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  1. I do not think it would be right to give Michael McJackson credit for the songs recorded by Sony by Jason Malachi. Even though Prince died in 2016, he has seven fairly strong sellers. They are:
    “The Very Best Of Prince”
    5x pl, number one 4 countries.
    “Ultimate Prince”
    1x pl, top ten 7 countries
    “Prince 4Ever”
    gold, top ten 1 country
    “Purple Rain Deluxe”
    Top ten, 4 countries
    “Piano And Microphone”
    Top ten, 6 countries
    Top ten, 4 countries
    “Rainbow Children Vinyl re release”
    Top ten, UK vinyl

    • Like i said no number ones
      In one week of the charts
      Prince had to die tobget to number one.
      Very low sales

      25 september sign of the times
      Great album deserves to go number one.

  2. Most Billboard Hot 100 Top 10s
    40, Drake
    38, Madonna
    34, The Beatles
    31, Rihanna
    30, Michael Jackson
    28, Mariah Carey
    28, Stevie Wonder
    27, Janet Jackson
    27, Elton John
    25, Lil Wayne
    25, Elvis Presley
    25, Taylor Swift

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Is that the same Billboard that starts the charts at 1958 instead of 1955, therefore robbing Elvis of like 28 hits?

      You have to do better than that, retard.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Well, if you got to cheat to make a fake list, then it still a lie. Therefore it means nothing. Knowledge, clown.

          The Elvis “Where No One Stands Alone” project sounded great and was very successful. However, you would not give him credit, because it means admitting he destroys your boy loving idols, Clifford and Michael’s pimpled hineys. Favorite track: “In The Garden.” Not many singers can sing like EP.

      • Michael still in the top 5
        prince every year an album with singles where is he
        no sales , no impact

  3. Hey Bubbles, Hannibal says he remembers me attacking Elvis and claiming he does not sell. And I had just googled recent years chart performances for Elvis, Prince and Michael McJackson. Elvis is not in last place.

    As for Prince, I’ve listed that “Piano” went top ten in six countries, while “Prince Originals” went top ten in four. Apparently, NUMBERS were never Hannibal’s strong suit either. You should have paid attention in class more often, sunshine. You fail again. The gold selling smash-a-roo, “Prince 4Ever” did extremely well.

    • Hannibal says he remembers me attacking Elvis and claiming he does not sell.
      u need copy and paste
      prince is not on the charts and doesnt sell
      70 albums or more -100 million sold – its a joke

      Michael ajckson 2017- 2018 number one
      on the charts 24 7 365 u cant beat that with tiny

      • Michael Jackson has been on the top ten charts 2017-2018 or number one?
        That is certainly news to me. On what planet?

  4. Last month, the RIAA tweeted that Michael Jackson is the #1 certified black artist in history, with the most gold & platinum certified sales. Additionally, Michael holds the #1 RIAA certified album of all time by a solo artist. You know what that one is…

      • i dont know i read the same old bullshit about a dr ( fantasies )
        i read the same old shit about scream ( did better than any prince album of the last 4 years )

        i like to rub the truth in. until it hurts

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          That is an obvious lie because we can clearly see that all the Prince releases performed better, and in more countries. Michael McJackson’s “Scream” did so bad, that three years later, Sony has been silent on Michael McJackson. Rubbing your screaming head into the dirt is sooooooo easy. I win every single time. However, after beating you blind, you simply lie and repeat, lie and repeat. I know it is hard for you to accept that Michael will never top the charts again, but it is what he deserved. His musical legacy has died.

  5. “We want to celebrate this black man. He belongs to us, and we shared him with everybody else.” – Jamie Foxx

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Not only is Jamie Foxx blind like Ray Charles, but I highly doubt black men want to be boy loving predofiles like the scrawny, weak gyrating dancer, Michael McJackson. Foxx is a clown.

  6. Hey Hannibal, “Piano And Microphone” debuted in the top 10 in 6 countries, to “Prince Originals” four countries. Not only that, but Elvis’s “Where No One Stands Alone” charted higher, longer than the dud, “Scream.” It especially did well in the US. The skinny little Hannibal, always crying and blowing his nose after being owned. Here’s a tissue, palsy man.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        At least Elvis and Prince did not bomb like Michael McJackson’s mega dud, “Scream.” You really need to focus those dumb folded eyes of yours, retard.

        Sony cried in 2017, and they still cry. Jason Malachi was found to be the real singer on several of McJackson’s crappiest posthumous releases.

        Kicking can is what I do best, sunshine.

