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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. With victory, we rise
    Triumph for all destiny’s lives
    With love, we survive
    Heroes of the faith, we’re alive
    Down whitey, die selfish devils
    Their pointed hoods,
    The evil in their pink eyes
    The black man forced to kill
    Please Michael, please look away….
    This rotten world is full of liars!
    Michael Jackson, name of innocence
    We are united, we are one
    We fight for the KING!
    We march for civil rights and freedom
    For fine men, women and children of color
    Justice for the crimes of whitey men
    The white hooded knights,
    Robbing the black man of his dignity!
    Soldier of love, he will be reborn
    He shall rise from his grave, untouched!
    Watchtower lookout, whitey with guns
    Shoot for fun, consider it done
    Those devils ride those angry horses in the sky
    Hate has no place in your cold hearts
    The evils of the ivory race, disgraced pigs!
    No one will destroy our soldier, our warrior, our KING!

    • ELVIS the real called by media and publik THE KING !
      MJ call himself hi i am a king ? Thats not legal . You low niveau .
      if i say hey i am the king ! thats so narsist ego .
      Elvis says Jesus is King not me .

    1. The first KING OF ROCK AND ROLL
    2. ELVIS MORE 30 # 1 HITS >
    3. 1st First to create fan HYSTERIA .
    4. First to be CENCORED .
    5. First to have a PRIVATE JET .
    6. First to go UN-PLUGGED for an audience .
    8. 1st * First TO HAVE HIS OWN CRIB.
    9. First to moved danced on Stage .
    10. He intro the first coloure music too the world .

  3. Michael Jackson is beloved by many children all over the world. You haterz should be ashamed of your pathetic lies. Michael was found innocent in a court of law and is free to do what he wants!

    We love you, sweet Michael!

    • MJ the second A ? he promote criminal gangs knifes rapes dru*gs child raper , hate s his own races .
      No 1 black woman and kids seen on neverland !
      Second no black people seen on his fake concerts . He sings onley duets with white singers and his band was white too ? What is youre answers that MJ has more white friends ?

      Every artsist will be as Elvis as a King ofcourse , but mj was a folower copy clown not a king .
      Little Richard is first black rocker !

  4. Our soldier fought hard for peace
    His mighty roar
    Brave, fearless
    So handsome on his white horse
    So proud, so strong
    His sword by his side
    A golden crown placed on his head
    Our soldier, our hero
    Jewels sparkling from the glow of greatness
    With flesh, blood and bone
    Let us sing with powerful voices!
    The dance of life will overcome death!
    He will never surrender, he will never be defeated
    He loved the world, but it turned on him
    Those devils cut him down
    No whitey laws can be followed
    Those criminals steal the sweat from the black man!
    Knocked down, but he got back up!
    He stood tall as a black KING
    He ruled the world
    Jealousy and hatred filled the white man’s heart
    The vicious tabloid media
    Their cruel words,
    Their empty souls
    From the cross, he was forsaken
    He must rise to become born again!
    Love is strong and our handsome soldier rose up
    From the ashes….
    He is the warrior for his mighty army
    Hold his precious hand,
    Look into the eyes of a child
    Justice can only be won by war
    We gather to remember the man
    You white pigs cannot destroy his legacy!
    In memory, he will never accept death
    Love shall free us from the pain of these evil titans,
    And we shall be waiting for his victory!

  5. Very bad fan the pride MJ 🌀🌀🌀⛄cycloon in her head and she will believed that the snowman was black .
    MJ fan haved no brains who was Little Richard and Big Mamma the best black artist ever !
    MJ fans are strange dr*gs runners . Hey are you stoned pride fan or to young for here ?
    Who haved more a nose …… MJ or a snake 🐍

  6. To mujch angry MJ fans here haved they learn that from Leaving neverland and Smoot criminal clips ?

    • No body is angry, pig. U pelvis piglets need to shut the pie hole about magic Mike.

    • Yes they are now idea when MJ was born and when Elvis was the first King started a new music revolution ,
      MJ was never sold 3 billion records and Elvis haved more than 600 fanclubs .
      The others are follwers as MJ too . Ray Charles was much more better musical than MJ ever can dreaming .
      Very shamed are MJ fans . They haved no respect for the first black Rockers ! Even Fats Domino was the best and better than MJ ever can dream and IKE Turner was more genius than MJ was .

      • Who?

        Michael Jackson fought against racism and grabbed the golden crown as rock, pop, r&b KING!

        The KING has taken over the worldwide charts!

        You Jewish pigs will burn!

        • No they are Black singers ! Seen you haved no brains or learn who is Big Mamma ? She was a real artist and pure more than MJ ever was ,
          Uh Jewish is a arabic people .

  7. He’s the king of the jungle and they call him “Tiger Man” “Guitar Man” and “Big Boss Man.”

  8. The light of love shining bright
    His loving eyes comfort us from the pain,
    This cold world….
    We’ll never surrender
    Rise, sweet Michael!
    We must fight for justice!
    Michael Jackson stands tall,
    His statues go up in every country
    Music pioneer, husband, father and friend
    DS is a very cold man with no soul
    He tried to destroy love,
    His hate cannot go unchallenged!
    Please, hand over the golden crown
    It belongs to Michael Joseph Jackson!
    With love in your heart, a dancer’s grace
    Let us sing, hand in hand
    We gather to remember the man
    In memory, we we never accept death
    Our handsome soldier shall return!

  9. You fools bow to the true KING. His name is Michael Joseph Jackson, not w*ck* or j*ck*

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