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  1. “The evil Pri$Zilla has a cold, cold heart”

    There is a youtube video all about the wicked Pri$Zilla and the married Currie Grant deceiving and manipulating Elvis into believing Pri$Zilla was someone she wasn’t. She wanted to be rich and famous from the very beginning and was using various men to achieve that goal.

    Poor Elvis was lied to and set up.

    No wonder why LMP and michael mcJackson had a fake lavender marriage. She was hitting back against her greedy, money hungry witch mother.

    • The horrible Prizssilla used Elvis for money she is a business hooker in every talkshow . Poor Elvis Legacy.

  2. Hannibal often fantasizes bedding a string of pint sized michael mcJackson impersonators.

      • Hannibal would sleep with both fat and skinny boys.

        It does not matter as long as they bop to the beats of the wild woodpecker.

  3. Like his wonderful home and studio, Paisley Park estate, “The Prince Rodgers Nelson Memorial Highway” is open for business.


  4. The bitter sour puss Hannibal often claims that he is an expert in musical knowledge, but then talks to Meatloaf about Bubbles and other men receiving oral pleasures. Like his idol, michael mcJackson, Hannibal constantly denies he is as gay as a flaming pea cawk, spreading his beautiful wings. With the tart mouth of a guppy, Benjamin has the suction power to drain the seed from just about any bare dong.

    • Yes Red Lady, Hannibal hopes i am the same as him and MJ , but sad for him 🤣,i loved only girls girls girls !!! 👄

      • Hannibal has a diseased brain because of michael mcJackson, Meatloaf. He was told that girls and women are icky.

  5. “Emperor Prince redeemed by the power of truth and justice”

    When instant karma comes a knocking, there is very little that can be done to hide from the truth. Sooner or later, we will all meet the Grim Reaper. Lies can be told but we also know that karma is the great equalizer. In terms of paying the price for his deeds, michael mcJackson paid the costly price with his embarrassing nude death, with his doc in the shadows of his ultimate fate. With kitty, he is finally being punished for his actions. With death closing in, kitty fears the unknown. It is funny that the quickly fading Pri$Zilla has chosen to follow the liars circle within the devil’s wrath. Like Boy George, she is looking behind her shoulder in severe paranoia. Just watch your back or move forward blindly.

  6. Unless he gets what he wants, Christmas certainly won’t be a happy occasion for kitty this year. We know the old man has put his head into his twisted hands and continues to weep. In years past, Cliff actually believed he had beaten the terrible allegations against him. Cliff holds on to his aching heart once again. Those nasty boys have proven to Cliff that they cannot be trusted.

    In the showers, another victim screams.

  7. Kitty, priest and Hannibal set out to find a boy named George for gay romps in the English fields. Underneath a bridge, those men took turns ravishing the bodies before the great eye in the sky. When soldiers march through the streets of gold, kitty puts his old arm around a crying boy’s broken shoulder. His hefty leg went up as he screamed in enormous pain.

  8. Of course, with kitty’s new album falling down the charts before Christmas this year, Cliff is livid. He wonders what went wrong that his fans suddenly turned on him. Poor kitty is in the shadows.

    The holidays will only be bright if he can jingle the balls of several young male tots.

    • Cliff Richard fans discovered oure comments Red Lady and they know who cliff Richard realy is Thats why the fans banned Kitty now 🧐

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^
        Kitty’s new album is not being put into Santa’s bag. The tear drops fall from the old chicken hawk’s tired eyes.

  9. I haved read that a boyfriend of Priscilla in the 70 s after Elvis divorce touch little Lisa Marie and Prizssilla did nothing to protect her little child Lisa . I think that Lisa was always sick of her mother Prizssilla the Witch . Linda was a better mother for Lisa . Priscilla is only open for her legs open for men with money.

  10. Hannibal types, “Leave he music to the expert”

    Yet, all he can offer is more fabrication, manipulation and downright lies.

    You fail, palsy teach.

  11. Hannibal do you like to buried next to Michael Mc Jackson!? Priscilla will help you if you pay her a lot of money .

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^
      The disgraced hag probably spread her nasty open legs for David Stanley.

  12. “That evil woman, Pri$Zilla”

    Well, I hear that that old witch, Pri$Zilla is banned from Graceland, but Linda Thompson was warmly invited back. It was interesting to learn how much Lisa Marie loved Linda. Elvis was fortunate to finally get rid of Pri$Zilla, the wicked home wrecking hag. She deserves to die alone. I even heard her son from another man even stays away. Again, she should be buried between OJ Simpson, michael mcJackson, Mike Stone, Mike Edwards and Tom Jones.

    Winning with the TRUTH is the only way.

    It is good that Prince actually married good women, who haven’t stabbed him in the back or sold him up the river for coin.

  13. “Make the wheel go round and round, round and round….you may find that boy you never found”

    Hannibal loves that the aging Pri$Zilla is losing her mind, so he can continue telling lies about her ex. One thing about her daughter is she was definitely not a Pri$Zilla fan and take michael mcJackson to the cleaners after their lavender marriage. Boys would later accuse the woodpecker of ravishing their bodies of flesh, blood and bone. Kitty still cries that some of his past boyfriends can’t be trusted. He claims they are looking for easy cash.

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