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  1. The retard totally skips the fact it is common knowledge from all in the McJackson family that as a small tot, Wacko was routinely beaten by Joseph. LaToya confirms and admits that she was even knocked out once while the bathroom floor after being brutalized by her mean, greened eyed daddy. On Martin Bashir’s “Living With Michael McJackson” television special, the dancing scarecrow admits that Joseph was violent with his little body. However, you still ignore this. Since you keep insulting Prince, I am merely pointing out that LaToya is on record of saying that Joseph raped her numerous times. The McJackson clan indulged in many acts of spine tingling crimes of incest. Joseph loved to control his family with powerful might and fear. Little Michael cried himself to sleep at night, and never knew when Joseph would suddenly appear in the darkness, at the foot of his bed. The screams were intense. lol.

  2. Forbes is Chinese payola. The retard has been told this dozens of times, but still ignores this. The family f*cker was definitely Joseph McJackson. Hey palsy man, as he was being brutalized, do you think Michael McJackson’s bare skinned knees buckled as Joseph swung the snapping horse whip on McJackson’s greasy, oiled flesh?

    Michael McJackson always screamed through the house before LaToya.

    • come with proof , otherwise u lose again BIG TIME

      just yelling something make u look like an idiot

  3. Did I read that correctly?
    Hannibal is now claiming Michael McJackson’s “Thrilla” was number one last week. Nope. It was hard rock legends AC/DC with their brand new album, “Power Up” in both the US and UK. You must be painfully delusional inside your tiny little brain. Please stay away from the dangerous toxins, Benjamin. You are not a very convincing liar, but still want to tell long tall tales. lol.

    • Billboard Global 200:

      Thriller (song) – #51

      Billboard 200:

      Thriller (album) – #38 (over 15,000 albums sold)

      Billboard Hot 100:

      Thriller (song) – #48

      R&B Digital Song Sales:

      Thriller – #1

      R&B Streaming Songs:

      Thriller – #2

      Top Catalogue Albums:

      Thriller – #3

      US Vinyl Albums:

      Thriller – #21

      Artist 100:

      Michael Jackson – #30

      forbes # 1

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Digital sales is another name for free downloads.

        You fail once again, Benjamin.

        Forbes is Chinese payola.

  4. Ahhhhhh…Hannibal believes he has a crystal ball and can see who will be successful on the charts in December. Oops, Michael McJackson is making no impact on the worldwide charts as his bargain bin opuses keep falling down the charts. Clifford was almost certain that his new album would be his biggest seller in years. The old man put his palms to his eyes and has started to weep. He worked so hard on his new release. He most definitely thought that most Brits would ask Santa to put the CD in the bag, and under the tree. Kitty had to take something to calm his nerves. Will you hold the aging kitty in a close embrace?

    He wants to hold your sweaty body to his rapidly beating heart. He wants to know that someone cares this Christmas.

    • when was the last time prince stayed longer on the charts than 10 days

      he had to die to do that

      last week thriller was number one on the charts
      Number one forbes also

      u make me laugh with the family f.cker lol

  5. Of course, it is impossible for me to lie when all we have to do is look at the charts.

    Moonwalker 490 weeks on teh charts

    wow that is 9,4 years on the charts

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      As a cheap, bargain bin, clearance item. Hey retard, Helen is still screaming. It is time for you to get the washcloth, remove her dirty adult diaper and wipe the slushy mustard out of her exposed can. Plug your little nose. The stink will definitely make your little eyes water.

  6. It looks like Michael McJackson’s one legit win, the laughable bargain bin DVD, “Moonwalker” has slipped 13 whopping notches on the DVD music charts in the UK. That was definitely short lived as the toys for tots campaign is just beginning. Unlucky tots that get the grab bag will throw their gifts of dead woodpecker in the trash can. Going, going, gone. Sales for anything by Michael McJackson are terrible. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal’s salted tears fall from his little eyes. Hey retard, the holiday buying season is just getting started, and it seems folks have forgotten to pick up cheap physical copies of Michael McJackson. Santa says, “No McJackson under the tree for 2020 this year either.” He has been officially cancelled. Of course, it is impossible for me to lie when all we have to do is look at the charts. Hey Hannibal, Clifford is upset that the air was sucked out of the momentum of his new album so soon. He cried for hours last night. He is waiting to fall into your tiny toothpick arms. The old crow needs the comfort of your sweaty little body. Will you help him get through another lonely night?

    • Of course, it is impossible for me to lie when all we have to do is look at the charts.

      prince is not on the charts

      damn that was too easy , dude

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Don’t cha worry about Emperor Prince, sweetpea. Santa says there are many Prince boxes under the tree this year. You lose.

        • in your head u r talking to santa and cliff richard

          please take your medicine , mister

          u look real stupid

  7. Hanniball works for Kitty s nales and do his make up and cleaning his underwears and later Kittys gives Hanniball an suprise in a hot tob full bubbles and champage !

