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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. When you fukking honkies die,
    Justice resides!
    Blinded by hate,
    We will defeat you whitey!
    The pain, the power, the pride
    Your screams silenced!
    Your fukking words ignored
    Die piggy, die!
    The battle for this planet, the battle for the sword!
    We will never forget the cowardly white sloth,
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    Flames and fire to the flying moth!
    The world will be returned to men and women of color,
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    We will build an empire of paradise,
    Black kings reunited
    White wonder women,
    Once you go black, there’s no turning back!
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    Ball and chain
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    You pink skinned pigs will fry in the flash of a thousand suns,
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    The rubble of dust and debris
    Your fukking flesh will sizzle and burn
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    The screams of forgiveness rejected
    We will kick in your hog heads in with steel and iron boot!

    • In history the slave time is long time ago over Pride fan or are thought its 1600 now or 1700 era ?
      Listen to the song “” Yesterday “” The Beatles , you can learn about that song !!!!

      Oh why was MJ in his last 20 years more white ??? And why he haved no 1 single real black Woman in his live ?
      MJ haved onley white womans Debbie is the most whity hair white woman ! So Debbie will be killed soon ? lol

  2. “Boys were drugged, molested. Animals were beaten and murdered”

    Yep Meatloaf, micharl mcjackson invited bad karma, which is why michael mcjackson’s Neverland was sold and can never be a tourist attraction. Human male tots were viciously abused as well as defenseless animals. Neverland is haunted by filth, death and shame.

  3. Desperate Hannibal claims, “I rule this forum.”

    Hannibal swirls his rotating little hips in his pink throng. With the lip smacking motion of gyrating, pumping thrust, Handi orgasms in front of mirrors as the kitty’s old hands continue probing his nude body. Those hips get slapped hard like pimpled can. Like a gobbling turkey, palsy man gets on his hands and knees to crawl, his wet skull full of blood, sweat and tears. Handi’s slippery little throat suddenly takes kitty’s rancid dong down the hatch, balls deep. His hairless chin gets coated with the sticky sweet lava of kitty’s disgusting seed. The sting of shame definitely fall from Hannibal’s little eyes. lol.

  4. “The truth Benjamin Boris can no longer dispute”

    Forbes obviously did not receive payola from the tarnished michael , mcjackson estate this year, so they finally abandoned Wacko Jacko’s inflated hype and went with the truth of KING Prince Rodgers Nelson. Sorry clown, but the Grand Emperor Prince raked in $45 million dollars more than michael mcjackson, and during Covid. It is Hannibal who has a whole list of laughable excuses. michael mcjackson’s world is getting smaller. His once diehard army of soldiers are suddenly leaving him. Hey palsy man, the dead flowers that burn out dry by Wacko’s lonely mausoleum @ Forest Lawn means very few woodpecker fans are flocking to his rotted grave these days. The stink of his corpse fills the air with the rancid sweet smell of his decomposing carcass.

  5. So with steady FTD releases and Paisley Park’s vault full of material, their respective legacies shall continue.

    michael jackson on the other hand left nothing and SONY paid all that money for an empty vault. They are FURIOUS. 😤

    Ha ha ha

    Serves them right!

  6. Hey “Teach”, I can also admit that Meatloaf is a bigger Elvis fan than I am.

    He also possesses more musical knowledge than you do.

    So maybe listen to King TCB, “Teach”.

    You might learn something. 😀

    • Can u give 5 exampkes

      Dont mean i ve got confidence or amazing Craze ot thecwro g lyrics to suspicious minds

      Come on puppy 5 examples

  7. No I haven’t bought “Elvis Back in Nashville” yet.

    I should. I just, with everything going on still with lockdowns and all I have not been feeling terribly enthusiastic.

    I just want this to end.

    Reading from “Rolling Stone” etc, the buzz is positive. 😊

    I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it Meatloaf. 👍

    • Thanks my friend !!!!!! I wish we haved drink a cup a thee and talk about Elvis stuff and with Red Lady with a red bottle wine after the thee party !!!!!!

      • One comment from me and he is talking about elvis and talking to the fat dutchie

        I rule this forum

  8. Laughable Hannibal totally ignores the new hotel and complex that Graceland built for Elvis’s “decreasing” fan base. Hannibal also forgets to mention as well as covid restrictions, the dangerous rate of crimes that cripple the city of Memphis in resent years have kept a lot of fans away. None of this has anything to do with Elvis’s popularity, but rather the safety of Elvis fanatics while visiting Graceland. Fans without the money, cannot afford the hotel, so have to walk in dangerous areas. Common sense. Criminals rob tourists because they know they carry money on them.

    • We are lucky fans of Elvis and Prince my Red Lady , two musical musea s Paisley Park and Graceland two iconic houses in the USA !!!!!!
      Handi is crying of leaving neverland !

  9. The only tissue boy I see is Benjamin.

    The endless tears flow as Handi makes his mama buy boxes of tissues to dry his little sore eyes. He rotates his skinny hips in a pink throng.

