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  1. Cliff gift no more concert this year , i think that Cliff is busy behind his computer to find where lives Hannibal ?
    Google Cliff !!! lol

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      That old boy lover should keep his mouth closed as he awaits his silent demise. Mr Kitty is frightened that karma has finally come for him like it did for Michael McJackson. The Grim Reaper is lurking around the corner as Clifford continues to sleep with both of his old eyes wide open. Still no Hannibal. We all know that Benjamin Barker is scared stiff.

  2. Hello again, Meatloaf. We all know that Mr Kitty is old, plus is the exact age that is what the virus wants to attack. Since Clifford has exchanged bodily fluids from risky encounters anyway, he should be very frightened. As for Hannibal, who sometimes calls himself King Benjamin, apparently does not care how many make tots he infects with his disgusting seed and slimy tongue. Mr Kitty is obviously in hiding, but very lonely. He desires man to boy or man to man contact. Too bad all the gay hot spots are closed, due to corona. Mr Kitty screams for Hannibal’s boy like body so he cam pretend he is with a male tot. However, due to supply and demand, Hannibal has upped his nightly fee for male to male sex action. Clifford’s future tours have all been postponed, so there is no money coming in. Mr Kitty has been trying like mad to entice guests into his secret underground bunker for some good clean fun and nude showers. Like Michael McJackson’s sleepovers, no gals are allowed. Hannibal told Mr Kitty that it will cost him much much more, if he wants his services. Of course, Mr Kitty is crying like a hyena these days. His world has been turned upside down. Hey Meatloaf, word is getting around that Clifford has even reached out to Boy George, but the aging gay legend hasn’t responded. These are trying times for the once mobile Mr Kitty.

    • Hi Red Lady are you lonesome tonight ?… For us as Truckdrivers we haved to much work for the supermarket , more houres more money < "" Money Honey "" We haved an good times on the highways !!!
      I am singing Elvis songs by the supermaked shops , i seen the most people are sad and its more empty on the Streets ! Its likes all the people are gone from this planet ?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        It is different. I figured you would be making more money. Food prices continue to skyrocket due to supply and demand. It is good that Hannibal is nowhere to be found.

  3. Mabey in 2021 we haved the new danger virus it calls as “” Hannibalarona virus – 20 “”

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hannibal’s old mama is very disappointed and ashamed. The handicapped gal that the old woman tried to match up with Benjamin, was immediately rejected by him. He refused to marry her, even as a lavender marriage to please his mama. Of course, Hannibal carries various viruses in his skinny body, but will not get tested. Stay away from him, Meatloaf. After so much hand to wand contact, Hannibal is dangerous in spreading deadly diseases to most of the gay male population, and the unexpected.

      • Hanniball is lives in Neverland s secret cave full with dolls and hopes that Cliff will found Hanniball on Neverland . lol There no virus on Neverland because there is nobody there ?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          The llamas still roam around in the pen, by the big red barn. Hey Meatloaf, the bank was still unable to sell the property. With the world in crisis because of the virus, the bank will have to eat the cost. Serves them right for trusting Michael McJackson. They should level the grounds and build condos.

  4. If i am walking with my big black bear [ Newfy dog ] at the street , its very empty dead , its sounds as the song “” Heartbreak Hotel “” …. its down at the end of that lonely Streets … Ferry Creapy !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yes, it reminds me of the horror classic, “The Last Woman On Earth” or “The Omega Woman.” The streets are empty as the silent killer rages on in the wind. I currently look out into the quiet street. No cars or people even walking their dogs. The virus has spread to every corner of the globe. Hey Meatloaf, Kenny Rodgers has died. Could Mr Kitty be next?

  5. Ahhhhhh….the salted tears drip from those tiny little eyes as billions continue to laugh at the dead Michael McJackson. Hey Hannibal, did Mr Kitty tell you why he has never been in a relationship with a woman like Olivia Newton John, even though she asked him to “Let Me Be There In The Morning, Let Me Be There In The Night.” Instead, Mr Kitty walks the empty streets, looking for some tight boy flesh. Oops…..Michael McJackson’s cheap bargain bins continue to hover on the bottom of the charts, during corona. Hannibal’s disgusting mouth and tongue fills up with the slimy seeds of various males, especially Clifford’s old dundee. That honker gets strung up as the retard’s head gets pumped, fast and furious. The old man’s hip pops as Hannibal’s teary eyes budge out of his bobbling skull. Ahhhhhh….the tard has a balloon in his torn throat. Hannibal screams through the milky bubbles that glaze his skinned little chin.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hi there Meatloaf, it is a ghost town in these parts as well. I am currently staying indoors, unless absolutely necessary. I like all breeds of dogs, especially German Shepherds. Of course, the streets are empty because the ghouls only come out at night. Watch out for Hannibal. He want to spread his deadly corona virus onto your body. He is currently roaming around, looking to grab some cream of sum yong guy. Hey Meatloaf, do you think Mr Kitty is the next celebrity to contact the virus or will it be Benjamin Barker?

    • My favorite dog breeds are Newfoundlander dogs , Germany Shepherd s dogs , and more big dogs and and keeshond dogs !!!

