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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Prince US/ worldwide sales in 2019

    To all the hypocrites that kept on telling they didn’t care about sales, but that are now asking for it lol :
    Best selling physical/digital copies in the US in 2019 (no streaming at all here):
    #86 Purple Rain (92.000 ex.)/98.000 in 2018)
    #138 Originals (68.000)
    1999 : 40.000 copies (including the regular edition)
    The Versace Experience : 15.000 ex.
    Like I said at the time, TVBOP, which used to sell 100/150.000 ex a year before Prince s death, is now cannibalised by 4EVER. Consequence : none of them appeared in the charts this year.
    Discounting Versace experience, the Sony rereleases sold like 50.000 copies.
    In conclusion, in 2019 Prince sold an estimate 350.000 copies in the US. You can double that number to estimate 700.000 worldwide sales
    To compare, Forbes said Prince sold in 2018 250.000 copies in the US.
    His Warner catalogue saw a decrease of 6%, but the Sony re releases + Originals which sold better than Piano…83+ 1999 deluxe make that overall numbers increase

    • I am curious to know how much Prince made overall in 2019 because I know Forbes do those Dead celebrities yearly earnings or something. MJ and Elvis still bring some coins.

  2. The strongest Music ever top 5 .
    1. Rockabilly .
    2. Rock and Roll
    3. Boogie Woogie
    4. Heavy Metal .
    5. Twist

    The weakest music ever top 5.

    1. Disco , MJ and Prince .
    2. Karen Karpenter s music
    3. Classic
    4. Cry Ballads .
    5. New ages music .

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, obviously you are cutting your idol’s golden throat since he very gladly sung several classic cry ballads. What an evil clown. You should get down on all fours to the screaming old Mr Kitty. He has a package for you, truck driver. Hey fatso, did you scope out the disgusting mole that Hannibal has growing out from underneath his stinky, slippery dong? In the hot steamy community truck stop showers, skinny continues to scream, his little eyes definitely show the fear of the pain of being tossed around from man to man in the echoes. He begs you to take him in your hefty arms to shield him for the barks of wild men that simply want to violate his scrawny skeleton. Your body is like an old papa bear, protecting its prey from the vultures that want to just tear apart the skin and bone of slippery, soapy flesh.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hannibal calls himself Mr Knowledge because he can actually count the blemishes on Mr Kitty’s old body. Keep those nude showers coming. Mr Kitty says bring a cotton towel. He is will to pay for the flight. What about it, sunshine? Clifford licks his thin lips, just thinking about your little body hog tied underneath the pelting water and steam.

  3. Hannibal believes that Michael McJackson’s lowly sales will soon be going up. Not in this lifetime, clown. Prince Rodgers Nelson dominates the world of superior music and craft. Hey Hannibal, do you actually count how many times you lose?

    • where does he dominate.
      he is one week on the charts
      no real domination
      around 60 albums with a totall of 150 million sales WORLD WIDE – how low is that
      prince isnt ready for the big time

  4. I am elevated to keep exposing your filthy lies about other artists. Emperor Prince simply continues to score high points, despite your unholy defamation. His estate has been contacted and their lawyers are currently reviewing their options. You should be receiving a letter from their export legal team very soon. You are going to lose, sunshine. It is about time that readers of this forum realize a sneaky effort to keep Prince Rodgers Nelson from his rightful place as king. Hey Hannibal, how do you honestly sleep at night?

  5. I see a lot of cheating going on in the polls. There is no way that a paedophile could have got all those votes in a couple of days. It’s no wonder that Sir Cliff’s fans have decided to stop voting on this scam site.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, when your victims beg you to spare them the pain of embarrassing shame, do you laugh and tell them to put the lotion in the basket?

        • good comment about music or this forum
          u seem very smart

          good that new people see this ugly side of u

    • E dey pain you o. E dey pain you.

