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  1. What Billboard chart are you actually looking at? Regardless Prince is pretty old school and current generation are not into it, the reality is his music is no longer mainstream or relevant to most people. Streaming has also out stripped physical sales for a while now.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Steaming is free. lol.

      Hey clown, there is nothing that replaces a physical sale, which is why vinyl albums are coming back. Emperor Prince is being released as limited edition material, retard. He does not stuff the bargain bins like boy lover and freak, Michael McJackson. No one pays to listen, when it can be had for FREE. Lol.

      • u r the only one that use limited editions use as an excuse
        prince is outdayed and doesnt sell

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Boy George says “Bow Down Mister.”

          Limited Editions are designed to prevent overstocks like what Sony has done with Michael McJackson. Prince’s posthumous releases are SOLD OUT. Once they are gone, they are gone. Prince does not fill the bins unwanted like the massed produced Michael McJackson. Hey Hannibal. what kind of dundee do you prefer? Boy George says that his is still mighty juicy.

  2. Hey Meatloaf, Hannibal had this forum rigged so he call continue talking to itself. How many boys and men do you believe Hannibal has slept with over the years?

    Mr Kitty most definitely earns the record for having the most victims.

    • u r not talking about music
      u r talking about your obsession – ME
      Talk about prince , Elvis , King Michael

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, when was the year you started going blind from whacking your noodle too much to the dated beats of Thing Michael?

        I have real knowledge on music. You do not.

        • thats why this forum is dead when i leave
          thats why if i leave nobody post something about music

  3. Originals is now the worst selling album in Prince’s entire discography.
    Kinda shocking to me because I feel a lot of the material is strong, but that might be because I’m a die hard.

    A lot of criticisms of the Estate’s choices are out there and most of them do make sense. But it’s still a very disappointing turn out, especially considering I think this set is way better than the P&M83 album.

    • What Billboard chart are you actually looking at? Regardless Prince is pretty old school and current generation are not into it, the reality is his music is no longer mainstream or relevant to most people. Streaming has also out stripped physical sales for a while now.

      • I think that Prince fans have always over estimated Prince’s staying power. Add to the fact that no one buys albums anymore makes it almost impossible to sell any album posthumously.

        They staggered the releases from Tidal, then digital and then physical. This was a mistake as well.

        If Prince fans can’t buy 100,000 copies of al album I fear you’ll start seeing the devaluation of the Vault. You’ll start seeing unreleased songs being released with Kanye doing some shitty rap over it.

        8 months ago
        Exactly. Prince, for the casual listener, hasn’t been a relevant musical force for quite some time. His last Billboard charting song was in 2004 and it was at #75.

        • his, if it weren’t for YouTube, I wouldn’t have even knew the album had been released. I hope all the future releases aren’t done like this.

            • u r the liar .
              His two famclub pages are telling the truth
              the charts are telling the truth
              Forbes is telling the truth

              hey mister u lose again

              • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                Boy George says “Bow Down Mister.” Hannibal gets on his twisted knees in front of the boy’s belly button. The eighties gay legend says you do it so well. U lose again, clown. Lies on Prince, are still just lies.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, do you watch those twisted hands before and after stroking various young dundee?

      The retard has O mouth and sticky fingers. Scrub those palms, you jealous little man.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          My neighbor told me about an afternoon show, which was just put out on the pelvis FTD label. She said the pelvis was in California on a short tour before playing his gig in Lake Tahoe in May, 1974. She said the evening show the next day was bad, but the show prior was a keeper. She has knowledge. You have lies. Hey Hannibal, I do talk music. Warner Brothers is still releasing a flood of posthumous Prince, while “Scream” was the last Sony has put out on Michael McJackson, way back in 2017. They tried to remix a few songs with modern acts to make him more relevant too this generation. It’s not working. Tom Hanks is down under for production of a new pelvis movie has corona. Knowledge.

