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  1. Hannibal is obviously legally retarded. He keeps copy pasting the same garbage for his dead PeeDoughFile idol. How does he not feel shame since he keeps losing?

    According to the slow learner, Clifford has been singing since he was a fetus.

    Ha ha ha

    Handi Hannibal is DUUUUUUUUUUUMB. 🤡

  2. Actually, it was not that long ago. Emperor Prince’s last top ten single was “Black Sweat” in Canada, 2007. His latest top ten album is the extended reissue of “Sign O’ The Times”, 2020. Hey retard, how many times does your spinning skull has to rotate before you cough up a bit of split pea bile and chunky ham?

  3. Hey Hannibal, please let us know when Clifford will ever have a $300 limited edition box set or a vinyl of any title of his worth $50,000 like the Emperor’s masterpiece, “Black Album.”

    It will never happen with Mr Vaseline aka kitty. Clifford sells in Great Britain, and in countries like Ireland. Nowhere else. I laugh and laugh and laugh. However, the rapidly aging boy loving weirdo is easily outselling Michael McJackson. Like Prince, Cliff can still hit top 3 in 2020, but not in 8 different countries. You lose again.

    • look at the awards a lot of countries

      please let us know when prince sells more than Cliff

      the 2 cd sign of the crimes flopped world wide

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        The palsy man is easily impressed with shiny payola awards that are fake. Hey Hannibal, when the boy loving Clifford won the “Mr Vaseline” award, did it suddenly slide into Michael McJackson’s twisted white hand?

        • when was the last time prince had a top ten hit

          he had to die to get a top 10 hit

          flop flop flop

  4. Number Ones is charting on both Official Albums Chart Top 100 at #58 & Official Albums Streaming Chart Top 100 at #32 & it has now spent 470 weeks on the albums chart… thats over 9 years 🤯

    I love how Number Ones is the leading album worldwide any time of the year but in the US they just can’t get enough of Thriller.

    Here’s some Billboard updates:

    US Vinyl Albums:

    Thriller – #14

    Top Catalogue Albums:

    Thriller – #32

    Top Album Sales:

    Thriller – #53

    Billboard 200:

    Thriller – #112

    I know thats nothing compared to last weeks but at least we’re still on charts!

    Let’s move onto iTunes.

    This has to be my favourite part because you never know what you’re about to get.

    Last week Fall Again was one of the Top 10 best selling MJ songs.

    Top 10 best selling Michael Jackson songs on iTunes today:

    #1 Billie Jean
    #2 Love Never Felt So Good
    #3 Music & Me
    #4 Farewell My Summer Love
    #5 Thriller
    #6 Beat It
    #7 You Are Not Alone
    #8 Fly Away
    #9 The girl is mine
    #10 Liberian Girl

    That just proves my point lol

    Top 10 best selling Michael Jackson albums on iTunes today:

    #1 Number Ones
    #2 The Essential
    #3 XSCAPE
    #4 This Is It
    #5 HIStory
    #6 Thriller
    #7 Dangerous
    #8 Bad
    #9 The Indispensable Collection
    #10 Blood On The Dance Floor

    Yep, never seen Blood there before 👀

    I don’t really have many updates from Spotify other than Michael still having over 27 million monthly listeners on the platform & Xscpae (aka my favourite posthumous album) surpassing 500 million streams. Should’ve done it in 2014 in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I will have more updates from Spotify next month when The Jackson 5 Christmas songs comeback on charts 🎅🏼.

    I can finally confirm that Billie Jean is now the most popular daily watched Michael Jackson short film on YouTube for the first time this year.

    #1 Billie Jean – 651,352
    #2 Smooth Criminal – 573,061
    #3 They Don’t Care About Us – 442,440
    #4 Beat It – 434,673

    Oh and one more thing..

    Yesterday, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough was certified Platinum in the UK by BPI Awards. Which means single has sold over 600,000 copies.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Another fact: Clifford is 80 years old, which means he was born in the far bygone days of 1940. You obviously failed third grade math as well, teach. He charted for 62 years, but is basically still unknown in the US. That is pretty sad. However, you still brag for Kitty. The old crow definitely knows about that heart shaped blemish from behind your swinging ball sack. He named it Michael, the mole.

  5. Hi Red Lady i haved a new nickname Rebel and Elvis !!!!
    What is youre nickname on youre work ?

      • What is youre nickname Hanniball on youre work ?
        1. Pink G String .
        2. O mounth .
        3. Stink ass .
        4. Boy Hunter .
        5. PhEdO wacko .
        6. Handshoe full poop .

