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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Hi Bubbles what for food gives youre boss ?
    And was he sweet for you , my boss was to famouse and he learn me things , bv i looked under the woman skirt Oehaahaaa oehaaaa what fine was that time !

    Hi Bubbles where was youre sleeping room ? Bubbles was you also in the same bed to with pocorn and limonade and watching dirty movie by youre boss MJ ?

  2. wqhy havent you been keeping up with the voting??? I keep track of this daily and nothing has been totaled for over a week now. We and his fans vote for Elvis but your not totaling it up.

    • That’s because the administrators have abandoned this forum as they know that they were caught cheating. Since then, it has been such a lonely place. Robots direct and multiply all fake votes go for Click Richard. Of course, Elvis fans have left the building and have given up on voting. This site is obviously a scam. Michael McJackson is being removed from culture, and Clifford is shaking in his old leather boots. He knows he is being watched and followed closely. The British police are suspicious of the old clown’s activities. The end of the road is near as Clifford goes into hiding. He scrambles to keep his dwindling privacy as they comb through his eye burning past as a strong defender of Jimmy Savile.

  3. Yesterday i ride with my truck in Volendam that village is full of artist ; BZN, Jan Smit , Geoge Baker , and more talent , and they are all real ELVIS fans there !!!

  4. The yellow jackys destroyed the restaurant in Paris where Elvis 60 years ago was lunched for the camera pictures .
    Uhhhh… are the yellow jackys MJ fans ?

  5. The Legacy of MJ is over and out !!!
    MJ copy clown did stoled the moonwalk and he stoled the souls of kids !
    The copy clown was an horror clown see the movie “” IT “” That clown was MJ mabey ?

      • Yep, the creepy skeleton still has his defenders that think the same way. Again, Wack0 Jack0 is the poster boy for NAMABLA, which Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and Clicky Ricky belong to. It’s their secret clown club. Hey Bubbles, Pennywise is the evil Ronald McDonald.

        However, he can’t moonwalk into boys bedrooms and locker rooms like Wack0 can.

  6. Today by Amsterdam next to the highway an big billboard reclame “” MJ is onschuldig “” MJ is innocent “” .
    Ohhhhh what is this ? Pheadofiele homo gay i say in my truck FFFFfff*ck MJ !!!!

    • Its all going wrong man
      2 albums in the UK charts
      Millions extra listeners on Spotify.
      Strange strange

      • I just read on the BBC that those “Innocent” propaganda adverts will be removed. Another loss for F’loons.

        Ha ha

      • Hey Hannibal, too bad any British loon had to part money to buy “Number 28’s.” I was at the Salvation Army and saw hundreds of used McJackson CD’s in the bins. The reason why Michael McJackson has a comeback is because of the eye burning documentary. Everybody in the world is talking about McJackson, and Clifford is left in the dark. Many retailers have removed regular CD’s and Vinyls off their shelves.

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