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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Hi Ha Ho Old Mc Donald haved an farm Hi hi ha ho .
    And Old Mc Michael has an pedo farm and he looks likes on a girly and danced as an gay miss piggy , hi ha hi ha hooooo..
    And MJ s last nose was from a pig donor hi ha hi ha ho , and a Knore Knor nose here and a pedo dick there , and uncle MJ was arested by the fbi hi ha hi ha hooooo !!!

  2. And in the Charts of Australie is ELVIS The 50 Greatest Hits on nr. 21 and Elvis Christmas RPO on nr. 45 !!!!
    ELVIS the King of the Charts !!!!!

    • Unplug your stupid ears and shine a light into your dead, foggy eyes, you lying pelvis pretender. You old fossils are nothing but thieves that seek to steal CREDIT from the true masterful KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Repent and crawl to your skinned knees to save your own wicked souls. Mr Michael Joseph Jackson is THE KING of MUSIC, you aging fools !!!!!

      THE WORLD CELEBRATES KING MICHAEL’s latest VICTORY from your obese fake idol. pelvis pretender. We soldiers SCREAM #1 all across the globe, including all of Asia. Congrats to KING Michael for yet another record breaking year as he destroys your untalented heroes with the ease of a magician. We all adore you, ROYAL Michael. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. MJ is in the UK Charts 0n 9 fast downto 30 , its falls and screams load to under hahaahha iii Yep ! By by MJ !!!

  4. Congrats to KING Michael and to all the decent supporters of faith, love and charity. People both young and old flock to KING MJ!

    Michael Jackson has buried Prince and now he is about to bury the shattered pelvis with his platinum coated “Scream!” You old fossils are the biggest jokers in the world with your foolish, selfish lies. We are the royal, mighty Michael Jackson Army and KING Michael has definitely defeated your fat white king and his creepy, crawling beetles. With his new number one “Scream” cd, album or download, Michael has claimed the golden crown and sits safely on the throne. Move over ham fist-ed pelvis, there is a new KING in heaven and on earth. According to the RIAA and Sony, Michael Jackson now has 90 gold albums, 55 platinum albums, and 25 DIAMOND certified discs, easily beating fatso and the purple midget, prince. Like it or not, “Scream” has broken all previous records worldwide and is the fastest selling album since “Xscape.” You jealous pelvis pretenders bow your aging heads to the real KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. The world has demanded justice and sweet Michael has beaten both midget prince and pelvis presley with his quick stomping feet. You dreamers need to sit down. Michael Jackson is declared the winner for all time!

  5. Michael is number one with his new album, “Scream.” Bend over and kiss Michael Jackson’s golden feet, pelvis pretenders. It is time to bow and honor the real KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. You old fossils need to get on your crippled hands and knees. You better start praying. Michael Jackson is your GOD. You better repent your vile, vicious lies and slander. We love, cherish and adore sweet Michael. Down with Evils, looking for trouble. The way to paradise is through Michael Jackson. All hail the true KING. Congrats to KING Michael and all his billions of supporters worldwide.

    • Jackoff is not number one, you dumb shit turd! Jackoff does not have billions of fans and it is you shit turds that are spreading lies. Justice will come for Elvis and you Jackoff fans are just gonna have to love it or kill yourselves.

  6. The KING of the CHARTS reigns.

    With “50 Greatest Hits” and “Christmas With Elvis And The RPO” charting on the album charts in 2017, Elvis is now up to 110 charted albums, more than any other artist ever. The KING surely wins…..and his name is ELVIS PRESLEY.

  7. So far, “Scream” is an enormous sales dud for Sony and the embattled Michael McJackson estate. Of course, Sony, with help from the laughable MJ estate, they need to inflate their campaigns to try and drum up some support for their fading hero. Eye continue to laugh at how far McJackson has fallen in recent years. “Scream” debuted at a lowly #33 on the Billboard 200 in the US. That is an all time low for McJackson. It is definitely over for that disgustingly dead dancing clown. lol.

