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  1. *Youngest vocalist to top the U.S. singles chart (Guinness World Records 2006)

    * “Thriller” released in 1982, later became the biggest selling album of all time selling 104 million copies. (Guinness World Records 2006/ SongBMG)

    * First black artist on MTV, with the music video for “Billie Jean”. (Wikipedia, History Books)

    *Michael Jackson won more Grammy awards than anyone in one year. In 1984, he won 8 Grammy awards. (Guinness World Records 2006)

    * Largest Ever Endorsement For Product Promotion – $15 million for Pepsi (Wikipedia)

    *Guinness Book Of World Records 1993
    Lifetime Achievement Award

    * “Scream” is the most expensive music video ever made, costing $7,000,000 to make. (Wikipedia)

    * In 1996, Michael Jackson released the longest music video. “Ghosts” was 35 minutes long. (Wikipedia)

    * Highest paid entertainer of all time. (Guinness World Records 2006)

    *Most successful entertainer of all time, selling 750 million units.(Guinness World Records 2006)

    *The biggest audience ever was 133.4 million people watching Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl performance on June 31st 1993. (Guinness World Records)

    *More awards won than any other artist. (Wikipedia)

    * In 1983, Jackson became the first artist to hold the number one spot on Billboard’s rock album, rock single, R&B albums and R&B singles.

    *Michael Jackson had a $890 million contract, earning around $1 Billion. (Guinness World Records)

    *Jackson is the only male artist to replace himself at #1 (“Bad” replaced “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”). (Wikipedia)

    * Jackson holds the record for the most Top 40 hits in the UK single charts in one year, registering 19 in 2006. (Wikipedia)

    * Jackson has supported more charities than any other pop singer – 39 charitable organizations either with monetary donations through sponsorships of their projects or the participation in their activities. The charities involved include AIDS Project L.A., American Cancer Society , BMI Foundation, Inc., Child help USA, United Negro College Foundation, YMCA – 28th Street/Crenshaw, The Sickle Cell Research Fund. (Wikipedia)

    * On November 14, 1991, Michael Jackson’s music video, Black Or White was broadcast simultaneously in 27 countries with an estimated audience of 500 million people. It is the largest audience ever to view a music video. (Wikipedia)

    * Jackson has the record for the two best-selling VHS music videos ever released (“Moonwalker” [1988] in first place, and “The Making of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” [1984] in second place). (Wikipedia)

    * Jackson’s “Bad World Tour ” (1987–1989) was the highest-grossing tour ever at the time, with over $125 million earned. This record was later broken by the “Dangerous World Tour” (1992-1993) and later broken again by the “History World Tour” (1996-1997), which stays to this day the biggest tour ever in terms of international attendance (4.4 million tickets outside of the USA)

    * Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Tour in London has just become the fastest selling tour in history.

    * ‘This Is It’ concert movie is the biggest selling concert movie of all time.

    * Michael Jackson holds the record for the most American Music Awards won by one artist. (23)

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Copy and paste from a pro Michael McJackson website, and Hannibal thinks he scores points.

  2. Forbes is now a Chinese company. Ahhhhh…Benjamin is too dumb to figure it out. Hey Hannibal, when dancing to dead wild woodpecker, do you scream with delight when you stand on your tippy toes?

    Your floppy dundee is starting to stink. Even Freddie Mercury’s eyes would water.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, your idea that a woman should always be polite or remain silent. We have to be a certain way, while you men say whatever you want. You do not like the idea of women kicking your sorry little can. That is just too bad.

  3. Hey Hannibal, the deadly corona disease came from Asia, in the Mongolian territories. It was from those who like eating live bait. Animals screamed in their cages like they did at Michael McJackson’s Neverland Valley ranch. Of course, at first, the disease had spread all over the world killing mostly the elderly and weak. However, the second wave is upon us and stupid young folks that hold mass parties are now dying in record numbers. You dance nude on lighted stages to the dated music of Michael McJackson. The mirrored balls spin around and around. All those men without latex gloves and masks reach out to grab your crown jewels, certainly do not care about your safety and wellbeing. Clifford aka kitty has suggested you get a tattoo of his smiling face underneath your naval. He wants you to know, he will always be there in your time of need. He says there is a room waiting for you once you travel back to New York.

  4. Hi Bubbles i listen to Rockabilly song “” Little Girl “” sings by John & Jackie !
    Was Jackie in 1958 that baby singer MJ aka Jackie in diapers ? lol

  5. How amusing that the “Teach” speaks of “knowledge”, yet he constantly misspell simple words.

    Hey “Teach”, punctuation, what is it?

    • MJ haved onley white managers and white children Paris Blancet are his fake white kids ?
      His fans in concerts are most 90 % white fans ?
      His skin was 18 years black and 32 years white skin ….. He was more white in his live hahahahahaha …
      Go to the doctor for youre eyes and take psygo vitamine ! Gay fan !!

