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  1. please cilff richard what a boring singer who vote him in old people who can’t hear very well

  2. Drake knows what he’s dong?

    The song isn’t much of a memorable number, and is heavily overdubbed.

    Actually, Drake is part of the reason the music industry is in trouble. Of course, you fail to mention that Sony admitted using Jason Malachi as the true vocalist on the posthumous “Michael” album. Since then, Sony cannot be trusted, which is exactly why sales are down for Michael McJackson. Paul Anka desires to make money from your hero because the woodpecker covered a few of the old man’s songs, but never released them because they were not strong enough.

    I guess McJackson had writers block and could not compose his own work like Emperor Prince.

    • all i see is excuses.
      on the otherhand the duet did very well ( Wikipedia gave mIchael a new number one with this song )
      The album is still in the charts Uk and USA

      Liars Always have excuses because they cant deal with the truth

      it seems the last weeks u ve been exposed by me and got your fat ass kicked by Cliff Richard fans

  3. Is Michael McJackson counting his Forbes money from inside his soiled casket?

    Where the clown is right now, he does not need money, Sweetpea.

      • Money versus art. I would like to think that great art is much more important than selling your soul.

        Hey Hannibal, how come Katherine McJackson did not stop her hubby, Joseph from beating her puppet son to a pulp?

        She could see the $$$ signs in her eyes as she glared into the mirror. Is the fat granny dead yet?

        I’ve read that The McJackson clan are counting down the days that the old bat finally croaks because they want the money her dirty dancing son left her. Money does not stop old age and death, Sweetpea.

  4. Once again, the retard refuses to address why Michael McJackson paid out $200 million to silence boyz, boyz, boyz. The clown made gay whoopee with various male victims including his chimpanzee, Bubbles.

    Hey Hannibal, do you still hold your dolly close to your cross your heart chest?

    • Prince bargain bin artist
      Budget store artist.

      Prince f.cked his sister and coupons
      Beat up Sinead
      Male orgies with cocaïne
      Died of aids in an elevator after having s.x with boy george

  5. new power soul 1,10 dollar-

    bought about 70 copies of New Power Soul on cd. New, still wrapped, a $1.10 each.

    sad All ive ever seen is “Graffiti bridge”,,,for $1.99

    I saw prince, Emancipation, The Gold Experience and Diamonds And Pearls.

    I’ve seen everything AFTER “Purple Rain”, and BEFORE “Musicology” in a budget bin at one time or another.

    I’ve seen Chaos and Come in bins for $4.99 AUD.

    I ended up buying a few and sending them 2 friends !!

    In bargain bins, I have seen Purple Rain, Very Best of Prince, The Vault, Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, Emancipation, prince, and Come.

  6. we learned- prince is in budget stores
    Michael fully priced – people are still buying his cds

    i am here to expose that cheap sh.t

    hey ugly – LEARN

    • Your lies do not work, Hannibal. Unlike Click, Michael McJacksom was just too famous of a clown. Of course, Sony sold Drake a terrible unfinished track written by Paul Anka called, “It Don’t Matter To Me” which most of the vocal is once again, Jason Malachi. Yep, that is definitely quality. Question: does your honker pop up and grow every time you tell a lie?

      Again, $27,500 for just one rare copy of Prince’s “Black Album.”

      Do your little eyes cross during another wack-a-mania session?

  7. Off the wall art in Paris
    Thriller Live in Amsterdam
    2 album Billboard and Drake
    1 album Uk album charts
    Good start of 2019

    • At least Elvis started 2019 at number two on two different charts. And yet, Hannibal still brags of Michael McJackson’s imaginary sales. Give me something to chew on besides Jason Malachi finishing vocals from the Sony vault. Ahhhhhh…..the truth seems to hurt. Prince’s “Piano And Microphone” was still 100% Prince, no impersonators needed.

  8. Bad grammar sure hurts, doesn’t it?

    Hey retard, learn how to use proper punctuation, capital letters and periods. Yep, you do great “teach.” Michael McJackson had to die to hit number one with “This Is Shyt” in 2009, but since then, sales have been terrible. Ahhhhhhhhh…..the endless tears never dry. Hey Hannibal, does your black mascara and eye shadow run down your flushed cheeks?

    New Zealand is a tiny island like the size of your stupid brain.

      • Jason Malachi on vocals.

        Gee, if Michael McJackson was really king, he would not be sold in a secondary role on a Drake album. The devil Sony is getting desperate making its posthumous money back on the clown. You are such a liar.

          • Simply google Jason Malachi, stupid.

            It’s so easy to find the truth of why there are not many posthumous gems being by the devil, Sony. Of course, I’m not negative, just truthful. We cannot help it if you are blind as an old bat for the dancing woodpecker, who was just to lazy to complete his vocals found with his vault material.

    • Wacko freaks certainly have wild imaginations. Prince cd’s are indeed quite expensive.

      • Yep, and Michael McJackson had a lot of victims too. It was so funny that having multiple victims come forward definitely stalled the clown’s posthumous sales. The devil Sony cries…..

        • he is still doing great on Forbes
          how is the midget doing on forbes

          oh my god my grammar no dots

          • The dots are important, teach. So are capital letters. Of course, you do not use them because you are lazy like Michael McJackson.

  9. “The Essential Elvis Presley” has been certified platinum in 2016. The hit collection has reached #1 in 3 countries. For some reason, it is gaining new sales in the US in 2019 as it has a new peak at #15 on the Billboard Top Country charts. Congrats to all Elvis fans. Below are the CD’s chart placings worldwide, including 3 countries where it hit the top spot.

    Australian #33
    Belguim #2
    Dannish #40
    Finland #11
    France #1
    Netherlands #1
    Sweden #1
    Swiss #15
    US Billboard 200 #42
    US Top Country Billboard #15

  10. There is a big difference between clearance bin and top dollar gemstones. Prince CD’s are full price, while Michael McJackson is sold dirt cheep. A more expensive recording brings in triple the sales, rather than mass produced product.

    Prince $18.99 suggested retail price vs $3 for anything from Michael McJackson’s Quincy Jones produced catalogue. The estate is forced to give Quincy half of every single sale. Lol.

    I laugh at Hannibal’s lame excuses. When was the last time Michael McJackson hit the top twenty on any chart, worldwide?

    That was 2014, which was five long years ago. Elvis probably is put on the Billboard Country Album charts because he is more likely can get radio play. The man did country as well as rock n roll. However, in the UK, “The Searcher” DVD is back and forth at #1 and #2. Elvis had a smash Christmas Holiday album that apparently returned him to the top 4 in America. Again, no Michael McJackson charting high anywhere. so his paper crown has blown off his bobbling head with a wind gust. Red, burning eyes and gritted teeth make veins pop and blood boil for screaming Hannibal. That’s too bad, clown.

    • Good points, Red lady. However, Wacko freaks see wacko jacko with rose colored glasses. They ignore reality and believe their hero will always be number one. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are shown the direct evidence. of his crippling downfall. Those people think that it’s still the 1980’s when the dancer was at his most relevant.

      • Thank you… are so right.

        Hannibal is having a stroke though. His left eyes blinks faster than the speed of light as his twisted mouth curls in a stiff upper lip.

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