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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. ELVIS the KING gives you more healing and feeling in youre hearts , with his beat and he let you shaking going on !!!!
    Thats is onley way , by Elvis thats the way he was !
    Forever and ever King of Rock and Roll , he let you rolling over the river , go Johnny go , and Little Sister dont step on my Bleu Suede Shoes, because you ll never walk a mile in my shoes , lord haved mercy !!!!
    Christmas time little babe , my babe you dont dont uhu … How great thou art is ELVIS today , Bigger than you and I !!!!!
    Amazing Crace is ELVIS the King of the whole wide world !!!!

  2. michael JACKoff is dead forever. Today, children are finally safe from that MONSTER. Thank GOD the sicko Wacko Jacko is DEAD.

  3. Justice and truth = LOVE. Please accept Michael’s tender hand as we bow to his golden throne of promise. Michael Jackson is the KING of KINGS. Respect is earned, not given. The white devil, Helvis did NOT work for the title. Michael has. Long love the real KING of popular music. Say it loud, say it proud. We stand united for Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!!

  4. Old fossils hahaha , old old would wako be now ? Nearly 60 haha wako fans are defo old fossils , you set of wierd feckers long live EP the KING always

  5. Please pray for Michael Jackson’s safe return to the screen, stage and recording studio. Come back, KING Michael. Mean pelvis fans can NEVER destroy your legacy of love, hope and charity. You old people are so jealous of Michael. He is forever young at heart and body. All we can do is thank Michael Jackson for changing the world for every human being. Dance the dream and remember the time we fell in love. Please make the change towards love and understanding. Listen to the message Michael gave in his fantastic music. You will open your eyes to a new kind of way. Thank you, sweetest KING. We demand JUSTICE be served.

  6. We buy the Christmas CD s of ELVIS the KING OF CHRISTMAS !!!!! Hohoho Here Comes Santa Clause !!! Very soon !!!!

  7. How more MJ to lose in music how more the fans comes with hates and fantasia that never was exist !
    Thats poor and silly , but so idol so fan ! Its shit happend hahahaha

  8. Help the poor suffering children
    On their knees for the direct pleasure of the KING
    On a silver horse he rides
    The swords of trust within solid stone
    Give all you have to give
    With all of our hearts….
    We must fight the wicked that seek to destroy Michael’s pristine legacy
    For they do not know true honor, respect and dignity
    This is Michael Jackson’s message of love
    Age is just a number
    It is time we open up our arms for the love of Michael
    Hold his hand and look into his wonderful shining eyes
    This is the new generation of hope
    Michael Joseph Jackson changed the world forever
    Show him respect, you dreadful people
    You are the beasts of the white devil
    A statue of Michael’s liberty erected in his fabulous memory
    It stands tall above every city in the new world of peace
    Eight billion recordings sold by KING Michael as of November, 2017
    Get over yourselvis, you jealous old fossils
    You need to shut your filthy mouths or be sued
    Listen to the smooth beats of perfection
    Tabloid junkies removed from society
    His name is not Wacko or Jacko
    It’s Mr Michael Joseph Jackson, the undisputed KING of popular music !!!!

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