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  1. So the Elvis movie starring Tom Hanks is back in production. Cool. 😎

    Hey Jackson fanatics, if a mIchAEl jOsEph j@cks0n biopic was produced, who would you like to play your idol?

    • Michael Jackson is a humanitarian that helps children all over the world. His biopic would be watched by billions of faithful moonwalkers. The KING donated $300 million dollars of his own money for crippled and needy children. Your porky idol only cared about robbing from people of color by stealing their songs. Tom Hanks who?

      No actor would be talented enough to effectively play Michael Jackson, you racist fuk.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Michael McJackson is dead in present tense. The dirty dancer is a was. lol.

        Thanks for the constant laughs, floonies.

  2. That’s right f’loon, Wacko’s child lure trap is not for sale; because it was taken off the market after FIVE years with no buyers in sight.

    It initially retailed for $100 million, was slashed to $67 million and AGAIN slashed to $31 million and STILL, NO ONE bought it. Ha ha ha

    That rotten evil place is heading for demolition; and good riddance.

    Graceland Stands!

    The King recently received a candlelight vigil by 700 fans. The King would have been 85.

    RIP Elvis.

    • Michael remains 100% innocent!

      Neverland is being planned as a billion dollar a year tourist attraction. Michael Jackson created beautiful Santa Barbara as his home away from home. It stands tall, and unlike porky’s estate, has not been vandalized. Disgraceland needs to be demolished. Michael Jackson has millions of loyal moonwalkers at his grave in Glendale, Forest Lawn.

      RIP, sweet Michael!

      700 old white people for porky is pathetic. Long live the true KING, Michael Joseph Jackson!

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Not many floons at his grave on his death day or his dead birthday. Only a handful of people bothered showing up. Embarrassing. lol.

        Rot in the flames of hell, Wacko Jacko.

  3. Michael Jackson was an untalented thief.

    Quincy Jones told the truth about Wacko.

    Scary Poppins also backstabbed Sir Paul McCartney. A lot of the money peEdo Pan made was from The Beatles catalogue. Not from his cheaply sold bubblegum pop mass produced muzak.

    • Quincy Jones is old and jealous of Michael Jackson. Bow your old head down, porky freak!
      Ex Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney admits he did not have the funds to buy The Beatles catalog, so Michael did. Business is business. Michael Jackson is the top selling male solo artist.

      Get over it, fool.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Michael McJackson has been officially beaten by Lil Wayne, Cardi B and Lady Gaga.

  4. The censorship here sucks; I tried for 10 minutes trying to post but was not allowed. Meanwhile the peEdo worshiper makes death threats against Red Lady. πŸ™„

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      They have a bias, Bubbles. Many posts I’ve made, did not go through either. And yet, “black pride” is allowed to make eye burning threats to little ole me.

  5. The woodpecker made a deal with the Devil for fame and fortune in exchange for his black soul.

    Wacko will BURN for eternity for that one! πŸ˜€

  6. Meatlof TCB is dead by the Black hates pride fans ! Meatlof , lol is dead , they hang him in a tree ?!
    Was pride fan a member of the KKK or an Zookeeper for apes ?

  7. Not all white people are racist. Michael taught moonwalkers to love one another in racial tolerance. You racist elvis supporters should be ashamed. Michael now has the crown as KING. Get over it. The world agrees…..the title of KING rightfully belongs to Michael!

  8. Great job there “Michaelholics United”, your post is true and 100% scientifically accurate. πŸ™ƒ

    Michael JOSEPH’S Jackson “Neverland Ranch” just sold for 500 million dollars, no 1 BILLION, actually TWO BILLION DOLLARS. Hooray! 🀑


    & LOL @ the troll claiming Wacky was handsome and E was made of plastic!

    Thanks for the laugh! πŸ˜‚

    • Shut the hell up., you old fool. Michael is handsome and fit. It was elvis that was overweight and had plastic surgery. You nasty elvis fans always lie and trash the real king. Jealous much?

      Much love to Michael’s billion strong moonwalkers!

  9. Irnonic ? MJ loves Lisa Marie and loves Debbie Row and white kids in Neveland and Bubbles the Chimp was all WHITE ???
    Hey Pride fan haved MJ an Black woman ??????

    The Sweet Inspiration
    His youth lives was in the Ghetto and his first friends was all Black in his birthplace .
    Jackie Wilson was his friend , James Brown was his friend , Mohamed Alli was his best friends .
    Elvis gives a Caddillac to a Black girl .
    Elvis gives a house to His black Cook !
    Elvis sings Blues and black Gospel .
    Elvis loves the black music and has mabey an half black daughter in secret !
    He loves black womans .

    • The history of pelvis stealing from people of color is well known to all, idiot. The truth shines thru forever, but lies are lies. Get off Michael’s back.

      • Seen the picture wyh Mohamed Alli the boxer and James Brown and more and Aretha Franklin with Elvis on the pictures ! You are a rasist !

  10. White apes wins always as Chimps in the movie Planet of the apes ! I like Tarzan too he loves chimps and he is white !
    The songs of that movie is good too !
    Better and better than the MJ clips !

    Hey Pride fan why do you not buy Neverland as a Chimps zoo ? Its makes you own soul as a ape !

    • Bubbles was the first pet in Neverland , you can call the Neverland as “” Chimps loves Neverland “”

  11. Crackers crushed
    Black pride never hides
    You slipped up, cracka
    Your oily feet slide from beneath your weight
    White whale
    Fat honky tonk man
    Death is your only way out
    Cracker man, cracker man
    Baker’s man
    Who will save your fukking souls?
    Bow white pigs
    Kneel to your prayer rug
    The black king rises his sword high and mighty
    He come from the top of the highest mountain
    Your time is up, whitey
    The pigs scramble for cover
    The bullets fly in the war zone
    We take your white cities
    We take your rolling lands
    White man’s tainted blood is poison
    Burn, burn, burn
    You honkies will never learn
    Your women crawl to the black soldiers!
    She is ours now, hog
    Die piggy, die!

    • The planet of the apes haved win the white power chimps !
      You are the black ape from hell and Chimp Cesar wins from MJ the Wizz movies !!!
      Planet of The Apes was more succesful than The Wizz and MJ s Thriller Was MJ a zombie apeman in that clip or a monster zombie ?

  12. We are united for the king! Michael Jackson’s fabulously beautiful Neverland is for sale for $100 million dollars, $70 million more than Mr White Bucks Pretzel’s run down mansion. You old fools are delusional over your racist idol of the Jim Crow 1950’s. Michael’s audience reached people of all races, nationalities and backgrounds. Neverland will be open for tours to celebrate the wonderful childlike innocence of the king of pop, r&b and rock, Michael Joseph Jackson. The world loves the one and only king. Hard work is earned, not given. Congrats to all Michaelholics! We have defeated the haterz with shock and awe!

    • 5 dollar by the cesh register in Neverlands zoo “” Chimps loves Neverland “” And MJ loves Chimps … was MJ a rasist ???

  13. One of the King’s former mansion just sold for 30 millions dollars. πŸ˜€

    Wacko Jacko’s Neverland remains unsold.

    Ha ha ha 🀣

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