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  1. Hey Bubbles, isn’t it great that “Leaving Neverland” is getting so much coverage and winning so many honorable awards?

    Ahhhhhh, Dan Reed is the new Dr Conrad Murray, another hero that helped kill Michael McJackson stone cold dead. I can almost hear pins drop in real life when someone actually tries to bring up predator Michael McJackson into the conversation. Even at the retarded group home ball. the clown’s dated disco is being removed from playlists. Hey Bubbles, isn’t it a thrill to see Michael McJackson impersonators pelted with eggs as it scatters away in a head spinning dance?

    Hannibal screams as Meatloaf puts his hefty arm around his bony shoulder, egg yolk dribbling off his ugly mug. Hey retard, you sure make your old mama real proud. U idolize boy lovers like Michael McJackson and Mr Kitty.

    • Prince one week Nelson
      Some ecpensive Italian red wine here

      Have a Nice weekend..

      My party aint over

  2. Purple Rain and 1999 leaving the charts in one week
    1999 is one big flop
    Santa has forgotten about the midget

    Party over out of the charts

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, you forgot to mention that there is no Michael McJackson on the British charts either. Oops, old timer Rod Stewart is number one this week. Do you think the old man is still sexy with your stomach pumped like the screaming dolly “Baby Alive?”

      Prince’s estate got $19.99 to $225 for every copy of the deluxe “1999” sold. It certainly beats having your CD;s on clearance below the usual $5 retail price. Ahhhhhh….poor Michael McJackson. Do you think the tarnished scarecrow still screams from beyond the realms of death?

      • Such a big flop around the world
        Bad 25 and scream dus zo much better.
        Pain. Lots of pain
        Cru b.tch cry

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Again, “Bad 25” did so well that Sony cancelled the planned reissue of “Dangerous 25.” Ahhhhhhhh…..Hannibal cannot gave a satisfying answer why retailers sent truckloads of unsold “Bad 25” CD’s back to Sony. The pain must hurt your little aching heart as you dance nude alone in a full length mirror. Hey stupid, do your twisted toes curl during your brain popping outbursts?

  3. You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain
    Too much love drives a man insane
    You broke my will, But what a thrill
    Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire

    I laughed at love ’cause I thought it was funny
    You came along and you moved me honey
    I’ve changed my mind, looking fine
    Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire

    Kiss me baby, ooooh feels good
    Hold me baby, learn to let me love you like a lover should
    Your fine, so kind
    Got to tell this world that your mine mine mine mine

    I chew my nails and I twiddle my thumbs
    I’m real nervous, but it sure is fun
    C’mon baby, you’re driving me crazy
    Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!!

    Welll kiss me baby
    Mmmm feels good
    Hold me baby
    I want to love you like a lover should
    You’re fine, so kind
    Got to tell this world that you’re mine mine mine mine

    I chew my nails and I twiddle my thumbs
    I’m real nervous ’cause it sure is fun
    C’mon baby, drive me crazy
    Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

    I say goodness gracious great balls of fire!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Do you hold your big balls in your filthy hand every single night, Mr cow man?

  4. Jules Cornell “Leaving Neverland” film editor, has been nominated for an American Cinema Editor award in the “Best Edited Documentary” category.


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhhh…..”Leaving Neverland” might wind up being the most awarded documentary of all time, Bubbles. Of course, I can almost hear the sniffles, the sobs and the screams. Hannibal got pelted with pelted eggs as he peeked his ugly face out of his rabbit hole. Ahhhhhh…..such frustration, especially since artists like Prince, The Beatles, Queen and even the pelvis is found under the Christmas tree this year. Again, congratulations to Dan Reed and every single person that made the shocking, but great “Leaving Neverland” possible. Jules Cornell did a fantastic job helping expose Michael McJackson for the creepy predator he was and always will be.

  5. Down in New Orleans where everything’s fine all them cats is drinkin’ that wine
    Drinkin’ that mess is their delight when they get drunk start singin’ all night
    Drinkin’ wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin’ wine wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin’ wine
    Wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin’ wine pass that bottle to me

    Now I’ve got a nickel have you got a dime let’s get together and get a little wine
    Some buys a gallon some buys a quart
    When you buy black beer now you’re doin’ things smart
    Drinkin’ wine spo-dee-o-dee

    Down on Rempart Street in Willie’s den he would sell but a gill of gin
    One cat wanted a bottle of wine he hooked that cat for a dollar and a dime
    Drinkin’ wine spo-dee-o-dee

