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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Michael McJackson
    Woodpecker Hop
    (the unreleased box featuring Michael McJackson)

    Put your head on my shoulder, whisper in my ear, baby
    Egg faced disgraced Robin
    Let us do the woodpecker hop
    Two birdies in love
    Bromancing the unholy bone
    Beat boxing bingo
    Screaming dolly (please don’t tell the tabloids)
    Morphine and candy
    Down go the undies
    Loc Jaw O mouth
    Unholy Sony (workin’ for the devil)
    Cup of Joseph
    Wet chins
    They don’t care about pus
    Big nose, tiny peckers
    Spotted wands
    Underneath the hamburger lady
    Boys will be boys (sue me little Susie)
    Tabloid Maids
    Clean my pre-teen
    Bye little birdie
    Spread your tiny knees, please
    Physical exam boogie
    Head case
    Dolly, will you be there?
    Circus clown town
    The gravy of the Peter Pan man
    Pump up the dolly of love
    Mole or wart….the last resort

  2. 24-7-365 on the uk and us charts
    Broadway tribute
    Off the wall art show in london-National Portrait Gallery
    new docu on netflix
    Its only july love 2018

    • “Abba Gold”
      850 weeks on the charts at full price.

      Michael Mackson packs the used CD bins at the Salvation Army, 25 cents for “Thrilla” “Bad” “Dangerous” and “History.”

      No tributes break big for the dead woodpecker. His lonely grave gets no flowers.

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