      When I saw it I just knew real MJ fans haven’t seen this poll yet. If they did, they ransack the place. Go and join MJ groups on facebook and see how far this poll has spread in the MJ community and stop whining.

      MJ fans are taking this place by storm. In just a few days of spreading this in groups we have gotten MJ from 2% votes to over 40% of votes.

  6. Michael Jackson 2 albums on the Billboard charts

    Michael Jackson 1album on the UK charts

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Bargain bin Michael McJackson opuses versus Full Priced Emperor Prince Rodgers Nelson.

      Prince wins easily, clown.

  7. Who chooses who goes in the list??? Enrique iglesias, really??? How can you put in the same list this clown and Freddy Mercury???

  8. Ahhhhhh….perfect lowly Michael McJackson’s “Number 69’s.” It is a tight fit between both clown and boi. Hey Hannibal, the cheap CD sells like a gumball in a machine, while Emperor Prince remains sold out. Of course, hypocrite Benjamin only took vinyl seriously if it contains a list with Michael McJackson on it. Both Meatloaf’s tarnished idol, pelvis and The Beatles are on the charts, but it is Queen and Elton John that dominate. Don’t cha worry about Prince, sunshine. He will soon return high on the charts. However, Michael McJackson will always be near the bottom like a slug sucking fishy. Ewwwwwwww….. the pelvis is using McJackson’s stick like skeleton to vac the bottom of the deep blue sea. Those lips pressed together, those eyes popping out. Michael McJackson screams as the pelvis breaks his little body like a twig. “Thanks To The Rolling Sea!” Hey skinny, when Meatloaf sits on your screaming face, does he cut the moldy cheese?

    • prince hasnt been high on the charts since 2016, he died.
      scream number one
      duet with drake number one

      prince will nver chart high on the charts again – they dealt all their cards in three years

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Drake featuring Jason Malachi.

        Michael McJackson’s “Scream” was the biggest flop of 2017. Facts.

  9. Michael Jackson’s album Thriller is the most inspiring album of all time, according to a survey of British people.

    The King of Pop’s classic record was identified as the album to have had the biggest impact on people’s lives.

    To date, it’s sold around 66 million copies worldwide and features some of his biggest hits – including Billie Jean, Beat It and Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin.

    Watch more

    Ten of Michael Jackson best tracks, from Earth Song to Thriller
    The second spot went to The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, while third place went to Abba and their Gold: Greatest Hits compilation.

    Other records in the top 40 list include Definitely Maybe by Oasis, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon and David Bowie’s Heroes.

    The poll of 2,000 UK adults was commissioned ahead of the 2018 Hyundai Mercury Prize, which takes place on Thursday 20 September.

    Tony Whitehorn, Hyundai Motor UK president and CEO, said: “These results are a great example of exactly why we are a title sponsor of the Hyundai Mercury Prize.

    “Music means so much to so many people in the UK, creating memories, inspiring changes and lifting moods.

    • This was in 2018 – long live the king

      Most inspiring , best selling album of all time
      one of the best selling vinyl albums of the decade

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        In other words, Hannibal ignores that his tarnished idol his been knocked down five full spots by superiority. The Beatles “Abbey Road” has surpassed Michael McJackson’s “Thrilla.” Being number six on the list is not good enough, you crying little clown. Lol.

        • You are deluded. Abbey Road is not anywhere near the top 10 best selling albums let alone Thriller. go check on

          1. 1982 – Michael Jackson – Thriller – 116,732,000
          2. 1976 – Eagles – Hotel California – 70,575,000
          3. 1977 – Bee Gees & Various Artists – Saturday Night Fever – 67,150,000
          4. 1987 – Michael Jackson – Bad – 62,899,000
          5. 1977 – Fleetwood Mac – Rumours – 61,258,000
          6. 1980 – AC/DC – Back in Black – 58,224,000
          7. 1971 – Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV – 57,016,000
          8. 1973 – Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon – 55,796,000
          9. 1992 – Whitney Houston – The Bodyguard – 53,744,000
          10. 1991 – Nirvana – Nevermind – 52,930,000

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hyundai of Great Britain is using Michael McJackson’s dated pop and disco to sell used cars?