    • STFU, you wicked sloth. How dare you speak with a lying tongue about sweet and innocent Michael! You old fossils need to zip it up or Michael’s estate will be forced to sue you for everything you idiots own!

      Congrats to KING Michael and all loyal Michael Joseph Jackson fans. Thank you for giving him ANOTHER #1 album, easily crashing white devil pelvis, the beetles and midget prince!

  8. I believed if Michael sing in his studio , that he playing Always on his dick . He sings almost Hii uha aarrrgg , he comes , yuck was MJ bussy with his dick in the Mirror ? [ Man in the Mirror ] – Better is the title [ Pedo in the Mirror ]

  9. Top 25 List of Best Selling Artists Of All Time

    1. The Beatles
    2. Elvis Presley *top selling male solo artist in the world
    3. Michael Jackson
    4. Madonna
    5. Elton John
    6. Led Zeppelin
    7. Pink Floyd
    8. Rihanna
    9. Mariah Carey
    10. Celine Dion
    11. AC/DC
    12. Whitney Houston
    13. Queen
    14. Rolling Stones
    15. ABBA
    16. Taylor Swift
    17. Garth Brooks
    18. Eminem
    19. Eagles
    20. U2
    21. Billy Joel
    22. Phil Collins
    23. Aerosmith
    24. Frank Sinatra
    25. Barbara Streisand

      • I do not think ole blue eyes is selling much, but the title “The Ultimate Sinatra” seems to be slowly picking up sales. He definitely is not selling like Elvis and The Beatles are. Frank Sinatra is dead too, but he apparently has a much smaller fan base. When was the last time Sinatra hit #1 with anything?

        It is a basically a 5 man race of Elvis, John, Paul, George and Ringo.

  10. Elvis is still the king of the charts and by popular demand has been crowned the king of music once more in 2017. Some people are just sore losers and can’t be happy with the real counted votes. Michael Jackson fans obviously are not good sports about the winner, Elvis Presley. Their shameful comments are embarrassing to read.

    • I agree with your post. Those jealous Jacko fans do not like their delusions challenged and will resort to childish name calling. I just come to vote for EP, and ignore the rudeness of these crazy Jacko nuts. They need help.

  11. white devils mean to michael. jealousy rears its ugly little head because we kings destroy their white knight heroes with pointed hoods.

    • That pedo idol is an monster and he [ is he not a she or ??? ] loved the army of the WW2 that little mustage devil , he screams as MJ .

  12. You sorry ass pelvis fans better STFU with your horrific lies. Michael Jackson conquers the evil smelvis as his new album “Scream” climbs up the charts this Halloween season. All Michael Jackson albums rocket to number one worldwide!

    You jealous pelvises better watch out or the boogie man will getcha. People from all ages and from all walks of life listen to KING Michael. We laugh at the fantasies of you evils clowns. There is only one KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. You old foolish fossils better sprinkle holy water at your tired old feet. The king is gonna force you wicked clowns to dance like slaves to the rhythm of your aging hearts.

    • Hey no one will listen or buy MJ in the stores ! Its hard for you re silly clown jacky the pedo .
      But was MJ not a baby if ELVIS was the KING of NR 1 hits in the 50s !!!!
      MJ was not born if ELVIS started an new music revolution !!!
      Dumbase go home under youre bridge and dont play with youre dick , dirty fan .


    113 CERTIFIED Albums.
    71 Platinum Albums.
    46 Gold Albums.
    42 1x Platinum Albums.
    29 Multiple Platinum Albums.
    And counting….

    The KING wins……his name is ELVIS PRESLEY.
    Long live the KING!

    • Elvis has had 5 platinum selling releases since 2008. They are as follows:

      1. Christmas Duets (2008) peak position #3 platinum
      2. Nation’s Favorite Elvis Songs (2013) peak position #5 platinum
      3. If I Can Dream (2015) peak position #1 3x platinum
      4. The Wonder Of You (2016) peak position #1 platinum
      5. 50 Greatest Hits (re released 2017) peak position #2 platinum

      The KING wins…..his name is Elvis Presley.

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