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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Kitty Cimarron and the crawling palsies
    “Boys fall to their knees and crawl to men”

    Liberace screamed in the grave
    Breaking his soul
    Pink flesh and skin
    Mind boggling pleasures
    His life was taken
    Rapid eye movement
    Screaming minor
    Make those tots drop
    Crawling flesh *
    Lads flock to my hidden bachelor pad *
    Palm on bare ass
    He forgot to breathe
    The boy is back on the street *
    Secrets of the hungry priest *
    The boys are coming to the canyon

  2. Hi Red Lady i was overwhelming what you say to me 😍👍you are the best Lady ever my dear i am all shook up !!!!!!!!!

    • I appreciate your overwhelming response and various awards, Meatloaf.

      When the truth is told, we can reflect on our knowledge as music scholars of two of the most celebrated icons of all time, Prince and Elvis. You are the BEST.

      I remain humbled by your awesome comments. THANK YOU, sir!

  3. With happy heart, laughter and cheer, Prince’s “Diamonds and pearls” deluxe edition returns to the update charts, just in time for the Christmas rush. For every unit sold, $350, plus shipping.

    Santa gladly accepts the grand purple one in his sack.

    • Yes Red Lady Thats the real deal , only Prince can do that at Diamonds and Pearls 🥇🏆

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^
        We celebrate and count the days to the Christmas holidays!

        2023 is almost over, and we await the brand new year!

  4. Hey Meatloaf, the trailer for “Agrylle” looks like a blockbuster, plus Elvis’s “Suspicious Minds” sounds amazing in this action spy thriller. The cat featured is hilarious. Should appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

  5. “Elvis Now and In Person, 1972”

    Brand new book and four remixed/re-mastered recordings from the “Elvis on tour” period. Like the recent Prince “Diamonds and Pearls” box, FTD finally does some work on these soundboard recordings from Las Vegas to Buffalo New York. Included in the package is an original reproduction of the “Burning Love/It’s a matter of time” vinyl 45 rpm single.

    Price retails from $215 to $325, plus shipping.

    Of course, we are here to talk about real collector limited edition packages, not found in bargain bins. Unlike Thing Ben, I talk about full priced artists like Elvis and Prince Rodgers Nelson.

  6. Again, I make a very profound comment that praises a fellow fan on this forum. I simply state my opinions with facts and figures that back up my non bias claims. Hannibal responds by calling me a coward and believes that he is crushing me. Such frustration in his heart and empty brain. I don’t need to run because I stand by all my excellent educational commentary.

    Meatloaf deserves many awards for setting the record straight on both Elvis and Prince. Without Meatloaf, more lies would just go unchallenged.

  7. Meatloaf is street smart. He knows exactly what he is talking about, and cuts through the baloney that Hannibal wants to project. Those things are very much appreciated within the halls of musical knowledge. When I have debunked countless lies from Hannibal, his trickery is to bait and wait. He simply believes that he can repeat the same tired nonsense for yet another useless round. Meatloaf is also funny. He uses his great sense of humor to destroy Benjamin’s manipulative fabrications. When it comes the ultimate knowledge of Elvis, Meatloaf is the guy to see. He uses facts and figures to back up his claims. It is very impressive.

  8. “Legends don’t wind up in the bargain bins, like boy hunter, michael mcJackson”

    Meatloaf said, “The Hit Parade” which means the charts. Unfortunately, I do not have a paid subscription to access this information, but Meatloaf has always spoken the absolute truth. I believe him over you. You lie constantly, so you get criticism.

    I laugh.

    Again, this is the all important holiday retail season. Buying gifts of music for love ones and putting the gifts around the tree. These would have to be physical merchandise, like new vinyl. These priceless artifacts are pressed for artists such as Beatles, Elvis and of course, Prince. They are always full priced items.

    • can u give me ten lies must be easy

      confront them

      everybody albert is now gonna show us he love this

      everybody watch

  9. Who is the king of music? It’s either Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. Both need no introduction. Elvis Presley probably covered the most genres in musical history — and very well too, while Michael revolutionised music and artistry.

    • ^^^^^^^^^
      Milli Vanilli mcJackson was removed from the history books as Prince rises just behind the KING, Elvis Presley. Both artists have huge catalogues.

  10. When the true legends are finally revealed, we know that it will be Prince Rodgers Nelson that rises to the ultimate throne. With gifts of superiority, the genesis of musical craft shall continue to inspire. With his solid gold crown, worn above the purple skies, the chosen one is unbeatable in the halls of musical giants. As a music scholar, I educate the masses with facts, not fiction.

    Hannibal screams. His brain empty, his soul lost.

    I laugh.

  11. It is great to have the knowledge to easily debunk fabrication, manipulation and outright lies when you see it. I definitely appreciate your street smarts and honestly, Meatloaf. It makes this forum so much better, especially when Prince’s achievements are given a chance to shine. It has been quite a great year for the true legends of music. We should continue to celebrate.

    Thank God michael mcJackson is DEAD and in his putrid casket. The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms crawl in and out of his snout.

  12. Meatloaf claims that “Elvis Golden Records” has re charted on the charts. Oops, the hits collection is often said to be the first ever compiled in the rock era. Since Hannibal likes to scream his nonsense, we can be rest assured Santa is putting Elvis and Prince into his sack this Christmas. I laugh. 2023 is coming to a close again it was yet another failure for the tarnished legacy of michael mcJackson.

    • Yeah the charts show that

      Debunked by checking the charts

      Too easy

      Its like calling domebody streetsmart when he doesnt speak English lol

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