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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. “” Little Julian “” and “” Skinny MJ “”
    1. MJ loves Little Julian s carrot ….made in Belgium .
    2. I am skinny and creapy ….
    3. Hi i am peter pan and i pee as little Julian in a pool !
    4. Butter in my hair was made from Belgium …. ?
    5. Julian pee was holy for MJ .
    6. Door knockings as two julians !
    7. On the gates of Neverland was Julian seen ?
    8. Hi Ha Pee … MJ s pee in julians doll .

    This new album is released for the movie Leaving Neverland 2

  2. New doco: Leaving Neverland 2 “” Naked painting “”
    1. MJ s hair wasching with the Julians golden pee “” !
    2. MJ painting his doll as pee boys ….
    3. Speed Demon was Hannibal with MJ s poop on his shoes !
    4. MJ his robot voice was made from Julians rusty pee ……
    5. Choco doll as Julian in MJ s mouth ….???
    6. Burn my eyes if i seen the naked Julians on MJ s painting wall …
    7. Removed all the naked painting from Neverland s walls !

    The End .

  3. Hey Red Lady, maybe Hannibal should try breastfeeding Wacko’s corpse. If that doesn’t work, his girlfriend Caitlyn should feed Wacko.

  4. Michael Jackson was a sick pervert.

    I saw a photograph from Neverland; it was a door knocker of two young boys kissing each other.

    Wacko also commissioned a painting of himself almost naked surrounded by naked young boys.

    Not a woman in sight!

    • Yes Bubbles , There was more sick pervert painting of mimselfs with naked young boys ..
      And MJ painting himself as a king ??? So sick he was Brrrrrrr………..

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yep, Bubbles….Michael McJackson was a proud and bold peacock. Neverland was one of the creepiest boy lover hideaways on the planet. The wild, wild woodpecker just loved his nude boys. Of course, the kissing boy door knocker tells the full story of Michael McJackson for the whole world to see. No girls or women allowed, unless they were hired maids to pick up Wacko’s turds, manpons and dirty undies.

  5. Duets Hannibal MJ and Cliff Kitty
    “”We Looking at little Jullian “”
    1. The whole day long we looking at little Julian in Brussel ……
    2. We drinking the pee water of Julian …
    3. Doll copy of Julian …. its Hannibal selfs .
    4. Kitty cliff rocks under the Julian fontein ….
    5. MJ s little dingle was find in Hannibals bed ?
    6. Julian s pee Rock …
    7. Hannibal call Julian as Albert in Brussel !
    8. Tuttie Julian ….

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, Hannibal obviously knows that the utterly disgusting Michael McJackson would absolutely be frantic for little Julian in Brussels. The clown had plenty of boy statues through out Neverland. Mr Kitty would certainly enjoyed the sights and sounds of Belgium. It would be a great help to law enforcement if the hiding boy lover, Clifford could finally be located. Did you hear any more news about McJackson’s rotted carcass being removed from its golden casket at Forest Lawn this Memorial day weekend? The stink of the wormy skeleton shall fill the great halls inside the mausoleum.

  6. Facts seem to leave the bitter, spiteful Hannibal. Prince is officially credited as the top selling artist in both the eighties and nineties. But somehow, Hannibal skips these facts. Gee, I wonder why?

  7. Hey Hannibal, do you often drink from the fountain of the Manneken Pis?

    Those sweet lips, that dribbling little chin. It’s Little Julian in the garden. The twisted, boy loving Michael McJackson would probably love Belgium. He loved putting his open mouth on dollies, statues and boy mannequins. Too bad the screaming woodpecker is still stone cold dead.

  8. Emperor Prince is a full priced artist. His masterworks are sold as limited editions. Michael McJackson is bargain bin, sold cheap at clearance prices. Of course, once Prince’s stock sells out, no more are printed, therefore cannot chart. It is an extremely simple concept, but Hannibal does not seem to grasp. That is not my problem, you screaming little clown. You were told the score thousands of different times. Ahhhhhh….the tears drench your heaving bare chest as you suddenly drop to your twisted knees in front of the nude Mr Kitty. Those suction cup lips sure make a lot of slurping sounds as the aging Clifford’s slippery fingers pinch that disgusting honker up towards his crusty navel. Gobbling gracious, great balls of fire!

    • 55 albums and no chart entries
      No limited editions
      prince is a one dollah artist
      a budget store artist
      prince doesnt sell thats why his cds are so cheap
      there is no demand so the price is low

      prince was never a topseller not even in the 80 s or 90 s

      face the facts

      just yelling isnt enuff u gotta back it up Albert

  9. Hey Meatloaf, did you know that when Michael McJackson croaked, his old mama, Mama Wacky tried to feed her dead son her old chocolate breasts? To McJackson’s dead mouth her pointed nips went. She actually believed the beaten carcass would mysteriously come back from the dead, if she gave him nourishment. She was wrong. Of course, Hannibal has a nasty habit of sucking various wands bone dry. Down the torn throat they go. The milky bubbles even leak out of his snout as his eyeballs budge out from their disgusting sockets. Hannibal definitely has the bubbling, slobbering mouth of a guppy. The suction of his pimpled tongue is extremely powerful.