      Yep, hearing a brutal child molester scream beyond the realms of Hades certain creates a lifting mood. Hey Hannibal, do you ever think about maybe having that mole on your slimy dundee surgically removed?

  10. 9 Bad Michael Jackson Epic August 1987 1 4,140,000 (Oct 2018)[22] 13× platinum

    Number 9 in the uk best selling album of all time in the UK

    10 times platinum in the USA
    Described as “the most anticipated album in history”, Bad debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and also reached number one in a record-breaking 24 other countries. It sold over 2 million copies in its first week in the US, and 500,000 in its first five days in the UK. Nine songs were released as official singles, and one as a promotional single. Seven charted in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, including a record-breaking five number ones: “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man in the Mirror” and “Dirty Diana”.

    your comment Bad (failed to sell)

    • And yet, most people deem Michael McJackson’s “Bad” a failure. It was a weak follow up to “Thrilla.” But as we all know, “Bad” was so massed produced that when Sony reissued “Bad 25” with extra tracks, retailers sent unsold overstocks back to Sony. It did not sell enough. Of course, because of low sales, Sony cancelled the planned re re re re re release of Michael McJackson’s “Dangerous.”

      You lose once again, sunshine. I win with a smile. I laugh and laugh and laugh at your tears.

      • Bad is the second best selling male solo album of all time full of classics which are played on the radio all the time and amass views on YouTube.

        1. 1982 – Michael Jackson – Thriller – 116,732,000
        2. 1976 – Eagles – Hotel California – 70,575,000
        3. 1977 – Bee Gees & Various Artists – Saturday Night Fever – 67,150,000
        4. 1987 – Michael Jackson – Bad – 62,899,000

        source: chartmasters . com

  11. JERRY LEE LEWIS his image and his ego is so REAL as the whole world will shaking !!!!!
    His voice is so REAL , nobody can sing in his own special style !~~~~~~~ KING piano man !!!!!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, I keep on counting the money that just comes my way, so excuse me for making a couple slight errors. It is certainly not that important because it is loser, Michael McJackson, the clown that died completely nude on his poo and urine stained mattress. The bopping woodpecker was a hopeless junkie, that closed his dead eyes forever because of the fantastic efforts of worldwide hero and spokesman, Dr Conrad Murray. The doc of the last decade continues to share his good fortune with billions around the international globe. Of course, I am elevated to keep exposing your endless lies and running filth om other artists. Emperor Prince simply continues to score high points, despite your unholy defamation. His estate has contacted their lawyers and you should be receiving a letter from their export legal team very soon. You are definitely going lose, you twisted mouthed sloth. One often wonders why in stroke, one side of your stupid pie hole droops in a snarl. Close those eyes, skeleton man!

      I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

  12. Both “Blood On The Dance Floor” and “Number 14’s” failed to go number one, or even top ten. That makes you a certified liar, clown. I continue to laugh and laugh and laugh, especially when your lies are so easily debunked with ease.

    Michael Jackson number ones

    Weekly charts
    Chart (2003–17) Peak
    Australian Albums (ARIA)[16] 2
    Austrian Albums (Ö3 Austria)[17] 11
    Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)[18] 16
    Belgian Albums (Ultratop Wallonia)[19] 27
    Canadian Albums (Jam! CANOE)[20] 1
    Croatian International Albums (HDU)[21] 29
    Czech Albums (ČNS IFPI)[22] 14
    Danish Albums (Hitlisten)[23] 24
    Dutch Albums (Album Top 100)[24] 17
    French Albums (SNEP)[25] 89
    German Albums (Offizielle Top 100)[26] 2
    Greek Albums (IFPI)[27] 6
    Irish Albums (IRMA)[28] 1
    Italian Albums (FIMI)[29] 20
    Mexican Albums (Top 100 Mexico)[30] 6
    New Zealand Albums (RMNZ)[31] 1
    Norwegian Albums (VG-lista)[32] 36
    Polish Albums (ZPAV)[33] 1
    Portuguese Albums (AFP)[34] 23
    Scottish Albums (OCC)[35] 3
    Spanish Albums (PROMUSICAE)[36] 53
    Swedish Albums (Sverigetopplistan)[37] 10
    Swiss Albums (Schweizer Hitparade)[38] 9
    UK Albums (OCC)[39] 1
    US Billboard 200[40] 13
    US Top Catalog Albums (Billboard)[41] 1
    US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)[42] 6
    US Top Tastemaker Albums (Billboard)[43] 3

