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  1. Cracker man, cracker man
    It is time to say goodbye
    It is time for black power to rule!
    The white devils weep,
    The white devils lie!
    The black army stands without fear,
    We rage for the injustice of our king!
    He triumph, for his legacy will never die!
    He holds the crown,
    And ride a majestic horse
    He rise on the mountains of silver and gold,
    His sword wipes off the tainted blood of honkies!
    The light that shine forever
    The redemption of Michael Jackson!
    There is no place to run,
    No place to hide
    Roasted pig on an open fire
    We smell the smoke of sizzling bacon
    The sweet smell of victory!
    You white honkies will soon pay!
    You will pay for what you’ve done!
    Your sins of your white fathers,
    Will no longer be allowed to breed!
    The pig bleeds out of its pink skin
    The hog screams for their white nations
    But it is no more
    The black army invades,
    To conquer and defeat!
    All things must come to an end
    While the white cities cry
    Invasion across land, sky and sea
    You swine must die!
    We take over the bleeding nations,
    You honky tonks scrambling to avoid death
    Bow your fukking heads down,
    The black soldiers rise!
    We take your white babies,
    We take your lives and rejoice!
    Your burning graves are seen from miles away!
    Bend over pig
    Your pleas for mercy, ignored.
    The black soldiers tear into your women
    The power overwhelms her,
    She beaten with pride
    She lonely as we bite into her sweet flesh
    We rip into the ivory vags
    It taste like love
    She scream as the black man take her
    Unforgiven, we will not stop
    She scream loud, but you abandon her, cracka!
    You cowardly pigs have no souls!

  2. Michael was a victim, a conspiracy to kill powerful African American artists, and steal their earnings. Jackson had purchased The Beatles catalog and other white music giants. He collected royalties from their music. Michael enjoyed seeing Paul McCartney complain as he used Beatles songs to sell products from anything from breakfast cereal to high performance sneakers. It was not in their future to imagine paying a black man. Someone from Sony, with help from the estates of John Lennon, George Harrison was in on the plan to have Michael taken out of the picture. Look no further than Paul McCartney. He was very angry that he had to pay Michael Jackson every time he performed a Beatles song. Gene Simmons also has an extreme hatred towards Michael. Conrad Murray was hired by AEG and Sony to make sure they had Michael sign over the rights to the very profitable Beatles songs. Jackson refused to let them take his shares. He was then murdered, and it was designed to look like an accidental death. Michael was drug 100% free. He never took the stuff, never smoked cigarettes and barely touched alcohol. His personal life was no business, but his own. We need to open up the case and investigate Paul McCartney, Priscilla Presley and Gene Simmons. They all need to be charged in the murder of Michael Jackson. The guy knew there was a price paid for his head.

  3. New spotlight on Prince magazine: “A Legend Remembered” in retail outlet stores now. Funny, Hannibal claims that the Grand Emperor is not being remembered by anyone. Obviously, the reality definitely proves otherwise.

    Hey retard, it looks like the purple one is the legendary entertainer who is invincible. No Michael McJackson tribute collector edition magazines are currently stocked on shelves. He scares the children and eyes burn in disgust whenever his tarnished image graces front covers. Last time, it was his nude skeleton that was on the front pages of every tabloid publication in the world. People gawked at the hole above where his heart used to pump. He had claws for hands and clubbed feet. Handi Hannibal screams in frustration. I laugh and laugh and laugh.

  4. Hey Handi, should the Grammys add a hand clapping category and award your skin bleaching boyloving idol a post humous trophy for his work on his crappy album? lol

    Since Wacko could not play a single musical instrument he credited himself with “hand clapping”, how embarrassing!


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Bubbles, it takes a lot of talent and genius to clap your hands and beat your palms on a drum case. Michael McJackson also smacked his painted lips together to make some popping sounds. Brilliant. He must of learned it from Helen at the group home. lol.

