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Hi! Mishie here, I’m 17 yrs old, and I live here in the Philippines.

I know the name Michael Jackson (way back when I was 6-11 yrs old), but I never really thought that such man exists. I thought before that it was only a fantasy name made by random people hahaha. I actually just knew MJ when he died (June 25, 2009 and onwards), I was 11 back then… I remember my neighbors that day(morning) saying that…… “Michael Jackson is already dead”, “Really?!? He’s too young!”, “I can’t believe it, he’s gone already, Gone!!!, “Yes it is true, I just heard it on the radio, he’s dead!!”…… After hearing those things, I was like “Michael Jackson?! Who is that?! “Is that a real person? I thought it was just a made-up name.” “Why is everybody constantly talking about him?” I actually did not mind those things that my neighbors have said because I have no idea on what they’re talking about haha .

One time, me and family went to a grocery. I was having a great time then suddenly I heard a song that I’ve never heard before.. It was AWESOME!!! I can hear the violins and bass percussion etc, the feeling was just so weird and great. I love listening to music but I have never felt something like that before. It was like my head and my heart is going to burst because of too much happiness and excitement. Upon listening to that song, I also felt that I was in a different world, because I really felt weird, happy and excited at the same time!! (What I felt was like floating in a different world and my mind was only attached to the song, to its beat and rhythm and everything)….. I was literally banging my head to the beat of the song even though I do not know it haha. I really loved the song the moment I heard it, then I asked my mom. “Mama, do you know the song?” My mom replied “Uhhhmmm yes, that is ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson”…………Billie Jean? Michael Jackson? After hearing those words from my mom, I said to myself ”So that is what my neighbors is talking about, Michael Jackson… Michael Jackson was a singer!!!” From that moment on, I became a fan of Michael Jackson.

I was a total fan of MJ that time. I even bought pirated CD’s so that I could watch MJ (because I don’t have enough money to buy the original ones and my mom does not approve this that’s why she never bought one for me haha). I can still remember the time when I imitate his dance moves (moonwalk, choreography of thriller, smooth criminal etc) and also his singing voice (vocal hiccups, growl, falsettos etc), being a girl never stopped me from doing so 😀 Watching MJ perform is just like magic, so unbelievable and so amazing!!!! Even though I haven’t met and know MJ personally, I really feel that somehow I have connections with him and that I really know him(a bit of weird but maybe it is because of his songs). I really love MJ that every time I think about his death, I always start to break down and cry (which I don’t usually do, and it is weird because I have never done that to my late relatives) Also at that time, whenever I hear his song ‘Heal the world’, I would definitely cry because I can hear his soft and loving voice in the song and the message of it is just so beautiful, to me, that song is a masterpiece and MJ wrote the song himself, he is AMAZING!!!

So yeah, after graduating in elementary and after summer, I was still a fan of MJ.. I stopped idolizing MJ in my highschool years due to some irrational and childish reasons…… But just this last November 2014, I became his fan again.. NO! I actually became one of MJ’s BIGGEST FANS just this last November 2014 AGAIN!!! This time, I will never let go of idolizing MJ, NEVER!!! I have read numerous good articles about MJ, watched many performances made by him across the world and listened to his music everyday which made me love him more (I have 100+ songs of MJ in my phone) !!!!!

I’m the kind of fan who does not have any single albums, CDs, DVDs, posters and memorabillia of MJ. But even if I do not have those things, I still consider myself as a big fan because I truly love MJ, his music and legacy. I will always continue to love, support and protect MJ 😀 I really appreciate it when I see MJ tribute artists because they continue MJ’s magic but then it also makes me sad because they ( MJ tribute artists) always remind me that MJ is gone already, that I will never be able to talk to him, touch his hand and see him performing on stage. It breaks my heart, it truly breaks my heart.

I honestly want to thank God for His plans. Because of Michael’s passing, I get to know him, that MJ was not only a singer or dancer. After Michael died, I realized how beautiful and kind this man was and that he was totally misunderstood by many. MJ never stopped from spreading love and blessings to the world despite from the lies about him. MJ was truly brave, he was able to withstand all the pain, humiliation and lies and that is because Michael believes and loves God dearly, Michael never forgot about God despite from all the fame and riches. MJ was truly a kind human being 🙂

MJ is one of my inspirations in life. I will never forget how MJ influenced and inspired me…. He taught many people that love is the most powerful thing in the world and that it is something that we should give and share to others.. MJ was all about love, I want to be like that too. I want to follow his foot steps.. I want to reach out my hand to those who are in need. I want to spread love. I want to help and comfort the sick and the poor. I want to help the children of the world. I want to be an instrument of God just like MJ. I really want to help them. And I believe that is my calling…. to HEAL THE WORLD and also to make people join me in doing it.

