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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Hannibal wishes he had been abused by Wacko.

    I think he is envious of Safechuck and Robson.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Bubbles, I think Hannibal would have gladly given Wacko his little body like Macauley has. Hannibal would have loved the opportunity to give Michael McJackson his seed so the two men could have babies together. Love, it’s exciting and new. lol.

  2. Hey Red Lady, I think unfortunately a lot of people out there share Wacko’s “predilections” for the young. Every day the police arrest so many people like Wacko. I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    There are more deviants in the world than society cares to admit. Like you, I have noticed that on the Internet criticizing PeeDoughFiles is often censored while racism and misogyny are allowed.

    We live in a sick planet.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      You are correct, Bubbles. Interestingly, my original reply was not allowed to go through, which proves that their agenda is being covered up.

  3. Cracker man, cracker man
    Black pride, black power
    We now rule the world
    White lives do NOT matter!
    No use in crying, cracka!
    Pink skin peeled like potatoes
    Squealers, off with their snouts!
    Blood in the streets
    The poison of whitey’s stupid tears
    Fresh pork sliced into ribbons!
    Butchered with steel blade,
    We shout, “Off with their heads!”
    White devils torn from your honky cities
    You crawl on stubs
    We crush your knees, we hold your wriggly toes
    Smell your own finger, honky tonk!
    It smell like pork
    Whitey scream before death
    Any last words, pig?
    Black pride fuk your woman
    You die slowly as she beg for your life
    She scream for the powerful thrust of the black man
    Those white legs go up
    You better lean back, b*tch
    Destiny, triumph, victory
    All hail to black soldiers
    Ain’t no mountain high enough
    Ain’t no escape
    The black army marches to a new world
    Whitey begs to be a slave,
    But some will die cowards
    Cracker man, cracker man
    Joker man!
    It time to fill the black planet
    No more whitey laws
    No more dishonor
    We will celebrate THE KING
    We rise for Michael Joseph Jackson!
    He will return!

  4. Who is a scary poppin?
    Michael had a skin disease!
    Stop hurting his children!
    Stop the hatred of a man that did so much for the world!
    You devils will have to answer to a higher power.
    The vengeance of KING Michael is coming!

  5. Yesterday, Cirque du Soleil has announced in a statement that “Zumanity” will be definitely closed after 17 years running at New-York New-York hotel and resorts in Las Vegas.

    But in the statement, Cirque also confirmed that few shows have been now extended and that includes Michael Jackson ONE at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

  6. For those trolls disrespecting Michael, remember you will die and your love ones will hear your memory trashed. Michael’s billions of supporters will spit on your graves. How dare you haters say such horrible lies about an innocent man! Michael’s loyal moonwalkers defend him with the vengeance of fierce warriors. You jealous elvis and prince fans have to accept that Michael has surpassed them both in popular sales and critical opinion. Michael has four of the biggest selling albums of all time in the top 5!

    “Thriller” best selling album of all time #1
    “Bad” #2
    “History” #3
    “Dangerous” #5

    You haters can put the gun barrel down that fukking throat, and pull the trigger. Go away. Leave Michael Jackson alone!

    • Another heart warming post from the “Army of L0vE”. 😍

      Are you related to the “Black Pride” poster?

    • But if we haved not a gun > How can we do it ?
      MJ is not a king , it is Elvis and no one else !
      Prince is a real talent in the 80s to now he is a King of pop !!!
      And why you haved so much hates in youre selfs ? Did youre fahter hit you with a leather belt and did youre mother work as hooker for pay MJ collections ?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        You mean, Will Smith is way successful, but still isn’t king?

  7. He is not a Mc or Wacko or Jacko. His name is Michael Jackson. Fuk the haterz. The world loves the king of pop. You jealous haterz can drop dead.

    • Wacko , Jacko , IT clown , Scarecrow , Copy clown , Transgender freak , Skeleton , Hi Ha Hole nose man , Climbing treeman , Peter Pan , Poo dancer , PhEdO Leaving Neverland clown , Michael Halloween killer , Faceshifter , Boy Hunter , Dong lover , and more nicknames of MJ !

  8. Hey Meatloaf, I’ve read that in the seventies, Elvis wanted to have fun with Karen Carpenter and Tanya Tucker, but they turned him down.

  9. Hannibal’s mama was so ashamed when she caught her son, palsy man in her clothes, pumping his gyrating hips to the dated disco of Michael McJackson. The poor woman must’ve had a heart attack or a massive stroke.

  10. 1 month and its out for voting .
    Haved Hanniball votes for Kitty or …. Boy George ?

    Hanniball is mabey busy in his house for study Bartender with a G string on .
    Hey Bubbles Hanniball is gone shoppen for a new MJ outfit by an woman dress shop with a pink G string on his wiggle ass walking in the shops … next to a make up shop and later by an tattoo shop for red tatoo on his lips .
    Then he going to a dance school for study ballet with girls .

    His mother was waithing for so long she calls the cop for missing Hanniball ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, I would bet my hard earned dollar that Hannibal bleached his skin, chopped off his nose, has painted his tattooed lips and has a plastic, indented chin below his twisted mouth. Those skinny hips always seem to pump when he sees a boi. Tattooed eyebrows, red shirts, arm bands and glued on woman’s wigs are essential when bopping to the dated beats of wild, wild woodpecker.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Meatloaf, what was Wacko’s fascination with bright fire engine red shirts and dressing his victims in matching red, like they were his pint size twins? What a sicko that dead woodpecker was.

  11. Hey Bubbles, why do you think certain criticism against the dead skeleton isn’t allowed, but racist death threats, violence towards women and lies about other celebrities are perfectly fine?

    The same with other comment sections such as You Tube. Wacko is often praised as a saint, but if you confront them, your comments are often erased when you are reported.

  12. Hanniball do you dress also as MJ ?
    I will help you , go visit an dress store for girls and womans and buy it and dress it and you are MJ 2 !!

    Or worn youre mothers old dress skirt and blouse with her make up on and all the boys will around you as MJ ? Or they run away ofcourse !
    And do than the Flamingo dance with youre pink string in the evening !

      • Absolutly Bubbles he is Psycho Norman who killed his mother too as a mummy she later was ! Demon Hanniball !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Michael’s main train station looks like it was built to resemble the “Psycho” house. Do you think Hannibal is like Macauley Culkin, in total denial that he was once brutalized by Michael McJackson?

        He then had Wacko extract seed from his dong so the two could have baby Paris.

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