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  1. Love is all Michael wanted in this hideous world of hate. Michael gave his heart to all the children of the world. Will you reach out and take his hand?

    The Michael Jackson children’s hospitals were designed with Michael’s love. His spirit of giving is legendary. It’s an honor to cover his statues with flowers for children from every country around the globe. Please don’t break his loving, INNOCENT heart by spreading hate. The haterz will lie to try to bring down the rightful king to the throne. Racism is alive and well in their hateful hearts. Michael opens his arms to embrace another sick child. Heal the world, fellow moonwalkers. Ignore the jealousies of these nasty people. They were never once loved by billions of loyal fans like Michael. Unlike the hate that their heroes spread, Michael preached love. He would have wanted his fans to stay calm during the relentless lies. Open your life to a sick or injured child. It is all for the name of love. Please respect Michael’s memory. He deserved so much better in this angry world. Remember, love is ALWAYS the answer.

    • All lies again !!! Michael is hate for children he was 20 years seen as an child predator in his live , all news on tv , TV shows and the shocking Leaving Neverland !

  2. New album of Cliff Richard !
    “” I am Glad he s dead “”

    1. My Living boy is dead …. [ MJ as the living boy ]
    2. We dont talk anymore , he s dead ?
    3. Dont Remember MJ …. he is dead ?
    4. We Should be togeter after my dead ….. [ togeter Kitty and MJ ]
    5. Some people, are 11 years dead ?
    6. A little boy in love ….but i am soon to dead ?
    7.I Just Dont Haved The Heart , because he is dead !
    8. Lets Haved a Party ….. he is dead !
    9. Please Remember me as Kitty , if i am dead !
    10. Summer Holliday …. soon in my hot coffin ?

    lol ….. Plus 1 bonus song !
    1. I am Glad He Is Dead !

  3. An new MJ album “” MJ sings Elvis aternate “”

    1. Bleu Hit Nose … [ blue seude shoes ]
    2. Jaill PheDo Rock .
    3. Bad Feel Image [ Feel so Bad ]
    4. Young Boy … [ Young Dreams ]
    5. You Always a Boy …[ Always on My Mind ]
    6. Debbie When she poo on MJ . [ Susan when she try ]
    7. GI Nose … [ GI Bleus ]
    8. Bad Heart image ..[ Wooden Heart ]
    9. Lover my boys ….. [ My Boy ]
    10. Do always as a Fool ….[ Dont Be Cruel ]
    11. Neverland Rock … its going flat …[ Dixieland Rock]

  4. If there is an new MJ fan as President with new rules ?

    1. This is It for bleach MJ fans for youre skin .
    2. White Pigs as pets for all black people .
    3. Neverland as a Jaill for EP fans .
    4. Graceland as an new Jaill too for EP fans .
    5. We f*cked onley white womans ….. Duo in penoti …
    6. Nose Job for free …
    7. 1 cent for demerol …
    8. All hunting for little boys , its normal said MJ !
    9. All statue MJ in gold ?
    10. White MJ fans not welcome in the USA , they going back to Europa !
    11. All White people removed and all black african from Afrika goming to USA !
    12 Black people onley in USA !!!!

    Oooopssss……. Its a Nightmare if that floon MJ fan is a new President !

  5. “Please, fellow moonwalkers, don’t let hate capture your heart.”

    Ha ha ha

    Too late floon.

    ALL Wacko Jacko fanatics are wild eyed frothing hate spewing maniacs.


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