    The palsy man claims he is a teach that has knowledge, but lies about Prince and Elvis most of the time. Quite frankly, I am shocked that he readily admitted that Wacko was beaten badly by Prince on Forbes. You have very little knowledge of real music, sweetpea. michael mcjackson was manufactured to be sold cheap for the kiddie set of the eighties.

  10. For a limited edition box set, “Back in Nashville” has charted fairly high through out the world. I’ve read that the sound is pristine, but like the 1970 sessions released last year, Elvis fans are complaining about the flimsy paper packaging. The CD’s are hard to remove, plus they can be damaged easily. My neighbor friend said that the music is fine, but the quality of the presentation is poor. Sony/RCA is to blame.

  11. “Great news for KING Prince”

    Prince is now the king on top of Hannibal’s dead celebrity list, Meatloaf. Of course, the little palsy man is on record as saying, “it would never happen.”

    The purple reign continues. Finally, Paisley Park can brag that the Grand Emperor has beaten michael mcjackson. It is very good for business. Prince fanatics from all over the globe are flocking to Paisley Park. The vaults are open and more fabulous posthumous releases are coming. lol.

    • On record saying

      Forbes is fake
      Forbes is payola
      Forbes is a bunch of liars
      Forbes is a chinese company

      Just showing your true colors lol

  12. “Prince has risen to take the crown”

    Prince has now topped the dead celebrity list for musicians, 2021. The celebration continues @ Paisley Park took in a whooping $120 million dollars. It’s ironic that way down in second place is michael mcjackson, who Hannibal once claimed was unbeatable. However, it wasn’t the first time. Back in 2012, mcjackson was beaten by just deceased dame Elizabeth Taylor. Oops, rubbing the salt into the wound, Emperor Prince has officially made $45 million more than michael mcjackson. Benjamin cries his little eyes out as he has yet another sleepless night. I crack open another bottle of wine in celebration. Things couldn’t be better for the Grand Emperor. His legacy is rising. As for Elvis’s low earnings, it clearly states it was because of Covid. Fans could not fly to Memphis from out of the country in 2020. Hannibal claims that the Elvis world is getting smaller, but also ignores that the michael mcjackson world is also getting smaller. Because the estate was losing money this year, they cut down on their payola to Forbes. It is very simple and easy to understand.

  13. There comes more Elvis FTD released i December “” Elvis the Pot Luck Sessions 5 cd set and a live album Elvis South Bound 75 !!!!!!!! And in januari 2022 a boxset from the MRS label “” Black Tornado in Boston “” !!!!!!!!
    And i forgot to say there will be a another big released from FTD “” a 3 cd +2 Books and 1 vinyl single , Jailhouse Rock set !!!!!!!!!!! [but a much lot a money ?]

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^
      Wow, there is still a lot of new Elvis material being released to fanatics of the late, great rock king. Elvis supporters need room in their houses or apartments to store all the Elvis merchandise.

  14. Michael Jackson is no longer at the top of the Highest Paid Dead Celebrities list this year. He topped the list for a straight 8 years from 2013 to 2020.

    Michael is now at No #3 with $75 million for 2021.

    The Estate of Michael Jackson has not signed any major deals or released any new large projects and this is showing in the revenue of the Estate and in Michael’s position in the list. Also due to COVID, MJ ONE in Las Vegas was closed for months and did not provide any revenues.

    Other Estate such as the Dahl and Prince Estate have made major deals providing huge revenues to those Estate , making them going ahead of the Michael Jackson Estate.

    The Heavens Biggest money makers are:

    Roald Dahl – $513 Million
    Prince – $120 Million
    Michael Jackson – $75 Million
    Charles Schulz – $40 Million
    Dr Seuss – $35 Million
    Bing Crosby – $33 Million
    Elvis Presley – $30 Million
    Arnold Palmer – $27 Million
    Gerry Goffin – $23 Million
    Luther Vandross – $21 Million
    Bob Marley – $16 Million
    Juice Wrld – $15 Million
    John Lennon – $12 Million

    dont care if its chinese
    dont give me payola shit

    lets try next year

    always be honest

    • Great news for King PRINCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      They forgot EPE Graceland money maker ????

        • Why haved Graceland created a couple years ago a brand new Hotel and opposite Graceland a new musea and shops ? For a smal fan base ? no !!!!
          And why did they released the new cd box Back in Nashville ?? For a small publik ???? O my gosh !

  15. I don’t ignore King TCB, Benjamin.

    I agree with his posts and appreciate his Elvis enthusiasm.

    I just don’t HAVE to reply to everything here.

    • u dont ignore him u just dont answer him

      when he wants to talk to u about ftd album u dont answer him

      when he mentioned the new elvis box u dont commend

      wen elvis is back on teh charts u dont talk about elvis on a music forum

      u dont know shit about elvis u ignore tcb who calls u his soulmate
      the gay loves u and u ignore him

    • Haved you buy the boxset Bubbles “” Elvis Back in Nashville “” and there comes more released out !!!!!!

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