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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Ahhhhhh…..someone has boo boo feelings. Hey Phyllis, I simply ask if you cherish human life. There is no reason to get snippy at little ole me. After all, it is obvious that your vote for he pelvis is useless against the multiple robots. You are illiterate, dear. Time for remedial.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Excuse me? Emperor Prince was all man, you jealous Meatloaf. Now squeeze the grease out of your disgusting hair, and fry up a pound of bacon for your pork sandwiches.

  2. I wish Michael Joseph Jackson was alive again; just to watch him die again.

    June 25th 2009 was a very funny day!


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Bubbles, do you think that Dr Murray recorded Michael McJackson’s embarrassing nude death with his camera phone? Ahhhhhh….Wacko’s last breath can be viewed countless times, especially all the bleating and babbling in the clown’s screams as he begged the doc to spare its worthless life. Yes, June 25th 2009 was a day of laughter and celebration. The dancing clown was put to death by lethal injection.

  3. Ahhhhhhh…..the continuing tears of the Michael McJackson clowns. It could not possibly get any worse for the tarnished legacy of the wild, wild woodpecker. Wade and Jimmy saw Wacko’s discolored dundee….up close and personal. The putrid stink of the clown’s sweaty gland, made his little victims gag….

    Hey Hannibal, when walking the streets unprotected, do you get on your twisted knees to the wrinkled naval of Mr Kitty?

    The mouth is like a guppy or suction cup. Up goes the honker with the chunky pinkie of smelly love.

  4. Yesterday i said to an another truckdriver , hey listen to this Elvis song “” Help Me “” He was almost crying and said Ooohh yes TCB this song breaks my haert for this sad corona time , so real that song for today !!!!

  5. MJ is an silly virus noseman that is playback on stage and danced everytime the same girly moves …. so gay as Cliff on stage now . Was Cliff his ungle ?
    New gay virus will hits Hanniball in Cliffs home ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The BBC is showing another legacy ruining documentary on Michael McJackson called, “The Real Michael McJackson” tonight. After the broadcast, expect it to be shown on the free internet. Hey Mr Kitty, where are you hiding from the massive storm?

  6. move over fat pelvis fans. michael jackson holds the gold crown. u pigs will pay the price for your f*cking lies on the KING.

    • MJ is the clown version of Charlie Chaplin for kids … and he was more famouse with his nose virus every month he changed his mouth caps for his mouth , was he the first peodiphile virus was started ?
      The hi ha ho virus was killed MJ ten years ago !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ouch….that stings like a bee. Hey clown. do you know how to moonwalk with your twisted tippy toes like Michael McJackson?

      • Yes Red Lady you right again , Hanniball is seen by an school for kids … but he was crying now because all kids schools are now empty this months ! Will Hanniball playing with Cliff as his real living doll full with virus ???

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          School is out, but the tots are staying indoors. Hannibal is probably Mr Kitty’s “Living Doll.” How many times do you think the retard screams, Meatloaf?

          The deadly virus is eating away at the clown’s weak and scrawny little body.

    • Wacko Jacko was the King of Pooping his pants. His poor staff witnessed him defecating on himself; his diarrhea running down his weak chicken legs.


  7. Why would elvis fans bother to vote when it has been known that this site has been fixed against him for quite some time. This poll is rigged because it was created by the fanatical cult of Michael Jackson. They celebrate the Cliff Richard case of the accused being found innocent. It gives them plenty pf hope that Jackson’s musical legacy will be restored to its former glory. Many are working behind the scenes to discredit the once mighty elvis presley. Bury your idols and turn to Jesus before it’s too late! These are the end times!

    The red lady will burn for her filth!

  8. I Think Elvis Fans Are A Huge Disappointment That They Aren’t Voting. Shame On You……I Will Love And Cherish Elvis Beyond Forever……

  9. It is a real life disease movie where the dead come back to life as zombies. Hey Meatloaf, make sure to where garlic around your neck when you park at a truck stop. Even the horny gay men in the toilet stalls are hiding from the Grim Reaper.

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