    • OKay Albert
      How much did the queen album sold world wide ( remember Albert u lost this once before )
      How much did the Eagles album sold world wide
      Where is the document with Forbes
      What was the highest position for scream in New zealand

      show us your knowledge and remember officially documented

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yep, Michael McJackson’s cheap bargain bin opus, “Number 35’s” is doing swell. Oops, the best selling classic artist in the UK is still Elton John, who continues holding on in the top ten this week. All the following classic acts sold much more than McJackson, yet Hannibal ignores them. lol.

      David Bowie
      Bob Marley
      Fleetwood Mac
      Oasis again
      Fleetwood Mac again
      Elton John #1 selling classic artist.

      Ahhhhhh….what happened pelvis fans? “50 Greatest Hits” fell 9 notches from #47 to #56. It is such a shame how his fans are no longer supporting him by at least returning him to the top ten in 2020. Don’t cha worry about Emperor Prince, sweetpea. He is not in the bargain bins. The purple one remains a full priced artist.

      • Billboard 200 – 200 artist outselling prince
        UK album top 100- 100 artist outselling prince
        DVD music top 50 – 50 artist outselling prince

        prince is not selling – not 1 album

        out of the forbes top 10

        No Impact

        au revoir , Albert

  10. It is the chapters of lost love and lonely hearts…..
    Hey Meatloaf, Michael McJackson most definitely collected dollies and boy mannequins at his twisted lair, Neverland Valley ranch. Dr Conrad Murray helped kill McJackson in a rented mansion in the Hollywood hills. As for the infamous Mr Kitty, the old boy lover is looking for a nude male babysitter to also give him his milk in his Spanish bungalow. The Kitty cries when he dreams of his old haunts, including the Elm Street Men’s Club. We must all wonder what is going on behind the scenes with Clifford these days. Is he a lonely old heart, looking for male to male action, or is he hiding in his last days as he lays on his filthy mattress pad? Benjamin is a bold little twit, who loves putting other artists like Emperor Prince down in favor of his heroes, especially the brutal child and chimpanzee molesting clown, Michael McJackson. I can certainly hear the endless screams beyond the cemetery gates. Do you think that Hannibal is trying to contact the tormented spirit of Michael from his basement rat hole in Belgium?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Was that Hannibal that was trying to drink out of the little dundee of the Manneken Pis?

        Some call the lost urinating boy, Little Julian. Hey Meatloaf, most of Belgium is French.

  11. Hanniballs Psygo book .
    A. How is the brains of Hanniball to be created ?
    B. Is there any help for Hanniballs psgyo s minds ?
    C. Last option help for Hanniball is seek help by dr Murray !
    D. Or let Hanniball playing with dolls from Neverland !
    E. Call Kitty if he will to beware on Hanniball as a baby sitter !

  12. Yep, that is what kind of trick Hannibal uses after you turn the tables. Hannibal calls Prince a “family f*cker” but you are mot allowed to mention the well known abuse papa Joseph did both Michael and LaToya. Hannibal likes to spew dirt, but when it is flung back, he claims that I am getting off on McJackson’s childhood pain. There is no reason to make up stories. All of those in the family admit that Joseph beat and sexually abused his offspring, especially Michael and LaToya. Katherine’s plea for him to leave LaToya alone went ignored. Common McJackson family knowledge.

  13. Hey Meatloaf, the retard suddenly decided to name me after one of his young boyish lovers that dumped his sad little can. Obviously, there is something seriously wrong with the screaming palsy’s empty head. It probably does get drunk on fumes of jock itchy, raw but young dong. Those gyrating hips pumping fast and furious. Of course, the sweat of male to male action drives Benjamin wild, just like it did his tarnished, dead idol, Michael McJackson. Handicapped Hannibal probably tries on his poor mama or sister’s clothes. Michael McJackson loved to wear LaToya’s panties and bras. He could definitely smell Joseph’s spunk on her little undies.

  14. Hey Hannibal, no family was ever more into incest as much as the sick McJackson clan. After taking a raw skin slicing while totally nude with Joseph’s flying whip, the chunky daddy crawled into bed with little LaToya. She screamed as her dirty papa did the wild thing with her beaten body. Michael cried as he tried to wipe his fathers slobbering drool from his little mouth.

    Michael McJackson was forced to taste LaToya’s wet. moist tacky from the slobbering tongue of daddy Joseph himself. He cried softly as night as he heard LaToya being ravished with pounding thrusting hips. The clown covered his tiny little ears, but nothing to stop the intensity of his sister’s blood curdling screams.

    • U totally lost it.
      R U tpuching ypurself Albert
      U r at the wrong forum Albert
      I told U before U r adding things to stories.

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