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You can discuss here about theĀ best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. michael jackson is so much better looking than plastic presley. natural beauty is michael. his gorgeous smile melts the hearts of billions of gals worldwide. michael is all man. he is so hot!

    whoa. the king of sexy. lol.

    • To compare MJ grotesque plastic face to the looks of the most handsome man in history is ridiculous!!!

  2. Discussing!
    This racist should be removed. Michael Jackson earned his crown as king. Get over it. Michael was not an ape or a chimp.

  3. Calling respectful and kind Michael Jackson fans “apes” is racist. You Elvis freaks should be reported and banned from this site!

    • Elvis supporters left this site several years ago…
      Even so Elvis has always been King and will remain the King forever!

  4. If they say to me hey ape man ….. than i say wow i wish i was a wild apeman in the jungle , than i haved not to working enymore and i lived as a real free ape full food for free and more to f#ck ape girls in the tree s !!!! Its an gift !!!

    • Chimps haved an holy livestyle and they haved no war or rasism in the Jungle ! I wisch i was a chimp Bubbles !

      • Be gone, racist. You should want to be Michael Jackson. It doesn’t matter if your black or white!

  5. Human and Chimps are 99% the same dna , its not rasist if you say “” Hey Black apeman you “” Its not rasistish because we are 99 % apes too ! And Chimps are not black but more white , onley if they seen the sun !

  6. Hey Black pride fan , Cesar the chimp haved more brains in that movie than youreselfs ! Cesar the chimp haved an white skin ! Chimps are the whity apes ! 99% cousins Chimps and Humans ! Explane !

  7. Bubbles i believed that we Red Lady Bubbles you and me are the 3 same soulmates on this planet !
    I hopes we met each on a day Bubbles !!!

  8. Hey “Black Pride”, how much do you love Conrad Murray?

    After all, Conrad Murray is a black man and he killed Michael Jackson, a white woman. According to your “philosophy” that’s a good thing.

    On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Conrad Murray?

    I give the good Doctor a 9. šŸ¤—

    • Black pride haved to much seen the movie “” Planet of the Apes “”
      And chimps haved white skin , Pride fan is coloure blind , Bubbles !!!

    • Hey before i read youre post , i wrote the same lines that MJ was killed as a white man ! And later i read youre post as the same as . MJ was killed as a white woman !
      wow Bubbles we haved the same spirit and soul mates ! There is more than this earth { paranormal } ?

  9. Cracker man, cracker man
    You have no clue what’s coming up as you fall,
    Black KINGS take it all!
    Your dreams shattered, honky tonk
    The great walls are coming down
    Hate wiped out across the land,
    Boom, boom, boom
    You white honkies explode!
    Firecracker, your sparks have been soaked,
    Your flesh and blood stink
    Black Soldiers circle around white bodies as they drop from the trees
    You ivory pigs gunned down
    Nowhere to run,
    Nowhere to hide….
    Black pride, black power
    We stand tall, wild and free!
    Michael Jackson has the crown, whitey man!
    Your snout and wiggly tails chopped off
    The white pork stripped from the funny bone
    Black idols lend a helping hand,
    Black lives are the only lives that matter
    Cracker man, cracker man
    You cowardly cry
    You’re going to die, cracka!
    Your women are ours now, devils!
    She crawl to be pounded balls deep
    She come back for more and more
    Down on all fours for the black kings
    Used and abused, beaten by shame
    White b*tches forced to please the raging black man!
    She cry, but you pink skinned worms do not come….
    It’s time to hear the fat lady sing
    Give up your lives to serve the ebony Gods
    You statues of your white heroes, gone!
    We knock em’ to the ground with ease
    Hammer to stone, crushed to pieces like bone
    The black monarch do what he want, pig!
    You better get used to your painful deaths,
    He’s coming for your worthless souls!

    • Is this a gay song from the BKKK ? [ Black KKK ]
      Paris and Blanked are white ….. how can you explain that ?
      Debbie Rowe was white !
      MJ was dead as a white man , dr Murray kills the white man MJ ! Hahaha !!!

  10. Hey Bubbles the pride fan loves me , because pride fan is a girl ?
    Red Lady yes the clown is nuts !

  11. While being pushed around in a wheelchair because he was too weak to even stand, Michael McJackson cradled baby dolls in his skinny arms and wailed after Lisa Maria said no to kids. His llama eyes sprinkled tears of disappointment that Elvis’s daughter would not rent out her womb to be implanted with the seeds of other men. On top of having to take hours to urinate, the aging clown had emphysema and needed a new lung. His drug ravished body was also crippled with spinal and bone disease. The woodpecker also complained that 95% of sight in his left eye was gone. He died nude. lol.

  12. The cops said the K 9 dogs are faster than a bullet , you shoot mis but the dog catch you always ! The Police dog is smarter than the human cops !!!
    Hey ther be more good cops than bad cops , ok its very very very wrong what they did for oure George Floyd RIP . The cops that do that will be forever in the Jaill ! ….. No rasistic in this world , Pride fan is a rasist he most to clean Pigs in a farm .

    Do dance to the “” JaillHouse rock “”

  13. This is for the floonie that keeps on saying Wacko has hit number one. Nope. It is The Rolling Stones. They are on top of the UK album charts with the deluxe version reissue of “Goats Head Soup.” No Michael McJackson. I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Ta ta.

  14. Hey there Bubbles, I see the low life is still at it. Yep, floons always talk about love as long as you slobber over Michael McJackson without much criticism. My family emergency was the death of an old aunt that I was never really close to. There was a family feud, but it did not involve me. I wisely stayed out of the shouting match. Thanks for the well wishes. I do have some unexpected business coming up, but you could say it is a working vacation. I am doing great and hope you are as well.

    • The Pride fan will kill you . Bubbles and me waiting for she will kill us ?
      Red Lady i will an golden bullet …lol and you , lol
      Call the FBI now !

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