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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Kitty: “Boy hunter’s dream date”

    Ride me high, so we can come home low
    Creative forces
    No secrets for a boy hunter
    It’s just the name of the game
    They say that if it’s boy, you are old and gay
    I’ve been waiting for a boy like Billy
    What cha do for a vanilla shake?
    When you strip off your clothes, we can make love
    Please don’t disappoint the horny priest
    He screams for the he he he bang
    Please be my little dream date
    They come running for doctor kitty [ the boys want a thrill ]
    Abled bodied man [ with a crippled boy ]
    I will wait for you forever and ever and ever
    Hold your horses [ pick a number, lover boy ]
    Play piano with your pointed pecker, palsy!
    Don’t cha tell me that you love me [ German boys cry extra hard ]

  2. Kitty: “Pretty boys hang out @ book stores”

    Pretty little boy with a runny nose
    Hot under the collar, hot under the sheets
    Tight undies peel off those smooth legs
    Got a lot of love for boy and man
    When you hold on to his heart, you will have him in your arms
    Boys beg for love often [ tear into their hot cans ]
    Sock it to me, randy priest
    Quit being a tease
    When the toads gather around the road
    We can make our memories into picture books
    The boys call us their daddies
    Walk with your tail up, soldier boy
    I’m so glad for randy little lad
    School boy session [ men want lesson ]
    You have a fresh mouth [ but I still want you ]

  3. One week mcjackson.


    Of course, I laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Karma is sweet.

  4. “Hot tears keep falling out of those dumb eyes”

    Sniff, sniff…..those deep sobs ache the broken heart of shame.

    When the space clown crawls on his bruised knees, he looks into the groins of randy hunks, gyrating their pumping hips into willing and hungry mouths. Pop it in, as the honker is pinched upwards to the jiggling bellies of the chunky priests. The slippery gravy coats their chins with the spunk of the mighty, mighty men. With shattered heart, Hannibal’s lays his sweaty head on kitty’s lap, dribbling with the sting that burns his popping eyes. The excited groan of lust echo in the chambers of man to man action. Forced to the wet tile, the violence is quick and steady. Ahhhhhh…..the pain of disrespect is too much for the cowardly Hannibal. Hey Benjamin Boris, with the kitty selling like hotcakes, isn’t it time you praise your old man lover for slaughtering michael mcjackson on the charts?

  5. Kitty: “Have yourself a very Merry Christmas”
    [ when the boys gather round the Christmas tree ]

    Sleigh ride
    Red robin
    Rockin’ him on Christmas
    Boy hearts at Christmas
    Deck the halls
    First Christmas
    Jolly old man
    Here comes Santa Claus
    When a boy is born
    Boy to the world
    Bah humbug!
    Blue ball Christmas
    Santa, bring me a boy
    Jingle bells
    12 boys of Christmas [ my true love said to me ]
    Winter wonderland
    Boys hold secrets on Christmas
    O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree
    Pretty little boy with a runny nose
    He got only undies in his stocking
    Have yourself a very Merry Christmas

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