        • i remember u attacking elvis and say he didnt selll
          most prince albums after hius dead dont make it on to the charts ( rainbow children , rave in2 the joy ,ultimate rave and more )

  7. Hi Bubbles come with me and we drink coffee and later we watched my new dvd ,”” And I love You So “”From Star bootleg its a unreleased concert 1976 !!!!
    We can say … haved the MJ fans watching an playbackshow on bootlegs ? NO !!!
    Did you know that MJ faked his concerts with playback track on his stage circus ? YES !!!!
    The whole MJ concerts is full false fraud and lip-synch . Thats not an real concerts . = Yes !!!
    Horrible for his floons …. hahahaha
    Bubbles and me we laughing the best !!!!

    • Drink Coffee thats what men do when they meet.
      Watch a dvd together
      How about put the gloves on and behave like men
      Face to face

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        You mean cry and scream when Michael McJackson met Prince and got hit in the face with a pin pong ball?

        As Michael ran off screaming, Prince laughed and renamed the scarecrow, Helen. Yep, most men want to be pansy boys like Michael McJackson. lol.

        • yeah u got your own version in your head
          u talk about the same dude who beat up sinead , suck his nephews cawk and f.cked his sister, used lsd to make the black album , takes BG from behind and died of aids

  8. Albert please stop please stop
    U look stupid
    U look a liar
    U got your ass kicked.
    U got debunked
    U look u got no knowledge about musiv.
    First look at prince before u attack

  9. Hey Hannibal, can you tell us why Michael McJackson’s mega bomb, “Scream” album sold only 3300 copies in France?

    That dud tanked worldwide in 2017. Sony cried more than the floons did.

    • At least it went to number one
      Rainbow children didnt chart anywhere.
      Originals flopped
      Piano and a neede flopped wirkd wide

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Only on a tiny island that has less human population than a small American city. Emperor Prince’s “Rainbow Children” made it to #8 on UK Vinyl charts. “Scream” is probably the biggest flop Sony ever had. They were hoping for a seasonal Halloween seller, but were handed a low selling dud.

  10. And on McJackson’s wilki. he is billed as one of the biggest selling artists at only 350 million units sold. Hey Hannibal, that is looooooooooong way off from bring a billion. It looks like the fat cowboy, Garth Brooks has easily surpassed him. Why do you continue to lie out of your filthy little mouth, Benjamin?

    Ahhhhhhh….the gut wrenching sobs, the tears that sprinkle down those hallow cheeks. Do you also have eyes of a llama?

    • Prince 100 million why do u lie all the time
      U said 50 million different.
      Its 250 million different
      Lol wasy win
      Damn u look stupid

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        That is because you are still not giving Prince credit for all his sales, retard. I am only going by the official count, remember?

        You said a billion. I say you lie. But then give Prince the lowest numbers. You should bop to the chunky cowboy up on backbroke mountain, sunshine.

  11. Ahhhhhhh… screams, “You don’t have the guts to cry, baby. Keyboard warrior. Tissue boy is a coward.” There is no man weaker than you, skeleton man. lol.

  12. Hannibal asks himself, “why is he kicking your ass all the time?”

    Hey retard, how did the docs measure the length of your severed brain stem?

  13. Hey Bubbles, the ranch and the infamous train station are crumbling, just waiting for the wrecking ball. I was actually taken aback by the dead grass, boarded up or smashed out windows at main train station, Katherine. I can understand why they would abandon the property and why it cannot be sold, even at bargain prices. Of course, most of us know that Wacko himself had a hard time maintaining such a massive area of space. It was hilarious reading that Thomous Sneddon and his men invaded Michael McJackson’s privacy with several degrading violations, he was never able to live there again. Time to bring out the bulldozers and wrecking ball. The hills have eyes and need to be razed and flattened. Hey Bubbles, how many gut wrenching screams, sobbing tears do you think Hannibal has as he lays his scrawny chicken neck down on his Peter Pan bed pillow every night? Did he dream of Little Julian or did he cry on Mr Kitty’s wet, bare collarbone?

  14. GAWD, Tissue Boy is DUMB.

    I was not here in 2009, stoopid. I have been a “Hater” since 2005 and was trolling f’loons on places like Usenet and Topix. Back then I told f’loons what would happen. We “Haters” took over and kicked you peEdo worshippers OUT.

    Ding Dong Wacko’s Dead!

    • Ahhhhhhh….Topix. Tissue boy, Hannibal cannot comprehend that far back. I actually believe Benjamin might be one of the dumbest retards on the planet. The world is indeed a better place with Wacko Jacko dead in his soiled casket in Forest Lawn.

  15. Question for the skinny teach. Will you cry when the wrecking ball makes “NeverAgainLand” disappear?

    • The “Teach” will drown in his own tears. lol

      I told f’loons Wacko Jacko was not going to perform a single show back in 2009, I told f’loons back in 2015 that “Neverland Ranch” the soiled property, was not going to sell etc.

      F’loons are ALWAYS wrong and yet they are incapable of learning.

      • You where not here in 2009 stupid.
        You do havecto guts to tell people face to face tisdue boy. Keep crying

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