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    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Real Prince fans would never lie about their man being in the bargain bins, clown. I suspect it is a fraud made by Michael McJackson supporters, jealous of Prince’s priceless catalog. Unlike you, I am a top dolla buyer and seller. That is why I make mega money finding rare jewels, buying the items at wholesale, then turning around and selling them at great markups for outstanding profits. Your pinched face has the sour pus look of extreme envy. That’s definitely too bad, clown. Michael McJackson is the thing of the bargain bin. His junk rarely sells for more than one dolla, especially in the used CD market. Ahhhhhhhh….Meatloaf even has more credibility because he actually corrected my error that all of pelvis’s Christmas albums were dirt cheap like the clearance bin opus, “It’s Christmas Time.” Hey Hannibal, you have proven nothing but that you constantly lie with your stupid , twisted little mouth. Up goes the broken, pinched honker, the stiff upper lip of chunky white fingers. Does your slobbering drool taste like spunk from an aging chicken hawk?

      Gobbling, gobbling goo. Wipe that raw, slippery chin. lol.

  1. Ahhhhhhhh….Hannibal knows nothing about quality music. He is not smart. He has no knowledge like I do. Of course, I recently banked a profit of $40,000 into my growing account. The money flows into my pocket as I laugh and laugh. Life is indeed great as I rub the salt to the burning wound. Hey Hannibal, get out your crooked hands and knees, and start crawling. Ahhhhhhh….frustrated, vein popping Hannibal screams. Hey retard, with all that gut wrenching carrying on, don’t cha ever lose your screaming Helen Keller voice?

  2. Michael 2 full priced albums on the Billboard 200
    prince not even a one dollah album on the charts

    a topic about music

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson hasn’t been full priced in over 25 years. Hey retard, why do you still live in the past?

      A palsy wants you to hold his gay bod close at the group home’s annual dance.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      A topic about music: Like Prince’s “The Black Album” classic, pelvis’s original 1957 “Christmas Album” commands big bucks, especially the ultra rare red vinyl., produced for only a limited time in the fifties. A ultra rare copy of the album sold for a record breaking $18,000 in 2014. That is less than Emperor Prince, but still proves that Meatloaf can still redeem himself. Ahhhhhhhhh….Michael McJackson’s entire catalog is designed to be sold dirt cheap. None of his kiddie pop junk is worth a dime. As the most overstocked artist in the world, Michael McJackson continues to pack the bargain bins. Hey retard, you have no knowledge about real music and have no money to afford precious gemstones that seem to come my way. You are a lonesome loser that keeps on crying salted tears. Ahhhhhhh…..the sobs of Hannibal’s heaving chest. Does a screaming gay male lover hear the beat of your racing heart as he puts his cold ear to your bony skeleton?

  3. The BOOK trilogy of Elvis Thats the way it was ? 3 Books with 1800 pictures = 220 Euro !!!!! WTF Thats an whole lot of money ?
    If you are an smart Elvis fan than you can better buy the Thats The Way It Is DVD for 20 Euro , Thats more info and realistic footages than an photo ? Yes i am smart for my wallet ! DVD please !!!!!

    • The onley way it is , thats the whole Elvis fan base wants to be unreleased footages of Thats The Way It Is on dvd s and The On Tour Unreleased footages and more The Last Elvis in Concert 1977 complete concert footages . !!!!!!!!!
      “” Thats The Way The Fans Will “”

    • Ahhhhhhh…..desperate Sony can no longer sell twisted pelvis, so they add books to the re re re re re re re release of old pelvis relics. Hey Meatloaf, I hear that you now topple over 300 pounds of pure lard. That body was shakin’ the bacon of love. Hey grease ball, it’s time to squeeze the oil out of your disgusting pores.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Sony runs FTD, retard. You have no knowledge of the twisted pelvis, or any other legit performers, teach. Hey Hannibal, with a tart little mouth like yours, it is no wonder Michael McJackson liked those “bee stung” lips. Your suction cups worked up and down Meatloaf’s stubby wand until cow man tipped his huge head back as the his round eye popped out.

      • That information was not for you donkey head !
        That info was for smart music lovers , you red donkey lady go play tiny the 1 dollar she-man .
        Prince is not in the charts anymore ! Purple ass ….

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Ahhhhhhh…..Meatloaf pays too much for pelvis. Do you swallow half or do you swallow it whole?

  4. What is Red Lady s real name ?
    a. Fake dollar .
    b. One dollar .
    c. Wig Red .
    d. Poo pee .
    e. Red lair lair beard on Prince his face .

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, how is your rough street corner love?

