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  1. You awful Jackson fans deserve all the bad karma your demented idol gave you, especially the horrible cheap shots at KING ELVIS and his fans. You disgusting people should be ashamed of your hideous behavior. May GOD help your wicked, lost souls. KING ELVIS is quickly catching up, despite dishonorable cheating and lying for the beastly scarecrow, Michael Jackson.

    • Amen to that. Elvis looked fantastic without surgery, had a beautiful, manly voice like no other singer and was a masterful performer. He has more platinum and gold records than anybody else.

  2. Coming from the freaks who idolize a guy who dangled his son out of a hotel window like something out of the lion king idiots

  3. Who’s the solo artist with the most no. 1 hits in Australia? Elvis. Who is the act with the most no. 1 hits in the UK? Elvis. Who’s the male solo artist with the most no. 1 hits on the US Billboard Charts? Elvis.

  4. Elvis had 66,500 votes last night, down 1040 today. Shameful is cheating going on for Michael Jackson, obviously.

  5. Elvis is the KING.

    Jackson fans think that cheating for their disgraceful hero is a legit win?

  6. ELVIS haved the most fans bases in this world and he is after his 40 anniversary … the best and the most nr 1 albums after all dead artist !!! ELVIS THE KING no one else !!!! You haved 1 KING not 2 or 3 kings on a schip !!!!

  7. Elvis fans sure have inflated visions of their white devil idol. Fatso said in an interview, “All colored folks can do for me is shine my shoes and buy my records.” Source: Jet magazine, 1957.

    Michael Jackson is the true KING.

    • You’ve got it all wrong. The rumor that Elvis said something like that was first printed in Sepia magazine. Jet magazine printed an interview with Elvis in which he set the record straight. He had never said anything like that. Sepia had made that up. Do your research.

      • Elvis fans with their lame excuses. The white devil beat Priscilla and kept her prisoner at Disgraceland. You pelvis fools always trash sweetheart, Michael Jackson. Unlike your evil, psychopathic idol, Michael was not a fat pig. You do your research, liar!

        • MJ is tinner than an nail and the most drugs users are thin , not fat !
          Elvis taked not real drugs because , the most junky s are so thin as an nail and they dont seen more grey skin as MJ was ! Dump face !

        • It’s not a lame excuse – I’m just stating facts. The “shine my shoes” rumor has long since been debunked. Once again, do your research and stop insulting people.

  8. Sad i was missed the IF I CAN DREAM concerts in Holland , but i read that all shows was SOLD OUT !!! WOW !!!!!
    Thats proofs for every one that ELVIS the most power full artist in history is and was !!! There comes more and more in the future ……….. And they called him THE KING …….. ELVIS we missed you !!!!!!

  9. ELVIS is every year bigger and bigger and more seen as an great Legend of all time !

  10. Elvis’ Albums If I Can Dream and The Wonder Of You were no. 1 in the UK in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Elvis also had no. 1 hits on the R&B charts, the EP Charts, and a worldwide total of about 65 no. 1 hits.

  11. Elvis had more no. 1 hits than Michael Jackson both in the US and in the UK. In 2015 and in 2016, Elvis had no. albums in England and on the Billboard Classical Albums Chart (as the first pop singer ever). Elvis also had no. 1 singles and albums on the Country charts, won Grammy Awards for his gospel Music and still attracts people to his concerts as a virtual performer on the video screen. He always sang live in his concerts without AutoTune and looked perfect without plastic surgery. He also praised the black performers who had influenced him and called Fats Domino the true King of Rock’n’Roll. Elvis did not “steal” from anyone.

  12. Desperate Michael Jackson fans sob
    The putrid stink of his decaying flesh
    The worms with legs bite
    The warm gravy of Michael Jackson
    Embalming fluid
    Bloating gasses under his disgusting white skin
    Lurking eyes in the darkness
    The mold on his final death pillow
    His long finger nails
    His twisted toes, curling
    His mouth wide open in a scream
    Walking side by side with death
    Satan laughs as the torment never stops
    Moth wings fluttering inside the casket of bones
    And the worthless soul of Michael Jackson burns
    His spinning head in flames
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    The serpent crawling from within the grave
    From beneath, we can hear the echoes of his cries
    And then silence….

  13. King Elvis has been gone for 40 years now and he’s still as popular now as he was alive. His memory & legacy will live on forever because there’s still so many new generations of Elvis fans growing up love and listening to his music so his memory will NEVER be forgotten!!! You sorry child molestor fans can kiss our butts and you’re cheating has NOT gone unnoticed that’s for sure!! But you can have your crazy looking pervert that sounds like a girl when he talks, he sounds like his balls are tied up, y’all can have this stupid unfaltering so called king of music site because we all know who the King of music is. Mr ELVIS PRESLEY!!!!!

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