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  1. Paris Jackson is black. She said so herself. You envious presley fans are racist and apparently extremely jealous that the real king dumped LMP for the much more beautiful Debbie Rowe. Deb was a kind and loving wife yo the towering king of pop, r&b and rock. Not all black children are dark. Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket Jackson all look like Michael. He is their father. LMP refused to have Michael’s babies because she is a secret racist. She used Michael to get famous, then purposely broke his heart. All you terrible pelvis goons are the same. Your lies have been discounted over and over by educated Michael Jackson fans. We fight for truth. Justice will come for the awesome legacy of the one and only man of the century, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. His name is Michael, not W*cko or J*cko. You horrible people are tabloid junkies.

  2. How come the “Billion Army Of Love” can’t get Wacko to #1? Elvis and “The Beatles” reached number one with their compilation discs, decades after they ended.

    • Fuk you, you lying white devil. Michael Jackson is #1 and has surpassed your white idols. Quit the lies on the honorable Michael Jackson. He changed the world when he broke the color barrier on MTV.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey united soldier, are you going to squirt me in the face with your water pistol?

  3. I have a question for the “Justice” k00k.

    Are Michael Jackson’s three children black?

    Is Paris Jackson a black woman?

    If so, who does she resemble? Erykah Badu or Gabourey Sidibe?

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha

    Thanks for the laugh “Michael Is Love”.

    Michael Jackson straight.

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    What a hoot!

  5. Breaking news the MJ fan will kill us all we call Dr,Murray for a fatale last demerol and he seen MJ in the Hell ! lol

  6. Hey MJ stupid fan hahahaha…. i find it out that the most MJ fans in a playback show of MJ where the most 90 % white ???
    You call white pigs to all MJ fans too …. hahahaha what a karma . You haved no one zero brains of MJ fans !

  7. You white devils will soon pay for your fukking lies against the rightful KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. The red karen is gonna find herself with her jaw broken, her skill cracked open and her fukking eyes burnt out with bleach. Midget prince was a pig that catered to the pink honky hogs. STFU, PIG. Michael’s lives matter and you can’t do nothing to stop the king of pop’s true reign. The soldiers are ready to do battle with you racist white evil fossils. Fuk you beasts blind.

    • The most MJ fans are white ? Hahahaha……
      Prince haved the most fans in all coloure as Elvis fans too …. The most Elvis fans lives in Japan !!!
      MJ bleach his skin ! And Red Lady is a loverly lady i loves her so much !!!!

      • Fuk the red lady. That b*tch needs to get off Michael’s ass. Fuk prince and the white evil devil that stole from the backs of the black man’s blood, sweat & tears.

  8. Congrats to Meatloaf as Elvis’s “The Searcher” DVD returns to the top ten in the UK. Tiny Michael McJackson’s crap “Moonwalker” DVD falls from number sixteen to a very disappointing thirty this week. Ahhhhhhh….Hannibal still hides his twisted face. Lots of classic artists are selling more than the screaming skeleton this week in both the US and the UK. lol.

  9. Great news for Prince fans, Meatloaf. “Sign Of The Times” is being reissued with over sixty unreleased tracks. The celebration continues. I pop the cork on the wine bottle and pour into two wine glasses. I see that Hannibal still hasn’t crawled out of his rabbit hole. He lost and now he hides his pinched up, bitter mug. Ahhhhhh….the retard screams.

    • Hey Red Lady thats good news 2 botle red wine with that album ” Sign Of The Times ” Cheers !!!!
      Prince as The King !!!!

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Yes, Meatloaf….Emperor Prince’ “Sign Of The Times” is going to have many discs of previously unreleased material, many hours of exciting performances. You and I can toast and raise our glasses high. I see that the retard still has his bobbling head buried in the rabbit hole as we celebrate the incredible fortune of a Prince domination. It is a great time to be alive in the purple reign. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your loyal support. Elvis fans are not obviously jealous of Prince Rodgers Nelson.

  10. “” Mj s forgotten image “”
    1. Seen me as a girl
    2. I sing with boy in my badroom ..
    3. I Climbing in a tree with my point nose ..
    4. MJ fans loves my crimes …
    5. Dr. dead saved my live …..
    6. You can find me as a skeleton …
    7 My new pets are worms an ants in my coffin .

  11. New Meatloaf interview “” Old school boys “”
    1. Hey old man who is that man on this picture ? Old man said ; An balerina with an point nose ???
    2. An old lady comes to me and she take tah picture with Mj and she destroyed the picture and said to me “” Go away with that Phedophale Beat it singer . That is no a man , she run after me with an frying-pan and she said MJ devil go away ….
    I screams “” No i am an anti MJ interview.

    Oooppsss everybody hates the IT Clown from neverland .

  12. An new interview “” Meatloaf ,lol interview school kids about MJ ? “”
    1. Hey kid who is that man on this picture = Kid speak “” A man ? that is a girl dumbase ?
    2. Meatloaf ; Kid thats MJ .. = kid speak “” Who is MJ ?
    Another kid on school :
    1. And who is that man on a picture = Girl speak … oh thats an girl with a woodpecker nose !
    Yes say Meatloaf !
    Another kid run to me and say oh that picture is a kids predator in Leaving Neverland , my mother warning for that predators.
    Wow i Meatloaf will said MJ is destroyed and nobody seen MJ as a fake artist , but as an Phedopiele image .

  13. Hey MJ fan do you realist the the most white people in USA and in Europa choise for extreme right kkk ?! Thats very danger for you black aliens and MJ fans ? The future is bad .

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