        Lick-a-dee split. Ahhhhhhh….that slobbering tongue, those bulging eyes, that sweat soaked rotating head. Gag….

        Hey tissue boy, do your eyes water up and the wands quickly slap your stupid pus?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Mr Cow Man, give me a wink from that round, non blinking eye. One dolla for the pelvis Christmas album. Hey Meatloaf, when you squeeze out of that jumpsuit, does skinny get down on his bony knees in front of your massive round, but jiggling belly?

      His nose glaze on your sweaty, wet flesh. Throw back your cow head in intense, vain pooping orgasm. Ahhhhhhh….cow man’s fat legs lock up as its huge body falls. lol.

      • Yes i like “” Milky Blues Boogie “” from Elvis .
        The original of Elvis Christmas = 80 dollar ….
        And the Japanese Christmas = 999 dollar to 1999 dollar ?
        And i am not fat hahahahaha…..

      • Oh i seen an another 1957 Christmas for 2500 dollar !
        I dont no why so much price diffrends on ebay ?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          It has to be an original red vinyl. Besides, most people want too much for common stock items on ebay. You have to do your homework, Meatloaf.

  5. Hey Hannibal, how many spinning logs did Michael McJackson’s tight little gas hole soil on the floor which Oprah walked?

    Ewwwwwww…..the stink of your blatant lies. Your disgusting mouth smells like fresh feces from the candy can man.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Original Purple Rain LP on Ebay going from anywhere from $250 to $1799. Hey retard, I just sold a jewel collectible for a $40,000 profit. Ahhhhhhhh….the foul odor of the twisted palsy, mouth to inverted man nipple. Caitlyn wants her panties back, clown. lol.

  6. google – prince bargain bin – prince org

    In bargain bins, I have seen Purple Rain, Very Best of Prince, The Vault, Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, Emancipation, prince, and Come.

    back in the days of vinyl and cassette, i would always see around the world and parade for $3.99; prince still shows up on CD from time to time in bargain bins.

    I’ve seen Chaos and Come in bins for $4.99 AUD.

    I ended up buying a few and sending them 2 friends !!

    I bought about 70 copies of New Power Soul on cd. New, still wrapped, a $1.10 each

    NPS, Chaos & Come are three that I find used all the time, for like 1.99 – 3.99.

    I saw prince, Emancipation, The Gold Experience and Diamonds And Pearls.

    All ive ever seen is “Graffiti bridge”,,,for $1.99

    In Australia I’ve only ever seen COME and 1800-NEW-FUNK in the bargain bins.

    At the nadir of Prince’s popularity in the mid 90s, I’d see multiple copies of Graffiti Bridge in bargain bins at every record store for $1.99. When driving across the country, I’d also see the Lovesexy tape (not CD) at truck stops for $6.99 or less. I saw a big burly trucker buy Lovesexy once at a truck stop once. I thought that was cool.


    Chaos & Disorder CD’s at my local FYE for $3.99. Wasn’t a dollar store chain selling Emancipation a while back?

    I’ve seen everything AFTER “Purple Rain”, and BEFORE “Musicology” in a budget bin at one time or another.

    I regularly see Emancipation in bargain bins– $4.99!!

  7. I have just read that Prince’s first record (1978) peaked at 96 in the Hot 100. Obviously had to make an impression on fans to start his career but these days his record company would have dropped him.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      And The McJackson 5’s first two singles for Steeltown records, “Big Boy” and “You Don’t Have To Be 21 To Fall In Love” failed to chart in 1968. Of course, later in 1970, “The McJackson Christmas Album” peaked a lowly #105 and in 1973, their dud, “Git It Together” peaked at a lowly #100 on the Billboard 200. These days a record company would have dropped The McJackson 5. Hey clown, wipe that slobbering wet chin. Napkin?


      • Cliff Richard got to No. 2 in the UK with his first single. He would have made No. 1 but Elvis had No. 1 .

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Too bad no one outside of the UK knows any of Clifford’s hit songs. At least, the pelvis charted worldwide. Ahhhhhhhhh….it is time for Kitty, Kitty, Kitty to be put down. Hey Clicker, when Clifford finally dies, will his victims come forward like they did with Jimmy Savile?

          Ahhhhhhh….the salted tears melt the clicker’s downcast eyes.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Dave Chappele must be gay. He also said that any boy should’ve bragged about having their wands sucked by Michael McJackson. Yep, every male wants to tell his peers that he has made whoopee with an old scarecrow.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          We know that Dave Chappele thinks Wack0’s victims should be happy to have been molested by Michael McJackson. Hie own words, retard.

          Hey Hannibal, when you lie, does the pimple on your disgusting honker balloon full of white pus?

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