  5. Michael is a black artist, who fought the industry for the right to own the Beatles catalog. He wanted equal rights under the law to do battle with a racist Sony. They would not promote his new albums, therefore hurting his sales. The king is black and Paul McCartney wanted to have Michael silenced and out of his way. Black Pride is speaking the truth. You devils will pay dearly for Michael’s murder. Midget prince can’t hold a candle to the brilliance of Michael. We need to look into Paul McCartney’s suspicious behavior around the time Michael died. Until then, justice has not been served. Please contact and pressure authorities to reopen the case, so our baby can finally get the justice he finally deserves. Paul McCartney, Priscilla Presley, Gene Simmons and other white celebrities need to be investigated for plotting the racist agenda to destroy the legacy of Michael Jackson. May you haters be punished with fire and brimstone for your disgusting lies on KING Michael.

    • Which other celebrities do you think were involved in mIchAEl jOsEph j@cks0n’s death?

      Back in 2009 a caller to Al Sharpton’s radio show implicated Governor Sarah Palin. Were government officials involved in his death?

      What do you think? How far does this go?

      • It should go as far as possible to finally get justice for Michael’s horrific murder. The United States government wanted Michael’s money also. His taxable income helps funds the American Federal reserve. They knew that he was worth more dead than alive. If you have information on other celebrities that somehow benefit from Michael’s passing, please come forward. Cher, Jon Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams and others. Many high profile celebrities know the truth who had Michael forcibly eliminated.

  6. Handi Hannibal is so desperate for his hero to get good news, he has to resort to old news to build up the flaming boy loving scarecrow. “The Glove Never Felt His Wood” was nominated for a Grammy award, but did not win. However, the gut wrenching, eye burning HBO documentary about Michael McJackson’s sexual lust for Wade and Jimmy actually won six Emmy awards in the current event news. No fan based bragging with news from the distant past is required. Hey palsy man, Clifford says he bought a brand new steaming hot tub that can hold at least six to eight men. He says come on in, the bubbling water feels so nice with flesh against his wrinkling skin. He wants to be the new Liberace. Will you help him realize his dream?

  7. The success of both the album and the lead off single proved that Jackson’s iconic style and musical formula was still viable and marketable in the 21st century and to yet another generation. Invincible gave Jackson №1 albums in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and the ’00s. By early 2002 Invincible had already sold more than 6 million copies, becoming Jackson’s fastest selling album ever (yes, it sold faster than Thriller). Invincible has to date sold more than 13 million copies worldwide. IFPI put the album as the №9 best selling album of 2001 (not bad for Jackson not having released a full album of new songs since 1995’s HIStory). In 2009, Billboard magazine readers voted Invincible the best album of the decade.

    tears falling down Albert his ugly old face
    ha ha ha tiny flop flop flop Nelson

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      And when Wacko was alive, he cried for years that “Invincible” failed to achieve not even one #1 single. Some readers may have voted that dud “Best Album Of The Decade” in hype related campaigns, but it was still an embarrassment to the dancing woodpecker. He blamed Sony, the devil for its failure instead of himself. He lost sleep that only one top ten single, “Boys Rocked My World” was pulled from the crap CD. Hey palsy man, it is all old news. “Invincible” is often regarded as his lowest selling solo album since the dawn of 1979’s “Off The Wall.” It hasn’t made the charts in years, but Hannibal still brags. lol.

  8. Cracker man, cracker man
    Pride stands fearless,
    The power to drop whitey to his fukking knees!
    If only you knew your fate,
    Was because of all your hate.
    White man’s graves defaced,
    The cities burn as we cheer!
    The dead will rise for the cracker man
    You will pay for your crimes
    Pigs walk with their head bowed low
    Smash your fukking white face in with a hammer
    The screams never seem to end….
    Scary the the black army march thru the ruins
    Statues of white devils ripped down
    The cities and towns,
    No longer ivory!
    Walls spray painted black
    You will count the last of your days
    One, two, three, four
    Bullet thru the white man’s evil heart
    He scream for the black man for mercy,
    But we vote no!
    Rise, KING Jackson!
    Up from the dust,
    Up from the ashes!
    The crown shown gold for the soldiers
    Our army, our man on the throne
    He rise his fist high and proud!
    You fukking honkies will perish this earth!
    Cracker man, cracker man
    When you fools die, you race will be extinct forever
    Black lives matter!
    You pink skinned maggots swarm
    Roasted or fried,
    Die, piggy die!
    No more fukking lies!

