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  1. The Prince magazine limited edition reissue sold millions of copies at an average retail price of $15. However, since the publication is a tribute to the Grand Emperor, palsy man automatically discredits the win because the magazine did not pay tribute to michael mcjackson. See how you are with your blind bias?

    Forbes is a Chinese company. Jason Malachi vocals are not the real michael mcjackson, regardless where they had placed on the charts. Of course, free listening and free downloading is not a legit purchase or sale. When I point these facts to Benjamin Boris, he always calls me an old fart out of frustration, and then goes back to repeating and bragging. Not one word about why the remixed reissue of the mcjackson’s “Triumph” was a massive failure for Sony. Hannibal is completely silent. lol.

    This is such an easy win yet again.

    • Hanniball is crying in the arms of Kitty and his Priest , 3 duo !!!
      Will Hanniball happy again if he seen 2 dongs from Kitty and Priest for his crying eyes ?

  2. Hannibal can check the charts for michael mcjackson’s one massed produced bargain bin and brag that it has been on the charts for 500 weeks, but won’t admit to these numbers of classic artists that have him severely beaten:

    “Greatest hits”
    998 weeks

    Bob Marley
    982 weeks

    “Greatest hits”
    950 weeks

    Fleetwood Mac
    893 weeks

    Someone like Elton John’s “Diamonds” has only been on the charts for 188 weeks, but most of those weeks hover in or near the top ten, selling in massive numbers at full price. It is very easy and simple to understand. It is not like you were never told before. Somehow, palsy man is always stuck on repeat and rewind for all eternity.

  3. Single digit sales on bargain bin material, does not add up to much.

    24 7 365 on the charts

    winning Forbes

    3 top ten hits including one number one hit

    number ones 500 weeks on the charts

    Billy jean joined the one billion clu;b

    oh oh yeah prince had a magazine lol

  4. can u give the number of sales from these artist compared tp Michael Jackson
    how many charts did u check

    let us know how u got those numbers

  5. A whole list of classic artists have all sold more than michael mcjackson so far this year. The screaming palsy man is delusional as always.

    Hey toad, when you lure your boy victims into your tangled web, do you foam by mouth or by pointy nose?

    Those crooked toes curl up during brain popping orgasm. Those wet dongs pattering the sweet, sweet spunk of male to male action. As Helen runs around the table, she screams out your mama’s maiden name.

    Single digit sales on bargain bin material, does not add up to much.

    Oops, all these artists are easily selling more units, week after week than the dirty dancer is:

    Elton John
    Fleetwood Mac
    Bob Marley
    David Bowie
    Taylor Swift
    Justin Bieber


  6. Live albums are normally not huge sellers in the modern era. It does not matter that “Up all nite with Prince” did not chart. We expect low sales for subpar soundboard recordings. Of course, michael mcjackson’s live material also bomb, but Handi automatically skips those facts. Kitty basically only charts in the UK, and maybe remote countries in Europe.

    Again, michael mcjackson’s latest flop is The mcjackson’s remixed “Triumph” , first released in 1980. I mentioned it a while back, but all I heard was crickets.

  7. Exactly, Meatloaf. They simply use rejected songs that michael mcjackson never fully completed in the studio because his voice was shot, or they were just half baked run through material. They simply use computer software technology to correct the pitch, add loud beats and Jason Malachi’s singing to fill in the gaps, and they have a new michael mcjackson song. As for kitty, aging has certainly taken a toll on his vocal chords. Audio tune simply takes the out of tune performance, and corrects the pitch. His albums are bad anyway, but his latest junk is just really poorly recorded. Sales of his last three to five albums have been extremely dismal.

  8. Michael Jackson’s ‘Number Ones’ has now spent 500 weeks on the UK Official Albums Chart Top 100.

    It’s the first album released this century to spend 500 weeks on the chart.

  9. Look at me MJ

    1. My face was 100 times changed ….
    2 In the end of my face was a ET face ….
    3. Kitty used my dead dong from out my grave …
    4. Without a nose …. i was a crying clown
    5. Boys seen my ass as my face ?
    6. PRINCE looks fantastic great , but my face [MJ ] is a horror clown .
    7. Boys playing with my doll …. [ doll = dong ]

  10. prince his latest release

    Up All Nite with Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection
    Released: May 29, 2020
    Label: NPG Records / Legacy

    didnt chart in the UK and USA

    Cliff Richard did a lot better

  11. Of course, I talk about kitty’s latest UK release, and how it dropped off the charts very quickly. Kitty is obviously upset about how most of the British music buying public reacted to the crap the old boy lover has put out in the last few years. His aging vocals seem to be manipulated by the magic of computer generated audio tune. Hey palsy man, I am still talking exclusively about music. Kitty’s disgusting behavior, behind closed doors is still relevant to the conversation.

    Knowledge is the key for any successful argument.

    • Yes Red Lady they used the same computer voice manipulator as MJ for Kitty s old voice , but indeed the album was a big flop !­čśé

  12. Hey Meatloaf, Kitty seems to be indeed very silent of late since his latest album fell completely off the charts in Great Britain. The old man cried that sales were very disappointing. Of course, he had to stay inside his penthouse apartment in New York, during the heart of the pandemic. Doctors advised him and his BAE to cut down on the social activities. It was very hard on kitty because he loves to mingle. Now, with the masks coming off, kitty is definitely excited to get back into the swing of things. The 80+ year old singer wants to continue his randy adventures. “Boy” hunting and sight seeing is what drives the kitty to his passion, especially his interest in nude man to man to man to boy action. The private gay beaches should be returning to normal this summer. Kitty is back on the prowl for glistering suntan bodies and hanging dongs, swinging towards his pointed English nose. Kitty continues licking his chops as his aging eyes scope for some fresh young prey….

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