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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. The white devil spreads his lies as the white idol statues get pulled down. The Godly saint Michael Jackson will tower over your head across the great divide, and you will accept that black power his risen. The giants march tall, their voices bark with glorious victory this July forth. Michael Jackson has been crowned KING of North America. Black and white children will dance by the billions in a new chapter in black history. You pigs have no pride. The new KING has risen. His name is Mr Michael Joseph Jackson!

  2. New album of MJ
    “” Roswell s image “”
    1. My grey head was as ET !!!
    2. Woops my skinny bob s ass…..
    3. Dr. Murray cosed my wide llama eyes forever ….
    4. My grey mouth was full of alien food …
    5. Airplane roswel was from my allien familie ….
    6. Mine voice sounds as ET s ass …
    7. I am an reptilian faceshifter !
    8. Nose as an Grey aliens nose …
    9. Hi Ha raty wig on fire …
    10 . UFO in the sky …. MJ as at fly at kite …. [ MJ s tinny bones was to light ]

  3. When whitey walk, he look down. He will not look a black man in the eye. Bow to KING Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. You white devils make us sick with your constant ripping into the real KING.

      • Correct.

        Ha ha ha

        Wacko’s disgusting appearance was that of a Roswell alien. Grey skin and wide llama eyes, a toothpick body with tattooed lips and ratty wig.

        Ha ha ha

        What a freak!

  4. New album of MJ vs Rasixt MJ fan !
    “” Ants are my family “”
    1. More ants in the Streets ….
    2. Ants brokes all shop-windows … they seen they sellfs as apes !
    3. Apes in the Mirror shop …
    4. Screaming zoo in New York …
    5. The black ants ….
    6. Idiot s on the street of Bell air …. MJ was there
    7. Escape from the Jungle …. they are as wild animals in the Streets ….
    8. Black panters are stoned with a blowing black ass …
    9. They are hunting on bannanas …. [ Sold out ]
    10. MJ the white guy with an black poop man …. hand in hand !

  5. The most black human are criminals full gangs and dru*s rapes girls and MJ rapes boys .
    Its proofs that the black human more danger is than IS !

  6. Whitey idols got to get cancelled. Michael Jackson has been officially vindicated by popular opinion. The army of giants, a billion + strong. You ivory pigs will pay for your blind ignorance. Black power will destroy you pink skinned porkers. You stink of moldy sausage and grease. We steal your white women, fuk em’ and flee. Your mamas cry. Soon we will have them as the white man get beat down like the drum. You white devils better watch your backs. We are coming for you. Black won’t crack.

    • You raped white girls you say ? Go help for Africa and you are a hero !
      Hey black canibal Black power is the same as white power , you are the same i read .
      Why are the most young boys was filmed was white boys ?
      Moron !!!!

  7. You sick elvi fans need to reap what you sow. The fat porky is officially cancelled, due to the allegations! How dare you rip into sweet, kind, generous, loving Michael Jackson. You idiots were told many times, the media lies and those little brats want to shake down Michael Jackson. Get rich quick, sue the Michael Jackson estate. Wade, Jimmy and Dan Greed will burn in hell. Research the truth and it’s not written in tabloids! Michael Jackson is a pioneer of pop and African American music. You white devils stop the lies on a good man. Michael fukked the white man’s king’s daughter, and then dumped her sorry ass, when he was finally done with shaking her relentless. Her body was torn as Michael left her more than just sexually satisfied. Lisa Marie Pelvis begged the true king for more of his HUGE manhood. No pink nobs for Lisa! Michael is love, Michael is peace, Michael is devotion, Michael is innocence, Michael is saintly!

    • No the black apes are so dump they cant work for an economic land they are so lazy and MJ was lazy he or she playbacked on stage and it is never a king ! MJ is king of phedopile .
      The white race wins Always ! Black apes are to angry and the rapes kids and old womans .
      Black people are soon to Germany lol

  8. Hey rasist MJ fan what do think of black Gypsy s ???
    The Gipsy s made pure music from the bottum of thou soul !!! LIsten to the “” Gypsy Kings “” !!!
    They are now more white than 200 years ago ! Gypsy s are better than the Black african race .
    I am so free as a Gypsy … sings Elvis .

  9. Hmmm…. why do you hates white people MJ rasist fan ?
    Why do you living in a country with white people , why dont you removed to a country with onley black people , so if you do that than are an man with balls , if dont do that than are you hypocrite !

    Why was MJ white in his last 30 years ? Give me the answers !

  10. Priscilla hated poor Michael. She FORCED her daughter to divorce that sweet man because she did not want her to have Michael’s black babies. She wanted to keep the legacy of her ex husband’s white bloodline intact. The white devils will never admit it to your face, but they have an agenda of hate. Michael cried as LM spit on his undying love and left him a broken man. He begged her to stay. She was as cold as a snake!

    • Lisa was 2 years marriet with MJ , not Priscilla ?
      Ohh… Dis you know that Priscilla is going to leave Elvis for Mike Stone …. and Mike Stone is a black guy ! How can Priscilla hates black people than ? She was in loved of Mike Stone her karate teacher .
      Learn before you writhing ! Homework .

  11. red pig get off michaels ass request denied for you racist scum
    michael jackson is KING
    we luv michael stop the hate
    bk lives matter u white pigs dont
    leave fat white pig alone
    requiet denied !!!

    • Leave the MJ white pig alone , you mean ?
      Fat white pig was Debbie you mean ?
      MJ was a rasist you say ……. Yes thats why he danced as a white ballerina !

  12. Michael !!!!
    Your the KING.
    Thoes dump evil fans will pay for lies !!!
    The world luvs the sexy dances. Dont be jealos.
    The ARMY has spoken. Fuk YOU pigs blind !!!
    We are UNITED to fight you dumb fuks. Michael is 100% INNOCENT !!!

    • English please ?
      MJ s nose was a pigy nose thats treu !!
      Why was MJ changes as a white pig ?

  13. You white devils will soon be held accountable for your lies on the KING of POP, Michael Jackson. Pull down all the whitey statues and up with the great African American heroes. Vote in congress to make Michael Jackson’s birthday is a legal national holiday like MLK day. You honkies make us sick. You ivory, pink skinned pigs smell like swine. We are coming for your white daughters, like when Michael tore the pig king’s daughter up in front of her racist mama. Prissy was smacked around by Michael’s entourage.

    • Uhhh.. Prissy ? Priscilla was the mother of Lisa ….. hahahaha
      Lisa was with MJ , are you used lsd ?

    • Amen, brothers and sisters. Whitey wants to destroy Michael because he was KING. He could do whatever he wished. Those white pigs have no shame!

      • Here in Holland hates black people the black piet …The Black piet was an figure for the black crow of wodan and wodan was the Santa clause …. Why did the black people living in a white Europa if they hates us ???
        Its the same as i going to play in a den with lions !!!
        The china people lives 120 years in Europa and no wrong word or crime from them . The haved an sweet loverly caracter and the working hard in Holland in China restaurants !!!
        With China people no problems here in Europa .
        Black people = alway problems here , and why ????? Do normal !!!

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