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  1. “The doc that stopped michael mcjackson’s heart”

    A fantastic Conrad Murray statue was erected in his honor. Piles of flowers are often left at the base of the statue. Murray stands majestically tall in the glorious sun. It is such an exciting time for the living legend. People all over the international globe pay their respects at the park across the street from “The Dr Conrad Murray Medical Center and Children’s Hospital.” Many donate funds for the comfortable benefits of the hero doc and his family. Murdering Wacko was definitely a good career move. From what I’ve heard, Conrad has several lavish homes and cars.

  2. Prince jumps up a whooping six notches from #30 to #24 with his classic “Purple Rain” opus on the soundtrack charts this week. The masterpiece enters 775 weeks on this chart. Sorry Handi, no michael mcjackson.

    This is too easy, my little crippled palsy man. How is the planned annual Halloween party at the Belgium group home going?

    At Helen’s request, michael mcjackson cd’s were donated to the group home to be played for the wheelchair and crutches event. Helen screams. She is hoping on finally scoring a man that will want to make love to her stiff body. Will you be there to hold her close to your racing little heart?

  3. MJ haved to get his hand off the boys in neverland , thats the most horrible crime for kids !
    Hannibal loves that person that touch a boy in bed full pocorn and limonade , thats the words of MJ selfs its normal he said full in the cameras ?! How low can you grow hannibal ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, Santa Barbara police reported that a huge crowd gathered at the gates of Neverland when michael mcjackson died nude in his bed on June 25th 2009.

      The long chain of boys were loaded onto boxcars from the train station to the front gates, just waiting to finally be set free.

  4. “Tissues of blood, sweat and tears”

    Hey palsy man, how many boxes of tissues that you go through in any given week?

    When you wipe your wet little eyes and blow snot out of that honker, do the gut wrenching sobs hurt your aching little heart?

    The endless tears of the bobbling palsy leak from the his rancid skin as kitty and his priestly BAE ravish is rotating little body. The swing circles around and around as the two aging men take turns dripping their bodily fluids from the exposed raw can of Hannibal.

    The blood curdling screams echo in the darkness.

  5. “Knowledge is essential”

    Of course, Hannibal totally ignores that Elton John broke and shattered all billboard records with his new #1 single, “Cold Heart” in 2021. The news is that Elton John has become the only artist to have number ones in all six decades. michael mcjackson has definitely had a bad year.

    Beaten by Queen
    Beaten by Abba
    Beaten by Prince
    Beaten by Taylor Swift
    Beaten by Drake
    Beaten by Adele
    Beaten by The Beatles
    Beaten by Elton John

  6. “The puppet was a slave from Motown to Epic”

    Hey Meatloaf, Liberace’s dong was deformed by implants, which was often inside the twisted poo canal of michael mcjackson. The screaming skeleton’s body was torn by the barrel chested piano man. We know that Bobby Taylor ruined Wacko’s anal cavity by rough man to boy sex action. The tiny dancer screamed as Bobby smacked his little can harder than the whippings his daddy Joseph regularly gave.

  7. Hey retard, what date did Elvis play a forty minute show in Las Vegas?

    I’d like to check it out.

    Of course, Hannibal has to be reminded that the original broadcast of the “Aloha From Hawaii” was seen by 1.5 billion fans worldwide.

    michael mcjackson was contracted to only stay on stage for 20 minutes at his engagement in London 02. The drug addicted woodpecker croaked before even completing one. The concerts were going to be heavily supplied with body doubles, decoys and clones. If I remember correctly, the TCB band did do a few world tours. It was called, “Elvis: The Concert.”

    Elvis and Prince both performed 100% live as it happened. Wacko quit touring when JC accused him of brutal child abuse. The clown cancelled after the indignity of being stripped by Tom Sneddon and the LAPD. It was degrading, dehumanizing and the self proclaimed “king” was also stripped of his paper crown. Your painfully weak idol was still crying about it on his death bed. He died nude and broken. Then, after death, he was dehumanized again at his ten hour autopsy. Pics were taken and sold for worldwide publication to the tabloids. lol.

  8. Hey Hannibal, why do you think michael jackson was unable to secure a Las Vegas residency when he was alive?

      • Thats the blame of Colonel Parker he was a casino addicted !
        Elvis played also On Tour cross the USA !!!!! The Blame of Colonel Parker again he hates world tour because he was illegaal in the USA ?! Homework !
        You play to much with youre dong ?

