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  1. Fire marshal Scotty Safechuck heard the torturous screams coming from the burning hills.

    • Is Scott Safechuck a family of the victim James Safechuck ???? I saw he is balty and smiling on that fire help site of Santa Barbara . Hopes is to late for Neverland on fire . Great news Red Lady πŸ’―πŸ˜‡πŸ†πŸ‘

  2. There comes the night when fire eating Neverland as paper !!! .
    Hurry run to saved Neverland Michael fans floons.
    Hannibal can only saved it with his tears and pee . But its not happen his tears and pee was to short for the fire . By by by Neveragainland . πŸ« πŸ‘‹πŸͺ¦

  3. Kitty Cimarron: “Camden double vision”

    When will the screams stop
    Have a drink on me
    Up in flames
    It’s hot in here
    They even suffered in their graves
    Boys scream when they lose their eyes
    He took off his shirt for the priest
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    Barbecued chicken
    On his back, he screams
    Poke his eyes out, remove his voice box *
    Demented lovers hunt *
    Stand above his shallow grave
    The boys were trapped beyond the gate
    Talk from the side of your twisted mouth

  4. Kitty Cimarron: “Fight fire with fire”

    Burning in the hills
    Mark your rancid skin
    Out through the land
    Palsy’s playground
    Fight fire with fire
    Tattoo boy, thirsty men
    Dream of screams
    Haunted souls
    The llama went up in flames, alive
    Disaster coming
    Smell the flesh sizzling
    Trees of fire
    The boys were trapped beyond the gate

  5. Humpy dumpy Michael Jackson Neverland in ashes .
    1. The boys came to hot .
    2. Burning Michael s hair to Neverland on fire .
    3. Pee all together on that fire boys with youre snakes .
    4. The birds poop on Neverland clock , time to go ….
    5. The burn tree smells as MJ s dong seed !
    6. Do a mask on in Santa Barbara, Neverland stinks .
    7. Free BBQ in Neverland.
    8 . Only naked BBQ with boys .
    9. They found Libarace poop and a dong hot fossiel.
    10. No fan will care of my burning Neverland .
    11. A happy place full firearms naked man in Neverland.
    12. I found my thrill on St Barbara s hill. , a naked MJ picture .

  6. Kitty Cimarron: “The last great boy hunt”

    Bowl legged tot
    His decaying corpse opened its eye
    Connected by dong
    Barbecued chicken
    Hills of fire
    Through his shattered heart
    Arrested for boy hunts
    Burning glove
    It’s hot in here
    Top or bottom
    Micro dong special
    Stand above his shallow grave

    • Kitty Cimarron: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”

      Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
      Fire skeleton
      Up in flames
      Sordid song
      Those bodies
      Firestorm to the burning cities
      Boi and man stand by man
      They even suffered in their graves
      Pork charred, mighty moose
      Swallow those flopping dongs [ balls on chin ]
      Han’s hefty legs broke his cow neck
      Would you get down on your knees and jack your ass up?

      • Kitty Cimarron: “Boys get on their backs”

        Dying tits up
        Mean man, dead boys
        It isn’t soda pop
        Boys line up nude and ready
        From the spunk machine
        Jacking to a wild beat
        Taking daddy bear to the cleaners
        Hold on Mr Dizzy
        Packing the punch
        Have a drink on me
        On his back, he screams
        Terrorized in sex tents
        Wall of shame
        Moaning boys die
        Leg, toe, dong, mouth
        He took his shirt off for the priest

  7. Its very hot in the west coast of USA i read in the news Red Lady are you saved for heat . There are people dying from the hot sun . Is Neverland burning down soon ?! 🌞🫠

    • Yes Meatloaf, we are experiencing record heat out east. It is hot. However, the news of Neveragain ranch burning is a celebration!

      The house and barn should burn faster than michael mcJackson’s scalp in 1984.

  8. Kitty Cimarron: “Camden selections and newest hits”

    He saw men swing their peckers
    Daddy bear wants your little body
    Blast point
    Talk from the side of your twisted mouth *
    Smack his stupid face black and blue *
    Those boys cried when men walked in nude
    When pants slide down
    Shadows of sex [ man and boy ] *
    He put up a good fight [ but he still died ] *
    Burning fields
    Caught with your pants down
    Screaming llama
    Three men took the boy to a tent *
    Circus of rancid screams *
    Able boys run
    Breaking his spirit, selling his soul
    Wheelchair boogie
    Heart of an innocent boy [ bottled ] *
    Fire in the mountains, charred hills *
    Dirty camp showers
    The moaning dolly was broken in
    Marrying the boy
    His placed his hand on my groin *
    When will the screams finally stop *
    Hack, cough and drop those tight pants
    Boys scream when they lose their eyes

    • Kitty is alive but if he visited for Holliday in Florida he going to died from the heat of sun 🫠

      • When will the aging kitty finally kick de bucket?

        While kitty was setting up camp, the old priest took the boy to the nude beach for a little hanky panky. The boy screamed as the sand sharks gathered around his young body. The sun burned the tots pink skin.

    • From what I understand, the fire is two to three miles away from Neveragain ranch.

      Wine country. LOL!

  9. Last i saw a footage with Kim jong and Poetin drive in a car . Its like they listen to MJ smooth Criminal underway ….Oh speedway lol . Hannibal is visit N Korea and hunting on kims boys too . πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸ€ͺ

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