      • good luck , shrimp
        Albert will answer for you like he always does.
        someday u have enuf knowledge u can answer for yourself

        u can always answer in my lanquage see how that works for you

        auf wiedersehn

  6. Yeas MJ woring armss on his arms and he say on tv he loves the Nazi ss army as the best soldiers ??? Wow what a sick person he was and Leaving Neverland image !
    REMOVED MJ and His fans locked up as criminals suporters for MJ s crime !
    MJ is an dictator and criminal , Sony was holy !!!

    • Very strange figure is MJ about the army nazi , dictator Adolf H hates black people too ?
      If he was win than all black was removed in germany all dead .

  7. BHM = Black Hate Matters .
    New terror BHM BLM , Same as KKK .
    IS BLM KKK SS Are the same Racist Terror .

  8. Cracker man, cracker man
    The life you once knew and loved….
    Going, going, gone!
    With black power,
    With pride, we rise!
    White women crawl to the black man!
    On her knees, she crawl
    Her lips full of blood and sand
    She cry, but the white man die cowards
    We take your daughters, your sistas, your mamas,
    We fuk em’ and flee
    Old white granny, her bag ripped from fukking hand!
    Down on the ground, in a pool of her own blood!
    Hate has grown to deeper hate
    You pigs better pray you for a quick death
    Off with the head as the body fall dead
    White devils pushed us too far!
    Those honkies gunned down
    They beg, and plea
    They cry, but the black soldiers don’t care
    White women, get those legs up high
    Sex rider, sex slaves
    We love smacking the b*tches rears
    Shut up and start sukking
    No back talk, get down on all fours
    Their teeth knocked out with one blow
    Blood and guts on the dance floor
    One black man glow brightest
    Michael Jackson reigns king
    He beat LMP
    Black eyed and crying for mercy
    She fall to his feet
    He pulled her white face to his groin
    And those honky tonk women come back for more
    Gun to the head
    Say goodbye, pink skinned pigs,
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    White idols crushed beneath the rubble
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    Break the stones, destroy the honky legacy of shame
    You fukking red neck m*therfukkers
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    The streets of hillbillies filled with smoke
    Tear gas as the fukking honkies scream!
    We are the black liberation army, cracka!
    We spit out your tainted blood
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    White vag ripped by the powerful black man
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    She cry, but she will carry our black babies!
    They will fill the planet as the white man is erased
    Up in the mountain
    The crown is placed in its rightful place
    Above the clouds, the skies open up
    The light in the darkness
    White man destroyed on earth forever
    King Michael stands to hear the battle cry,
    Black lives matter as the honkies crumble and die!
    Cracker man, cracker man
    We are ready to fight to the end of white civilization
    With dogs of war ahead,
    We put our faith in the black king!

    • MJ haved onley white managers and white children Paris Blancet are his fake white kids ?
      His fans in concerts are most 90 % white fans ?
      His skin was 18 years black and 32 years white skin ….. He was more white in his live hahahahahaha …
      Go to the doctor for youre eyes and take psygo vitamine ! Gay fan !!

  9. As a result of the extension of the complete shutdown on Broadway through at least May 2021, dates have been rescheduled for the upcoming World Premiere of MJ the Musical on Broadway. Performances are now set to begin in September 2021, at the Neil Simon Theatre, New York City. A new ticket On Sale date will be announced soon.

    Starring Ephraim Sykes, the Tony® and Grammy Award® nominee who has been cast as Michael Jackson, MJ the Musical will feature a book by two-time Pulitzer Prize® winner Lynn Nottage and a score made up of some of the best-loved, top-selling, and most iconic songs in recording history. Tony Award winner Christopher Wheeldon will direct and choreograph.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I’ve read that this COVID thing might last several years. The lights really have gone out on Broadway. But fear not, Benjamin. Kitty says there is room in his aging arms for you to cuddle up to his wrinkled chest to listen to his old, cold heart, while you two love birds get cozy underneath the silk sheets. Cliff wants you to entertain him and his long time BAE with some dong swinging nude dancing. Clifford licks his chops with delight. The legendary Shadows singer says come back to the big apple. Cliff’s arms are open wide.

      • yeah with trump it does
        here in germany it wont
        if it last several years u r gonna die , albert
        ur weak and old , u r a dead man walkin

  10. Flip, flop and fry like dead fishy. Ahhhhhhh….no Michael McJackson on the UK Vinyl or Scottish album charts. The dirty boy loving clown must be losing his clout with the Scotty, Liberace’s lover. Oops, what do was have here? Both Elvis and Prince on the charts, but no Michael McJackson. Hey retard, don’t forget to buy a basket full of the clearance bin, “Moonwalker” DVD for the kiddies this Halloween. Out to the recycling bins they go to be melted into plastic knobs or Pepsi bottles. Burn, Jacko Burn!


