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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Where will Mr. Kitty end if he is kicked out of Portugal? Probably Brazil. I saw a documentary; there are a lot of street boys over there. Clifford would be in heaven. Old bittersweet memories of Elm House and the young British lads.

    • STFU, you dirty white boy. Like Michael, Cliff Richard was falsely accused and vindicated. Apologize to Cliff and the Michael Jackson estate now. They have always been INNOCENT !!!

  2. Hannibal was definitely made to eat crow as it was shoved so far deep down screaming throat, his little eyes begun to sprinkle the tears of agony and pain. Frustration lives in his pounding heart as his body is ravished by the aging Mr Kitty. His foul mouth brutalized as his bleeding lips are sewed shut by slippery fingers. Because of the swift beating, Hannibal is still hiding. I laugh and laugh and laugh. And for the idiot that cries, “Leave Michael Alone!”

    Request denied. lol.

  3. You awful people need to leave Michael alone. He cant defend himself against your lies. We luv U Michael. Our king.

  4. I think that the Kook Justic MJ fan was with his family removed to Africa to saved the poor Africaan people .
    An warning for that Kook MJ fan ; Dont imitate as MJ in Africa , his dirty image can seen as you for a Jaill 30 years long in that country ! MJ was a crime there too.

  5. Hey Red Lady there is an song : “” Beautifull Barados “” on Cliff Richard facebook .
    Was Hanniball sing in that clipp and who is Hanniball in that clip ? Cliff is singing too .
    And Hanniball is in that house hiding for visit Cliff and after Kitty s song he will hug Hannibals balls ! lol

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Those two are like two peas in a pod. Love, exciting and new. lol.

  6. Okay, the Michael Jackson “fans” here are clearly trolls. Ha ha ha

    Thanks for the laughs!

  7. Loads of new Prince music coming out to enjoy, while all Michael McJackson has is the low selling “Scream” CD. It has been years since Sony had new material on the spinning woodpecker.

  8. Hey Meatloaf. since Handicapped Hannibal ran off screaming, with tears in his little eyes, it looks like I’ve won.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Very good observation about the statue of the baby Julian. It is possible that Hannibal and Mr Kitty are both locked up in Brussels.

  9. Hey “music fan” poster, I know that ‘The Rock” is an actor of action movies like “The Scorpion King” and its sequels.

  10. Hey Meatloaf, Emperor Prince is back on the UK DVD charts with his masterpiece, “Sign O’ The Times.” I raise my glass high.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Yes it is indeed. The celebration of the return of Emperor Prince continues. The sound of the bubbles sizzling in my tall glass makes the party even more fun. With my twisting heel on his screaming head, Hannibal’s mouth and tongue gobbles the grainy dirt. Cheers !!!!

  11. Bravo, bravo to all the classic artists selling more than Michael McJackson this week in the UK. Ahhhhhhh….the list is getting mighty long. lol.
    Bee Gees
    Whitney Houston
    The Beatles
    David Bowie
    Vera Lynn
    Fleetwood Mac
    Fleetwood Mac
    Bob Marley–top ten
    Elton John
    Liam Gallagher
    Neil Young
    Bob Dylan

  12. All Right , for the KookOok MJ fan . If the black people will not seen as racist , than will the black people used no dr*gs and gangs and guns and raped girls anymore . You put youreself all black people in a wrong way , clean up youre image and let seen that you can work and help poor people and bring old lady s flowers and saved Africa , . If you think you was a slave 200 years ago go back to africa and help youre grand daddys roots . Its yours real Country . If I know that my race was a slave out Africa , than i am going back to my real Africa roots …. thats makes you an better person for youre Africans blood . Help youre real blood and help Africa richer than youre going to heaven ! Why are you standing in a country with a history that youre grand pa was a slave ???
    Help youre Africans people thats makes you are a king ! Pray

  13. Michael !!!
    Go Michael !!!
    Michael Jackson has reached the the top of the charts.
    Bravo bravo !!!

  14. White racist John Wayne’s name being removed from airport. Fight the power of whitey. Michael Jackson International Airport sounds good for the replacement. You white devils beware. We are coming for you soon.

    • No Elvis is The King of all Races he haved no coloure , his first friends are black and he haved a loved affair with a black woman and she has a baby from Elvis ! Ooooops…. mabey is Elvis in youre family ? lol

    • John Wayne was not a racist he was an actor and he has 3 spanisch wifes ! If he was racist than he have onley a white woman . He has 3 Spanisch woman s they are half black ! Hahaha … you haved a very low level ! Are you 10 years old ?

  15. These horrific, heartless clowns put down Michael because a black man cannot reach the heights of their white heroes, who have been officially surpassed by the beautiful Michael Jackson. Jealousy is a disease. The racist media wants to tear down African American culture because white children want to follow black giants like the legendary Michael Jackson. If Prince was still alive, he would be ashamed to have moron fans like you. He admired Michael and did a duet together that was never released because of Prince’s record label, Warner Brothers. They wanted to create a fake war between the two black musical icons. Elvis and The Beatles were proven racists in the days before the black man or woman could rise to the top with their own music. The Jackson 5 changed the game rules for black artists in the 70’s, and Michael fought for equal justice for black artists in the fabulous 80’s. You white people should be ashamed for ripping Mike!

    • Yes thats why the white men shoot yesterday in a publik . The white men is ready for war you are to little in that land and you are the same as that white men no dffrends all rasist is the same hate .
      MJ marriet with no 1 black woman ??? Why ???
      He bleach his skin , his sisters and brother was black and that will say that MJ hates his family and black people.
      Elvis was blacker in his voice , music and his face was red indian !!! He was a native american , his grand grand mother was an native american . And his mothers line was Jews and indiaan native american . His daddy was blood line was in Holland and UK . They are believes in Jesus !!! Jesus was a white jew !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, do you think that Prince would be ashamed of his loyal supporters that stick up for him through thick and thin?

        Michael McJackson had a wedding with little Jimmy Safechuck. The two lovebirds were seen on security footage, looking at child size rings.

        • No , Red Lady i think that Prince gives more albums and more concerts after the corona !!!!

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Hannibal was definitely made to eat crow as it was shoved so far deep down his screaming throat, his little eyes begun to sprinkle the tears of unholy frustration. I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Because of the brutal can kicking, Hannibal scooted away like a crying hyena.

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