  6. On the dutch highway full of convoi trucks !!!! Its likes the song of ELVIS “” Moving On “” !!!!!

    • The world is likes the as the movie title “” Love a Little , Live a Little !?”” the Elvis movie !!!
      or “” Long Lonely Highway “” without mini cars … lol Honk Honk for the Trucks , its an Truck days !!!!

  7. WTF is going here? Some respect to us, the honest fans, please! Isn’t fair play from you to cheat so fast around the band Queen, king too for Eng H, Elvis.. and on and on… Pls, be fair play with the real voters.

  8. How embarrassing; Taj Jackson’s GoFundMe is over one year old. Out of $777,000 he has managed to raise only $212,000, that is about 27%.

    Ha ha ha

    ONE YEAR & all he has received is a little over a quarter.

    Ha ha ha

    How embarrassing!

    Where have all those BILLIONS of fans gone?!

    Hey Hannibal, how much did you donate to the peEdo defending “documentary”?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yep Bubbles, Taj MdJackson was the same nephew that was photographed with Uncle Wacko with barely any clothes on his body and his undies almost down, exposing his greasy pubes. Michael McJackson lost billions of so called fanatics in 1993, when he paid off his first high profile accuser $25 million to not testify against him in a court of law. Taj needs to pay back the money in his “GoFundMe” account. Corona is hurting Wacko’s dwindling fan base that can not afford to tickets to see the new Michael McJackson musical on Broadway. Ahhhhhh….the screaming hyenas cry as tears fall from their little eyes.

  9. Hey Hannibal, I do talk music.

    ok i shut up this forum is yours

    keep it alive with music stories

    show us your knowledge , be a man

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson was removed from international radio as his mass produced catalog remain unsold and unwanted in the bargain bins. Facts.

      Hey Hannibal, don’t sneeze on your old Uncle Charlie. He was the one who made you a real man when you lost your virginity from his powerful thrusts of passion. Those skinny legs went up over the head as he exploded his seed into your tiny little can.

  10. Everyone loves and respects Prince, who injured his hip and sought out pain medication for relief. Prince albums are limited edition gemstones. Once the stock runs out, they fall out of print. Downloading free music is not like physical sales. Michael McJackson has dated since Sony’s last ditch effort, “Scream” failed to sell or stay on the charts. The remixes were made to modernize the woodpecker’s dated beats. The singles still failed to reach the charts. Sony is livid. They lost money on the Michael McJackson posthumous catalog. No other celebrity was ever a bigger junkie that Michael McJackson, who died nude in his own bodily feces. Dr Conrad Murray even recorded the clown’s slurred speech recording on his cell phone. McJackson sounded like a twisted mouth palsy, but Hannibal ignores that as well. New generations laugh at the dead skeleton and his dopey fanatics. McJackson was forcibly removed from international radio.

    • Michael Jackson is everywhere on the radio.
      New generations keep him on 3 charts 24 7 365
      Dance shows the voice got talent
      Movies musicals docu s

  11. It is hilarious that Hannibal ignores Michael McJackson’s embarrassing drug addiction and death that has his nude carcass displayed around the international globe, but actually believes a clothed Prince in an elevator is worse. Dr Conrad Murray is even on record as claiming that he held the clown’s dundee in his hand every night. Michael McJackson had the most degrading death of any celebrity in Hollywood history. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal continues to skip the facts of McJackson’s dehumanizing demise as his body was desecrated by medical professionals at the city morgue.

  12. Boy George, him of the big hats and amazing make-up, caused filming of The Voice to be halted when he claimed he’d had sex with Prince.

  13. “Bow Down Mister Hannibal”

    My neighbor told me about an afternoon show, which was just put out on the pelvis FTD label. She said the pelvis was in California on a short tour before playing a gig in Lake Tahoe in May, 1974. She said the evening show was bad, but the show prior was a keeper. She has knowledge. You have lies. Hey Hannibal, I do talk music. Warner Brothers is still releasing a flood of posthumous Prince, while Michael McJackson’s “Scream” was the last album that Sony has put out on the dancing woodpecker, way back in 2017. They tried to remix a few songs with modern artists to make him more relevant to a younger generation. It obviously is not working, due to low, low sales. “Scream” is the last Michael McJackson release. It has been three years and Sony is silent. Boy George says you must get on your knees in front of his naval. “Bow Down Mister.” Jealous lies on Emperor Prince will not fly, Benjamin Barker. Does it make you feel good to constantly lie with that stupid mouth and tongue? You have no shame. I believe you need to see an eye doctor. You are going bald and blind.

    • where are those prince albums – not on the charts
      only a couple of thousands lsiten to prince on spotify
      prince is outdated , new generations are not interested in the women beater.

  14. Prince ‘struggled with constant money problems’ despite selling 100million records in his lifetime
    Star refused to allow lucrative adverts, movies or TV shows to use his music
    Sources say he’d also hold concerts last minute on a whim – which often ended up costing the singer
    His alleged drug dealer also claimed Prince would spend $40,000 at time on strong pain killers

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson was the biggest junkie on the planet, and yet, Hannibal talks about the addictions of other artists. At least Prince played concerts before he died. What concert did Michael McJackson complete?

      None. He croaked before doing even one lone show in London’s 02.

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