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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. My votes seem to be counting for ELVIS just fine. Jackson fans are cry babies and foolish people. ELVIS is KING.

  2. When we are voting for song and album the numbers never change. Seem as if it’s not counting votes. As I keep a tally on how the numbers for Elvis are and Jackson but doesn’t seem like they moving and we have been stuck on the same numbers for awhile now. Please help. Thank you.

  3. Elvis Presley is one of the finest singers that graced the studio, stage and screen. Some are jealous of ELVIS because he has more #1 gold, platinum and multiple platinum albums than any other male solo act on the planet. Elvis Presley is king ELVIS.

  4. Now i listen to Girls Girls Girls , songs .
    “”Where do you come from”” is now mine favorite !!!

  5. The fans of MJ think that MJ started the Rock and Roll revolution hahahaha
    That MJ clown did play in the Wizz as an scarecrow hahahahaha
    He copyed the Elvis and James Brown moves , but than in a girly gay style, hahahaha
    MJ did playbacker as an tinny woodpecker round on the round hahahahhahaha
    He speaks as an Mickey Mouse and sings as an rusty steel drill. hahahahaha
    MJ is the king of nose clowns , hahahahaha

  6. ELVIS is KING and always will be. Wacko Jacko will always be a d* c****. ELVIS fans UNITED for ELVIS.

    • Jackson wasn’t even around when Elvis started out, setting the trails on fire and set the stage and change in music history. Jackson was learned the ways of others and followed the same path that had been laid out. Elvis will always be The King Of Rock he was givin the title long before Jackson came along.

  7. Tinny MJ has says hi hii i am an king of pop ? Uh … James Brown is more the King of soul and David Bowie the King of pop !
    MJ is not an real pop singer , Frank Sinatra is the King of Pop too ! MJ is onley the King Of Nose Transformator !
    Hi ha ho where is my nose ?

        • Why do You Think I am a MJ fan ? Never, never – till the end of my life. I am a 1000 % Elvis fan !!!
          Nothing could be better !!!!
          You should translate my postings – on “Leo”.

  8. Elvis is now over 16,000 votes ahead of Michael Jackson. Such a shame. You Elvis fans need to stop and embrace KING Michael.

    • What shall that be ???
      You should know Jacko Wacko fans are cheating shameless since three years .
      Elvis fans should only watch this cheating ???
      Such nonsens to read from You is really frustrated !!!
      And Elvis has more fans than Jacko Wacko and therefore he is leading !!!
      Amen !

  9. Listen to ELVIS song “” Still Here”” And “I Was The One “” And listen then to the song “” You Found Me “” from Pastor Bob Joyce ! The same singing style as Elvis ! Is he Elvis ??? On YouTube !

  10. I lost all respect for Michael Jackson when I read the tell all, “Michael Jackson Was My Lover: The Secret Diary Of Jordie Chandler.”

  11. Norfolk, Va 7-20-75
    Elvis gave two performances. One in the afternoon, and one at night. What I found was Elvis noticed a blind child by the stage, and had her lifted up. He spoke to her with the mike turned away, wiped his eyes with a scarf, giving it to the girl. Photos were taken. At the matinee show, Elvis sang his only known full version of “Suzie Q.” I believe the incident with the female back up singers happened at the evening show. In any event, the evening show is a rough audience recording. Could not get every other word being said. However, Elvis was digging at Kathy on her introduction for at least a week. That is why she waked off in Norfolk. The Sweets followed.

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