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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Areon i do believe he took medications he had nightmares abd insomnia wich increased dramaticly after his mom died so i believe he took medications and maybe once in a while it got out of hand

    • Yes, You maybe have right.
      But Elvis have no taken Marihuana or Hasch.
      He took no hard drugs.
      He took medicaments and he thought: one Pill is good,
      but two pills are better.
      Poor Elvis, his life as Elvis Presley was very stressful.

  2. M* ill elvis fans with their delusional fantasies. lol. You old fossils certainly have overactive imaginations. Michael Jackson has crushed your white idol with ease. It is time to let go of your foolish manipulations, inflated numbers and f* claims. Bow to KING Michael Joseph Jackson. Concerned observers from around the world have witnessed the meltdown of elvis as MJ takes the ultimate crown into the new era of pop music and dance. You old fools get on your knees and start praying to the GOD of music. His name is Mr Michael Joseph Jackson, not jacko or wacko. You liars make me sick with your bitterness, your ridiculous lying, your foolishness. Be gone.

  3. All Insiders knows, Elvis don’t drink alcohol and don’t take drugs.
    Only woodheads have fun, to spread such lies.
    This should be their undoing !!!

  4. According to some sources, ELVIS’s “Aloha From Hawaii” has just been certified a DIAMOND award for sales of more than 10 million units.

  5. Could someone please answer this question? Are any of you having problems voting? Don’t care who you think is the best or the worst, please let me know as I have been having problems on and off since Thursday. Thank you and appreciate any help.

  6. An very happy ELVIS Summer !!!
    ELVIS is Everywhere !!!!
    Priscilla said in an interview , that if Elvis was alive today , than did ELVIS made on;ey GOSPEL and he will Preached for the publik !!! [ hey is that not oure Pastor Bob Joyce ? ]

  7. Any word on when the next RPO Elvis album is coming out and what it will contain?

    “if I Can Dream” and “The Wonder Of You” were Elvis’s 51st and 52nd top ten albums in Britain. Unbelievable. Elvis is still the king of our hearts and the charts. I can hardly wait for the next volume. Recording the orchestra with Elvis’s vocals at The Beatles Abbey Roads studios is outstanding. Going to Graceland soon. See you there, friends!

    • Hi honey, I wish You for Graceland a happy time and wonderful moments !
      My thoughts are with You. I will watch the canlelight vigil live on PC.
      The fourth time.
      I hope, the weather is good and no wind or rain are blowing out the candles !

      • I will blow out your candle, white devil. You can stand there alone in the dark. Get on your old knees and pray that KING Jackson forgives your miserable, empty soul. You can only hold a candlelight vigil for a real KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!!!

        Bravo Michael….he has won AGAIN.

    • You’ve got your wish, friend. With Elvis’s latest #1 album, “50 Greatest Hits”, he has just flew ahead with his 53rd top 10 album, his 14th #1 in Great Britain. Unfortunately, I was unable to fly to Memphis this year because of home commitments, but are planning to go in the next few years. Congrats to all fans of KING Elvis Presley. Elvis still wears the golden crown.

  8. Than if i sings by my work Love Me Tender than sings all my collega s the same Elvis songs all together !!!! You see all ELVIS fans are everywhere !!!!!!!!!

  9. Elvis had the top selling album of 2016 by a non UK artist with “The Wonder Of You.” The king lives on, Elvis Presley through the ages.

  10. The KING of music is no other than the KING of KINGS, ELVIS PRESLEY. He has risen to new heights among superstars. Only ELVIS reigns.

  11. I was working togheter with an colega , he is an MJ fan , but he said that ELVIS indeed the KING is !!!!!!!
    Thats the smartest MJ fan i ever seen !!!! ELVIS the KING he said !!!!!!!!

    • Hahaha Today said my collega MJ fan , this ! Hey TCB you right MJ is the copy of James Brown , and James is more the KING of pop !
      My collega is in 2 day an ex- MJ fan . He is now an James Brown fan ! And he said PRINCE danced better than the Copy clown [ MJ ] !

  12. They opened up Elvis’s Graceland, they opened up Prince’s Paisley Park, but they will NEVER open up Michael Jackson’s Neverland lair, where animals screamed until they finally died from being beaten., Michael Jackson’s wicked laughter as their coats were skinned alive of of their tortured bodies. In the dark echoed halls, children were given alcohol and violated by a disgusting clown. The winds of shame still blows through the valley of death….

  13. ELVIS wins the KING of music crown 3 years running. Long live the true KING, ELVIS PRESLEY.

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