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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Wacko was selling like shyt during the all important Christmas rush. Prince had two number one albums. It is easy to understand. When your junk is cheap and mass produced, it can hang out on the bottom of the charts forever. Means nothing.

    The standard for all artists is top ten or number one.

  2. Mabey you can call Priscilla for a money deal Hannibal, how can i find the coffin of MJ ? And she played you for a empty grave . Hannibal is buried next Michael Jackson.

  3. Prince had two back to back #1 albums on the r&b album charts in 2022, but Hannibal does not want to give the Emperor his due. Gee, I wonder why Benjamin is so selective?

  4. 23 12 2023 uk album charts

    elvis presley Michael Jackson the beatles cliff richard where all on the charts

    [ronce was not

  5. Tom Jones is a piece of shyt, and brutalized a young girl in his South African hotel room in 1976.

  6. “Prince Rodgers Nelson remains a full priced artist”

    When Hannibal burns another rotten egg fart out of his damaged gas hole, kitty’s old snoozer is right up close to smell Benjamin’s rancid poo canal, nose to crack. Spread those pimpled muffins far and wide, Mr palsy man. As for michael mcJackson, his cheap bargain bin opuses do the same thing every year around the holidays. The clearance discs fall down the charts.

  7. “Just in time for gobble, gobble, gobble.”

    Yeah, Pri$$$$$Zilla did charge fans to hear her talk about her private times with the king, wrote a book and now is milking everything she can with the box office mega turkey, “Pri$Zilla.”

    Step right up and buy a ticket.

    Greed rears her ugly plastic head and face.

  8. ^^^^^^
    Curry Grant, Mike Edwards, Mike Stone or Tom Jones?

    Tommy raped a young girl in South Africa and left her for dead, you know.

    • When did Tom that in Afrika? I am very shocking!!! If he did that than he is a criminal as Michael Mc Jackson and Prizssilla together 😰 i believed you Red Lady

  9. In other news, kitty’s new “strings” album fell 44 notches down from #5 to a very disappointing #49 in only its second week. It looks like there is trouble in kitty’s life again. Kitty probably is crying himself to sleep. It looks like Christmas for him is not going to be the same this year. The priest is upset. Kitty has locked himself in his room, and will not come out.

  10. Dolly said that Elvis wanted to record a couple of her songs, but greedy Parker wanted her to give up half of her songwriter credit. She said no.

    The nasty Hannibal claims I have no knowledge because I refuse to believe his lies.

  11. Dolly Parton haved recorder a new album a Rock album with Purple Rain and I dreamed about Elvis and more songs !!!! No one of MJ ofcourse. I Wisch that Elvis and Dolly Parton are a loved couple a great match .

  12. “Pink skin and flesh”

    Little Hans was groped like Chris from “Family Gay”, Bobby from “King Of The Hill” and Gene from “Bob’s Burgers.”

    Kitty likes those plump, hefty boys, especially without clothes.

    Hannibal licks those moist chops.

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