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  1. Hey Hannibal, do you know that Michael McJackson died choking on his own vomit, totally nude, and no one wanted to save him? Of course, as the nude clown sweat in his own juices, Dr Conrad Murray did his best to stop his drugged soaked heart. Michael McJackson croaked with a boy baby dolly grasp in his tiny little toothpick arms.

  2. On the first chart of June, Black Eyed Peas regained the number one spot from Dizzee Rascal after Britain’s Got Talent winners, Diversity danced to it in their winning routine. Agnes’s debut single in the UK Release Me peaked at number three. Keri Hilson’s follow-up single “Knock You Down” climbed to number six. On 14 June chart, Pixie Lott debuted at number one with her single “Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)”. Also on the singles chart, “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland charted at number seven after a rush release due to a “cover” version being released on iTunes, before climbing to the top spot a week later. The cover, by Airi L, charted at number twenty-two. The following week, David Guetta was knocked off the number one spot by a new entry from La Roux; the band’s third single, “Bulletproof”. Also this week, the top one hundred singles chart saw a staggering twenty-eight re-entries from Michael Jackson (six of which reached the top forty), following the singer’s death, which included Earth Song, Thriller, Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror.[1] Lady Gaga’s third single, Paparazzi entered the top five at number four.

    Paolo Nutini reached the number one albums spot with his second album Sunny Side Up whilst Daniel Merriweather’s debut album went straight to number two. The next week Kasabian went straight in at number one on the albums chart with West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Other high new entries on the albums came from The Black Eyed Peas with The E.N.D. at three and Little Boots with Hands at five. Following the death of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, his album Number Ones reclaimed the top spot after first reaching number one in 2003. His album, Thriller, also re-entered the top-ten albums chart at number seven. Five other albums by Michael Jackson also re-entered the top one-hundred albums chart, King of Pop, Off the Wall, The Essential Michael Jackson, Thriller 25 and Bad.[2] In this otherwise fairly quiet week, the highest new entry was at number fifteen for The Music Of My Life by Neil Sedaka, while big climbers going back into the top 5 came from Take That with The Circus moving up 12 to 4, and Lady Gaga with The Fame moving up 18 to 5.

    Oasis begins the summer stadium leg of their world tour with 3 sold-out homecoming concerts at the 70,000 capacity Heaton Park between 4 to 7 June.


    On 5 July, thirty-seven Michael Jackson songs reached the Top 100 (beating last week’s record of twenty-eight), thirteen of which reached the Top 40, breaking Elvis Presley’s record of seven, the highest of those was “Man in the Mirror” which reached number two, it was beaten to number one by Cascada with “Evacuate the Dancefloor”, which knocked the previous week’s number one “Bulletproof” by La Roux down to number three.

    In the Album Chart, a total of eleven Michael Jackson albums reached the Top 100, with The Essential Michael Jackson making it to the top spot. Number One’s and King Of Pop were also both in the top five and Thriller and Off The Wall made the top ten, the highest new entry was La Roux’s self titled debut album which reached number two. With The Essential Michael Jackson knocking Number Ones off the top spot, Jackson became only the third act to ever manage two consecutive #1 albums – the first act to do it was The Beatles who achieved the feat twice, and later Mike Oldfield became the second. Florence and the Machine, with her debut album Lungs, which was released on 6 July, spent five weeks at #2 behind Michael Jackson.

    After two weeks at the top spot, “Evacuate the Dancefloor” was knocked to #2 by JLS’ debut single “Beat Again.” The second highest new entry that week came from Chicane, who reached #7 with his trance reworking of “Hoppípolla” by Sigur Rós, entitled “Poppiholla”. 3OH!3 also released debut single “Don’t Trust Me” in the UK and charted at #21, while “21 Guns” by Green Day reached #40 after a twenty place climb on physical release. The following week however, it climbed to #39 as Michael Jackson’s songs dropped. This became the band’s lowest peaking single to date, peaking 15 places lower than previous single “Know Your Enemy”.

