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You can discuss here about theΒ best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Hey jackson fanatic, if your idol was alive, would you like to have seen him re-team with R Kelly?

    They worked together on “Invincible”.

  2. Michael is the monarch of pop. It’s a given, haterz. Your lies are ignored as Michael Jackson heads back to the top of the charts in the US & UK. midget prince was rocked by scandal of abusing women. Michael Jackson’s timeless music has not been cancelled, despite Dan Greed & his liar money hungry brats. Dan Greed, HBO, Wade & Jimmy must now pay the Michael Jackson estate. You haterz are being sued next. Pay up, liars!

  3. Hey Sleepfan you are danger for kids , if you sleep with a strange kid you will killed by his parends ! 🐸🐸🐸 a frog is more inteligend than you . 🀣

  4. Hey michael jackson fanatic, what do you think the new owner of Neverland should do with the property? Turn it into a Jack0 museum?

    • No Bubbles the new owner haved created a PhEDoPhiLe institute “” New PhEDoPhile Land “”

  5. midget prince is an embarrassment to black music scholars. The dwarf was caught abusing women in Paisley Park. He was arrested for beating Irish songstress Sinead O’ Connor in a violent rage. The purple pig died with his child pants down past his tiny ankles. Because Michael Jackson is THE KING, a lot of jealous racists want to cut our black monarch down. He had every right to choose who he wants to love. Nobody has the right to tell him any different. You pigs need to look long & hard in the mirror. Michael had art books that are in the library of congress, 100% legal to own. Boys will be boys & like rough play. Fun & games sometimes lead to normal & healthy activities. Boys are curious & Michael is very generous with his sexy body. The Jackson estate has confirmed that Michael had every right to own these nude art books and photographs. Fans from all over the globe sent him things that were never opened. Michael would be on tour & came home to thousands of cards, letters & gifts. If the police raided your homes, what would they find?

    • Oh you say that MJ a good PhEdOphIle is ?
      You are a PhEdo i read ? Go to the Jaill ! Dumpbase !

      • Look into the eyes of Michael Jackson, the eyes of an innocent child. He earned his scars from years of violence from his father. You are a hater, a fool that believes in tabloids. Stop reading them. You go to jail, fool. Michael Jackson is untouchable. Fuk off.

  6. Michael befriended these backstabbing boys. Those brats need to STFU. He died & now they have $$$$$$$ in their eyes. Tell lies for tabloids, liars profit millions off of sweet Michael Jackson. With Neverland open to the public, Michaelholics gather at his home gate in Santa Barbara. The KING!!!

  7. How dare u jelous fools trash such a lovely man like innocent Michael Jackson. Please leave him alone!

  8. Yes Bubbles … Charlie Chaplin is much better and more famouse than scarecrow MJ !
    MJ was an moron for children and he most pay the poor victums . Hmmm .. can the new owner of neversuckland not pay the victums from the 22 million dollars ? πŸ˜‰

  9. Monarch Michael will reign thru out the ages. Go away racists. Michael Jackson earns the crown of KING from your old idols.

  10. “Love will eventually find the way. Make the change today.”
    Quote from Michael Jackson.

    You vicious haterz stfu. Michael has been vindicated and those liars have been exposed as frauds.

  11. How dare you hateful losers speak ill of the most beloved entertainer in the world, Michael Jackson. He gave so much to the children of the world with hundreds of millions in charities. Why go with the lies of two proven extortionists?

  12. U heartless haterz dont put your feet in sweet Michael’s shoes. He died so children can be free!

  13. You are right King TCB (Meatloaf), the pride fan is like a black Klansman. πŸ˜†

    Wacko was also a self loathing racist. He got rid of his nice black skin and bleached it; turning into grey alien. πŸ‘½

    • Charlie Chaplin, easily. I can still watch his films and laugh.

      Although, I can look at Wack0’s butchered face and giggle. πŸ˜†

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