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  1. Kitty: “A Christmas wish from Cliff”
    [ the nice priced Camden album ]

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
    Pretty paper [ duet with Roy Orbison ]
    All I want for Christmas is a boy
    Twas the night before Christmas
    Baby boy, it’s cold outside
    I’m dreaming of a white boy for Christmas [ duet with Jason Malachi ]
    Santa Claus is coming to town
    Sleigh ride down boy mountain
    Motown Christmas [ duet with Bobby Taylor ]

  2. Kitty and Bobby Taylor
    “A special boy this Christmas”

    O’ mouth under the Christmas tree
    Jiggle his balls
    Fur ball under the stockings, hung with care
    Here comes Santa Claus
    Winter wonderland
    Little drummer boy
    The sparkle in a boy’s little eyes
    The most wonderful time of the year
    Presents for the priest
    On a snowy Christmas night
    Ho, ho, ho
    All through the house
    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    Mommy saw Jimmy kissing Santa Claus
    Come cuddle with the kitty and daddy bear

  3. “Emperor Prince has risen in the Purple Rain”

    Hooray, hooray !!!!!

    I still can’t believe the reversal of fortune that has taken place for Emperor Prince. I can almost hear the cries of the frustrated floons as they continue to slip into denial after the shock of Prince’s posthumous triumph on Forbes and his powerful return to the top of the worldwide charts. This is indeed an exciting time in popular music history. I am absolutely thrilled to witness this blessing of his incredible return. Of course, knowing that Hannibal is currently tossing and turning with his endless tears soaking his tissues, make it soooooo much more satisfying. It is officially over for the dead michael mcjackson.

  4. “My humble appreciation on Thanksgiving”

    Thank you very much for the great encouraging words, Meatloaf. It is such a thrill to see Emperor Prince kicking royal can as we look back to another year gone by. In a few weeks, Christmas and the new year of 2022 will certainly be upon us. It is fantastic to repeat that predator michael mcjackson has been officially beaten by artists of superiority once again. This time, Prince is smiling through the purple clouds of the kingdom of Heaven.

    As for the disgusting legacy of michael mcjackson, the dirty dancer’s tarnished image continues to make eyes burn. The sickness of his crimes has destroyed so many innocent lives. Most decent, law abiding folks do not support the dead woodpecker that abused all those male tots and defenseless animals that screamed through out the Neverland fortress. The towering flames shall wipe the tears away from the terrible memories within those sinful walls of filth and shame.

  5. “Thankful, grateful and simply happy to report Prince continues to break records for deceased artists”

    Emperor Prince has reached #1 on the US soundtrack album charts with Purple Rain, November 2021. As the fabulous win on Forbes wasn’t enough, and his latest skyrocket to the top, the Billboard 200 also has Prince’s “Purple Rain” back in the top 30. Of course, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Hannibal claimed that Prince would be “gone and forgotten.” It looks like instead of gobbling turkey, Handi will be eating crow. Karma definitely comes around sooner or later. I love celebrating Prince’s legacy and posthumous success in late 2021. Benjamin said that it would never happen. I laugh with the satisfaction that Prince has certainly beaten michael mcjackson with ease, in more ways than one. What a great year its been to be a Prince Rodgers Nelson fan!

  6. Cracker man, cracker man
    Your screams for forgiveness, rejected
    Black kings and queens, elected!
    U have no power,
    U have no souls!
    The mighty black army fights to defeat the pigs!
    U squeal like white pork made into sizzling bacon
    Black soldiers march into your white cities,
    All guns blazing!
    We take all women and children first
    Bodies stacked from side to side!
    Honkies scramble through burnt grounds
    Their bodies mangled with purity and pride!
    The death of white grandma and pop!
    Their sins revealed to the bothers of color!
    Buried deep into their forsaken graves!
    Cracker man. cracker man
    Time for you hogs to head for extinction
    Shot through the heart, no one to blame
    No one is going to remember your names!

  7. “Sorry Hannibal, no michael mcjackson fantasies will be allowed”

    The silence is very telling. I win, Benjamin loses yet again.

    Wacko was not cat nip to various sex starved women.

    Yeah, the “Rocket Man” movie and soundtrack helped revive Elton John’s career with strong sales and marketing. Today, Elton is just about everywhere. Handi dislikes EJ because he called his dead idol a boy loving predator in the media and in his best selling book. Floons boycott EJ and actually believed the world would follow. It obviously did not work. If I remember correctly, a few biography films were also made about piano man, Liberace. A kitty or michael mcjackson movie, done right….would have to be rated triple X for boy to beast sex. You would have to close your eyes @ every scene. Animals screamed in their cages as michael mcjackson walked by, swinging a blade. Eyes burned. But as we know, karma was certainly not kind to the tarnished legacy of the wild woodpecker.