    JLS continued on to spend a second week at the summit, fighting off competition from the week’s highest new entry, Mr Hudson and Kanye West’s Supernova at #2 and I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas which stayed at #3. With the release of Now 73 that week, five ‘older’ songs re-entered the chart – the highest was Lily Allen with Not Fair at #28. The only other new entry that week was Frankmusik’s Confusion Girl (Shame Shame Shame), and Beyoncé climbed up into the top ten with Sweet Dreams, the fourth top ten single from I Am… Sasha Fierce.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Fan fantasies do not count as legit information. Copy and paste Hannibal. Laughable. Even Justin Bieber has beaten Michael McJackson.

  3. Hey Meatloaf, as soon as you turn your back, the two faced Hannibal’s head keeps spinning. Oops, one minute, he is on your side, the next, he plunges the silver blade deep into your back. You tell the truth about the maid fishing dirty size 8 undies out of Michael McJackson’s hot tub, and suddenly skinny is attacking the pelvis like he attacks Emperor Prince. Hannibal is planning yet another trip to Mr Kitty’s secret bungalow in Spain. The hot tub is ready for the steaming bubbles to turn dark brown as the old claw of Mr Kitty peels Hannibal’s whitey tighties, down past his buckling knees. The echoes of Hannibal’s tortured screams are intense as Mr Kitty makes brutal whoopee to his flushed little body. Hey Meatloaf, it must stink in Clifford’s powder room. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..Hannibal’s head is shaven bald to real a tattooed face on the back. It spins round and round, where it finally stops, no one really knows.

    • YOU are to much say nonses set a step back wards lady !
      Prince is never on the same place of Elvis , he was to much famouse for every artist !!
      Elvis is only artist with the most talent ever , nobody toucht him !OK !!!!!!!!
      Ladt the red nun go back to you room and play your idol , he is not my thing !!!
      Purple is more an little Pin in music , thats the same for MJ too !! The two Pins in the 80s !!!!

  4. Hou je echt nog van mij, Rockin’ Billy
    Of is nu al Je liefde voorbij
    Heus ik twijfel nou toch wel een beetje
    ‘t Is zo eenzaam op de boerderij

    Waarom schrijfje me nooit Rockin’ Billy
    Sinds je naar dat Amerika ging
    Want je zei dat ik over mocht komen
    Als je eenmaal daar was lieveling
    ‘k Heb nu in geen twee jaar een brief meer gezien
    Heb je geen pen en papier daar misschien

    Hou je echt nog van mij, Rockin’ Billy

  5. prince was nothing but a midget, a puppet slave to the secret entertainment industry. Michael Jackson destroyed that purple dwarf. Hey jealous red lady….Michael gave his life for us. This is how you repay him? The midget is not charting but the real king is. The world loves the king of pop, rock, r&b, dance & soul. Hooray….Michael Jackson has hit number one!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Go pound salt, justice clown. Michael McJackson is definitely not number one, you nasty little twit. I swear, the lies of these delusional clowns keep spewing more and more nonsense. You must believe people are as blind as Stevie Wonder. The charts are easily googled on the internet. We can all see that Lil Wayne has done it once more. Oops, lies exposed. Again, Prince has the most expensive catalog of gemstones in the world. Hey Justice, Michael McJackson will most likely never top the charts anywhere around the world ever again. Ahhhhhhhhh….the salted tears fall like drops of rain.

    • That was wrong for Elvis , but Priscilla was cheating him with Mike Stones !
      40 years Priscilla rules over Graceland she keeps Elvis alive on tv and on Graceland , why does she do that if she was no live with Elvis the King ?

    • That story was an warning to Elvis , they will helped him , mabey he changed his live ? But nothing will happends ? Or it was an secret plan for his escape from his famouse { Still Alive ? ] Who knows ?

  6. Seen the 60 minutes doco of MJ s maid ! I was totaly in shock , she was there and she saw horrible stuffs in MJ s bed room full of kids underwear ….. and she said i saw mr jackson in an badroom in apool with naked k*ds its to much for her eyes , that maid was in shock and she said I saw what i saw and Mj is an predator for kids !
    The victums in Leaving Neverland said the truth .
    Red Lady you right , i see MJ as an danger devil for kids and he cant sing and he used the smoking tricks and computer playback in his shows and looks likes as an woman full of lipstick Iiiiyyeeeekkkss !!!! Eeeeewwww…. Monster of Log Nes was nothing as the image of mj because MJ was an real crime of music !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, do you know that Albert Goldman died choking on a plane, and no one wanted to save him?

