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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Like 10,000 votes ahead of Michael Jackson to easily take the crown as KING. I would certainly say that is over the top. Wow, look at those votes racking up for the undisputed KING ELVIS. It is a slam dunk win.

  2. Loyal ELVIS fans go to the memorials, the tribute shows and the sold out events. The ELVIS orchestra concerts are now heading for the US, just in time to play the Fedex arena in Memphis for the 40th Anniversary concert on August 16th. ELVIS is indeed the KING, especially with two brand new platinum million selling #1 albums under his belt. When was the last time Michael Jackson hit #1?

    It’s been years.

    Long live the KING, ELVIS PRESLEY.

  3. The power of KING ELVIS is in the music and ELVIS’s powerful vocal performances. The runaway success of “If I Can Dream” and “The Wonder Of You” demands a third volume. It was almost 40 years ago, ELVIS died and a legendary performer was reborn as the undisputed KING. The power of ELVIS is the chemistry of good looks, ultimate talent, hard work and loyalty. The greatest voice of all time is the expert range of ELVIS PRESLEY. It is unbeatable.

      • Power is knowledge, knowledge is power. KING ELVIS is the best, so there is no need for thanks. Not necessary. ELVIS shatters many Guinness world records for having the most gold, platinum and multiple platinum certifications. He was the most #1’s. ELVIS PRESLEY is unbeatable and unstoppable. That is the POWER of KING ELVIS. Go to the wall of gold and platinum at Graceland. More have been added in 2015, 2016, and 2017. The KING master’s voice is loud and clear.

  4. Dejavu. The winner by landslide decision for a third straight year…..ELVIS PRESLEY. The man continues to reign as KING. Many warm wishes to all you fine ELVIS supporters who vote for the superiority of the only true KING. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Many thanks to all Elvis voters from me, too !!!
      I love You all, I love each Elvis fan !
      I feel, we are a big Family !!!
      Is’nt it so ?

  5. honestly I really like Elvis Presley but for MICHAEL JACKSON stay the best bc I don’t like every Elvis songs but I love EVERY MJ songs.

    • Honestly, you are brain damaged. Billions of real humans around the world hate every Michael Jackson song. His songs were all rubbish. Presley wasn’t much better. You people are sick and fanatical idiots with no lives. Jackson was the absolute worst though. He was so grossly over rated and untalented. You morons have very bad taste in music and must be deaf and blind. There is a big world out there, just waiting to be discovered. June 25th came and went. No one cares about Michael Jackson anymore. Go outside and get some fresh air. The color of your dried out skin looks like old decaying beef. You smell bad. Hit the soapy showers and do mot forget to power your private areas.

  6. Without Him is his best song ever !!! Elvis !!!
    P.s Seen on YouTube the song from”” Bob Joyce”” his”” Without Him – version “”! No doubt and no diffrends of Elvis version !
    Elvis has never left the Building !!!!

  7. Elvis 40 years ago was his last concert ! Last But not at least , … Always on oure minds !!!!
    ELVIS Still Alive in music !!!

  8. The world survived yet another day without that disgusting animal, Michael Jackson. Praise and love for Dr Conrad Murray. Thank the good Lord that the wonderful doc got away with murdering that diseased skeleton. Billions of people celebrate the death of Michael Jackson and are glad that he continues to be dissected beneath the realms of endless death like a long greasy tailed rat. Satan has removed his bobbling and bloody head, His mouth remains open in silent a scream. Karma for the crimes he committed against innocent animals and his many human male victims.

    • shut up sucker! don’t hope someone to die! That’s dirrespectfull on all count!!! (apart for Trump and Bashit)

  9. Almost 40 years ago The King Elvis Presley left us but he’s still The King
    King of music 2015
    King of music 2016
    100.000 votes for 2017 already

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