    • lol ha ha ha
      Michael is 24 7 365 on the uk and Billboard charts
      and number3 on uk music dvd charts

      so please come with somethin impressive because this makes me laugh ha ha ha

      hey A;lbert u lose

      time to talk ding dong ding dong

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, when being brutally dehumanized, fully nude by Thomas Sneedon, do you think Michael McJackson got a woody when Tom’s chunky fingers probed his silky smooth ball sack?

        Up went Michael’s greasy dong as the close up pics were taken.

        Large teardrops fell from his llama eye lids as Tom made him spread those little muffins to expose his infected gas hole. The clown sobbed as the LAPD laughed at his disgusting body. It was a crippling violation. Michael never fully recovered from the humiliation. Again, investigators in the room had to cover their noses and mouths with cotton towels. The rancid stink made their eyes water.

        Please do not worry about the money Prince’s estate made from the recent success of the box set. More posthumous projects are on the agenda for folks that appreciate superiority and craft.

        • forbes will show , Albert
          4 days sales will help him ha ha
          153 notches – the elevator is going down

  11. Its so great that Rockabilly song “” Little Girl “” I was dancing in my truck today LITTLE Boy she sings ? Oooopss… lol

  12. Hi Red Lady i have 1 cd box 10 cd set Rockabilly Rave and 1 hilarisch song is so fun its call “” Little Girl “” from John & Jackie !!! Its not good for Handy s ears of gay MJ fans ! lol

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        From the film, “Harum Holiday.” Elvis sings “Hey Little Girl” to a peasant girl, and she dances for him in looks like an Arabian castle in the mid east. Hey Mr Knowledge, the soundtrack album still managed to go into the top ten in 1965, right smack in the middle of Beatlemania. Paul McCartney wrote a song called, “I Lost My Little Girl.” At least, they weren’t boys, boys, boys. For that, we must follow the trail of Cliff Richard aka kitty, and the woodpecker, Michael McJackson.

        Hey retard, when in New York, does kitty make you strip like what Tom Sneddon did to Michael McJackson?

        It was degrading, dehumanizing. All “kings” get probed under hot lights.

        The latex gloves snapped on those chunky fingers as the investigator lifted up McJackson’s spotted dong. Tears filled Michael’s llama eyes. He could smell alcohol on Sneedon’s breath.

  13. Check out this video of BTS dancing to “Black Or White!”

    What other Michael songs would you like to see BTS dance //

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      BTS dancing to “Black Or White?”

      Aren’t those tots Korean?

      Oy oy….the Wacko Jacko man in southeast Asia. Was little billy boy his lover?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ha ha ha ha ha
      The bargain bin stocking stuffer, “Moonwalker” DVD sells at clearance prices, just in time for Halloween. But wait, Emperor Prince’s new box set, “Sign O’ The Times” (the new versions with 8 CD’s and 13 vinyl records) debuted in the top ten in eight countries. Wow, that is much more impressive, yet handi still calls “the thing of flop” the king.

      Hey retard, Hollow’s eve is coming up, and Michael McJackson’s ghost definitely wants to fondle some more young boi dong. He is scarier than Pennywise, Jason or Chucky. The boogieman wants to ravish some more male tots with his scrawny skeleton. His disgusting mouth is ready for some more tongue action. The screaming children can smell the feces leaking out of his decaying can as he enters their dark rooms. lol.

      • prince is off the charts
        all albums combined prince couldnt get to 483 weeks

        prince was a flop – 4 days- 153 notches
        no interest
        no impact
        Flop Flop Flop

  14. Thank you for the reply Red Lady. It makes sense that Wacko used the pons instead of the diaper because of the bulge the diaper would make.

    Wacko never seemed to have weight more than 120 lbs. His skeletal frame could not handle the nappy. 👶

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Child victims like Jordan have officially confirmed that the woodpecker often reeked of anal lube. He would pull the thing out by a string, and shove his used feces filled pon under his bed. Of course, then there was daily enemas. It is soooooo halarious that floons insist that the scrawny skeleton was a clean as a whistle.

      • back to pee nad poop – u r hurt

        the flop from prince , michael back in the top 3
        cover yourself in poop dude u lost again and you always will.

        put that finger in deep Albert

        u r hurt and u aalways will be

        your handicapped friend have no knowledge so they can t help u

        a fatso and a shrimp is all you got
        facts will always win over fantasies

        now mingle with the people Albert

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          No one spews more fantasies than you do, Benjamin.

          It is a fact that your idol had bodily function issues because of years and years of severe drug abuse. He could not make it to a toilet, so he usually shat or peed where he stood. Multiple witnesses told their stories. We must keep it real. Michael McJackson died nude with slushy mustard bubbling out of his damaged poo canal. He should have sued Liberace for illegal rear entry. I laugh.

          • sounds just like a woman
            a woman every man wants lol
            damn what a waste of human being
            now mingle with the people

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