING. Bow your aging heads to a the new messiah, Michael Jackson.

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