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  1. The famous Jackson 5 album ‘ABC’ will be re-issued for January 14, 2022 in black vinyl LP.

    The brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson formed the pop band the Jackson 5 in 1964. In 1968 they signed with Motown Records and became the first group to debut with four consecutive number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including “ABC”. This single is featured on the same-titled album which was released in 1970. Other hit single “The Love You Save” is also included on the album. Both singles went directly to the number one position across the board, even knocking The Beatles off their number one spot. ABC peaked at #4 on the Billboard Pop Albums Chart and at #1 on the Billboard Black Albums Chart in the U.S. It remains one of the most popular efforts by the Jackson 5, selling over 5.7 million copies worldwide.

  2. Released in 1982 on this day, Thriller today is on the Billboard 200 album chart and is winning sales awards. “When you’ve heard the songs so many times as standalone tracks, it’s easy to forget how brilliantly they work as a collective whole.” – Albumism

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^
      “Silence is golden”

      Emperor Prince’s “Purple Rain” is currently #118 on the Billboard 200. tiny puppet dancer’s “thrilla” is @ a very lowly #158, near the bottom of the charts. However, Benjamin still brags. Sales of the Quincy Jones produced opus is definitely dismal, despite the gift giving holiday rush. No one is playing or buying the wild woodpecker music anymore. Sales are extremely low, it is quite embarrassing. Wacko’s world is getting smaller, plus Santa Claus is NOT putting any predator michael mcjackson inside his bag for the kiddies. Again, according to Forbes, Emperor Prince is the best selling dead musician in the world. I laugh hard. I love winning and winning and winning with actual facts. No copy and paste lies are needed.

  3. “Santa’s jolly belly jiggles like crazy with vibrating action”

    Hey Meatloaf, I just read that the fat mama wacky mcjackson was so afraid that someone would steal and desecrate michael mcjackson’s rotted corpse that he was not really buried in the mausoleum @ Forest Lawn. In reality, he was cremated and his ashes were spread under the giving tree with the bones of some of the animals he tortured and killed. It is going to be yet another lonely Christmas @ the empty grave. No wonder Wacko’s popularity is fading fast. All the lies the family has told is finally hitting back. Kitty wants Benjamin’s rotating hips to patter his old pimpled muffins completely raw on New Year’s eve. With his slippery joystick sliding in and out of Hannibal’s raw can, you can be rest assured the slobbering toad is enjoying the old man’s kinky actions. The horny daddy bear priest removed his undies and crawled into bed with the two lovebirds.

  4. Hi a fine couple Hanniball and Kitty dance on the Black and White song of McJacky wacko jaco !
    Full naked with the same diapers as MJ outfit on stage with a red fake nose from Rudolf the reindear ! Jingle balls Jingle balls shaking going an !!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^
      “His balls jiggled for various nude male tots”

      michael mcjackson posed nude for many paintings, still photography and even appeared totally nude in front of his dopey fans eyes in the video, “you are not home alone.” While laying on a slap of concrete, you can clearly see his shaven ball sack. Imagine the stink of those toothpick size toad legs full of hot mustard diarrhea. Ewwwww….PU.

  5. The Ultimate Kitty Christmas Album

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year
    Twelve days of Christmas
    Daddy Christmas bear
    Santa Claus is coming to town
    Winter wonderland
    Little drummer boy
    Sleigh ride down boy mountain
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
    Mommy saw Bobby kissing Santa Claus
    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    A boy Christmas [ war is over ]
    Rockin’ round the Christmas tree
    Jingle his balls
    Chest and nuts, roasting on an open fire
    Have yourself a very Merry Christmas
    What boy is this?
    Pretty Paper [ featuring Roy Orbison ]
    Christmas is a time for boys
    Boys on the jolly old man’s lap
    Twas the night before Christmas

  6. Hey retard, even with a corner of your room filled with CD’s and DVD’s of bargain bin michael mcjackson, I bet you still do not have “dangerous” or “blood on the dance floor.” According to the screaming Handi, they are “rare” albums. It is sooooooo hilarious how the toad continues to ignore little ole me. What cha matter, does the cat have your slobbering, pimpled tongue?

  7. Hannibal claims he is a black fitness dancer that pumps and rotates those skinny hips into the cans of plump, chunky hunks of hot male tot flesh. He loves smelling the beef-a-roni of little Ricky and little Tony.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^
        Do you believe he is the dirty boy brief bandit?

        One sniff of fresh boy feces drives the black Belgium alien wild with pre teen lust. Kitty wants in on the sex action.

  8. What did a boy’s mother say to Michael Jackson on the beach?
    Please get out of my son.

    What was Michael Jackson’s last recorded song?
    “I’m forever blowing Bubbles”

    Did you hear the newest Michael Jackson/Elton John duet?
    It’s called, “Don’t let your son go down on me.”

    What is the difference between Michael Jackson and a piece of shit?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Those are funny tiny dancer, michael mcjackson jokes. Handi weeps and puts his sobbing head into his hands. His idol is no longer the top earning dead celebrity on Forbes. I laughed @ the last joke, “What’s the difference between michael mcjackson and a piece of shyt.” Lol.

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