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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Ahhhhhh…..on the UK update charts, Michael McJackson falls from #30 to #36, but Elton John still remains in the top ten! Hey retard, it looks like any possible sales jump was cut short by the reality of the overstocked McJackson catalog that continue to pack tight in the cheap budget opuses in the bargain bins. The British have too much of their homegrown boy lovers, like the rapidly aging, Mr Kitty. Some retailers claim that some of the endless Michael McJackson CD’s first entered the bottom of the plastic canisters in 2009, the year of the clown’s embarrassing nude death. I laugh and laugh and laugh….

    • Ahhhhhh…..on the UK update charts, prince fails to enter the charts again.. Elton John still remains in the top ten! Hey retard, it looks like any possible sales jump was cut short by the reality of no interest in the artist who filled the cheap budget opuses in the bargain bins. The British have too much of their homegrown boy george lovers, like the rapidly aging, Mr Kitty. Some retailers claim that prince entered d the bottom of the plastic canisters in 1984 , the year of the family f*ckers one hit wonder purple pain . I laugh and laugh and laugh….

      • Her name is not Albert idiot .
        Hanniball are you drunking ?
        Or haved you dressing youre as a woman ? Retard !

  2. Ahhhhhhh….the self proclaimed, “Mr Knowledge” does not know the difference between facts and fantasies. The dark soul of Michael McJackson screams in endless pain and death. Emperor Prince has joined the legendary ranks of artists that have been crowned kings in the field of musical excellence. He walks tall on the mountain of crystal, beyond the pleasures of everlasting paradise. The Emperor opens his arms for his wonderful fans to gather in the new holy city. We must walk in silence as the purple one guides us through the heavenly bliss of the sacred temple.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        All early pain and sorrow is erased beyond the entry of the towering gates. The hip problems are gone, you sour lipped palsy. Emperor Prince has the gold experience. His pain has been wiped away with a single brush of his ivory palm.

  3. The extreme pain that comes across Hannibal’s pinched, tart, lemon sucking mug. Hey sweetpea, when dancing nude in the mirror to Michael McJackson, does your throbbing dong swing back and forth to the dated beats?

    Hey retard, Bow Wow was the dancing frog on this season’s “Masked Singer” and did not sing even one Michael McJackson song. Gee, I wonder why? No one sane plays that dead woodpecker anymore. Thank you, Dan, Wade and Jimmy. lol.

    • the charts and the movie and the musical say otherwise

      prince is nowhere

      banned forever – beating women – people hat that- f.cking nephews people hate that

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        All lies on Emperor Prince.

        Michael McJackson is banned for his crimes of battery against boys and male animals.

  4. Actually, there is a huge demand for the music of Emperor Prince. Like the hip shaking pelvis, Prince has a string of live and studio outtake bootlegs for sale at expensive prices. Michael McJackson has none. Jason Malachi doing the vocals, do not count as legit.

  5. Indeed Meatloaf. Emperor Prince is the king. No doubt in a billion years. Knowledge.

  6. It is a fact that Michael McJackson croaked in his own bodily feces.

    And he was nude to boot. lol.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Your delusions do not count as legit truth, retard. Pics prove that Michael McJackson died nude. They ripped off his smock at the morgue and took countless full color shots of McJackson’s shyt stained corpse. His slushy diarrhea was the color of chunky yellow mustard. Hey Hannibal, just because you ignore the facts, does not mean they do not exist.

  7. It is quite funny reading Hannibal attack other artists, when Michael McJackson died completely nude, a boy baby doll enclosed in his stiff, twisted fingers. Of course, the retard believes that calling me, Albert….is kinking me down. He believes it will eventually silence me. Nope.

    Hey Meatloaf, we know that skinny plays with Barbie and Ken as well as boy mannequins. That tongue, those eyes. Hannibal also destroyed his an*l cavity by trying to give birth through his poo canal. Yikes, what stinks, Benjamin?

  8. Michael released BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR: HIStory IN THE MIX on May 20, 1997. It would become one of the biggest selling remix albums of all time with “Blood on the Dance Floor” topping the charts in the UK. Stop what you’re doing, and listen to this album today

  9. New laugh movie of MJ
    “” This is a clown “”
    1. This is not Elvis but an MJ clown ….This it shit !
    2. Run longer as MJ the speed demon …
    3. His golden Climbing tree was now rusty ….
    4. Doll s for sale on Neverland for 1 dollar each !
    5. Woodpecker in Neverland stree …. ohhh its the screaming MJ crow ?
    6. Behind his secret door , discovered by the police on Neverland !
    7. Hanniball was home alone …. in Kitty s home or in Neverland ???

