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You can discuss here about theΒ best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. The planet of black rage,
    Tik, tok, tik, tok
    Off with those wriggling white toes!
    With pride, we conquer
    We are one, we are all
    We stand united with our soldiers!
    Violent honkies stacked on truck beds,
    The bodies carted for fiery cremation!
    The smell of the fried pork barbeque
    The sweetness of burning flesh in the oxygen
    Survivor whitey pigs put in a cage!
    Locked up, out of excuses,
    Out of luck,
    Out of tears,
    Out of chances!
    We will rise for black power,
    The strong arms of black law!
    The captured prey begs for forgiveness,
    But instead, their throats are cut!
    The blood of the swine boils,
    The pink skin, crisp to a golden brown!
    Michael Joseph Jackson risen from the dead!
    We fight to death for the vindicated KING!

  2. Michael Jackson is the sexiest man on the planet. You jealous haterz need to get your eyes checked. Michael is on official record. He would slit his wrist before harming a child!

    Michael Jackson is so hot, so sexy. A real man for the picky woman!

    Stop picking on Michael. He’s 109% innocent!

  3. I sawa picture of Michael Meyer from the movie Halloween 2 and a picture of Killer clown and IT Pennywise and Jason ?
    My question is who haved the most scary face of all time ?

    If you seen all this figure in all horror movies there is be 1 is the most scary face of all time is Michael Jackson 😱

    MJ the scary face clown !!! πŸ‘½

  4. Wacko did get away with his sexual crimes against children abd animals. However, he did die the most embarrassing nude death of any modern day celebrity. His dead body was brutalized, both before and after his twelve hour autopsy. Money changes outcomes because of high paying lawyers, manipulation. I am an American, and remember the tabloids had michael mcjackson’s beaten corpse on the front cover of every paper tabloid in the US. lol.

  5. Crimes of whitey,
    Gone unpunished for years
    The principle of pride,
    Nowhere to hide!
    Cracker man, cracker man
    Your lives under the gun,
    Times change for the better…..
    No white controls or laws!
    The black man’s rulebook, get down, pig!
    You are less than men,
    With soft hearts
    The way of your world is no more…..
    Cracker man, cracker man
    Arise to the dawn, spider web
    Captured like prey
    We fight with fist and grit,
    The honky behind the fukking mask
    Kick in the screaming hog’s head!
    We honor the chain of black power,
    We take a woman down
    She give us her bodies free!
    She go to the black soldiers,
    She know the vengeance of king Jackson
    Her body used, abused
    She cries herself asleep in his strong arms!

  6. Hey pride fan is it normal in the USA to say ; hey little boy will you sleeping with me and with youre boy s friends also to sleep in my bed ? MJ say it is normal ? I say its a big crime !!!
    In Europa you go to the jaill as a PhEdOpHil for years . πŸš”

    • Yeah Meatloaf, I am an American and it is also a crime in the U.S.

      Wacko got away with it because he was rich, just like O.J. Simpson.

  7. The war has begun,
    With the fierce might of the rage
    The pride of black leadership,
    We are as one
    Only black lives matter, honkies!
    White generation slide
    Cracker man, cracker man
    No guts, no glory
    Down on the fat pork,
    A woman on her fukking knees!
    Black KING, black warriors army,
    The darkness of whitey’s end
    The evil pigs last days,
    Cities burn from the fire of black soldiers
    Hell on earth for the squealing hogs!
    Your women bleed from the punches,
    Their screams heard around the world!

    • An real African shames on youre nasty things abaout black people you shine the black people in a dark shadow . You put youre big mouth pride fan i am youre mother will MJ say now if he was alive today . MJ was now a alive then MJ is a old woman with young boy in his bed ! MJ the IT clown for boys .πŸ€‘πŸ’€ but he is dead ! πŸ₯³

  8. Dirty white men in May-December relationships with young white girls.

    You fukking crackas will pay Michael Jackson!

  9. Memphis Burger King shot up by woman waiting at the long drive thru. “Hurry up and make my double Whopper with cheese, ElllllVissssssssss!!!!”

    Bow to Michael Jackson, racists!

  10. Michael was falsely accused. Those lying brats will do anything for money!

    Michael was investigated by the fbi for 10 years. They found nothing!

    Michael was a black man with billions of dollars in income. White racists from Sony wanted his valuable Beatles publishing catalogues. “Why work, when you can sue Michael Jackson?”

    Michael gave hundreds of millions to children’s charities. He said, “I would slit my wrists before I hurt I child. Sleep is sleep. It isn’t a good idea if your Jack, The Ripper. I am Michael Jackson.”

    LMP has said, “Kids follow him everywhere and ask to sleep with Michael.” Her own words. Michael was found innocent in a court of law.

    The first accuser came forward and said, “My father made me lie. Michael did not touch me!”

    Michael Jackson is the true KING. White racists will not admit, the GOAT is a black artist!

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