Thank you MJ for inspiring me, I will be your forever fan <3 I LOVE YOU!!! (Mishie, Philippines)

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    • Paris Jackson and prince Jackson and Blanket Jackson with his father Michael Jackson 2001 – 2009

  1. Your story is almost the same as mine, i also knew Mike when he died, than i started hearing black or white then i became a fan until now aha

    Its all for L.O.V.E

  2. I am 18 and only discovered him after he died(I wish I’d known about him sooner). He is an amazing entertainer! So much better than what passes as music these days.

    • That’s cool!!! Where are you in Philippines? Sa Cavite ako kababayan kong MJ fan 😀

      Tanong lang, kasali ka ba sa FB group page na “THE OFFICIAL MICHAEL JACKSON FANS CLUB OF THE PHILIPPINES”? Kung hindi, sali ka na… Medyo active ako dun lol XD

      Hint: Mishie pangalan ko dito sa webpage na to pero sa FB, ung totoong name ko nandun. D na ako nagco-comment dito kasi ang daming MJ haters 🙁 Good day to you kababayang MJ fan!! 😀

  3. Michael Jackson was truly an Angle sent by God. Gone to soon. God. will send another messenger ? but, will you know it ? So blind and caught up in all this worldly stuff to keep you blind, Justice is really blind without the blindfold on it’s face. And as People. wrong is right.

    • Hello Omis 🙂 I agree very much to all of your statements. It’s true that MJ was indeed sent by God, to be an instrument to help make the world better. I do not know why other people could not see this, is it because they hate him so much? Why? Is it because MJ was a black man? I am only 17 and I can clearly see the picture here, that MJ was truly a kind human being and many people do not understand him and some people tried to destroyed him by making lies for the sake of money and temporary fame. Poor MJ, he did not deserve to be treated this way, he deserved to be loved.

      But even if many people still hate him until today, I will never stop supporting and loving Michael Jackson. MJ is my first and my one and only idol; one of my inspirations in life 🙂

  4. The sad thing about MJ leaving us is there will never be anyone other singer in the world who is still World known could Ever Ever get that kind of Love from the Whole World like MICHAEL JACKSON DID AND STILL DO NOW. Some greedy people who was in need of money lied to break him down and they did,they hurt him emotionally and he couldn’t understand why when they are suppose to love him as much he loved us they were just looking at it for money all the lies and hurt they all sent MJ through would sent anyone depression , drinkin, drugs ,or what ever trying to understand why they did it to MJ , Jealousy is a wicked spirit and it’s job is to destroy what is good Kennedy, MLK, M,X, and all those who stood to do good, Jealousy destroyed them like they did Michael Jackson.

    • Where I hear about all the horrible things they had said about Michael J ; I said, here we go again. He’s a black american man and the hate and their only thought was, he’s getting to much attention. the whole world love’s him, they thought to themselves, that they had to stop that, it’s to Big that a black man can make people love him so much. If I was the judge ,I would have thrown all those cases against MJ out the door and put those people. in jail for fraud. I saw all the good things and positive things he was doing and he made real music not music that graphically tells you that he wants to put it in your mouth krap music another mind destroyer of the our youth, Positive Music Love songs Healing song, Micheal Jackson really was trying to Heal the World through His Music by singing positive things . But I see, Romans 7:1-25 God said in Genesis chapter 6 that man is wicked in all there ways, So when there is good evil is there to destroy good. think about that, be mindful of others , don’t be to quick to judge , look at your self first before you point your finger, Look at the man in the mirror and make that CHANGE.

      • I agree with Delicio the interwoven lines of meivdeal music are often functioning on a level that one does not appreciate without a decent background.Tell you what get yourself a copy of Gradus ad Parnassum by FUX (that is pronounced FOOKS, so you do not get into trouble. Betcha that Yahoo *cleans up* the spelling!). It is the book that Mozart’s teacher used to teach HIM and countless thousands of other have learned from it. IT goes through the forms of *species counterpoint* how melodies are built to weave around each other in a Master and Pupil dialogue. Yes, it can be dry but see how much of it you can comprehend on your own. If you have a sense of “Ah, Little Grasshopper, see if you can take the cola nuts from my hand!”, then it makes it easier to read we have all seen those kinds of martial-arts learning movies! This can be VERY interesting my son is getting his MM in Digital Music, and for an elective, decided he needed sometime REALLY different than all the Final and Sibelius and recording stuff running through his head so HE just tokk a Medieval and Renaissance choral music course wrote a monster paper on “Spem in Allium”. I read it because I am his Mom otherwise, it would put me into a powerful somnolence . . . A lot depends on the professor if they are psyched about this, great. If they are a deadly snore ouch. I had a guy for Art History who was, I swear, the last semi-living grandson of Bela Lugosi. We were asleep in minutes- dark room, too many slides . . .Good luck with the course you never know until you try.

  5. I love him very much.
    I am 15 years old and my story is quite similler with yours.
    I love him forever~

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