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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Hannibal had a disgusting Michael McJackson blow up doll that he makes excitable whoopee to in his mama’s basement?

    They come out of the box fully nude, but you if you want a Michael McJackson mannequin, they have them too. Like a giant Barbie, you can dress the screaming dancer, but it only wants boys under the age of twelve to unzip its high water trousers. Its fingers are stiff, but its painted lips say, “Pucker up, little boy!”

  2. Good reply, Meatloaf. As I told you a few times, a lot of people say that I could be Nicole Kidman’s twin sister, only with red hair. Another woman that folks compare me to, is Elizabeth Montgomery. Believe me, I am all woman. My eyes are sparkling blue, but actually green when I am angry or hurt. Ahhhhhhh….where did the weak crybaby, Hannibal crawl away to?

    On his knees, with his bare can jacked up and mounted. Do you think his slippery twisted feet and toes spread during rough man to man action?

    • Thanks Red Lady , Prince is more on the radio than ever !!
      You are an hot fire woman i see , mabey we can haved an diner by an Hamburger Rock and Roll party !
      Hannibal is busy with MJ s living doll in his bedroom …lol

  3. Hey Red Lady do loved “” Psycobilly music “””
    and haved you the same pin up look ? What is the coloure of youre hair ?
    And dont worry , i believed you are an woman in a red dress on !!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, you and I both know that it bothers Benjamin Barker that he has gay feelings towards various males. It is supposed to be a big secret, but his love and devotion for Michael McJackson exposes his deep hidden urges of forbidden love. Of course, I’ve even told you who I resemble. Nicole Kidman with red hair. She once played in a remake of “Bewitched.” Wasn’t Samantha Stevens the woman Elvis defended from the ultra violent Gig Young on the set of his early sixties movie, “Kid Galahad” also starring future “Death Wish” actor, Charles Bronson? As for the paranoid Hannibal, he has lost so many times that now he has resorted to what I call reverse psychology. It is designed to confuse the issue and deceive readers. I am definitely 100% woman. I certainly would never want to a man. But that is sooooo laughable. Again, I have yet another windfall. I just cannot believe my good luck. It must be the luck of the Irish. With my proud standing, I scored another unbelievable find at an estate sale yesterday. This time, a diamond necklace. Life has never been better as I live the high life of the truly fortunate.

      Ahhhhhhhhh….what is the song by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels?

      According to the wicked Hannibal, sometimes the devil wears a blue dress, and underneath, she has a tied up dundee. Hey Meatloaf, is it true that Johnny Rivers was a secret agent man?

  4. Hannibal is no longer going to be here because he has met Caitlyn and has accepted rides in her cute little Mercedes sports car. Ahhhhhhh…..the tears fall as they stop at a little out of the way resort to get cozy and slip into something more comfortable. With slobbering mouth to mouth to tongue to tongue, Caitlyn puts a twisted finger to Hannibal’s German lips. Off goes the wig. “It’s a man!” Hannibal screams.

    However, after an hour of drinks and forced fondling, they finally make balls deep whoopee. The silk sheets get wet with the passionate man to man contact. Benjamin finds out that “she” likes Michael McJackson as well. Since McJackson also loved dressing up like a woman to score with the male tots, it was A O mouth gay. Hey there, sweatpea….no wonder your old mama said you can never come back to her house. You’ve disappointed her so much. You’ve broken the woman’s heart. She desperately wanted her son married to a woman that could bear her grandchildren. Oops, too bad the twisted reverse psychology bit is definitely not working, you sick little clown. I am a real woman with a brain in her head. You’ll be back on the forum in no time. You cannot help yourself, can you, sweetpea?

    I continue to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Dude looks like a lady!

