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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Good news EP fans , The FTD comes soon in ocktober with A double LP Roustabout and The Last Movies tracs and 2cd concerts 74 Lake Tahoe !!!!!!

  2. The follow up to the orchestra album, “The Wonder Of You” is yet another Christmas Album. Myself, I want to hold out for the 17 track version, which will have more religious tracks added. It drops in November, closer to Christmas. They are obviously hoping for a seasonal seller that sells millions every Christmas season. It should be better than “Christmas Duets” released a decade ago. Much love to Elvis fans around the globe. Congrats on the “50 Greatest Hits” success. #2 in Britain and #1 in Scotland. Long live THE KING, Elvis Presley.

    • I love “Christmas Duets” ! I heard it more and more and more …
      I could not stop to hear it. And today I love it too !
      Nobody sings as good as our king !

      • At the time, “Christmas Duets” had new technology, but by today’s standards, it is far from perfect. They definitely improved in making the “fake” duets sound more believable, if you know what I mean. Just got the four cd box set of live rarities, “Such A Night” used. Do not usually purchase bootlegs, but I wanted to hear Elvis sing the full version of “Why Me Lord” without JD Sumner’s deep voice budding in. A friend told me about the solo version and I agree, it is the best version. Take care, Elvis Presley fans….

        • Hello , i agreed that to , i buy the Royal P Orcestra “” The Wonder of You and If I can Dream o so well for my collection , but i dont listen for that .
          For me is the originals the real thing so what Elvis created and makes his own style ! The Orginals is the ELVIS !!!

  3. Hey Folks in my gountry Holland there are 1 fanclub that released 1 magazine in 1 year and they promised 4 times magazines ! Yes For Everyone ? Haved you hear it whats going on with that fanclub folks in holland .

      • yes Elvis for everyone from Holland (The Netherlands)
        the magazine is not always on time but i’m a nember for many years

        • Ja Theo maar Stan beloofd elke jaar 4 magazines ?
          Ik ben al 20 jaar lid maar de laatste jaren word het steeds minder met de uitgavens . En als er een meeting is dan kom je er te laat achter ?

  4. I finally was able to get onto the KOM to vote for ELVIS PRESLEY. Why was this link frozen?

    Perhaps, administrators of this site were trying to rob votes from ELVIS for Jackson. Shameful. Vote for the only KING, KING ELVIS.

    • Such Nonsens ! If You always have written the votes, You could see, the different
      of the votes bitween MJ and E have not grown much bigger than usual !
      Administrator is ok !
      I think MJ – fans are hackers.

  5. ELVIS is still in the top 10 on the British albums charts with “50 Greatest Hits.” He is going to have the next orchestra release coming out soon. ELVIS is on a roll, while Michael Jackson fades away in history, a disgrace. Long live the true KING of the charts, Elvis Presley. Lol.

  6. What is going on with the vote for the king, its up then its back down? Can anyone explain what is going on. Thank you

    • I find it so frustrating trying to vote for The King of Music lately too…don’t understand why we can vote for the other categories.

  7. Check out the Spa Guy on You Tube. He lives in Nashville, but goes to Memphis because his daughter lives there. He is apparently a big Elvis fan that does Elvis related stories and goes to different Elvis haunts around Memphis. He captures some amazing Elvis stories, but can also do other celebrities such as John Cash. The Spa Guy has a growing number of videos on You Tube. He is like a personal tour guide on everything about Elvis and even tries to interview people who knew him or lets him record footage on Elvis. He also has a drone that can capture Elvis spots from the sky. He even did a video on Red West and his recent funeral.

  8. KING ELVIS wins hands down. The greatest artist that ever lived goes #1 3 times since 2017. His name is ELVIS PRESLEY, over the top!

  9. Wacky Jackson’s lonely birthday party came and went. Nobody cares. His abandoned grave has no flowers and it sits underneath the hot California sun. Vandals did try to break into the vault to damage Wacky’s gold casket, but were scared away by the sound of screams. Halloween is the only holiday for the creepy toad, Wacko Jacko.

  10. Everyones said on the news worldwide that ELVIS after his 40th dead the greatest Entertainer ever was and Elvis seens as an new religion said the news !!!!!!!! ELVIS THE NEW MESSIAS !!!!!

  11. 59th Anniversary Birthday of MJ KOP & 4ever!

    Happy Birthday to the unique, the greatest entertainer, performer, musician, pure soul of a greatest, great man.. Michael Jackson – KOP who was ever! In my heart is and will be always the unmatched man, artist , god of LOVE, of souls, of a unique, amazing music, of shorts unmatched movies as vision and creation .. Michael Jackson. Love ya Michael endlessly!

    At 29th August 2017 Birthday of unmatched Michael Jackson KOP, R&B Soul.. we sending from the bottom of our honest hearts the purest and sincere thoughts of LOVE, appreciation, cherish, gratitude for an special superstar at an Happy Birthday to you wherever you are! Our sweet Michael we love you and miss of you, of yourself brilliantly and the greatest artist who lived ever, of your divine, pure soul always and endlessly! Michael Jackson we love you so much!

    • Anonymous ? So silly – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      WHAT A J O K E ?????????????????????

      • There were no Michael Jackson birthday celebrations this year. They day passed without even one legit news story. Michael Jackson is truly dead in more ways than one. On this day, August 29th 2017….Michael Jackson was completely forgotten once again.

  12. You’re The Reason I’m Living
    Steamroller Blues
    It’s Midnight
    My Way
    Softly As I Leave You
    Fairy Tale
    Spanish Eyes
    Moody Blue
    For Ole Times Sake
    Pieces Of My Life
    Susie Q
    It’s Easy For You
    Lovin’ Arms
    Green, Green Grass Of Home
    Promised Land
    Love Comin’ Down
    Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues
    Help Me
    And I Love You So
    Unchained Melody
    12th Of Never
    Tiger Man Jam
    Thinkin’ About You
    Shake A Hand
    If You Talk In Your Sleep
    Girl Of Mine
    Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    My Boy
    She Thinks I Still Care
    Alright, Okay, You Win
    Bringing It Back
    I Can Help
    Talk About The Good Times
    Never Again

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