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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Elvis’s Top Country Albums 2000-2018

    The Elvis Presley Country Collection (00)
    Today, Tomorrow & Forever (02)
    Elvis 30 #1 Hits (02)
    Christmas Peace (03)
    Ultimate Gospel (04)
    Blue Christmas (05)
    Christmas Duets (08)
    I Am An Elvis Fan (12)
    Merry Christmas, Love Elvis (13)
    Elvis Forever (15)
    Ultimate Christmas (16)
    I’m Leavin (16)
    Way Down In The Jungle Room (16)
    Essential Elvis Presley (18)
    The Classic Christmas Album (18)
    It’s Christmas Time (18)

  2. Ahhhhhhhh……Hannibal cries salted tears. Long time no see. Oops…..Michael McJackson is on the UK charts, but just barely. He has fallen a whopping 23 notches from #75 to #98. It looks like not many kiddies are asking Santa for any Michael McJackson this year as we turn into the brand new year. Happy Holidays and Season’s greetings to TCB.

    I see that you have a lot to celebrate as Benjamin Barker bites down on his dolly. Ahhhhhhhhh…..the tears of a space clown. lol.

      • You old fools hate love. KING Michael warms the world with LOVE. You haterz r repulsive!

        The world embraces the only KING of music, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson!

        • What do you with Christmas days ?
          1. Do you MJ balls or MJ noses made from plastic in youre Christmas tree ?
          2. Or eat you chicken made in nose neverland ?

          Say what you do ?

  3. Johnny O Harra [ hey the Big O of Roy Orbison lol ]
    Johnny was the first EP imitator , and he looks likes t 2 drops of EP ?

    Strange things is why do you not seeing anymore an real lookalikes of Elvis today ????????

  4. Who sings the song “Spelling on the Stone “” ? Was that Orion or Johnny O Harra or Elvis ?

    • On an Interview of Casper Pfeiffer with “” Johnny O Harra ,”” i seen EP in his eyes and the same way of talk and moves ? Who Knows more of Johnny O Harra ?

  5. Maney was Michael s grave stone speld this inscription;

    RIP Michael
    His live was as an media tour
    his ex wifes was Debbie Row and ex wife Lisa Marie , both was run out Michael life .
    His talend was the best copy king , nothing was from himselfs , its poor ?
    His nick-name was ; King of pop it was his own idea . Not crowned by others .
    Scarecrow , Woodpecker , Horror Clown , Zombie Clown , Red Leader girly , Girly dancer …. and more
    Sadnes lives full of durgs wil be fatal on his 50 s birthday .

    And more names of his victums is seen on the newspapers of the 80s and 90 s.
    Michael Jackson was also the most face changer ever on record . RIP

  6. Great news, Elvis fans…..Elvis “It’s Christmas Time” has risen to number two on Billboard’s Top Country album charts in the US.

    Congrats friends and fans, Elvis has once again earned bragging rights in 2018.

    • That’s amazing news. Elvis’s incredible comeback started with the release of “If I Can Dream” in 2015. Now we are looking at 2019 coming up so quickly. All Elvis fans can be thankful that Elvis is still a force to be reckoned with.

      WOW !!!

  7. Why on earth do you have an Elvis impersonator on here? It’s bad enough you have Lisa Marie, it’s not like she has made a life long contribution to music. This website is more than biased. It’s about time you chose more equally the entrants and their songs or don’t bother. What a heap of crap.

  8. Titel of MJ s grave stone
    Here rest Michael and his burning hair #

    He was an broken man with a talent of an copymachine .

  9. The puppet dancer was forcibly removed from the throne and his paper crown was given to Justin Bieber. Michael Jackson’s tomb and Hollywood star were vandalized last weekend. Cemetery workers had to remove spray paint and black marker from the marble in front of Michael Jackson’s damaged tomb. In Hollywood, his star was carved out of the walk for the third time since August, according to Hollywood sources, who refused to be identified.

  10. down the hatch the old man’s floppy wand went. wacko jacko gobbled the snake to the tip of his tonsil. the clown gagged on both young and old meat.

  11. Elvis’s “It’s Christmas Time” is #52 on Billboard 200.

    All hail to the KING of the worldwide charts, Elvis Presley !!!

    • “The Searcher” music video DVD is the number one video on the official UK charts.

      Add one more triumph for KING Elvis !!!

  12. It is great that Elvis has yet another top 3 album in America. Wow, this artist charts albums like a living person. The gold and platinum keep coming. Elvis fans have so many great things to brag about that can be backed up with solid facts. No fantasies are needed. Congrats to all Elvis Presley fans in the US, Great Britain and worldwide.

  13. gobble, gobble, gobble…..down the clown;s throat it went as the fluids dribbled from michael’s indented chin.

    • Was Click Richards ever in a hot tub with Liberace and Michael Jackson as they frolic ed in the nude?

  14. I still laughing although it’s not funny really. All the stupid, silly and filthy childish comments still continue.
    This poll isn’t about who has the most chart success. It’s about OUR favourite singer.
    Were supposed to chat about our favourites on here and some do that. But many just insult our singers and put filthy comments like silly little children.
    Time you all grew up people.

    • It is about Elvis charting new releases over 41 years after checking out, easily proving that he is the unbeatable king of the worldwide charts. Every top ten or number one shatters another record. Congrats Elvis Presley fans.

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