  8. Hannibal’s strategy is to repeat what was said to him, believing that Prince’s estate dabbles with publicity campaigns of spewing falsehoods like Michael McJackson’s estate. Nope, it will never happen at Paisley Park. In reality, Emperor Prince basically let the music do the talking. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal’s fragile ego has been bruised. His gut wrenching tears fall like salted spray on his little bare chest. I know that your pumping heart hurts with stabbing pain. That is just too bad, sweetpea. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Kitty has called.

    Are you ripe for some old turkey legs?

    • almost december anf the familt f,cker is not in the charts
      all those hundreds of midget fans lol


      ypur lies dont work , mister

  9. “Diamonds, Sapphires and Pearls, surrounded in white Gold.” Rings, bracelets or chains. It definitely doesn’t matter as long as it finally becomes one of my prized processions. Life is great, especially when the artifacts are mine, all mine. Easy wins have always made my life just divine. I’m in the money again, as I found another priceless piece of jewelry this week, worth thousands. I am so excited. I just love when the denials, excuses and lies keep being spewed. They say to be kind to the retarded. Please do not tease the spastic palsies. But as we all know, nothing can shock better than the ultimate truth. It is absolutely satisfying as twisting the pointed high heel into the palsy’s flushed pus. The screams, the tears, the pimpled tongue forced to suck up the gravel. Hannibal’s eyes bulge out of their sockets as his little pinch up nose is forced to smell the stink of his own bodily fluids. His continuing fabrication of his dead idol, Michael McJacksn is laughable at best. I love winning, and winning big. It is great. Ta ta. lol.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Again, Forbes is a bias Chinese company. Michael McJackson’s cheap, clearance bin opuses are doing terrible on the charts. However, Handi Hannibal is apparently as blind as a bat. Helen’s screaming as she wants the pickle you left on the table. Will she have to scream long?

  10. I just made a post proving that seven Prince albums have made the top ten, internationally. However, palsy man then claims that “prince cant even make it on the top ten.”

    Clifford’s new album was mixed with computer software and voice repair technology was used. As a basically British only release, it is sold dirt cheap as a so called celebration of kitty’s 80th birthday. Clifford should invite all the ex victims he brutalized at the Elm Street pleasure lair. Hey Hannibal, Cliff is feeling a little randy. He wants you to come to his high rise apartment in New York to help roast an old turkey. He says, “Bring some clean pairs of briefs. They will be soaked in his warm, white gravy.” Are you game for more man to man to man action?

  11. Posthumous Prince’s chart success certainly beats Michael McJackson in every single country in the world. The purple one has officially landed a record breaking seven extra top ten successes in just four brief years, easily surpassing the dead Michael McJackson with precision. Of course, I love rubbing the ultimate facts of Prince’s incredible reign into the crying Hannibal’s sour pus. The palsy man continues to scream, but as we all know, that is just too bad. Here is a list of the gemstones that have charted in the wake of the Emperor’s untimely death:

    “The Very Best Of Prince” (2016)
    #1 in 4 countries
    “Ultimate Prince” (2016)
    Top 10 in several countries
    “Prince 4Ever” (2016)
    Top 10, Dutch charts
    “Purple Rain Deluxe” (2017)
    Top 10 in several countries
    “Piano And Microphone (2018)
    Top 10, 3 countries
    “Prince Originals” (2019)
    Voted Album Of The Year By Billboard, top 10 in Swi
    “Sign O’ The Times Deluxe” (2020)
    Top 10 in 8 different countries

    Of course, there is a reason why the Grand Emperor has become the most expensive collectible artist in the world. Quality craft is essential for the expert creation of timeless gemstones.

    • all lies and payola
      sales , forbes and the many weeks on the charts show that these are all lies and payola

      prince one week nelson

      palsey park is a flop too

  12. Cliff Richard breaks all-time Official Albums Chart record – Cliff completes an all-new Top 3 today with Music…The Air That I Breathe. In doing so, the Official Charts Company can confirm that the chart icon who celebrated his 80th birthday last month, sets a new all-time Official Chart record by becoming the first artist ever to score a Top 5 album in eight consecutive decades.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Lies and payola.

      It is hilarious that Hannibal sticks out his neck so far to go up to bat for boy loving kitty. The old man is his little Liberace. The bobbling head of Handi has the bee stung lips of a gobbling guppy. The aging British weirdo loves holding that skull down between those trembling knees as long as he can. BTW, “The Air That Clifford Breathes” has already left the top ten in the UK. Like most of kitty’s banal pop albums, the latest release has also failed to chart in North America. Clifford wanted to join the Boy Scouts, but was told the organization is going bankrupt like the Catholic church.

      • already 3 weeks longer on the charts than the tiny gay singer
        prince cant even make it on the top 10

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