        Of course, he was probably flying to meet Mr Kitty so he could book a two night stay at the Elm Street sex house. Mr Kitty had a string of nude boys lined up for Uncle Albert.

  7. The terrible red bi*ch has to eat her own nasty c*nt ’cause KING Michael Joseph Jackson has hit #1 in both the UK and the US charts. Congrats to all Michael supporters, a billion proud, a billion strong. Get eating that hair pie special, you filthy old whore. Midget Prince, pelvis, the beetles and queen have been defeated by the greatest, best selling artist in the world with over a billion and 1/2 units sold. No midget on the world charts, red hag. All bow their lowly heads to the valid KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. To all KING MJ supporters, those liars will be crushed by the mighty swords of the Michael Jackson estate and their export legal team. Do not worry, We are united with one voice. Our man is one hundred and ten percent innocent. Midget Prince crawled on his tiny legs and begged KING Michael for forgiveness. All hail to Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Respect is EARNED, not borrowed. We are the mighty Army Of Soldiers, fighting for justice and truth. When the dwarf died in his elevator, the bugs came out and had eaten out his stupid face. Dead Prince will never chart again. The red bi*tch is in denial, but lies cannot and will not keep KING Michael off the throne with his well deserved crown. You old pelvis crackers also make me sick with your wrenched fantasies. Michael’s Army are ready to fight with blades of steel to our dying breath. You filthy clowns will never win!

    • Hahahaha … that clown woman mj was nothing if The KING was singing hahahah … is youre heart full of pain ….hahaha are you mj copy stoled music tricks robot clown … lonesome on stage hahahaha.. we are laughing on that woman man on stage , is it an small boy with lipstick and danced with an 100 years old moonwalk … that moonwalk was older than mj for his birth . The false music artist that stoled old dancing styles and playbacked on stage is in my eyes not an real music artist , its false !
      His voice is 1 tone and sounds as an robot ? But you are to dump for the truht !

  8. Michael Jackson ONE ™, the immersive musical experience from The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil, premiered in June 2013, taking residency exclusively at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Directed by Jamie King, Michael Jackson ONE follows the success of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, also produced by The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil, which became the eighth top-grossing music tour of all time, according to Billboard Boxscore.

    The show

    Cirque du Soleil and the Estate of Michael Jackson present Michael Jackson ONE, exclusively at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a virtual parade of ‘wow’ moments,” Michael Jackson ONE is an electrifying fusion of acrobatics, dance and visuals that reflects the dynamic showmanship of the King Of Pop, immersing the audience into the world of Michael’s music. Driven by his biggest hits, heard like never before in a riveting, state-of-the-art surround-sound environment in Michael Jackson ONE, Michael’s artistry and spirit are expressed through the vibrant energy of the cast of 63 dancers and performers, underscored by aerial performance, driving acrobatics, and vivid choreographies that use the urban/hip hop idiom as a springboard for exploration.

    The name

    Michael Jackson believed that all people are unique and equal, regardless of race or culture. His message was one of unity, harmony and hope for a better world. At once evocative and enigmatic, the name Michael Jackson ONE also presents a paradox: Michael was a multifaceted artist who strove to fuse together various musical styles and art forms. It is a fitting title for a unifying journey into the world of the King of Pop, the genius, the visionary, the One.

    • Well done and said, friend. We are united in faith to the KING. We fight with victory until the end of time!

  9. Michael McJackson is at #71, yet handi-capped Hannibal pops a blood blister. Hey retard, next week, it will sell another three copies in the UK. I laugh and laugh and laugh.

  10. Red Lady listen to the okrainse Rockabilly band of today “” The Wise Guyz “”
    Also listen on YouTube … Listen to the song “” Way that i love ” !!!!!

      • The modern Rockabilly band on YouTube as “” The Wise Guyz “” from Oekraiine !!!
        You haved no brains for music i see ?And they are better than Prince the little diddle !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      “O’ Mouth Boy” is definitely Michael McJackson’s favorite Buddy Hollywood song. That’ll be the day the clown died at the strong hands of hero doc, Dr Conrad Murray. 2020 has been a fantastic year for Conrad.

        • Who is bud holy, fool? Bow your lowly white head to KING Mr Michael Joseph Jackson, you old pelvis fraud. The mighty army of heroes have crushed your defeated idols.

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