          You have none, but jealous lies on Emperor Prince. Does it make u feel good to constantly lie with that stupid mouth and tongue?

          • why doncha go to the prince fanclubs and tell they are liars

            check the charts the tiny gay singer isnt on it

            prince is outdated todays generations doesnt care about boy george his ex

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Lies are still lies, clown. Prince is a full priced artist. Michael McJackson packs the clearance bins.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Prince’s fan clubs don’t lie, but you do, sweetpea. Michael McJackson has been removed from international radio. Fact. He is not gone and forgotten because he ravished scores of male tots. Accept the truth, Horrible Hannibal.

  4. You dont need to do food hoarding for the cornora virus , because we driving every day to the supermaket with food , there is enough for everyone .
    And you haved not to buy 100 cd s in 1 houre too …lol
    But onley Buy onley Elvis cd s please !!!!!!

    Last i read that the Russia will more panic with fals corona news in the west countrys ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Meatloaf would gladly kiss a snake that has filled his blood up with poison.

      Too bad KC and Prince didn’t have a baby together. The bloodline would have created a musical mega star. Of course, Prince made passionate love with many lucky women, but I feel Karen would have been the next Shelia E. Both women were drummers, the heartbeat of Prince’s amazing creativity.

      I laugh at your lame shots at Prince’s height. That’s pretty ripe coming from baldy with a giant mole growing out from the side of his ugly face.

      • Wrong answers what i say is not what you answers Red snake lady !
        Go listen to Elvis , its makes youre healty and save !!!

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          That is the sour puss Hannibal’s copy and paste, Meatloaf. The skinny clown is up to no good with another round of dirty tricks. I watched “Frankie And Johnny” the other night on DVD with a neighbor of mine, who invited me over her house for some wine and cheese. She cried on my shoulder about the problems she has with her man. She mentioned that Priszilla was crazy for leaving Elvis for the married Mike Stone, who just used her for some kind of trophy. Of course, the virus has me home a lot now, but it is what it is. Hey Meatloaf, how many boys and men do you believe were ravished by Hannibal’s disgusting wand?

  5. We haved are an very bussy job as an Truckdriver more than ever thats the blame of the Coranoravirus ! But highways and the street is more empty than ever , Honk Honk for the empty ways … lol
    I haved the Elvisvirus … and the Rockabilly virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Red Lady i haved read that the earth billion years ago was Purple ?!! God s favorite colour was first Purple !?
    Elvis and Rockabilly and rock and Roll healt youre saved !!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yes, Meatloaf…..I can surely understand that the highways are empty of traffic. Where I live, we have no food at the grocery store. I have no toilet paper left. I am sure you pull over to the side of the road to get a bite to eat. Restaurants and shops are closing early. Of course, when God created the purple skies, on the seventh day, he created Emperor Prince. I know you live the gypsy lifestyle with the pelvis blaring out of the truck stereo. You have “Chesay.” It is gypsy luck that chases the devil away. Hey Meatloaf, do you know that Michael McJackson actually watched Elvis’s sixties musical, “Frankie And Johnny” because he laughably thought it was about two male tots in love?

      Frankie is another name for Francis, a woman or girl. The clown was bitterly disappointed, but he did steal a couple of the pelvis’s outfits in the film for his own designs. He stole the moonwalk from Bill Bailey.

  6. Ha his Old Red hag thinks I like ole Pedeo Jackson. Ha ha no way can’t stand him.
    Cliff ain’t in Spain .
    Why don’t you go rummage for some old jewellery. Oh better not might catch something off it. Ha his.
    Keep safe at home ole Red hag.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Tourism between Spain and Portugal is suspended due to corona virus. Hey retard, do you know where Clifford took off to during this international crisis?

      It’s true that this epidemic has kept me at home for the time being, but at least I am not running scared. Do you know the whereabouts of that broken up boy loving clown?

      The exploited child tact force and international police are looking for the old British pop star, Mr Kitty.