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      So I was off one notch?

      “Number 13’s” still failed to rise into the top ten, and certainly was never a number one album on the US Billboard 200, that when spewing about the pelvis country charts, you stated that the Billboard 200 is all that matters, the big charts. Those were your own words, retard. Michael McJackson’s “Number 13’s” certainly cannot be legit, especially if not all the songs were number ones. What a liar that scarecrow was.

      • u see now how easy it is to debunk u if u just yell something .
        Usa and Uk are not the world so u can see that it went number one around the world

        learn lady after 4 years i hoped u learn something

        • USA For Africa claims it is indeed, “We Are The World.”

          Hey stupid, you are essentially admitting that your tarnished idol was a compulsive liar. Hey Hannibal, it was not my charity single that said, point blank, the only charts that other charts follow are from the UK and the US. That’s a fact, sunshine.

          • they tarnished him with LIES because of racism and jealousy
            The compulsive liar here is you desperately trying to elevate Prince by tearing Jackson down denying obvious facts: even with the unprecedented character assassination against Jackson he has two albums on BB 200 as we speak, one on UK 100 and Prince has none on either.
            Prince has 8 491 193 monthly listeners and 4 098 561 followers on Spotify
            Jackson has 22 744 606 monthly listeners and 13 408 615 followers on Spotify

            That AFTER a year of relentless smear form the mass media

            Give it up. Prince has a few good songs and that’s it.

  13. Both “Blood On The Dance Floor” and “Number 14’s” failed to go number one, or even top ten. That makes you a certified liar, clown. I continue to laugh and laugh and laugh, especially when your lies are so easily debunked with ease.

    Blood on the dancefloor

    Chart Peak
    Australian Albums (ARIA)[42] 2
    Austrian Albums (Ö3 Austria)[43] 2
    Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)[44] 1
    Belgian Albums (Ultratop Wallonia)[45] 2
    Canadian Albums (Billboard)[46] 16
    Czech Albums (ČNS IFPI)[23] 21
    Danish Albums (Hitlisten)[47] 1
    Finnish Albums (Suomen virallinen lista)[48] 3
    French Albums (SNEP)[49] 1
    German Albums (Offizielle Top 100)[50] 2
    Italian Albums (FIMI)[51] 21
    New Zealand Albums (RMNZ)[52] 1
    Norwegian Albums (VG-lista)[53] 2
    Dutch Albums (Album Top 100)[54] 1
    Swedish Albums (Sverigetopplistan)[55] 4
    Swiss Albums (Schweizer Hitparade)[56] 2
    Spanish Albums (PROMUSICAE)[57] 17
    UK Albums (OCC)[3] 1
    US Billboard 200[58] 24
    US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)[59] 12

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      “Blood On The Dance Floor” peaked at a lowly number 24 on the US Billboard 200. You said quote, “It is the only chart that matters.” You stated the US country charts are small charts, therefore you refused to give the credit to the pelvis. Now, because it is Michael McJackson, you suddenly want to change the rules. What a hypocritical tard. Hey Hannibal, when you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around, what is it all about?

      • 1. That’s a remix album and one of the best selling remix albums of all time
        2. the US is not the world and nobody was more global than Michael Jackson

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