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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Hannibal admits he swallows the worm as the bubbling milky white spunk covers his glazed chin with the goo of sum yong guy. Hannibal likes being slapped in the pus with vibrating wet noodles, coating his lips with the seed of the aging, Mr Kitty.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      When Helen screams, do you and the other retards in the group home get excited?

  2. First of all, who is Hannibal even talking to? You are very angry and confused between the differences of men and women. Sorry, sunshine, your blindness cannot be helped. Your mama put her head down in shame the day you were born, retard. Ahhhhhh….the sobbing tears and quivering bottom lip. That is just too bad, clown. lol.

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        Dirty Hannibal is talking about his randy sex life again. Hey retard, I had no idea that you were actually related to Uncle Charlie. I thought is was just what all the kids on the block called him. You are one sick palsy, Clyde.

  3. Hey Meatloaf….why the big, sad goodbye, especially when Hannibal still gets a good ass chewing for idolizing his boy loving hero, Michael McJackson. His filthy carcass is no doubt being forcibly removed from his soiled grave. Oops, like a raging fire in the wind, it was the calm before the storm. The body yolked up from the casket by latex gloved hands. With one single strike of the match, the skeleton screams in the orange and yellow flames.

    • Yes dont cry i ll be back …. lol
      My dog haved pee and poop and i will it bring it to Belgium where Hanniball lives …..
      Hey Hannibal open the box from mr . postman …. Yeewwww …

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        The Hannibal clown is hiding in his mama’s basement in Belgium, waiting for the circling sirens to finally die down. Of course, the postman delivers the severed head of Mr Kitty, his mouth wide open in a silent scream. Does the wind cry for the dead kitty, in these end days?

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            Ewwwww…that fresh, tart, filthy little mouth. You had your nephew’s balls in your slobbering mouth? Michael McJackson did the same thing with his nephew. He was even photogaphed with the kid. The woodpecker tried to take his undies 1/2 way down past the knees.

    • i know about the sherrif
      aids, dirty needles , family f.cking , beating up women , lsd, coacaine , boy george , little richard , male orgies and more

  4. Its time to say Goodby .
    You can better to walk with youre dog and sing togheter “” Hound Dog “”

  5. Hannibal has now resorted to pretending to have conversations with himself. Hey palsy man, do you do what the voices inside your stupid head tell you? Do the twisted boogie and clap those spastic hands. lol.

  6. Hey sunshine, lying about Prince is never going to hide the truth about Michael McJackson.

    “Demerol, Demerol, Oh God….He’s Taking Demerol.”

    • Just telling lies is not Enuff Albert
      Come with facts Albert
      Get that finger out of your ass and keep fighting for prince no charts Nelson.

      Heal the world

      • Of course, everyone can check out the famous biological song, “Morphine.” Whew….Hannibal has even forgotten that Michael McJackson admitted being one of the biggest junkies in Hollywood history. The retard just loves throwing stones at other artists, without spewing the truth about his tarnished idol. I am telling facts, palsy man. Helen screams. Don’t cha love her anymore, sweetpea?

        • is that all u got , Albert
          u seem weak Albert
          prince was a bigger junkie , dirty needles , ai,s
          those needles where not a limited edition.
          g.y orgies with lots of
          s.x with hobos and shooting up smack – dirty needles
          thats where the song head came from

  7. Hannibal claims that I bang family members like green eyed and mean Joseph McJackson did with daughter, LaToya. Hey retard, how come every time you spew another ignorant insult, you put your twisted foot in your stupid mouth?

  8. Hannibal why do you eat so much france chips full of fat ???
    Is Kitty upset that you smell as a bunck with fat chips ?

  9. Michael McJackson
    Motown Man To Man (Camden)

    Rockin’ Robin
    Little Birdies
    Rudolph, The Skunk
    Ben, The Frozen Rat
    Boy, Will You Walk With Me, Hand On Gland
    Sausage Sucking Liberace
    Mouth And Tongue
    Give Me Jesus Juice
    Juicy Dongs duet with Bobby Taylor
    Dancin’ Nude Machine
    Natural Boyz
    Little Lover duet with Cliff Richard
    Ten Little Indians

    • albert u have a lot of fantasy
      I wish u knew a lot about music

      which limited editions are u talking about Albert
      how much sales which chart position

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        You were told thousands and thousands of times already, but are still stuck on repeat like a skipping, broken record. You are the beacon of fantasies about a perfect woodpecker that danced away to your little heart. Everybody knows about Prince’s limited editions, except for you. You have zero knowledge, sweetpea. Just putting the truth out there. Your filthy little mouth tells lie after lie after lie….

        • pervert is avoiding the questions
          hard to explain lies isnt it fagg,t
          stop playing with micro pen.s and talk about music , Albert
          do u your nephew just like prince , Albert

  10. Yep, Michael McJackson gyrated and grabbed his wooden hard pecker in front of tiny little eyes, but Hannibal calls me a pervert. That certainly makes perfect sense, sweetpea. You also dance completely raw in a mirror to your hero and idol, Michael McJackson. Your greasy dundee surely swings to the left to the right. Do you water the fountain with your hose?

  11. Hannibal claims that I never mention the prices of Prince’s limited editions, but likes to throw around the fabrication that Michael McJackson’s mass produced overstocks have actual value. Hey retard, how much is a mint copy of the pelvis budget “I Got Lucky With Little Frankie and Jolly Johnny?”

    Hannibal screams and calls himself, “Mr Knowledge.” He knows that Michael McJackson had a heart shaped mole underneath his floppy, putrid dong.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        And Michael McJackson was an expert on pee, poop and sticky dundee. Apparently, you haven’t figured it out yet. Clue….the maids. lol.

        • i know about the sherrif
          aids, dirty needles , family f.cking , beating up women , lsd, coacaine , boy george , little richard , male orgies and more

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