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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Michael Jackson gave himself soapy enemas and inserted woman’s tampons up his anal cavity. Ewwwwwwwww…..

  2. Seconds later sings Michael Jackass in a tree , so free as an bird on my tree ? Hmmmm is that an ispiration of Elvis song “”Free as a bird in a tree “” Yes MJ tought i was that bird ! [ Scarecrow in a tree ]
    Later he listen to Elvis another song “”” Singing Tree “” And MJ tought that his tree can realy sing ?
    Thats why MJ was Climbing in a tree , so free as an bird in a tree ?
    The reality was that all the birds going to die , if they saw the scarecrow in a tree … and then did MJ changed his nose in a woodpecker style !
    MJ the woodpecker sings if i was an bird then will all the tree s soon to die …… [ All the tree will be used as kids ]

  3. And again what is MJ s favorite drink ?
    The pee from Bubbles .
    What is MJs favorites food ?
    Burning chicken . Thats why he screams to mutch Aaaaaaaargggg !
    Why will MJ dont sales CDs anymore ?
    The kids at his time-life will now will crowing up .
    Was MJ an man or an girl ?
    Today said men , its a skinny greepy woman ???
    MJ s tree was it an small tree or an fat tree ?
    That tree is dead , because MJ pee all days on his tree . [ poor tree ]
    Where is MJ today ?

    • MJ is found in a coffin togheter with Kare Carpenter .
      The lyrix on the stone is ; Here rest in peace , two tinny girls dreams in hell !

  4. New Michael Jackson doll has been recalled for being a dangerous hazard for children.
    It kept wanting to keep in touch with the child within.

    Why did Michael Jackson disappear for a few hours after a visit from one of his little boyfriends?
    It took that long to get the bubble gum off his ding dong.

    Why did Michael Jackson go straight to hell?
    He was bad and dangerous.

    What did Michael Jackson reminisce about when getting nostalgic?
    Blowing his nose.

  5. When Farah Fawcett died, she went to heaven. God granted her one wish. She wished that all children in the world be safe….
    Then Michael Jackson died.

    Only in America can a poor black boy grow up to become an ugly white woman.

    Michael Jackson’s obituary was printed in the newspaper next to ad’s for Walmart. “All boys underwear half off !!!”

    What’s the difference between Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson?
    One screwed Lee Majors, the other screwed minors.

  6. Most number one singles
    Most top ten singles
    Most number albums
    ELVIS male solo
    Most top ten albums
    Most number two albums
    ELVIS male solo
    Most top forty singles
    Most top forty albums
    Most weeks at number one singles
    Most weeks at number one albums
    ELVIS male solo
    Most weeks in the top ten albums
    Most weeks in the top forty, singles and albums

  7. Why did MJ with his head ding dong ?
    He has eat to much chicken meat !
    Why did MJ the poo dance ?
    His doll was stuck in his ass .
    Why used MJ lipstick ?
    He sucks to much .
    Why drive MJ in an race toy car ?
    His minds is 12 years old .
    Why haved he an girly voice ?
    His balls was empty .

  8. Why did Michael Climbing in his tree ?
    He was trying to falling hard on his nose , then its an new broken nose !
    Why was MJ sleeping in an air-coffin ?
    He was trying to be younger , the same as his kids in his bed .
    Why sings MJ an stranger in Moscow ?
    He thought that Corbatjov was an little kid ?
    Why did MJ Always say hi ha ho ?
    ??? I dont now ??? lol

    • His Hi Ha Ho was from the song Old MC Donald , but MJ sings in his brains Young Mc Donald haved an doll house hi ha hi ha ho !!!

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