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  1. Am eye shocked by one tattoo?

    Hey birdbrain, Paris McJackson has something like 35 different tattoos on her ugly body already. Eye know that Prince’s sister had sold her body in the past. She is now an old woman.

    Men only want her now because she has Prince’s money, but eye don’t think she desire’s a man today. She is smarter and wiser. She is just watching the money pour in every single day. She already has the $30 million dollar deal for “Prince 4Ever” and the reissue of “Purple Rain.” Into her banking account it went.

  2. Nope. Lisa Marie’s troubles are on the internet. Priscilla still has her own money, but when she dies, none of it should go to LMP. Her daughter just does not appreciate the value of money. See, the problem with you is that you think Michael McJackson was perfect and could do no wrong. Prince knew his sister was a hooker, you idiot. He desperately tried to help her but wasn’t going to give her money because he knew she’d blow it on drugs. Prince helped his sister get off drugs but apparently, did not help himself.

    Prince’s sister might be rough, but she’s old.

    Who cares?

    She still has to help run Paisley Park.

  3. Nic Cage is ugly too, but he wasn’t scrawny and weak like the other two clowns. Michael McJackson took advantage of the dumb Lisa Marie, obviously. The woman has been married 4 times. It is never going to work out for her. Eye can imagine an old LMP living in a trailer park with a washed up Michael McJackson impersonator, next door to Paris McJackson Snotty. The two can get more tattoos together and talk about the woodpecker over a few beers.

  4. Midget prince had sex with his sister.
    Midget price did the nasty with boy georgie. (he didn’t lie)
    Midget prince had orgies with gay men.
    Midget prince snort cocaine and shot liquid drugs into his tiny body.
    Midget prince beat women in a rage!
    Midget prince sued for assault and battery.
    Midget prince flaming gay but jealous of Michael Jackson’s success.
    Midget prince found faced down in elevator, his plastic hips in the air.
    Midget prince’s first album in death is a complete failure.
    Midget prince 4gotten, lol.
    Midget Prince is on spotify

    • All lies and cut and paste from another idiot Michael McJackson fan?

      Again, lies on Prince are just lies on Prince. It won’t cover the truth about the disgustingly wicked Michael McJackson and the horrible things he did to his countless victims, including suffering animals that died in their cages.

      You lack a working brain, dumbo.

  5. Hey TCB….both Michael McJackson and Michael Cawkwood are hideously ugly, and obviously perverted peds. Eye do not know why LMP is not normal. She is just dumb, born without a brain. That is not Elvis’s fault that his only daughter is such a dead head. She blew away $400 million bucks and Michael McJackson blew away over a billion. They were the perfect pair. She is obviously attracted to freaks. She will probably wind up dying broke and an old maid. No man in Hollywood is going to want her now. She is old and on drugs. The only saving grace is that her daughter, Riley is a movie star. It is embarrassing that she has to take care of her grown adult mother that has no talent or brains.

    • so u read a couple newspapers and u know who lisa marie is and who priscilla is

      not normal

      what a joke

  6. ??????????
    The truth is a desperate attempt?

    See, Prince’s sister is doing really well now. Hey hammy…..Paisley Park is open for business, all year round.

    Even if Prince does not have an album on the charts, he is still making money. Oops….abandoned Neverland is still for sale with no buyers. Ahhhhhhh….people do not want to live on the soiled property where hundreds of kids were molested and where innocent animals were tortured and abused to their early graves by Michael McJackson. BTW, Paris McJackson looks rough. She already looks as old as 49 year old Lisa Marie. Eye laugh. Michael Snotty is stealing her money. 🙁

    • wb lost money
      fuck his whishes let put him on spotify
      we need the money

      prince his sister has been fucked by her brother , sold her body and did hard drugs
      u are shocked by a tatoo poor old lady ooohh ooh she has tattoos ha ha ha old fart

  7. Red Lady why do Lisa Marie dont loved real normal man ?
    She is lost her mind , she has lived to long with MJ in the past , she has the curse of MJ , i believed that !!

  8. Yes Lisa haved to long lived by Michael s 1 and the second 2 Michael , the curse of MJ i think Lady !
    Its sad , but Lisa did not opened her eyes for an good man ? She falls for very wrong mans i see !
    The best was Nicola Case for Lisa , but it will not work ? TCB was not Lisa s a way of live !

  9. Hmmmmmm….

    Hey hammy, David Bowie, The Beatles, Bob Marley and Prince are all featured on the Vinyl charts. Vinyl LP’s are very costly these days. Apparently, Michael McJackson is nowhere to be found on the expensive Vinyl charts because he is sold so dirt cheap like Milli Vanilli.

    Of course, eye am obsessed with you lady boy. No one in their right mind would want to be a Michael De McJackson impersonator. Do you dress up as other clowns as well?

    Say hello to Boy George for me. It is obvious to me that the two of you lovebirds are in the same liar’s club.

  10. It’s a shame the twins, Harper and Finley will never benefit from Elvis’s millions. Lisa Marie left them nothing to fall back on. Their mother is dangerous and should have her children taken away in care of the state.

    Like Michael McJackson, LMP is dead in the eyes.

    How many drugs is she on?

  11. Hey hammy….do you wear women’s make up, eye shadow and women’s wigs like your gay hero, Michael De McJackson?

    How many times a day do you dance to the clown in the mirror?

    • Dont be obsessed with me
      Accept you re old loser

      Not interested teabag titties

      Not interested in pee and poop

      Seek help psycho

      Stay on topic Prince spotify losing money.

  12. Sad. What a dumb woman.

    Can not have any sympathy for her. They need to take her kids away for good. She is a danger to herself and others. What a crazy mess. Poor Elvis is rolling in his grave.

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