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  1. The shameful delusions of pelvis fans underestimate the common decency of hope, justice and fairness for the most celebrated entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson. It is the total responsibility of your kind to admit to your manipulation to put Elvis Presley ahead of Michael Jackson on the KOM poll. Justice shall prevail for Michael as billions of good people from around the globe fight to reinstate Michael Jackson to his throne. I do believe an apology from you wicked Elvis fans are in order. This dreadful situation must be corrected and Michael Jackson placed on the top of the UK and US charts in time for his global birthday celebration on August 29th. Failure to do so will result in severe punitive action. You gutless Elvis fans have been warned. Your ridiculous claims are the product of inflated speculations and fantasies fed through the tabloids to build you false king up to discredit the genuine achievements of KING Michael. The world unites in harmony as we rejoice with LOVE. It is something you ice cold Elvis fans do not process in your cold, dark hearts . The white devil must be conquered and destroyed in this new era of peace, love and forgiveness under the ideals invented by the one and only KOP, Michael Jackson. The disease you Elvis fans spread shall be wiped out once and for all. You can guarantee that justice will soon be served. We love KING Michael Jackson forever.

  2. You old fools need to experience the racial hatred that you white devils spew within the tabloid media against the kind, sweet and innocent Michael Jackson. You disgusting liars need to bow to his golden feet and acknowledge the true KING of pop, rock. r&b, dance and soul. You white devils will pay dearly for your continuous lies and fabrications to steal Michael Jackson’s rightful crown as the best selling artist of the new millennium. Your fat idol beat women, stole from people of color and spit on his clueless fans. All hail to the new KING. the man who gave his heart and soul to people of all colors, ages and creeds so we could be free to dance in joyous celebration from the superiority of the divine music of KING Michael Joseph Jackson. You repulsive pelvis fans are being investigated for fraud and slanderous lies to hurt Michael Jackson. You will be exposed for what you are by the billions of loyal Michael Jackson fans the world over. Be gone you old fossils. It is time to take back MJ’s stolen votes and demand a recount. Bravo Michael….the world bands together in untied faith. The real KING has won. Say it loud and say it proud. His name is KING Michael Joseph Jackson. Your miserable lies certainly do not work, jealous pelvis freaks. Bow to MJ NOW and forever.

  3. You pelvis fans are so mean. You sure rub salt into our open wounds. We are crying for Michael. You mean people go away. My heart breaks in two. How dare you pelvis fans spread such lies to discredit the king of pop, Michael Jackson?

    • We all Elvis fans do swinging becking for all the best we can !!! Again nr 1 UK Album Charts !!!
      Go Go Go Dont step on my Bleu Suede Shoes !!!
      And for sure do you cry for MJ , because he is not a king , he is more an clown that was crying in his Climbing Tree . And i TCB sing s now … Likes a bird in a tree [ Vulture bird ] lol .

    • You wacko fanatics should be crying. Elvis shot straight to the top once again, while wacko sits at a very disappointing #47. To add more sweetness to the pie, Elvis has two charted releases to Jackson’s one. It is such a incredible sense of satisfaction and pride knowing that both Elvis and The Beatles can achieve #1 albums in the modern era, but Michael Jackson can not seem to even get into the top 10 these days. People from all walks of life see Michael Jackson as a predator that took advantage of his young male victims and shaved his monkey Bubbles bare. Michael Jackson is definitely not the king of anything. lol.

    • You would cry. Here’s a tissue. Blow your snot out of your impacted honker. That dead scarecrow was creepy.

  4. According to RCA, in the first 4 months following Elvis’s death in 1977, an estimated 200 million Elvis albums were sold worldwide. Today, 40 years later, Elvis continues his amazing string of #1 albums with yet another #1, “50 Greatest Hits” which was first released in 2002. It reached #8, but now has returned to capture the #1 spot in 2017, to become Elvis’s 14th British chart topper. Long may the king reign.

  5. KING Elvis lands his 14th #1 album on the British charts with “50 Greatest Hits.” Check out the charts, friends. ELVIS is THE KING of 2017.

  6. Elvis Wiki discography has the following posthumous #1’s for Elvis:

    1. Elvis 30 #1 Hits (2001)
    2. Elvis The King (2007)
    3. If I Can Dream (2015)
    4. The Wonder Of You (2016)

    Posthumous singles:

    1. Guitar Man (1981)
    2. A Little Less Conversation (2002)
    3. Rubberneckin’ (2003)
    4. That’s All Right, Mama (2004)
    5. Jailhouse Rock (2005)
    6. One Night (2005)
    7. I Got Stung (2005)
    8. It’s Now Or Never (2005)

    Elvis Presley is the KING.

    • Update:

      5 #1 albums in the 21st century for KING Elvis, billions sold and still counting. We Elvis fans continue to be loyally devoted.

  7. Get the great “Boy From Tupelo” and FTD’s “Roustabout” soundtrack cd’s. Elvis Presley is the KING, friends.

  8. Areon i do believe he took medications he had nightmares abd insomnia wich increased dramaticly after his mom died so i believe he took medications and maybe once in a while it got out of hand

    • Yes, You maybe have right.
      But Elvis have no taken Marihuana or Hasch.
      He took no hard drugs.
      He took medicaments and he thought: one Pill is good,
      but two pills are better.
      Poor Elvis, his life as Elvis Presley was very stressful.

  9. According to some sources, ELVIS’s “Aloha From Hawaii” has just been certified a DIAMOND award for sales of more than 10 million units.

  10. Could someone please answer this question? Are any of you having problems voting? Don’t care who you think is the best or the worst, please let me know as I have been having problems on and off since Thursday. Thank you and appreciate any help.

  11. An very happy ELVIS Summer !!!
    ELVIS is Everywhere !!!!
    Priscilla said in an interview , that if Elvis was alive today , than did ELVIS made on;ey GOSPEL and he will Preached for the publik !!! [ hey is that not oure Pastor Bob Joyce ? ]

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