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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. The undisputed KING of Pop, Michael Jackson is on the charts and on the radio, while pelvis fans lie like rugs. You vicious thieves are not going to get away with your delusions. Justice was firmly delivered to the one and only, Michael Jackson. The true KING has been vindicated and given his rightful golden crown as the real KING of music. Long live Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Congrats to all loyal Michael Jackson Army supporters that made “Scream” the fastest selling album of all time. Our sweetheart has broken yet another world record and knocked the fat, chunky pelvis off his throne with ease. Michael has taken over the world with his #1 selling “Scream” and there is nothing you old pelvis freaks can do. Bow your lowly heads to one man, KING Jackson !!!!

    We celebrate and dance to the superiority of Michael Jackson. It is never to late to seek forgiveness for your nasty lies, pelvis clowns.

  2. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “Greatest Hits” is #2 in the US. A well deserved tribute to a rock n roll legend. RIP, Tom Petty.

  3. Justice for Michael Jackson always. MJ is the real KING. You pelvis crackers need to sit down.

    • That’s where you’re wrong! It’s justice for Elvis! Elvis is the only king of music and entertainment.

      • Do not worry, friend. We can clearly see how badly Michael Jackson is selling, compared to the incredible current platinum certified million sellers sold by the only KING, Elvis.

        Justice for ELVIS is sweet.

  4. Elvis Presley remains KING ELVIS. Listen to the early sixties classic, “King Of The Whole Wide World” from the film, “Kid Galahad.”

  5. cliff richards of the rolling bones?

    That old coot does look like he has been round the mulberry bush for 60 years, and without a woman. Isn’t he a British boylover?

    He sings of a “Devil Woman” but has never been with one. lol.

  6. Of course Sir Cliff Richard is the King of Music.
    Next year he will be celebrating his 60th anniversary in
    the music business and he is still rockin’.

    • He should cover Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” 60 years in the music business and touched for the very first time by a woman.

    • W ELVIS ?????? Who is W ? LOL
      Good to see you here Katia !!!
      How do you think of the new Christmas album wit the Philidalfia Orcest ?

  7. David Bowie
    George Michael
    Greg Allman
    Chuck Berry
    Tom Petty

    So many great musicians are leaving us. RIP, friends.

  8. With great sadness, another Elvis fan, Tom Petty was confirmed dead Monday night. As Elvis Presley fans are well aware, Petty met the king on the set of “Follow That Dream” and shook hands with the king back in the early 60’s. Elvis and The Beatles being his main inspirations. Petty was 66 years old. RIP, Tom Petty. He is playing in heaven with Elvis now.

  9. Howdy friends….thank you for voting for the explosive Elvis Presley for title of king of music. Wonderful singer, folks.

  10. Hey fans haved you seen the clip of that hot lady Miley Cyrus “”Younger in The Live Lounge “” She is sings in a clip full of Elvis and one other in a clip live with an T-Shirt of oure Elvis !!!! Wow her voice is very hot !!! Miley i love you .. [ Bleu Hawaii ] .

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