  9. I was going to reply to “Music fan” but I see Meatloaf already took care of it. 👍

    Also Meatloaf’s point is that Wacko is not important to music lovers. They applauded IT for two seconds because they were being polite, not because they like or respect Wacky.

    Maybe a statue of Doctor Conrad Murray should be erected in his honor, or at least a plaque.

    • the press wasnt talking about the tribute show but that the king was there

      u gotta do btter tissue boy or u wioll be the weakest link again

  10. “The Rocket To Number One For The Rocket Man, Sir Elton John, 2021”

    michael mcjackson’s “number 36’s” was massed produced. It is sold dirt cheap and Wacko is still unable to get back into the top ten. What is really surprising is Sir Elton John’s new smash-a-roo, “Cold Heart.” Wacko nuts boycott-ed Sir Elton because he called the dirty dancer, a predough.

    Oops, it didn’t work. lol.

  11. “michael mcjackson’s world is getting smaller, no boys allowed”

    Prince “Purple Rain”
    780 weeks
    staying power

    Queen “Greatest Hits”
    1000 + weeks
    staying power

    Abba “Gold”
    1020+ weeks
    staying power

    Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon”
    1000+ weeks
    staying power

    Bob Marley
    980+ weeks
    staying power

  12. “michael mcjackson’s world is getting smaller”

    The update UK album charts show Adele has two of her CD’s back in the top ten, and The Beatles “Let It Be” return to the #2 spot. michael mcjackson has dropped to #40. Hey palsy man, I’ve never heard of anyone getting a trophy for coming in at 40th place, selling peanuts. Let us recap:

    Taylor Swift
    Elton John
    The Beatles

    All have returned high on the charts in 2021. Wacko’s world is getting smaller. lol.

    • all have returned but many didnt say

      prince welcome 1 week – no braggin rights

      King Michael number ones at number 36 – 518 weeks

      dvd moonwaljer – number 45 = 525 weeks on the charts
      no tiny

      staying power

  13. “this is shyt” was Wacko’s last hurrah. It only sold because Sony over stocked the crap CD and DVD. Less than a year later, millions of unsold copies were dumped at the dollar stores. “this is shyt” barely sold 1.5 million copies. Prince’s “Purple Rain” holds the record for biggest number one the longest in pop history, plus has sold 25 million copies worldwide. The smash soundtrack has reached the top 5 at least three times since Prince’s untimely death in 2016. The box office for the film of the same name grossed $89 million dollars. Prince is the artist who had a posthumous album hit the top 5 in several countries across the globe in 2021, not michael mcjackson. Halloween is almost here and “scream” is not on the charts anywhere. It failed to become Wacko’s scary holiday miracle.

    Only 3000 copies were sold in France. The album bombed, the biggest michael mcjackson flop ever. lol.

    • Lol 3600 sold in tbe first week
      It got to number 16
      When was the last time prince got to 16
      Scream also wentbto number ONE


      • ^^^^^^^^^^^
        Wow, a whole 3600 sold of the dud, “scream”, and still Hannibal brags.

        If Wacko was still alive, the dismal sales would have killed him. Quit lying. “scream” never went number one, except on a tiny island.

        Even Sony knows that Wacko is done.

  14. As you were told many times, the Las Vegas MJ show is garbage, the musical laughable and Wacko’s bargain bin opuses sell peanuts, low on the charts. Even Adele has returned to the top ten with Queen, Abba, and Elton John.

    tiny dancer michael mcjackson’s world is getting smaller.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^
        “the thing of flop was stopped by the hero doc”

        Empty seats for every show. However, the estate wants to keep it going. Again, Forbes is Chinese payola. The “thing” of flop isn’t doing too hot these days. The woodpecker’s best days are long gone.

  15. “this is shyt” was truly shyt.

    Even hardcore fanatics know it was body doubles and Jason Malachi. It did not win a single Grammy for the dead woodpecker. Yet, Hannibal brags for his boy loving idol. lol.

    • again u r lying but that is all u do
      u forgot to mention that tiny is not on the charts

      14 countries number one did way better than one hit wonder tiny purple rain

      60.000 sold including streams u should shut up after such a faillure

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