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  1. Hey dummy, I’ve tried several times to get the value of the “Orange Prince” Warhol, but was unsuccessful. Believe me, I would have loved the Emperor to go for more than the Elvis’s, but the private sale did not reveal the price. It just proves that I do not have to lie like you do.

    Kitty cried that Andy Warhol did not paint him. He definitely wants you to come back to the city for some more adventures with his trusted priest BAE. You are officially known as the two way mirror man.

    • so no reason to brag idiot because prince always loses to king Michael.

      Michael top 3 – prince left the uk and billboard by now

      u lose mister

      time to get back to dong and little boys

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      A bargain bin Halloween sale. The grab bag items for the UK “Toys For Tots” campaign. As soon as the modern tots open the dolla “Moonwalker” DVD, out to the trash it goes. The scarecrow frightens most children, especially if they are under the age of thirteen. Ahhhhh….Hannibal finally scores a hollow victory.

  2. I laugh as retarded Hannibal actually believes that Prince is sold at the dollar store. As you were told several times, the versions of “Signs that charted were both the 8 CD set and the 13 disc vinyl box. Prince’s estate has collected the money. As for islands, palsy man thinks New Zealand is the island of Hawaii. Cannot make this stuff up, folks. You have a very small brain, Benjamin.

  3. Priceless art created by famous cultural pop artist Andy Warhol, worth:
    Top dollar 2012
    “Double Elvis”
    Sold for $38 million
    Top dollar 2014
    “Triple Elvis”
    Sold for a whopping $81.9 million.
    “Orange Prince”
    Original art in the hands of a private collector. Price unknown.
    “Michael McJackson”
    Top dollar 2009
    Sold for just under $1 million.

    I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh…..

    • price unknown and you pretend to laugh
      what are u laughing about

      prince purple rain 27 million- off the charts
      Michael Jackson Thriller 100 million and tsill in the charts

      I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh…..

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        More than 80 million “Thrilla” plastic melted or broken to pieces in landfills all across the world.

        Of course, Elvis Warhol paintings together sold for a combined $119.9 million, when Warhol’s “Michael McJackson” could barely fetch $1 million. Ouch, we know that must hurt your aching little heart. “Orange Prince” like the Elvis paintings, are in the hands of a private collector. Rubbing your screaming face into the dusty ground as droplets of tears pop out of those little eyes is so satisfying. I laugh at your weak emotional pain. lol.

  4. Hey palsy man, when was the last time Michael McJackson has gone top ten or number one anywhere in the world with his cheap bargain bin opuses?

    “Scream” (2017) peak on Billboard 200, a lowly #33. lol.

    Emperor Prince can officially claim 2020, like Elvis can claim his latest, the Gospel posthumous CD, “Where No One Stands Alone” in 2018. They were either top ten releases or had hit #1, somewhere in the world. Michael McJackson’s 2014 release, “Xscape” was only a thirty minute CD with many of the tracks suspected to be Jason Malachi. That was almost 7 years ago. Sony had no choice to release “Scream”, a collection of previously released material with a horrible remix. The Halloween special failed to get the kiddies interested in buying the dud, and the album fell off the charts in record time. No one wants to buy Michael McJackson, despite the laughable hype that proclaims that the wild woodpecker was innocent of nude boy loving. We all know he loved very young dong.

    Prince is only gone and forgotten in your tiny pea brain. You lose again. I know you cry yourself to sleep, Hannibal. Those salted tears never dry. Prince has extended his reign. That is just a fact you’ll have to live with.

    • scream 6 weeks and number one in new zealand

      4 days is a big flop

      duet drake number one 3 countries

      153 notches

      Flop Flop Flop

      6 weeks or 4 days who sold more lol

      number 1 or leaving the billboard in 9 days

      4 days or 24 – 7 -365 on 2 charts

      u just got slaughtered

      wait , just wait – LOL

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey retard, how many times do you have to be told that New Zealand is a tiny island. Of course, with “Scream” having just a retail price of $10, reduced to just $5, it certainly cannot compare to $300 per every unit sold for Emperor Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times.” Warner Brothers sold all the boxes, so it can no longer chart. You have no brain, palsy man. You run over diamonds and pearls to pick up a copper penny. The woodpecker’s catalog is worthless. lol.

        • its the double cd re entry

          lies dont work

          big island many people live there

          small island not many people live there- harder to sell


    her is the box still avainle

    2 record stores who still sells the sign of the times box

  6. Hey “Teach”, why do you think mIchAEl jOsEph j@cks0n used MANpons instead of a diaper to stop his anal leakage?

    • can you give me link where i can find it so i can check it
      maybe its just your fantasie , schrimp
      give me a link and i will answer it.

      why id elvis use a two way mirror to watch his bodyguards having sex
      why did those men turn him on
      if u need a link i have it for ya

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Bubbles, a dirty adult diaper would leave a bulge on Michael McJackson’s skinny can, so the woodpecker used manpons. He shoved the tubes up his poo chute to stop the mushy, hot yellow diarrhea from running down his toad legs. Maids claim he smelt like shyt when he wobbled by. To make sure leakage was contained while the clown was out in public, Michael was advised to use pons and pads. Liberace’s huge, thick dong had ruined the dirty dancer’s poo canal during randy gay sex.