  6. I am a male chimpanzee. I like Prince and I love Elvis. I am a BIG fan of Red Lady and so is the world. Why do you think Red Lady is constantly rewarded with treasures? It is because she is a good person. Karma keeps sending gifts in her direction because she puts out good energy. The “Teach” is miserable like ALL Wacko Jacko fans. He is negative like his dead PeeDoughFile idol.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Well, thank you so much for those lovely comments, Bubbles. I am truly humbled. Yes, 2019 was once of my best and strongest years yet. I am floored by how much luck and good fortune that I’ve been blessed with this year. Of course, the new year is coming up upon us rather quickly. Treasures seem to find their way to by hands and my bank accounts. I live pretty much stress free, and enjoy the finest life can bring. When you do the right things to people who deserve support, your good deeds are rewarded with positive vibes and good karma. It is so comfortably secure knowing that Prince’s legacy as a full priced artist is keeping his music relevant for many, many generations to come. I am just elated by his grace and presence in the world. It is truly a remarkable body of work, with many hidden gems to follow. Some are just bitter, jealous and angry because Prince was such a talented pioneer in recorded arts and sciences. Superior music made for educated listeners that do not follow the path of low rated garbage like the mass produced Michael McJackson. I laugh hard at the screams of Hannibal and his faithful toady, Meatloaf. Those two constantly spew hatred towards the victims that were brutally used by Michael McJackson. As it is almost Christmas, followed by the promise of yet another brand new year, old times are not forgotten. However, every year that goes by with Michael McJackson still dead, will always be a good year. Many children celebrate that the nasty little woodpecker died nude on his filthy mattress pad on August 25th 2009. Oops, it is almost getting to the eleventh year inside the soiled tomb. Hey Bubbles, the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, do you celebrate the brutal dehumanizing disrespect for child predator, Michael Joseph McJackson at his defaced grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Ahhhhhhh…..the screams pierce the eardrum.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Meatloaf’s drained balls are on fire. Do you let Hannibal put his icy fingers on them, cow man?

  7. Prince’s deluxe version of “1999” contains 5 hours, 53 minutes of music and retails on Amazon prime for $225 plus tax. It sold nearly five million in the United States alone. Prince’s “1999” has 65 songs, including many rare gems. Hey Hannibal, Michael McJackson’s “Xscape” was barely a half hour long, plus “Scream” contains no previously unreleased material. Like the string of pelvis bargain bin Camden releases, Michael McJackson packs tightly in the bargain bins. Hey hey hey hey………..hey stoooooopid, what’s wrong with YOU!

    • To long 5 hours it painley for youre ears and bad for youre brains , it makes you level minds lower !!!
      1 minute was to long too , how full is youre wine glass Red drunkin lady ?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, how many cow tongues can you hold inside your slobbering mouth?

  8. Prince was an 1 chicken day of music . The onley 1 famouse song was Purple rain ? Thats it .
    Jerry Lee Lewis is an better singer and performer than Prince . Jerry has more 1 hits than the Hobbit Prince !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Meatloaf’s warped opinion, after claiming that old granny Madonna is still hot to trot. Who marries their thirteen year old “Kissin’ Cousins” besides the wild haired, wild eyed southern boy, Jerry Lee Liberace?

      Hey Meatloaf, does fat jiggle as the cow body falls on the slippery title?

  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Poor skinny, so weak that he can’t ever open a glass jar or bottle with his twisted hand. I actually have a lot of expert knowledge, teach. You just do not like me rubbing your disgusting ugly face into the dirt with such ease. I know that you scream in frustration, you spastic toad. The tears spout from your little eyes as you continue lying to your old mama. She wanted you to be normal and have babies by women, but instead you go the gay way, but deny your true feelings. Am I getting warm or hot? Your true motives stick out like a sore thump, Benjamin Barker. I laugh and laugh and laugh. I can only imagine what your retarded voice sounds like as you continue to scream.

    • Haved you listen to Jerry s wine song ? On YouTube you can seen Jerry Lee Lewis his druking Great Balls On Fire ….. Great botle of wines … ! lol
      Its seen you are again drunk here ? Is youre pee more red now ?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Meatloaf screams in the community showers that he has “Great Balls O’ Fire!” When drinking whiskey in his truck, he want to be like Jerry Lee Lewis and marry his thirteen year cousin, little Mary. Just like Michael McJackson and fat Jason, the big man ply his victims with wine in their soda pop cans. Hey Meatloaf, like the twisted views of skinny Hannibal, you certainly do not hide your true intentions very well. Oops, it is down for the count. Hang on to the handicapped railing in the soapy, slippery showers. Once your cow body goes down, Hannibal and his band of street corner gypsies will jump that piece of wet lard like white on rice. The shower drain circles around the watery beefcake blood! Hey hey hey hey…..hey stoooooopid, wha cha gonna do?

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