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You can discuss here about theΒ best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Whitey’s blood splattered on the pavement of concrete,
    Kick em when they’re down
    He cry for help, but it does not come!
    His pig eyes fear the sight of the oncoming storm
    Their necks snap, their bones crack
    You honkies will pay dearly for your ignorance,
    Your lives are now in our hands!
    You cry like a baby as we take your women to fuk!
    She scream for you, but you can’t save her life,
    She crawl to the black man
    Whitey scream as the world he knew is gone,
    The white bodies now swinging from the trees!
    The stink of death, the bravery of the black KINGS
    Fire from the rockets launched to the stars
    The shockwaves knock the pigs to their fukking feet!
    Radioactivity sizzles of the pig flesh
    Black soldiers have the power to destroy you devils,
    The rapid fire of blazing guns, silence you dead
    We stand tall with pride!
    Cracker man, cracker man
    Your lies have caused your pink skin to fry in a thousand suns
    The warriors for truth are united for the pride of kings
    The mighty force is upon us,
    You can’t stop us, cracka!
    Down goes the scattering hogs….
    The sirens ring from the cities,
    The smoke rising from the ashes
    Blood and glory, we fight for Michael Joseph Jackson
    This is the second civil war!

    • He is dead as a IT Clown the child raper is dead ! πŸ§ŸπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ A Zombie is MJ !

  2. michael jackson inspires disgust and ridicule.

    He was a child molester that lip synched on stage.

  3. Michael Jackson inspires love, creativity and honor. When you hate with bitterness in your hearts, you are hating yourselves, racists!

    Stop the hate, and make the change!

  4. Stop picking on our KING Michael Jackson!

    He is proven innocent in a court of law and public opinion.

    Look into the eyes of innocence of Michael. Make a change in your hearts!

    You racists need to be reported!

    • MJ was not the pioneer but the real Little Richard is the first pioneer !!!
      MJ copy Little richards face and dress style !
      Richard sings real !!!! Tutti Fruttie o rudi !!!!

  5. “michael’s children are black, racist!”

    Yes, Paris Jackson is the spitting image of Gabourey Sidibe.

    • Michael’s children are black. They inherited Michael’s pigmentation of lighter skin. You haters are so cruel to such a great humanitarian, friend, brother and father.

  6. You know “Black Pride”, I like reading your posts.

    You should write a horror novel.

    Use michael jackson’s hideous face as inspiration.

    • Little Richard is much bigger as a real artist than mj the copy clown !!!!! Listen to his music first !!!!!

  7. hey pride fan Thriller was not the biggest hit in the 80s but “” GHOSTBUSTERS “” its Yield $ 192.236.125 in 1984 Much more than Thriller Hahahahaha…… Dont you afraid of ghost ? πŸ‘»

    Are you afraid of the PhEdO ghost MJ ? If theres sometings weird and dont look good {MJ } Who you call ? GHOSTBUSTERS !!!!
    I mean Call PhEdOBusters !!! πŸ””πŸ“£

  8. Pride fan did you know that MJ loves onley WHITE WOMANS ! And his fake children Paris and Blancked are White !
    MJ was after his bird from brown to died as a white gayman ! πŸ’‹MJ with red lipsticks in coffin is the most chance for kiss him , pride fan kiss the bride…[ clown mj ]

  9. New doco for Kitty vs MJ

    1. Cliff was a member of Jimmy Savile s club .
    2. MJ haved the same hair style as Jimmy Savile
    3. Same voice talk Jimmy MJ and Kitty [ PhEdO voice ]
    4. Same image as the boys boys boys hunters !
    5. Pride fan loves blak young boys as MJ so fan so idol .
    6. Hanniball loves Jimmy Kitty as MJ the PhEdO s club.
    7. Kitty lives with a priest in 1 home …. very suspicious !

  10. The force of black soldiers,
    Shell shocked and bloody
    Eardrums explode in the radioactive heat!
    Quest for fire,
    In the night of the brewing storm
    Cracker man, cracker man
    Black pride, black power
    Pigs united, gunned down
    You scream for the last time, honkies!
    You’ve dug your own graves!
    Enter the dragon, fight for our lives
    White b*tches give it up to us,
    Yo whitey cry like half of a man!
    We fuk your women blind,
    Ain’t it fun, ain’t gonna be kind!
    She beg for her lives,
    She kneel to THE KING, Michael Joseph Jackson
    He is the warrior, our people’s religion and law
    Your time is up, cracka!

    • MJ is never a king he was said hi ha ho i am a king in his dr*gs minds .
      Little Richard said He I am the King !!! He is never crowned as a king as the same as mj say ! πŸŽƒ
      But Little Richard is a pioneer not the mj ! πŸŽ€

  11. I was reading about Liberace and found out he’s buried at “Forest Lawn”. I wonder if his spirit visits his old flame?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Lee Liberace is inside of an above ground crypt on the Forest Lawn property, while michael mcjackson is interred inside a top floor mausoleum. Of course, Liberace’s spirit is very close as the two lovebirds are buried in the same cemetery. True love can never really die. Lee certainly let his chunky fingers do the talking and was a highly sexual man. He wanted to experience the many joys of man to man action. He loved michael mcjackson because the woodpecker was so skinny and lean. Beefcakes love to ravish the bodies of weakness. michael was thrown around like a rag doll during many intense love sessions.

  12. “The thrill of the chase, the skill of the hunt.”

    It is true the predator hunters are out in force to hunt these animals down like treasured game. Boris should be weary and will always have to look over his shoulder. We are watching their every move. The bounty stakes are high. But even women need to take action to protect children from monsters like Handi, kitty and the disgusting dead woodpecker himself, michael mcjackson. The dead clown is often seen as a victim to sympathetic supporters and fellow child abusers. The key is education and prevention.

    Sorry, there will be no honor for child rapist and animal abuser, michael mcjackson.

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