  7. “White baby mama crawl to the black man’s feet
    We make her eat the black man’s meat”


    OK, that was funny, I’ll give you that! 😀

    Welcome back ya’ kook! 🤪

  8. Only the title was a re-entry as you already know. Of course, when designed as an 8 CD or 13 vinyl box, it becomes a limited edition, which is what charted. Warner Brothers did make money because instead of being just a two disc, $19.95 set, it was the boxes that went for hundreds of dollars that sold. It was not a flop because it still hit the top ten in the UK, and a very impressive top 20 in the UK. Michael McJackson’s low selling bargain bin “Scream” bombed worldwide, even with the Halloween television special plugging it. The kiddies stayed away in droves, and Sony cried that they lost money. The dead woodpecker has lost his mojo. You lose.

    • lol ha ha ha ha i love this one
      u seem so desperate with this BIG flop

      153 notches
      4 days sale

      No interest
      No impact
      gone and forgotten
      one week Nelson

  9. Of course, I’ve explained the fact that first pressings of rare, expensive box sets are usually made as limited editions. Once sold out, they cannot chart because only a few were made. However, palsy man is still hopelessly confused. I cannot help you find your tiny brain, Benjamin. I just laugh at your blatant stupidity.

    I am just very happy that Prince was able to extend his purple reign to 2020 with yet another top ten posthumous album that has been officially documented for the timeless talent of the Grand Emperor. I know that the little retard cries himself to sleep over the fact that his dead idol continues to fall down in the rankings, year after year. Ahhhhhhh….the gut wrenching screams from the handi man. Helen’s waiting for you to hold her twisted hand. lol.

    • where did u read that the 2 cd and the box sold out
      as u can see on the uk charts its a re entry so its the doubl;e cd
      but u already knew that
      1987 there was only the 2 cd or 2 lp no box
      so no limited edition just a flop

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Sold out at the official Paisley Park store for the box, clown. Who would want the 1987 version?

        Do you even know what “limited edition” means?

        The same thing occurs with Elvis’s box sets like the upcoming 4 disc “From Nashville” set. It certainly is not going to be massed produced for retailers, if it is mostly gaining limited sales on pre orders. That is true for every box released today. You expect it to pack the shelves and the bins like Michael McJackson does. Expensive collectibles are not common bargain stock. I know your twisted little face holds that tiny brain, but a flop is something that retailers stock, do not sell, and immediately send back. That happened with the last CD release from Michael McJackson. “Scream” tanked badly for Sony in 2017. They laughably thought kids would want that cheap $9.99 dud, which even came with an HD poster. Halloween came and went. All unsold copies were sent back to Sony. They were very disappointed. Apparently, kids do not want to be probed by the dead skeleton in the dark of night. It is just too scary.

        • its a re entry so it fkopped.
          they all want to make money stupid
          limited edition is your excuse for a flop
          they onlu made a hundred so he could stay four days on the charts we dont wanna make money. yeah right retard

          u r too old , mister

  10. Jump in Hanniball s ass … sings by Kitty and the MJ imitator pride fan ?
    1. Two for a hot tob in Libarace musea bed ! [ Kitty and Hannibal.
    2. Atomb bomb s pen*s of Boy George in Hannibal s ass.
    3. Kitty calls you … he is lonely
    4. Hanniball in Kitty s arms … o ye
    5. MJ and Kitty trio s wish of Hanniball.
    6. Hanniball drunking in Kitty s sauna !

  11. “Jackson was the most sensational performer — the full package — of his era.
    From his voice to his image to his dancing, it was so easy to get swept up in his High Pop Art.” – Vulture

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey retard, Michael McJackson was like a vulture, circling around the skies, looking for its young prey. The clown had a lousy voice but was forced to dance like a puppet by mean ole daddy Joseph.

      • normal men think different Albert

        most people are born with a normal brain not a handiocap like u

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          “Slippery When Wet?”

          Hey Hannibal, they even played kitty’s “Devil Woman” to get folks into the Halloween spirit, but no Michael McJackson. When you walk like a cripple, expect to be called handicapped. Those stiff legs and loc jaw. Does the grub leak from your tender lips, and onto that slippery little chin?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Top 20 is higher than what Michael McJackson will ever see again on just a $5 CD.

      Prince’s reissue of “Signs” sold out at $160 to $300 per box. You lose again, Clyde. lol.

      • can u prove that it sold out
        where did u read it
        your record store is closed remember
        or did thet know it would flop and only make a hyndred world wide
        streaming is not sold out how come it flopped there too

        153 notches biggest flop of 2020 so far

        while half of the wolrd is talking about the song beat it

        the 2 cd is 19,95 not 300 dollar

        4 days it left the uk chart tell me how big a hiy it was

        give me the link where u read it was sold out

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