  5. when i gave u the name red lady one of the first things u said was I AM A MAN
    That explains the G.Y fantasies
    It explains the AN.L obession
    It explains the poo obsession
    It explains that u think u r a prince fan
    It explains the boy obsesions

    u r a g, y man into child p.rn

    u need help

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      O’ my dear, Hannibal is finally losing his little tiny mind by extreme paranoia, great destroy-a. For the record, sweetpea….I am woman, hear me roar. Besides, you R the Michael McJackson clown that has issues that someone might find out that you are fruity GAY. But don’t worry, sweetheart…it will just be our little secret. Hmmmmm….you don’t seem to want to talk about Michael McJackson and Mr Kitty being boy loving clowns. That is just too bad, Benjamin Barker. Hey retard, you did not answer my question that I asked multiple times.

      Do you paint your finger and toe nails red like ex lover of Michael McJackson, Macauley?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson fanatics R GAY and into child porn, just like their GAY idol, Michael McJackson. Hey Hannibal, do you polish your nails like Macauley?

      Hey Hannibal, like young Bruce Jenner, does your new GAY lover look like a lady boy?

  6. Macauley called yesterday. He wants to bed the nearly famous Mr Kitty. Hey Hannibal, Mac says that he does not want to be home alone. Will you pick him up and take him to Spain on a one way flight to Mr Kitty’s sex bungalow, west of Spain?

    He wants to have a man to man talk with ya about some kinky man on man on man action. Clifford says, “Come, and enjoy the warm hot tubs and showers. Free towels and lube.” Oops, Mac sings, “Never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music.”

    Pack your bags, and don’t forget the fruit flavored condoms.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson: cheap bargain bin, single digit sales. Massed produced like the McJackson burger.
      Emperor Prince: A FULL PRICED artist for collectors of fine taste and refined craft.

      Sorry loon, Prince wins hands down. Oops, Hannibal has slept with no many young dudes, he actually forgets what women and gals look like. He is a cawk teaser. Gobble, gobble, gobble, down the hatch it goes! lol.

  7. hey lady since u r obsessed with child p.rn
    what turns u on the most on this forum.
    for u this aint about music , what do we find on your computer
    hey peedoughphile answer me

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Well, you should know all about your idol and child porn since his Neverland Ranch was found to be full of nude boy books, magazines, DVD’s, paintings and statues. The Tom Sneddon team raided Michael McJackson’s secret rooms and cubby holes. Oops, Michael McJackson danced, but never learned how to play one musical instrument in forty years in the recording industry. Ahhhhhh….sure, blame little ole me for criticizing your boy loving king. If the Salvation Army shoes fit, Michael McJackson wore them. Hey Hannibal, do you wear red nail polish like Macauley Culkin?

  8. Hey Hannibal, do you know that Michael McJackson was said to have slept with Brett B, at at least 450 times? I wonder who was considered Wacko’s favorite boy. I bet it was Macauley Culkin.

  9. Latoya claimed she was ravished by daddy Joseph nightly after he was done beating little Michael. Daddy Joseph came into her room, looking for whoopee.

  10. come with facts so we can have some great music discussion

    No fantasies about child p.rn or g,y fantasies

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      When have you ever told musical facts, you foul mouthed weasel?

      You lie and you cheat.

  11. SISTER 17/02/2020 at 8:38 PM
    Boy Heorge on Camera – i had s,x with prince

    Prince admitting on record – Incest is normal

    Prince admitting on record he is g.y

    Sinead on camera – prince hit me in the face

    sherrif admitted on camera prince had g.y parties on

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Porn and gay fantasies about Prince. Hey Hannibal, when you cry to your mama, does she slap you away?

  12. I saw the same UK album charts as everybody else does, retard. Michael McJackson definitely did not climb seven whopping notches, but only a puny two. Those fabrications only confirm to readers that you are a compulsive liar at all times. Of course, the Grand Emperor Prince has always been with a string of beautiful women and never bounced a male tot on his lap at any awards show. That was Michael McJackson and his little dates. Later, the lovebirds would go back to McJackson’s hotel room for some clown to boy action. Like his barrel chested hot tub buddy, Lee Liberace and his boyfriend, Scotty T, Michael wanted the boy to squeal in excitement. Their nude bodies against the skeleton as his eyes rolled back into his skull and he foamed at the mouth. Hey Hannibal, do you think Michael McJackson fed his tot victims alcohol through a baby bottle to help them relax?

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