  6. Brit Awards
    1977: Best British male solo artist[46]
    1982: Best British male solo artist[46]
    1989: Lifetime achievement: Outstanding contribution to music (excluded the Shadows)[46]
    TV Times
    1980: Most Exciting Male Singer on TV
    1987: Best Male Singer
    1989: Favourite Singer
    The Sun Reader Polls
    1970: Male Pop Personality
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    1964: UK Male Singer
    1964: UK Vocal Personality
    1965: UK Male Singer
    1966: UK Male Singer
    1966: UK Vocal Personality
    1967: UK Vocal Personality
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    1970: UK Vocal Personality
    1970: World’s Best Recording Artist of the ’60s
    1971: UK Male Singer
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    Ivor Novello
    1968: Most Performed Work: “Congratulations” by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter
    1970: Outstanding Services to Music
    Melody Maker
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    1962: The Emen Award: Top male singer
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    Disc & Music Echo
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    Bravo Magazine (West Germany)
    1964: Best Male Singer: Gold
    1964: Year End Singles Charts: 1. “Sag ‘no’ Zu Ihm” (“Don’t talk to him”)
    1965: Best Male Singer: Gold
    1980: Top International Male Singer
    Record Mirror
    1961: Record Mirror Survey: Most successful chart records 1958–1961: No. 1: Cliff Richard, “Living Doll” (Richard had three of the top five records and a further two in the Top 50)
    1964: Record Mirror Poll: Best-Dressed Singer in the World
    1961: Royal Variety Club: Show Business Personality
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    1962: Motion Picture Herald Box-Office Survey of 1962: Most Popular Male Film Actor
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    1963: 16 (US Magazine): Most Promising Singer
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    1971: Record Mirror: UK Male Singer
    1974: Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Committee: Silver Clef: Outstanding Services to the Music Industry
    1977: The Songwriters’ Guild of Great Britain: Golden Badge Award
    1979: Music Week: Special Award for 21 years as successful recording artistes: Cliff Richard and the Shadows
    1979: EMI Records: Gold Clock and Gold Key award: EMI celebrates 21-year partnership with Richard
    1980: Richard receives O.B.E. from the Queen
    1980: BBC TV Multi-Coloured Swap Shop: Best UK Male Vocalist
    1980: National Pop And Rock Awards: Best Family Entertainer
    1980: Nationwide, in conjunction with Radio 1 and the Daily Mirror: Best Family Entertainer
    1981: Sunday Telegraph Readers Poll: Top Pop Star
    1981: Daily Mirror Readers Award: Outstanding Music Personality of the Year
    1989: The Lifetime Achievement Diamond Award (Antwerp)
    1995: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers: Pied Piper Award (Richard became the first British recipient of Ascap’s coveted Pied Piper Award, which recognises outstanding contributions to the songwriter and music community)
    1995: The formal investiture of Richard as Knight Bachelor took place at 10.30 a.m. in Buckingham Palace on Wednesday 25 October
    1998: Dutch Edison: Lifetime Achievement Award
    2000: South Bank Awards: Outstanding Achievement Award
    2003: British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors: Gold Badge of Merit
    2003: Lawn Tennis Association: 20 Years of Service to Tennis Award
    2004: Induction into UK Music Hall of Fame (representing the 1950s: Cliff and the Shadows)
    2004: Ultimate Pop Star (No. 1 singles recording artist in UK)[clarification needed]
    2005: Avenue of Stars (star on the pavement, London)
    2005: Rose D’or Music Festival (Paris): Golden Rose
    2006: Commander of the Portuguese Order of Prince Henry (awarded for services to Portugal)[122]
    2011: The National German Sustainability Award[178]

  7. Hey Bubbles, kitty heard the words “naked” and “boy” at Times Square, and the old man’s wand automatically stiffened. He told his BAE that he want to definitely go sight seeing. He was disappointed that the cowboy was fifty. Kitty bawled his little eyes out. He was hoping he could have a private tour of grade school boys lavatories and locker rooms. Cliff says he loves the red apple. He can’t wait until New Years. He heard that is when boys balls drop.

  8. Clifford is 80 years old, you bird brain.

    He started his career in 1958.

    So………. that would be 62 years. A little over six decades the British weirdo has been shaking his hips.

    The “Teach” tells another lie.

    You have been DEBUNKED -again- Handi Hannibal. 😁

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yep, the self proclaimed “Teach” believes his lies can stick. Kitty certainly loves gyrating his aging hips into the poo canals of his screaming male tot victims. The trick that kitty has, destroy all evidence and claim to be wrongly accused.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          While true that kitty charted in eight decades, it it really only six decades in real time. If anyone lies, it is definitely you, birdbrain. Manipulation is your middle name. Besides, kitty hasn’t topped any chart and has only hit the top 3 in the UK. The British boy chaser has certainly beaten Michael McJackson though. He wants you to come to his new NYC apartment to help him celebrate. He says bring your tight little can and some lubrication. Cliff wants to get busy abusing your little body. He especially loves to hear you scream in the echoes of his man to man shower. Mr Kitty says, “Please take off your underpants and stay awhile.” He wants some gay sex action.

  9. I see the peEdo Jacko fan is pretending to be a Clifford fanatic again to draw attention away from Wacko.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Exactly. And besides, Clifford’s new album, “The Air That I Breathe” did not go number one anywhere on planet earth.

      • neither did sign of the pines

        good put your puppy on a leash , you answer everything he post

        otherwise he ll be ignored just like in the real world

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      How was Clifford ever on top, except maybe on a nude boy?

      Ahhhhh….Hannibal forgets that you have to be number one to be on top. lol.

      • How was princed ever on top, except maybe on boy george

        Ahhhhh…Albertl forgets that you have to be number one to be on top. lol.

        like thriller and forbes

        1 okt 2019 – 1 oktober 2020 – ooops palsy park – no corona for 5 months

  10. No discussion … CLIFF is the best … 8 decades in the top of Charts … 105 albums, world record …


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Kitty is, or has been on top of the charts for 8 decades?

      Gee, that means he started singing to his mama in the womb. In reality, Cliff is a British pop weirdo that is hardly known in the rest of the world. No world records when people like Willie Nelson have charted more albums. Of course, kitty keeps singing because he is a narcissist. He actually believes that most folks think he was proven innocent of being a boy lover. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Clifford can walk freely in every state in the US, and will never be mobbed. No one knows who that creep is outside of his native Great Britain. lol.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Bubbles, do you know any American music scholars that own Cliff Richard/Shadows albums?

          He is barely famous. Most of the human population do not know who the British pop weirdo is. That is why the old man can walk freely in New York City, and no one cares. lol.

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