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  1. According to millions of Elvis fans, there is a long list of hits from all those “B” movies you claim he made. I know more about Elvis than you do, palsy man. You have no true musical knowledge. In fact, you are just another liar, like your boy loving idol, michael mcJackson.

    Please tell us again how embarrassing kiddie tripe like:

    “Mama’s Pearl”
    “Sugar Daddy”
    “The Glove You Save”
    “Ben, The rat”
    “Rockin’ Robin”
    aren’t embarrassing……

    We cannot even paint the clown’s nose red, because the skeleton’s real pimpled honker was bitten off by Bubbles the chimpanzee.

  2. Fake publicity and inflated numbers by regulated and censored fan sites and phony estate propaganda do NOT count, Hannibal.

    We must stick with the truth.

    It has been stated that the new biopic is so bad, that even the tarnished michael mcJackson estate cannot endorse the film.

  3. There are tons of smash hits from Elvis movies. Here is a fun list:

    Love me tender
    Teddy bear
    Loving you
    Mean woman blues
    Jailhouse rock
    You’re so square, baby I don’t care
    Young and beautiful
    Hard headed woman
    Dixieland rock
    Wooden heart
    Tonight is so right for love
    Flaming star
    Wild in the country
    Follow that dream
    King of the whole wide world
    Can’t help falling in love
    Rock a hula baby
    Hawaiian wedding song
    Return to sender
    Girls, girls. girls
    Bossa nova baby
    One broken heart for sale
    Viva Las Vegas
    What’d I Say
    C’mon everybody
    Little Egypt
    So close, yet so far from paradise
    Puppet on a string
    Please don’t stop loving me
    All that I am
    Long legged girl with a short dress on
    Baby, if you give me all your love
    Guitar man
    Big boss man
    A little less conversation
    Almost in love
    Edge of reality
    All I needed was the rain
    Clean up your own backyard
    Let yourself go
    Your time hasn’t come yet, baby
    Change of habit
    Let us pray

  4. “The edge of reality”

    There is no pain with Prince.

    Hannibal claims that tabloid fabrication is hurting Prince’s sales. Of course, there is no possible way that Prince is stuck at 150 million units since the seventies. You must be delusional, my little palsy man.

    The pain of michael mcJackson’s crippling downfall is too much for you to bear. That is not my problem if you obviously cannot face the absolute truth.

  5. “The dirty dancing skeleton made eyes burn out of their charred sockets”

    You are correct, Meatloaf. As a top rated, award winning documentary, “Leaving Neverland” just confirmed the facts that we already know about the creepy skeleton. Untold millions watched the doc and decided to finally get rid of their michael mcJackson collections. Out to the trash bins, and into the landfills the cd’s, vinyl and cassettes went. The used cd shops and thrift stores have to turn down donations by the truckloads. The garbage just sits there, packed in the bins. The crap remains both unsold and unwanted.

  6. “Facts are still facts, Benjamin Boris”

    Again, repeating tabloid fantasies about Prince are just tabloid fantasies. Prince, nor his estate were ever legally sued. Not even once. Prince was never arrested for beating up women, or was he ever charged for possession of illegal substances. There are no documentaries called, “Leaving Paisley Park” or “Surviving Prince.” You are obviously confused and bitter, my little palsy man.

  7. Yes Meatloaf, as proven with smash movie hits, Elvis has even hit number one with “A Little Less Conversation” and “Rubberneckin” , three decades after being recorded. Sony used the real vocals of Elvis Presley, not the vocals of a fake impersonator to try and trick his fans.

    Over on the michael mcJackson camp, Jason Malachi was paid by Sony to sing on some unreleased michael mcJackson demos because that clown was too busy chasing nude boys to finish his vault material. Sony had no choice to try a assemble multiple greatest hits packages in a vain attempt to recoup some of their massive losses. It is soooooo hilariously funny that Hannibal skips over the truth, and attacks other artists because his tarnished idol was too lazy to work on his fading legacy.

  8. “Leaving Neverland is michael mcJackson’s most famous, most awarded documentary”

    Hannibal forgets that we know that michael mcJackson has been sued multiple times for plagiarism. He stole the moonwalk, he stole songs.

    michael mcJackson also paid off multiple victims to silence them, but forgot Wade and James because he groomed them.

    Elvis and Prince were never legally sued in a court of law, or were their estates.

  9. Prince and Elvis have roads and/or memorial highways named after them.

    Postage stamps honor their legacies in music.
    Both have multiple hit songs written about them.
    Statues, bridges and parks named after them.
    Tourist attraction homes.
    Both were leading men in every one of their Hollywood films.
    Both have continuous posthumous legacies.

    tiny michael mcJackson does not have any of those honors. lol.

    Prince composed over 1030 songs, while michael mcJackson either stole songs or paid unknown songwriters to claim them as his own. Your idol had difficulties even spelling his own name.

    I know it frustrates you, little palsy man. However, I do not care.

  10. Michael Mc Jackson was a autistic and a predator ! He copy Bill Bailey s old moonwalk , and James Brown and he copy Elisabeth Taylor face and hair . A clown without a nose .

    • MJ did not writhing his songs . He has gay writing people to do that for him . Hannibal if you are drunk do you copy MJ s hobby s too with boys in youre bedroom with limonade and popcorn? MJ say its normal ! πŸ€ͺ

  11. Hannibal cant tell reading and talking to people , he is a handicapped. Only scream and big mouth curce to all people . MJ same he can only scream not singing ….. Aaaaaarrrggg and oehhhh hiiii Thats the only thing what he can.

    • At least i am.not aaking men on this forum for a blowj.b
      Meatloaf fantasizing about bubbles his dong

      U r so gay

  12. Talk about octaaf. What sound if MJ sings a song Surrender , How Great Thou Art or Its now or never ? …. As a mouse Mickey Mouse voice 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    • What of we let Elvis write his own songs.

      Instead of stealing someone else his songs

      Lol ha ha ha

  13. Yes Red Lady, Hannibal forgot more soundtrack single hits : Love me Tender , Teddy bear , Jaillhouse Rock , Trouble , Flaming star , Wooden Heart , Return to sender , Cant help falling in love , No more , Thanks to the Rolling sea , Bossa Nova Baby , Rocka hulla baby , Viva Las Vegas , and more Hollywood hits !!!!! Elvis was best pay actor of Hollywood in the 60 s . Rubbennecking babe !

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