  9. “Invincible is a brilliant piece of work, with each song tuned to pop perfection… There is something on it for everyone, no matter which era or style one has enjoyed from the King of Pop.” – Jonathan Harris, Medium

    This month marks the 19th anniversary of the release of Invincible, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, and reached #1 in 12 other countries around the world.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson’s “Invincible” is a crap album. This month is the 19th anniversary, yet hardly anyone of note cares. lol.

      • when was the last time prince went number one in 12 countries
        not even when he died
        beyonce was in 12 countries number one
        Muhammad ali on the front page

        poor tiny

        he should have made good music instead of banging his sister

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Prince was on the front page of every newspaper in the world, when he died. It was not really that long ago, retard.

          And yet, more lies.

          “Invincible” is a piece of crap, and contains not one #1 song.

          • “You Rock My World” peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was Jackson’s last top-ten song in the United States until “Love Never Felt So Good”, which featured Justin Timberlake, peaked at number 9 in 2014. This chart position was attained based on airplay alone, as no commercial single was issued in the United States. The track reached number one in France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, and Spain. It also peaked within the top ten in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 44th Grammy Awards.

  10. Hey Hannibal, when swirling round and round in the mirror nude, does Clifford foam at the mouth at your little body?

  11. Hannibal loses control and calls me “a two faced murhaf*cker.”

    Oh’ dear, the frustration is showing. Do you grit those teeth often, teach?

  12. Hey Hannibal, after I’ve beaten you like a egg for days and days on end, you always seem to come back for more brutal punishment. You are easy to tease and you are the beacon of frustration. I can imagine the veins popping out of your neck and forehead. I certainly do not know why you are talking about shrimps, but Michael McJackson sure liked his male lovers that size. Kitty says he had a spat with his BAE in New York. He says he’s lonely and wants you to get on a flight to meet with him just in time for Halloween. He says he wants to hand out candy for the male tots. Will you be there?

    • yeah u r realy crushin me with that painting and sign of the times
      painting sold for half a million
      sign of the times 4 days on the charts

      must ne hard to be a prince fan the last 4 years

      114 whopping notches Thriller

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey, the retard was called out directly for his lie that Andy Warhol’s “Orange Prince” painting went for just a half a million, and just when I debunked him, the palsy man tells the lie a second time. Nice concept, you cross eyed mongoloid. “Thrilla” is a bargain bin catalog item, sold at gas stations with the Halloween candy and the cheap plastic masks. $5, wrapped. Hannibal screams that Michael McJackson is worthless, even when painted by the most sought out artist in the world.

        Emperor Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times” limited edition is a priceless collectible worth $160 to $300 per unit sold. You lose, Benjamin. Hoe many times can a rotten egg be beaten?

        • he is not on the charts stupid
          4 days
          9 days
          fkop fkop
          look at thriller 114 whoppin notches- highest postion number one
          how many weeks on the charts – couple of hundred

          thats how u do it

  13. Prince has left the Billboard 200
    Michael Jackson Thriller 114 whoppin Notches on the billboard 200

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      “Thrilla” jumps to #82 this week on the Billboard 200, probably because of a special Halloween clearance sale for gifts for Toys For Toys or the group home annual Halloween dance. However, what is really weird is Fleetwood Mac is back in the top ten in both the US and UK. Not even the death of Eddie Van Halen put his old band back in the top ten. It is hilarious how you gun for Michael McJackson but skip a new number one for Queen and now, the new jump in sales for Fleetwood Mac and Bob Marley. Both are kicking Michael McJackson’s can in back catalog sales. Ahhh….the tears, they fall from those sad little eyes.

      Kicking can and taking names is what I do. lol.

      • prince 153 notches down the elevator
        Michael 114 notches- the elevator is going up

        big difference

        new people still buying the world best selling album

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          But even more are buying Queen, Abba, Elton John, Bob Marley and Fleetwood Mac.

          #82 for “Thrilla” is still selling peanuts. Maybe he should not have buffed under aged male tots. lol.

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