  7. Meatloaf is just a good nickname for you, TCB. The reason I still use that term, is it fits your personality. Of course, Hannibal would love you to side with him, but at the same time would gladly feed to to the wolves. The retard is a backstabbing liar and will do just about anything to throw you under the bus. He is a blind sheep follower to the cult of Michael McJackson. In reality, he would like you to believe that Prince is a low selling artist and McJackson’s dated CD’s are sold at full price. They definitely are not. With my own two eyes, I still see them stacked high in the bargain bins. No one wants them as they continue gathering dust, unwanted, untouched and unsold. The woodpecker’s latest release was “Scream” that bombed worldwide in 2017. Hannibal likes to inflate to make you believe it was an enormous seller. Emperor Prince’s superior catalog is currently sold out, due to high demand, even during this dire worldwide epidemic. While the Emperor is doing fine, Michael McJackson’s Neverland sin palace remains abandoned and unsold. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Of course, these troubled times are weary, but the great thing is that the woodpecker is still dead and in the tarnished grave at Forest Lawn. Oops, his Hollywood star has been chiseled out of the concrete again. lol.

    • Ha Red Lady you are rip for the grazy-house !!!
      You wants to kill me , i call the police and they opened youre door and you are the worst person ever in the USA .
      MJ was holy more than you son of a B*tch !!!
      Who are you to say who MJ was ? Prince was ugly , Karen kills her ownself suicide !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Again, the real Meatloaf would never say this, clown. You are getting mighty desperate, aren’t cha, sweetpea?

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Hey retard, where is page 930, unless you put it there yourself?

            You have a mighty fresh mouth, boy. Maybe you should have your pimpled tongue removed. Your dumb, folded up eyes are beginning to get misty from the pinching nubs that pull up that bruised little honker. Oops, Hannibal’s sniff upper lip is forced open by greasy, chunky fingers.

  8. Do not worry, Meatloaf. I know that Hannibal is up to his old tricks. I kind of figured he would start getting desperate. Of course, we know that Benjamin Barker steals more than just identities. How many screaming boys recall the awful nights under Hannibal’s broken wings? The retard actually believes he can change the history of his dead idol with a slippery snap of his disgusting sticky fingers. That request has been denied. That is just too bad for the skinny, the weak and timid re re re re re retard. His bloody heart never skips an English beat. Hey TCB, I’ve been checking out first responses to Emperor Prince on You Tube from the younger generation. It has been quite positive. Unlike Michael McJackson, Mr Kitty or Gary Glitter, the towering legacy of the purple one pretty much walks through history free as a bird in a tree. Holland tunnel has some dark secrets exposed for the twisted Michael McJackson and the old as dirt, Clifford Richard. We know that Hannibal scopes for male victims as his paranoid little eyes dart back and forth across the highway

    • Here in Holland is MJ more actief than Prince ? How can you explane that Red Underwear lady ?
      Is youre underwear agian dirty menstrubatie blood . And no i am not fat , you are an ugly witch .

      Prince is gay and his sister tells an story that Prince gives music lessions for kids in his home ??? Ooohhhh Ohhhhh…….

      Kids in Paisley home ??????? What will be found next ???????

  9. Elvis fanclub s in Holland haved an burnout , because Elvis is to BIG for us !!!!!!! “” TOO MUCH “”
    Every day news on Elvis !!! “” GOOD ROCKING TONIGHT “”

  10. Hey old red lady why do you loved Prince ?
    1. He was the same 7 inch little as you ?
    2. His rusty voice ?
    3. As the lowest record sales artist of music ?
    4. As the 1 day hitlist artist , flop artist of all time ?


