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  1. Michael is Love ?
    1. Leaving Neverland = love ???
    2. 60 min. mates doco = love ???
    3. MJ used an donor seed and pay it to Debbie ??? =love
    4. Lisa will seen MJ with kids in his bedroom = love ???
    5. MJ s Beat it and Bad and Smooth Criminal clips are love ????
    His Image is full of HATE and his clips is a promo for criminals ! Its full of hate !
    He raped young boys and thats full hates and manipulation its a pure crime !
    MJ is an horror criminal predator !
    MJ fans loves his crimes as love ?????

    Dr Murray there work for you …

  2. Love will always be the answer as Michael always said. Michael Jackson is quickly heading back to #1. Hooray, hooray, the KING of pop is still on top today. We love you, Michael. What don’t you racist evil fans understand? Mike was found innocent! The jealous old time evil stans don’t like that Michael has crushed their fat hero. The white man’s king was officially dethroned by the true KING of the world. Lisa Marie Pelvis rocked by Michael’s sexy body! She admitted on camera that Michael was a fanatic lover. He made love to thousands of satisfied women from around the world. Love is better than hate. Make a change in your hateful hearts before it gets too late!

    • MJ is an Phedophiel thats why Lisa is run away from that IT clown !
      MJ is the real live IT Clown [ a Horror movie that eat kids ]

    • There is no one visit MJ s grave this year wit a candle ? And one 1 MJ fan visit Neverland its empty !
      Wow what a image !
      Was he black or white ?
      The most school kids say MJ is a white girl !

  3. Michael’s statue does up as we tear your white idols down. I smell the bacon sizzling, you white pigs.

    • MJ is banned from the radio stations worldwide and all his his statue s is removed worldwide and destroyed !
      The Phedophiel statue is a danger image for kids ! Kids are now saved

  4. Fear of a black planet. You white devil crackers will pay for your crimes against people of color. Disappear whitey. Not only was LMP taken by Michael Jackson, brothers are rocking all the white man’s horny daughters. We control the world now, pink pigs. Your skin smells of raw pork. Thank you KING Michael. You helped change the world. The white head gets kicked down, fools. Your daughters have black babies, honky. That bi*tch LMP hurt our sweet Michael. He died with a broken heart because of her racist games. Daddy’s white little girl ripped apart by the angry black man. Whitey ain’t gonna do nothin.

    • Here in Europa seen we that the most Black aliens seen Raped girls , bring Dr*gs in Europa , and they steels juwels and robber shops and robber homes and they haved a big mouth and they haved guns ??? An very loverly race … thats an great image he ? Pffff….. they are the seconds Germany SS in Europa.

    • And we hopes that an second hit*er will back and shoot all the black outsiders to mars thats a better idea .

  5. You racist crackers make us sick with tearing Michael Jackson down. Love a child and take him into the life of Michael’s awesome vision. It’s the freedom to choose love over hatred, peace over war, life over death. Michael changed the world with his message of everlasting love. Haterz gotta hate. Dance with your partners and speak out against the terrible elvis freaks, jealous of KING Michael’s reign. Michael was crowned KING of Africa. You white devils will pay for your lies of a fake history. Michael’s statures will come up all across the world. You cannot stop an army that a billion strong. We are united in our quest for JUSTICE. Get on your knees to the fearless black soldiers. whitey man. We have your daughters and spit on your fat white king. Michael has reached number one in every country in the world. The army is ready for another battle. You devils are marked. We are coming for you soon.

    • There comes a time when 1 man or woman stand up and put all the black people on 1 place and go to mars .
      The earth is for white people and mars for black aliens .

  6. We fight for love, we fight for justice
    We stand proud and free
    United soldiers take down the enemy
    Fools against the true KING shall suffer the wrath
    Guns are loaded and ready
    Those fools tied like roasted hog
    Statues of the white pigs knocked down
    Bodies dragged through the streets
    In every city to city across the great divide
    You devils will pay with coin
    The fight has only begun with an army of billions
    The soldiers united for Michael Jackson,
    Charge full speed ahead
    You crackers are as fukking good as dead
    Heed the warning, feel the dread
    Suffocation pigs, down on all fours
    The white king’s daughter used and abused
    The strong black soldiers take turns on her limp body
    She begs for more after we even the score
    Your white faces flushed with fear
    It’s time to rip, it’s time to tear
    Shut your fukking mouths, breaking the spirit of evil
    The puppet pelvis broken by the quick strike of master KING Michael Jackson
    Midget prince destroyed, Paisley Park in flames
    His fukking name is dwarf, of course
    The purple pain has no gain
    Statues torn down across the USA and the world
    But Michael Jackson’s image shall be raised tall from ground to sky
    And those selfish white devils will always wonder why….

    • Hooray, hooray!!!!
      Michael’s soldiers for JUSTICE. The world fights to keep our KING on the throne. Woman beater midget prince died in an elevator, alone. Jealous elvis fans lost the battle and fight. Michael Jackson rises to #1. We love you, sweet man. Michael is love. Stop the hate.

  7. Michael Joseph Jackson was a deadbeat.

    The ugly mutated PeeDoughFile died $400+ million in debt. The Demerol addicted loony was seen in the Bashir documentary buying expensive junk.

    Wacky spent at least $200 million buying the silence of about two dozen young boys.


  8. Wacko had a feces fetish.

    He used to make “doo-doo” balls out of his leakage and fling the contents at his staff. He was even banned from Las Vegas because he trashed a hotel room and smeared his “poopy” all over the walls, floors, bedsheets etc.


  9. Amazing how Dr. Murray (a black man) was able to brutally murder Michael Jackson (a white woman) and only serve two years behind bars.

    The good Doctor was thankfully released earlier than his initial sentence. Upon release, he shared many secrets about peEdo Jacko and made bank. Now the Doc lives comfortably and works at a children’s hospital. Saving kids is his calling.

    Bless you Conrad Murray!

  10. Hey “Soldier” floon, LMP admitted Wacko couldn’t get it up for her. Also he looked more feminine than she did. His body was repulsive; he had no muscle definition. He looked like a wet noodle.

  11. No white person was whiter than Michael McJackson. The woodpecker’s brief life did NOT matter. Thank you, Dr Conrad Murray. Your life definitely matters to many after giving the dancing skeleton his fatal injection of poison.

  12. Hey, who let the screaming reptiles out?

    Ahhhhhh….the severely retarded Hannibal hangs his lowly head in shame. Where did you go, sunshine?

  13. The nasty white race MJ fan the rasist here haved 1 problem in this Universum ?
    Was God an rasist ? Yes he made the Universum BLACK with white suns ? Hahahaha….. lol

  14. In Africa bring the white men help for the black people for food and medicine Unicef enz … The farmers gift green food and milk for the africa native people , and now will the black africa kill the white farmers ???? Ok do not cry in far future for help for foods and medicine by the white doctors and farmers , we not help you anymore … by by by … Than we the white people will be more richer here than in africa ….. No music cd s anymore in africa , it was made in Europa the cd s !

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