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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Sad news for us ? MJ fans are drunk on the highway in france , they atact truck so sad are they MJ black fans ? Ohhhh Look out my truck cant brakes …. goodby stink black sheaps ! Greeting to Michael in hell

  2. Hey gongations for MJs newest scream album ! Its falling hard down in the hit charts …. its an new award for MJ …
    His new award is made from an golden shower from al the pee of MJ fans ! Pee Goden falling off award !

  3. Elvis is NOT a worldwide artist like Michael, who is known from people of all ages, colors and creeds You pelvis freaks quit with your lies and grossly inflated claims. Scream for justice for Michael Jackson. Congrats to Sony, the Jackson estate, and to Michael’s billions of fans for making it all possible. MJ has beaten Elvis, The Beatles and that midget prince with ease to sell a record 7 billion albums since 2009. Hooray, hooray….Michael Jackson is the KING today. Scream has topped the charts in 55 countries!

    You do well my KING.

  4. Shine Golden, Sweet Michael. Those angry pelvis fans need to sit down. Michael Jackson will always be the KING. You fools better refrain from your rude lies and slander on sweet Michael. The royal Michael Jackson estate is prepared to sue for derogatory comments against Michael Jackson. You tabloid junkies never learn, but KING Michael will still take your money. As the royal Jackson kingdom topped the Forbes Celebrity list, that fat pelvis clown loses another crippled granny or grumps to old age and illness. Michael Jackson has young fans that dance to the superior beats of the one and only KING of Pop. May you old fossils have pain on your last days alive. Long live Mr Michael Joseph Jackson !!!!

  5. Elvis has his third #1 album in a row on the US Billboard Classical album charts with “Christmas With Elvis & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.” Just checked it out and it’s true. Elvis’s comeback in his 40th anniversary year is still blazing bright. Unbelievable. Elvis is the king of the charts and the king of number ones.

    It is the POWER of KING ELVIS !!!!!

      • That old white king was dethroned decades ago by KING Michael, you mindless old timer. pelvis stole from people of color and made many blacks shine his blue suede shoes. You old fools get on all fours and bow to the real KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Stay strong for justice, Michaelholics! We are the world of the brave and the free. Shine Golden, Sweet Michael. The whole world luvs you, global KING !!!

      • LOL. pelvis’s foolish fans are so shamefully gullible. Look up best selling artist. It’s Michael Jackson who will never die. Congrats Michael Jackson fans. We’ve done it again.

  6. First of all MJ fans , where used MJ his drug nail in ?
    1. First in his ass 2. In his Nose or 3 in his dick ?
    More demerole Dr. Murray …Screams MJ !!!
    Dr, Murray is full fun , he will be more richer and famouse than MJ was ! The Demerol Factory bussines is better than ever .Because MJ buy all the demerol s for his hobby !

  7. Hey demorol fans [ mj ] fans ? Hmmm. Scream is deep sinking in the Charts …. Aaaaarrggg a real ego screams !
    MJ the screamer of music , MJ the King of nuts , MJ the King of Copy , MJ the King of Gay , MJ the King of Dragqueens , MJ the King of Noses , MJ the King of Kids user , MJ the King of Devil , MJ the Notning , All his ex-girls screams hard away ….
    Iiiieks MJ the greapy wizz is an pedo ! Dont listen to that false king guys ! MJ screams to DR. Murray , More DEMOROLE PLEASE !!!!!

  8. You Wacko freaks are dreaming of a ghastly nightmare before Christmas. Jackson has been taken off life support. ————————–

  9. Elvis fans please buy the RPO Christmas album. If not successful, Elvis haters will blame Elvis for its failure like they always do. Thanks.

  10. Long live Michael J Jackson. Scream for justice. We all love U, Michael. The real KING. 🙂

  11. You dreadful, awful people are jealous of Michael Jackson, who suffered terribly from tabloid lies spread from Jew media. Sweet Michael was viciously murdered to put Elvis above him with manipulation and lies. Shine golden, sweet Michael. The world knows that you slaughtered the false white king and buried his fat pale ass forever. All hail to the real KING of Music, MICHAEL JACKSON.

    • Michael Jackson couldn’t do jack shit when he was alive and he wont do shit dead except rot!

      • How dare you !!!!

        You’ve been reported to the royal Michael Jackson estate. Get on tour crooked knee caps and hope you fossils don’t hear from a Jackson family lawyer. Shine Golden, Sweet Michael. These aging clowns are the beacon of ignorance. Hooray to all wonderful Michael Jackson fans who put Michael Jackson’s new album, “Scream” on the the top of the charts in 55 countries worldwide.

  12. Mc Michael his voice sounds as an rusty old drill on a steel plates ! Scream as an crow on his Wizz cross … all the crows pickes his eyes out his dirty plastic face ! Scream Michael takes his dick and screams as an miss piggy on stage , and his head was as an old demerol over the date ? So sweat with demorol and nail in his arms , so shit !!!

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