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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. According to floons, I thought that all nine albums in Michael McJackson’s original bargain bin catalog were the best sellers, but he could only place one lone title on the list with the mass produced “Thrilla.” This is truly embarrassing for the once healthy legacy of the wild woodpecker.

    Off The Ball (failed to sell)
    Bad (failed to sell)
    Dangerous (cancelled to no interest}
    History (Nazi Album}
    Blood On The Dance Floor (remix that failed to chart in top ten)
    Invincible (last clown album alive, contains no #1 singles)
    Number Tens (the British bargain bin album)
    This Is Shyt (brutally beaten by AEG, the skeleton was forced to dance and then murdered)

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        You sure about that, sunshine?

        Both “Blood On The Dance Floor” and “Number 14’s” failed to go number one, or even top ten. That makes you a certified liar, clown. I continue to laugh and laugh and laugh, especially when your lies are so easily debunked with ease.

        Hey Hannibal, when dancing nude in front of little eyes, does your disgusting dundee stink of dried muck and anal lube?

        Ewwwwwww….pull up those tiny trousers, Benjamin. You obviously need a soapy washcloth to scrub that yeast infection off. It certainly smells of dead fishy. Nobody wants to see the chapped mole growing from underneath your greasy wand.

  2. Prince has the most expensive catalog in the world with the most valuable recordings ever pressed. Not only is his classic “Black Album” one of the most sought out collectibles in the world, Prince commands top dollar around the international globe. With his musical genius, dashing good looks, charm and acting abilities, Prince became the ideal artist for our times. Unfortunately, jealousy rears its ugly little head, especially from totally irate Michael McJackson supporters. But as you losers probably know, lies will never break the towering spirit of the chosen one. Prince Rogers Nelson easily crushes your heroes when lightening strikes again. You disgusting Michael McJacksonapologists make me physically ill, but I fight for the purple one with determination and pride. I continue laughing at your eye burning allegations. Sorry, lies will never stick. Prince is regarded to be the greatest of all time. Millions flock his beautiful Paisley Park home. lol.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Ha ha ha ha ha….dream on, lemon sucker. Hey Hannibal, how long have you been secretly wearing your old mama’s clothes?
        You’re just like a woman, Norman.

        Prince was a real man, lady boy. lol.

  3. This poll is fixed. Those that run it choose who will win., not robots. Plus Red Lady spews her venom and lies but doesn’t vote.
    Why are you on this site old red. Are you one of the people that run this site. Can think of no other reason for you being on here.
    Tried before but wouldn’t let me state the obvious.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The only thing you said that is true, is that this is a fixed poll. Robots rack up so many votes that no real vote matters anymore. If you actually believe I run this site, you are obviously delusional. Prince would be winning if I actually had that power, but I don’t. I am simply here for the endless entertainment and laughs. I’ve commented many, many times in which my hard work is completely wasted. There are cowards that want to keep things hidden. That is not my fault or doing. I simply enjoy making certain people swarm. Their lies are and should be confronted, or their tall tales would soon be told as truth.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Beaten by both Mr Kitty and Englebert, honey. I think you need to get your little eyes checked. You’re going blind there, fruitcake. Is “Rebecca” a man or woman?

  4. Ahhhhh….Hannibal wants to be a woman like juicy Brucie. Rebecca, the eyes of a woman, the scrawny body of a man.

  5. People can check out that Hitler definitely inspired Michael McJackson to use Nazi armbands that had to be pinned to the woodpecker’s scrawny little arms with bobby pins, or they would fall off. his Salvation Army shirts. The dirty dancer was so weak, he could barely lift his dolly’s head to his bony chest.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey clicker, maybe you never noticed, but Michael McJackson did not want to be black, and even attacked powerful Jews in Hollywood that didn’t give him a leading man role in any real film. Poor Wacko failed the screen test. Ahhhhhhh….the clicker also cannot grasp that “History” was a Nazi album made by another boy loving clown, Michael McJackson. Oops, but you already know that, didn’t cha, sunshine?

  6. Billboard have reported, that the streaming of Michael Jackson’s music has actually risen since the airing of the controversial documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland’.

    Billboard even found that streaming consumption of Michael’s catalog never saw a decline and that his catalog actually increased by 22.1%, outpacing the industry’s 21.8% growth.

    An analysis by Nielsen Music data also says that Michael’s music is still played on US radio approximately 11,000 times a week.

    Source: Billboard & MJWN

  7. The numbers are in!
    A list of the 10 best-selling vinyl albums of the past decade has been released.

    Here the list of Best-Selling LP from 2010 to 2020 in the US:

    01. The Beatles – “Abbey Road” (558,000 copies)
    02. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon (376,000 copies)
    03. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (367,000 copies)
    04. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Legend (364,000 copies)
    05. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black (351,000 copies)
    06. Michael Jackson – Thriller (334,000 copies)
    07. The Beatles – Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (313,000 copies)
    08. Fleetwood Mac – Rumors (304,000 copies)
    09. Miles Davis – Type of Blue (286,000 copies)
    10. Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (283,000 copies)

    • All those “best selling” albums and all Michael McJackson could muster was “Thrilla” at #6. Four artists sold more than the wild woodpecker…..Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

      The “Guardian” soundtrack has various acts. Ahhhhhh…look how far the skeleton has fallen. Prince rules.

  8. So all of the pelvis fans left and stopped voting because of the cheating robots?

    Hey Hannibal, I love rubbing my good fortune in your bitter little lemon sucking face. I continue to laugh all the way to the bank, while you crawl like a slimy worm in the dirt. You lose once again, sunshine. I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh….

    • they all left because u cant have a normal conversation about music with u
      conversayions with u turn into s.x, racisme and ugly attacks .
      everybody can scroll down to the beginning when u came on this forum and see how u attack the Elvis fans even using the words n.gger and H.ttler.
      there no robots just some artist have more people voting for them.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Again with the deliberate lies. I have never used racist language, nor am I into Hitler. It;s funny, we all know that Michael McJackson loved the great dictator. Simply look at the statue on the “History” album. Hey Hannibal, why do you lie every single time words spit out of your twisted mouth?

        • people can check it on here
          so they can find out who is lying
          they already see on the post above here that u attack instead of making a normal conversation

  9. Michael McJackson freaks love to attack people for simply stating the obvious. They want people to believe they did not create cheating robots to hijack the polls. Hey Hannibal, do your hips crack as you pump and gyrate to Michael McJackson?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Hannibal, is Rebecca your new link to be more like Lady Kat Jenner?

          We always knew you were never just one of the boyz.

  10. Ahhhhhhh…..Michael McJackson can barely get past number 70 in the UK and is on the bottom in the US with cheap clearance bin material. Hey Hannibal, when you open your fresh, tart mouth, do flies buzz out?

    That is what you get by tonguing Michael McJackson’s dead corpse as it continues to rot in its filthy coffin.

  11. Big Hit for ELVIS THATS THE WAY IT IS in the BIOS in Holland , more than 25000 people visit in 1 day onley in Holland !!!!
    Sadly i cant seen him in the bios because i am sleeping ,next day i most working to in the early morning . [ rain ]

    Honk Honk if you loved ELVIS !!!
    Hopes for the birthday september of JERRY LEE LEWIS an big hit again of “” Great Balls On fire !!! “”

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Wow. Hey Meatloaf, Hannibal could actually stand in a display window in Holland to onlookers who might want to purchase his skinny little body for a few hours of brain popping whoopee. Ahhhhhh…..those salted tears fall from those sore, bruised eyes. I am certainly not going to honk for the twisted pelvis. You honk for Prince Rodgers Nelson!

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