  8. New movie “” Kitty s dong was hold by his priest “”
    1. Priest gives Kitty a massage , Handi watch it !
    2. Take my Cliff dong Handi !
    3. Secrets handle in a tent ?
    4. Jimmy Saville was seen with Kitty in a hospital for kids …….poor kids !
    5. Kitty s wig was to old .
    6. Cliff was Kitty in Portugal s naked beach . [ onley for man ]
    7. Kitty was spotted with a priest hand in hand ?!
    8. Handi dry the two bodys of Kitty and Priest !
    9. Handi dont be scared in the dark, its the dong of Kitty !
    10. No time to sing , Kitty was busy for tickle boys behind on stage .
    Movie time 2 houre and 5 minutes long ! Released 2 december !

  9. Hi Red Lady, Yesterday i saw the movie of Elton John “” Rocket Man “”
    A fantasic movie about Elton John s live his daddy hates his son and his mother was lost her minds for his live ?
    Its sounds the same as MJ s parents !
    Elton John s whoopie scene man to man , i closed my eyes ! But i bet that Handi loves that scene !!!
    Why did they not makes a movie about Kitty cliff and MJ with whoopie gay boys scene ?

  10. “The dancing woodpecker was always scratching tiny palms to signal he was ready for beddy”

    As part of the continuous grooming process to score sex with a constant flow of young make tots, Wacky mcjackson wanted to be a lady boy to make the chosen, selection of boys comfortable for many, many nights of rough and randy sex. His spotted dong always seemed to work around them, especially when their clothes were quickly removed. The clown licked his plastic lips in excitement.

  11. “Wacko only pumped his rotating hips into the sore cans of under aged male tots”

    Handi Hannibal actually wants folks to believe that the crap song, “Dirty Diana” is about Ross. Nope. It is soooooo funny seeing her brand new album slide down the chart after just one week.

    Hey stooooopid, Wacko claimed he sang the ditty for no other than Princess Diana. The clown certainly was not attracted to women, but knew his label would never allow its original title, “Dirty Danny.” Everybody knows that michael mcjackson was ashamed to be a flaming gay boy loving pansy.

  12. “Joseph called Wacko, big nose”

    Actually, michael mcjackson probably saw Diana Ross as a mother figure. In the beginning, he designed his face to resemble hers. It was the same thing Scott Thorson did to his face to please Lee Liberace. The aging piano man wanted Scott to look like his son, but the two men still had sex with each other. Wacko wanted brutal whoopee from the two gay icons.

    michael mcjackson envisioned that his nose was growing every single time he looked into the mirror. After more than 50 surgeries, all he had left was an infected nose hole. He then wanted an indented chin. His llama eyes bulged out of their sockets as he flopped his women’s wig on backwards.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Thank you so much for the great encouraging comments, Meatloaf.

        It is definitely appreciated.

  13. “michael mcjackson was just like a woman, certainly not like a man”

    Ms Wacko wanted to be a dame, like Joan Crawford. Hannibal thinks that Wacko loved Diana Ross like he was her man. In reality, like the silent Mama Katherine, she knew that Bobby Taylor was abusing him, but did nothing. When it came down to having relationships with real men, Diana Ross never wanted skinny beanpole, michael mcjackson. Wacko confided to older women like Diana and Elizabeth Taylor because they did not expect sex. Like Liberace that used Betty White for photo opportunities, Wacko used women in the same way. Knowledge, teach.

  14. “No pride for michael mcjackson”

    You’re right, Meatloaf. None of us were alive when slavery was legalized in the US, plus all the slave owners and black people are long dead. Abe Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1860’s, over 155 years ago.

    Papa Joseph pimped his dancing puppet son out to black men for sexual favors to get sweeter Motown deals. Bobby Taylor slept and showered nude with little michael mcjackson. Wacko later crawled to the Polish piano man, Liberace.

    Wacko Jacko is on record as wanting to be white. His lavender wives were white, his test tube children are white, and all his little boyfriend victims were white boys. michael mcjackson bleached his rotted skin, pure ivory white. Prince even laughed about it. Wacko hated his parents and brothers, so wanted to erase his blackness.

    • Intresting Red Lady that MJ s sisters and his brothers are black and he was the onley one was so white as snow ? Even MJ s skin was whiter than the hair of Santa Clause ! 👩‍🦳 =MJ if he was now alive ! lol

  15. Hey Pride fan here in Holland the black people aliens hate the coloure of black ? The black piet of santa clause is to black ?
    Why hates they own coloure its a honoure to a black crow in history . Black piet is in fact the black crow of Wodan , in a viking history is Wodan the god and the crow was his help mate ! So whats wrong here with the black people in holland ?

    Slave is not the thing about Santa Clause , he is born in Turkije and , in folks talk he cames from Spain with balack piet and in Spain is in history no black sales ! So learn the history before you scream as a chichen without a head ! MJ loves the slave time seen in his songs !

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