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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. The “teach” is like his heroes, Michael McJackson and Clifford Richard, he is ashamed to be skinny, weak and flaming gay. Prince has the Love Symbol, Elvis has the lightening bolt TCB in a flash….

    Michael and Cliff in the finest department stores, boys pants and briefs are always half off. Hey Hannibal, when the old geezer puts his tongue in your pimpled can, do you scream for the handy man’s gland?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        The tiny boys abused by Michael McJackson were Terry, George, Nick, Adams, and Steve. Then Wacko did Lee Liberace, Scotty, Billy, Gene, Dr Arnie and fat Jason.

        Hey Hannibal, how many boys did Clifford ravish?

        Johnathan, Spencer, Brett, Andy and Carl were waiting on Mr Kitty’s moldy swinging, ring ding-a-ling.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, did Father Mulligan ever ask your do pull your pants down past your kneecaps during a private mass sermon in the church basement?

        The nice priest helped you out of your white undershirt. Both arms over your head.

  2. I wonder if Mr Kitty would allow weak and scrawny Hannibal to walk his French Poodles, while he goes wig shopping?

    Hey Benjamin, his live in lover was once a priest, but was convicted. On your knees to the the Father’s gravy filled navel.

  3. Hey thats a good idea ? Why they dont makes Neverland as an new actraction as…..
    ……………. Escape The Gay Neverland ………..

  4. Fat boy gay Ben why you fall in love of MJ s tinnt skeletons body ? Yes you thought MJ is a girl ?
    Hanniball is waiting for you in a gay bar and he haved the MJ wig on his head , and dont food him to much fat and cola , after he drinks cola his hair was on fire and you seen an little boy as a mj girly !

    Ben and Hannibal under the shower in the pool of Julian s pee shower !

  5. No, tissue boy….Michael McJackson was an expert on bodily functions. He spread poo on hotel walls like butter.

  6. I have a question, thing Ben. How many times a day do you touch yourself down there for Wacko Jacko?

  7. My my, Hannibal is real bold for someone who’s tarnished idol died nude, his scrawny toad legs full of his own bodily wate, his shyt golden brown like mustard, his piss pad soaked, his bruised body riddled with needles. Michael McJackson died with a boy doll clenched between his twisted fingers, tears steaming out of his llama eyes. The great black doc threw his punches rapidly as Michael McJackson grit his teeth through Joan Crawford lips. Without a doubt, the most embarrassing celebrity death in all Hollywood history. However, retarded Hannibal laughs at others.

  8. The American Honey roud mpvie of Riley Keough the daughter of Lisa Marie …. Wow what a hunk !!!! She is a great actor ,
    pure much better than the cross Wizz mj MJ was a nothing !

    • Fun fact she reaky loves Michael and saw him as her father
      Just yelling domething doessnt work
      I told Albert that many times.


      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        She said he was a lot of fun at Neverland because of all the toys, games and treats. Of course, she was a girl, so Wacko had no interest in taking her up to his bedroom with Sean Lennon. He wrote a song about Wacko beating Bubbles in front of his little eyes called, “Bubbles Burst.”

        Yikes. Learn, teach, burn teach.

  9. Hey “Teach”, do you think Paris Jackson will be the first black female President of the United States?

  10. When Michael McJackson croaked nude, how many bruises were found on his corpse that were from the pounding fist of the honorable Dr Conrad Murray?

    • None you are not Albert
      Make your own post fake muthaf.cker.
      Tisdue boy come to holland
      Tcb invited u

    • Too many to count Red Lady.

      The Doctor’s heavy fists struck like lightning on Wacko’s fragile chest.

      Doctor Murray DID beat the SHIT out of Wacko Jacko. That is why the scrawny clown had his feces caked onto his shaven toothpick legs.


      The stink! 🤢

  11. King TCB is correct, Rock N Roll is the music of rebels. Wacko Jacko’s mass produced corporate manufactured bubblegum POP is for pansies. That’s why the “Teach” likes it.

  12. Hey “Teach”, Drake removed the Jack0 song from his rotation after the airing of the multiple award winning highly praised documentary “Leaving Neverland”.

    Ooops. 😁

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