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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Michael Jackson’s #BillieJean was voted to be on #NASA playlist for the trip to the moon on 2024!
    Congratulations to all the fans who voted. You can see the playlist on Spotify.
    Billie Jean

  2. On this day in 1987, Michael Jackson’s Bad hit #1 on the U.S. album charts. The King of Pop’s follow-up to Thriller contained an unprecedented run of five consecutive chart-topping hits, including the album’s namesake “Bad,” “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Man in the Mirror” and “Dirty Diana.”

  3. U ignorant racists get off of king Michael’s back! He earned the right to do what he wants. The king gave those snots a good long fuK, which they enjoyed. Mike tore wade up and he came back begging for more. Karma will follow u down, wade! Because wade wants money, he talk shit. FuK U, wade and safechuc. Michael should come back to life and smack those traitors silly. We luv Michael Jackson, the dancing hottie with the golden voice! MJ is GOAT!

    • Everything was wrong with MJ from a leather hit of his daddy Josefh [ his daddy was a hero !] from a gay trio with Libarace to an nose job and his skin as IT clown to a sleeping in a airtank and kids in his dirty diana face bed . Stinks as Hell in his image . Glad was Dr, Murray do the final shot ….. and he goes to hell forever !
      And you too …. goes to hell in fire !

  4. Cracker man, cracker man
    Bake us a cake as fast as you can!
    It better be sweet,
    You better be wise
    That white hiney slapped hard
    We use and abuse your women, then discard
    Hump, pump and dump
    You thieves will pay
    We have your women, we fuk today
    Cracker man, cracker man
    Black pride reign!
    Your white women beg for sex
    She spread eagle for the black monarch
    She give king Michael Jackson her body,
    She give king Michael Jackson her babies
    He owns her
    Bend over, cracka!
    It’s time for you to die for your lies.
    Your mouth needs to be shut tight
    Smack that fukking b*tch, black n blue tonight!
    You cry and cry, honkies!
    Get down on your fukking knees and pray
    White pork ripped off the bone!
    No time to call home
    You say you will not pay, but we will force you
    Down pig, you go down far….
    You white pigs will burn!
    I smell the crisp bacon in the air
    Your white cities on fire!
    Your towns invaded by black soldiers
    Die, piggy die!

    • Down bloody fan Down right in the fire hell , lucifer is waithing for you and on his right hand is Michael Jackson with a trio with you and f*cked in you ass full fire as ever !
      MJ was in Hell and sings as the evil BAD i am so BAD i am in hell .

    • I hopes youre going to Hell for a cop will kill you in Neverland , hopes Dr. Murray will a pillow in youre face and you say i haved no breath i seen MJ in a Hell fire next ! lol

  5. Not a word from Albert about the reissue Sign of the times

    i talk about that album while albert is only talking about little boys

    such a fake fan and only here because he is horny

    such a fagg.t

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      It just came out, sunshine. Hannibal likes counting chickens before they hatch. Hey retard, how much does it cost to meet up with a pretty boy hustler?

      Do the stand in windows as you stop to look at their hanging dongs?

      Michael McJackson also had plenty of time for window shopping as well.

      • you sure are a lover , albert
        cant wait for all your reviews of the reissue of sign of the times
        i bet u r listening to it 24 /7

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times” is a masterpiece.

          Michael McJackson gobbled down many cawks, including Bobby Taylor’s sausage and Liberace’s sausage. That is how the woodpecker spent most of his days. It sure wasn’t spent creating music. Ask Sony and Jason Malachi. lol.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Hannibal’s burst a blood pimple. The dated, kiddie DVD, “Moonwalker” drops a whopping 33 notches out of the top 10 this week. It went from number 10, down to a lowly number 43. Ahhhhhh….the retard’s aching heart. Hey Benjamin, what happened?

    It sunk quicker than than the Titanic. lol.

    • sign of the times dvd – 2 weeks off the charts

      Moonwalker – 481 weeks on teh charts – highhest position number 1

      Michael still on the dvd charts -prince not

      wait – wait for it – ha ha ha ha ha lol

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Oops, Hannibal cannot tell us why “Moonwalker” dropped so far.
        The clearance sale is over. lol.

        • lol prince isnt on the charts
          not one prince cd/ dvd / single stayed 481 weeks on the charts
          prince one week nelson only 100 million sold
          bargain bin artist – see prince org

  7. Michael’s greedy cousin is selling his last IV bag that has some of his dna inside. Why is Michael treated like an animal or merely just an object. Shame on the Jackson family for selling the item the evil Dr Murray used to kill the king of pop. You left this horrible world, just in time, dear Michael. You haterz have no hearts.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Some floon will buy the IV bag that killed Michael McJackson nude. Why didn’t the cousin grab the boy dolly that Wacko held close to his dying heart?

      Long live Dr Conrad Murray.

  8. Bow down to KING Michael Jackson, you hypocritical chimp. He makes it easy to buy his music 6 to 8 times. Get dancing and shift your fukking feet, monkey. You owe him. Love to all Michaelholics. Keep dancing to the sexy beat of the KING of pop and rock. You racists will pay for your hatred of Michael Jackson!

  9. OK Hannibal I will say one nice thing about Michael Jackson. “Smooth Criminal” is not a bad song and it has aged well.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      This is not Bubbles, but Hannibal playing games. Hey Benjamin, “Smooth Criminal” is just as bad as any other Wacko Jacko tune. Kiddie, but dated. I do not believe that Bubbles would praise the dead woodpecker. It is just something that he would never do. You are getting mighty desperate, palsy man.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Sure, sweetpea. Every time you lie, it is another easy win for me. You are certainly delusional.

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