  11. In bargain bins, I have seen Purple Rain, Very Best of Prince, The Vault, Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, Emancipation, prince, and Come.

    regularly see Emancipation in bargain bins– $4.99!!- BUDGET SSTORE

    I bought about 70 copies of New Power Soul on cd. New, still wrapped, a $1.10 each.- OVERSTOCKED

    I’ve seen everything AFTER “Purple Rain”, and BEFORE “Musicology” in a budget bin at one time or another.- BARGAIN BIN

    from prince his fanclub forum if u want a link let me know

    prince cds are going for one dollar and 10 cents – Bargain bin

    Michael Jackson in the charts fully priced

    i keep debunking her statements

  12. Prince US/ worldwide sales in 2019

    To all the hypocrites that kept on telling they didn’t care about sales, but that are now asking for it lol :
    Best selling physical/digital copies in the US in 2019 (no streaming at all here):
    #86 Purple Rain (92.000 ex.)/98.000 in 2018)
    #138 Originals (68.000)
    1999 : 40.000 copies (including the regular edition)
    The Versace Experience : 15.000 ex.
    Like I said at the time, TVBOP, which used to sell 100/150.000 ex a year before Prince s death, is now cannibalised by 4EVER. Consequence : none of them appeared in the charts this year.
    Discounting Versace experience, the Sony rereleases sold like 50.000 copies.
    In conclusion, in 2019 Prince sold an estimate 350.000 copies in the US. You can double that number to estimate 700.000 worldwide sales
    To compare, Forbes said Prince sold in 2018 250.000 copies in the US.
    His Warner catalogue saw a decrease of 6%, but the Sony re releases + Originals which sold better than Piano…83+ 1999 deluxe make that overall numbers increase

  13. Last week i driving in my truck in the town Uithoorn and i saw an big billboard in a busstation “” What will you done if you was falling in love on a man [ two man on a poster for gays , and they haved the same hair as MJ ?! “”
    The maker of that billboard was an MJ fan i mean ! Yuk , i was in shock !
    Mabey the next poster billboard is Cliff with MJ together … lol

  14. Mr Kitty, Living In The Shadows

    Hey Mr Kitty, what is wrong with your head?
    Oh Mr Kitty, do you talk to the dead?
    Your life was such a nightmare,
    No matter who you think you are
    Your life was such a terrible lie,
    You believe you are a shining star, a super star….
    Mr Kitty, living in the shadows
    We all shine on
    We all shine on
    We all shine on
    Hey Mr Kitty, do you play with their heads?
    Oh Mr Kitty, was his name Harry or little Ted?
    Your life was a nightmare,
    After they raided your house and bed
    The police know what you did and why
    You believe you are a shining star, a super star….
    Mr Kitty, living in the shadows of illegal love
    We all shine on
    We all shine on
    We all shine on
    Hey Mr Kitty, don’t cha cross that damaged bridge, out from Spain.

  15. Ha ha ha ha ha……the retard pretends he does not know who Mr Kitty is. Hey Hannibal, Clifford has tears in his aging eyes. No males want to spread bodily fluids with him because of the deadly coronavirus in Spain. He needs to rock your skinny little body, Benjamin Barker. Mr Kitty was the king of the infamous Elm street sex house in London. Many boys were ravished by the legendary Mr Kitty. Clifford is willing to meet you at a secluded night spot for some man to man boogie.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Tourism between Spain, Portugal suspended due to the deadly corona virus, you lopsided little clown. The nude beaches are only filled with sand and seashells. Clifford is in hiding, fighting for his life. Hey Hannibal, how many identities have you stolen to pretend that Michael McJackson still has more than a cult following in the single digits, worldwide? Ahhhhhhh…..Benjamin’s nude bod was brutally probed by the German police. They are looking for a male with a pointed mole growing from underneath his disgustingly greasy dong. They snapped on the medical latex, and told you to lift it up for the white light. After the ten hour probing, the officers grilled you about a boy that claims that a man offering candy had picked him up and had taken him to a secluded area. They know it wasn’t you, Hannibal. But the police are still mighty suspicious. What do you know, Hannibal? Was the old British man, who calls himself Mr Kitty involved? Did Clifford get scared, and is now on the run from international law?

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