    The End ….. of this laughing movie

  10. Prince has had eight different posthumous albums released in four years. Prince wins again. Lol.

  11. Filthy lies about Emperor Prince in your wicked imagination is still only inside your fevered brain. Prince loved beautiful women and treated them like his princesses. No male orgies. That happened in the Michael McJackson bedroom. The dirty dancer admitted being a cocaine addict. Prince certainly never had Aids. Ask Mayte Garcia and all the other women that called Prince, the Latin Lover. He was catnip to women like Valentino. I know you are jealous and bitter, but Emperor Prince had just as many, it not more than the hip shaking pelvis himself. I can imagine a contest with just these three choices:
    A. The Pelvis 25%
    B. Valentino 05%
    C. Emperor Prince 70%

    70% of all women in the world were polled and said that if they could have any of the three choices as sexual lovers, Prince would be the man. You lose once again, Clyde!

  12. Hannibal was ripping into Meatloaf, and had claimed that folks were calling Little Richard, “the real king.” Now, that the charts reveal no Little Richard anywhere, Hannibal suddenly changes his track to go for the popular opinion. Fact: as for fifties acts, the only one still charting fairly high as of May 2020 is the pelvis. Of course, “The Killer” piano player, Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive, but very old. He is not on the charts. As for “the man in black” albums, his posthumous sales are tapering down. Head spinning Hannibal shows two faces as his rotating skull goes round and round like a screaming Linda Blair. The big three these days are The Beatles, Pelvis and Emperor Prince. There is only one man that reigns on the golden throne. The sparkle of shining gold shimmers in the glorious sun. Prince’s crown has been officially placed on his head as his white silk robe blows in the scattered wind. Your tarnished idol was forcibly removed from the record books and the international airwaves for his disgusting sexual lust of various male tots. Knowledge is very important, especially when lies are kicked to the curb. The pelvis is obviously doing very well, but because of the value of the beautiful ones rarities, Prince stands alone in the fields of musical giants. Hannibal may scream, Hannibal may cry. But nothing will be able to repair the severe damage to Michael McJackson’s dwindling legacy of forsaken gay sin. Both boys and animals were brutalized by the unholy woodpecker. I continue to win, while you continue to lose. Ahhhhhh….the salted tears of the gut wrenching Hannibal fall from his stupid eyes once again. Lol.

    • prince had sex with his s.ster and cousins
      prince had s.x with boy george and little r. chard
      prince beating up women
      prince male orgies
      prince parties

  13. New album soon ?!
    “” Make up clown “”
    1. Scream in Hanniballs ears !!!! [ MJ sings ]
    2. Suck libarace MJ !!! [ Hanniballs sings ]
    3. Albert was Hanniball in Kittys tent !
    4. Little Richard is better than me …. [ MJ sings ]
    5. Lisa help my scandals …please help me [ Beatles medley , MJ sing alone ]
    6. Purple Rain hit my broken nose Aaaaarrrggg ….. [ MJ sings ]
    7. Hanniball is a fool …[ Elvis medley ] bonus song …lol

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, funny post. What language is Hannibal spewing in?

      Ahhhhhh….Mr Kitty. Do you think the old boy lover is all alone in his empty bed?

      • He said i sound as a little baby ?
        Hmmm…. was MJ not that baby in Neverland playing with dolls and do the kiekeboe and laugh as a 4 years old boy ?
        Hanniball sounds as a baby with his same copy comments and call you red lady as albert ?
        How low is that Hanniball !

  14. These are indeed “The Sign O’ The Times.” Meatloaf’s idol, Pelvis rises an amazing 19 notches up from #157 to #138 on the Billboard 200 with “Essential Elvis Presley.” In the UK, the hip swinging man hits close to the top 40 with he packed double disc set, “50 Greatest Hits.”

    Oops, Hannibal bursts another infected blood pimple. Instead of a Camden, “Essential” is a full priced item. However, Little Richard just died and not one of his albums chart. The screaming Hannibal still claims that Little Richard is the true king, yet the old man’s death went completely unnoticed by music buyers. No sales for the rock pioneer. What is great is Emperor Prince remains a top dollar rarity artist. Millions of fans of the purple one are buying his limited edition catalog. Knowledge means it is just another easy victory for me. I win yet again as the retard bows his pumping head in shame. The juice dribbles from its disgusting little mouth of fabricated lies.

    • Lies lies lies

      Everything is on Spotify you tube and download sites

      Nothing rare about prince

      No limited editions

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Knowledge is everything, retard. You cannot not dispute my claims because you know that I have always spoken the truth. You are just trying to erase Emperor Prince’s superiority of rarity in the market. You fail, I win. You lose, I win again. How many beatings must you endure before you finally realize it is over for Michael McJackson?

        Prince continues to reign.

        • Prince’s superiority of rarity- i did type this in google.
          Not one post about the artist prince

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Give us one good reason why anyone would ban Emperor Prince. Hey Hannibal, your twisted imagination does not count as legit bans from the international airwaves.

            • prince is not rare
              4 years after his death he is forgotten
              no spotify no you tube no charts dvd and album
              no tibutes , no diocu no musical no movie
              no dance shows no idols

              gone and forgotten
              all facts

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Congrats, Meatloaf. Your idol, Pelvis is moving up the charts in both the US and the UK. Where is Little Richard?

        It looks like he wasn’t the real king after all.

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